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Do you have any tips for a person getting a shelter cat? Do they have any special needs or is these any special things I should do for them?

This honestly depends on the cat, and the shelter. I’ve gotten almost all my cats from shelters but some were from fosters or other rehomes. 

The best people to advise you on the cat’s needs will be the people running the shelter! 

If it is a no-kill shelter, in particular, they should be able to tell you about the cat’s personality and the conditions it has been kept in, and possibly the cat’s history. At a county shelter or animal control shelter the people working there may know less about the cat, but there still may be employees and volunteers there that can help you. Sometimes the cats will have placards on the enclosures that will tell you about the cat’s personality.

It’s a good idea to ask to handle the cat first before you take it home, but keep in mind that the behavior of a cat in an environment like the shelter will often be very different from their behavior in a secure, stable home! Shelters are extremely stressful for cats; being kept in a small cage, or sharing their space with lots of other cats, new people coming and going every day, and so on. Cats react to these stresses in different ways.

Prepare before they come home:

Ideally, give the kitty its own room to start with. You’ll want to give your cat time to settle in; like other animals they need time to adjust. A spare bedroom, a bathroom, or a laundry room works well. Set them up with food, water, and a litter box. Make sure the food, water, and litter box are not too near each other. Cats don’t like to eat near where they poo, and some don’t like their water near their food (because of instinctual desire to keep food and water sources clean).

Set up at least two litter boxes with a couple inches of fresh clean litter. There only needs to be one in the cat’s settle-in room to begin with, but once they leave that room they should have two options. (You should have one litter box per cat, plus one. If you have more than one level in your home, you should have at least one litter box per level.) Find out what litter they were using at the shelter; you may want to start with this litter.

Find out what food they feed at the shelter. You should start the cat on this food, and gradually change to what you want to feed long term. This helps them feel secure and also helps avoid upset tummies from sudden food change.

If possible, see if you can take a towel or blanket that the cat was housed with at the shelter. This will give the cat a familiar scent. In their room, set up a cat bed with this towel or blanket on it. It is also good to provide a hidey-place for the cat, like their carrier, or a cat tent.

Make sure your house is cat-proofed. Cats are climbers, so be sure anything that can be broken or knocked down is secured away. Check for dangers to the cat. Make sure you don’t have any toxic house plants.

If at all possible, provide a nice tall cat tree. A high place to perch will help a cat feel secure and safe. You can also mount cat shelves to the wall. Cats should have a scratching post or scratching pad – sisal rope and cardboard seem to be universal favorites. 

Once your kitty is home:

Let your new cat approach you on their own time. Don’t try to pick the cat up or force your attention on them. Some cats adjust super quickly, and some take more time. Some are outgoing, and some are very shy. Some are cuddly and some are not!

If your kitty is very shy and doesn’t seem inclined to approach you, try being “small”; sit on the floor so the cat can sit above you, or approach on their own level. Spend time near the cat, but ignoring it, such as spending time reading in the room with the cat, or browsing the web on your phone, etc.

Let your cat choose when she is ready to explore.  The cat will start showing interest in the door when it’s opened. Make sure the rest of the house is calm. Let the cat retreat to their own room whenever they want. If you have a dog or small children, a baby or pet gate helps block off a space the cat can retreat to and not be followed.

If you have another cat, here is a good guide on introducing them to each other. Do not let your cats interact until your new cat has had an exam, including blood work to check for communicable diseases. 

Here is a brief guide on introducing a dog to a cat. If you don’t have a dog that can be trusted with cats, I suggest working with a trainer or behaviorist before getting a cat! Some dogs may be too high prey drive to ever trust with a cat. Know your dog.

Cats should not ever be allowed to interact with small animals or prey animals.

Be sure to take your new cat to the vet as soon as possible. The cat may already be neutered by some shelters before you take it home; other shelters give a discount to do so, and many require you get the cat neutered within a certain amount of time. You’ll also want to get a full wellness exam done on a shelter cat, as close-quarters at shelters mean diseases can spread easily. Many shelters provide coupons for the first exam. Find out from the shelter which vaccines your cat will need

Play with your cat! Interactive cat toys, such as dangling toys, laser toys, and fishing rod toys are a great way to bond with your cat, and get the cat to exercise. I especially love Da Bird; the way it moves through the air is especially enticing to many cats. Cats over six months may love catnip (young cats don’t react strongly, and some cats never really care about catnip). Each cat has their own toy preferences, so you may have to try a variety. Catnip is not a drug and your cat is not getting “high” on it. Many cats also love valerian root.

I hope this helps. I am sure I missed some things, so anyone should feel free to add to this!

Date a beautiful being that no one can name.

Her skin is an inverted night sky, pale as snow with black stars like freckles covering her head to toe. She giggles when you connect the stars to create pictures.

She has the most beautiful deer horns made of silver, decorated with intricate carvings from long ago. It sends wonderful shivers down her spine when you trace the carvings with your fingers. 

Her hair is as soft as silk, naturally the colors of the deep sea, and adorned with roses that bloom while she is awake. If she allows, you may take a petal and watch as it turns into a beautiful charm. Wear it and her spirit will protect you on your journeys. 

Her eyes are large and black, and if you are deemed worthy, you may look into them and see into her thoughts, watching them fly by like comets. 

Her lips are the color of cherries and when you cannot sleep at night, they will part to sing you a lullaby and they will press against yours for comfort.

Hidden behind the soft cherries of her lips are two pointed canines that she will use to rip the flesh of anyone who has done you wrong.

Her nails are sharp like claws, yet she won’t use them to harm you, but she’d love for you to paint them the colors of the sunset.

A long tail with fur matching the hair on her head comes from her lower back. When you’re scared, she will wrap it around you and you may use it as a shield to protect you from your demons.

Her feet are paws, if you scratch the pads gently, you can hear her purr softly and watch as she drifts into sleep.

She will love you, protect you, kill and die for you, be there for you. But could you do the same for her?

Les Misérables study moods
  • Combeferre: color-coded highlighters, hand-drawn diagrams, small neat handwriting, straight lines, studying for 5 hours straight, chamomile tea, teaching your friends the material to help you understand it.
  • Courfeyrac: sitting on your bedroom floor with your notes spread out around you, 20 different color gel pens, doodles everywhere, changing subject every 10 minutes, too much soda, talking to yourself, pen marks on your face.
  • Marius: studying in the library, all your notes in one scratch pad, cramming everything in the week before the exam, glasses of water, not taking breaks cause you want to get it over with, falling asleep on your notes.
  • Cosette: sitting in the grass with the sun on your face, bullet journals, yoga pants, daisy stickers, arizona green tea, neat cursive handwriting, using highlighter on your own notes. Taking a break every half hour to stretch and enjoy the sunshine.
  • Éponine: sitting on your bed with your books spread around the room, rock music playing in the background, black pens, texting your friends the whole time, sweet black coffee, messy ponytail.
  • Grantaire: messy notes, everything in biro, all your books have damaged spines, there's a box of wine on your desk that's half empty by the time you've finished studying. taking selfies to prove to your friends that you tried.
  • Enjolras: you don't study. you pass everything anyway.

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what if you actually drew present mic with a cockatiel

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS BEAUTIFUL COCKATIEL MAN (he has a lot of birds and a chicken named Princess Pizza, who loves him)

Parent-Teacher Meeting {Bakugou Katsuki}

I just love this idea guys. I’m still working on request, but I just love this idea. So here it is. 

You sit, pinching the bridge of your nose while the other hand drums on your bicep. The little plastic chair underneath you is incredibly uncomfortable, and you just really, really aren’t in the mood for this. You cut a look at your daughter who looks like she doesn’t grasp the severity of the situation. 

Katsumi is sitting between you and Bakugou with her arms folded across her tiny chest. She is swinging her legs carelessly, almost as if she doesn’t care that both of you were called away from work. Bakugou is hunched over in his tiny seat with his forearms resting on his knee. If anything, he is pissed at this dumb bitch who called him away from his agency. And now she is just looking at him with those wide, dumbass eyes of hers, wasting his goddamn time. 

“So why the fuck am I here again?” he growls. 

The young teacher jumps and nervously fiddles with her short brown bob, “W-Well, Katsumi-chan punched another student during recess.”

“That’s it?” he asks, “Did she at least break his nose?”

The young lady blinks, “W-What?”

“Did she break the brat’s nose?”

“Katsuki!” you snap.

“What?” he barks back, “I need to know if her training is sticking or if it’s all going in one fucking ear and out the other.”

“Now is not the time for this, Katsuki!” you growl, pointing a finger at your husband, “And you, Katsumi, what in the world would posses you to punch another student?”

You look at your daughter. Katsumi looks up at you with her crimson orbs. Her spiky (h/c) hair falls into her eyes and she blinks the strands out of her gaze. 

“I had to teach that little bitch a lesson,” Katsumi says plainly as if it was clear as day, “He was bullying me and Shouichi. I had to beat his ass. Right, Daddy?

Her father puffs airs from his nose and grunts, “Damn straight. Katsumi didn’t do a damn thing wrong. How about you stop being a negligent idiot and make sure my daughter is being fucking bullied!”

“Yeah, Daddy, only reason I’m in trouble is ‘cause that kid was so weak. It’s not my fault that he can’t take a punch.”

“Katsumi, baby,” you breath, trying to bring reason to the situation, “He shouldn’t have bullied you. I agree, and I am very upset about that. But you just can’t hit other kids, especially if you know they’re not as strong as you.”

Your daughter furrows her brows in confusion, “If he’s going to be a meanie, then he shouldn’t be such a weak bitch. Right, Daddy?”

“Absolutely, baby girl.”

You rub your temples, desperate to stave off the impending headache. Why? Why is he like this? Why is she like this? She is supposed to be your little angel, your victorious beauty, your Katsumi. But of course she had to take after Bakugou. You got the daughter you wanted, but she is nothing like you expected. It must’ve been all that skin-to-skin with Bakugou when she was a baby. She must’ve absorbed his personality or something. You sigh and pray for strength.

You clasp your hands and take a breath. You just really, really aren’t in the mood for this, and Bakugou definitely isn’t helping you any. He is still glaring at the young woman who is shaking at her desk, looking to your for assistance. Bakugou stands and picks up his daughter.

“Look, I’m done letting you waste my fucking time. Control these fucking kids better,” Bakugou says, “Maybe she wouldn’t have to kick so much ass if you had a better handle on your fucking job!”

“Tell her, Daddy!”

“I’m buying you ice cream, kid. (Name), we’re going for ice cream,” he tells you as he carries Katsumi out of the classroom.

You are hold your face in your hands at this point and the young teacher is still shaking. She obviously isn’t trained to handle Bakugou-like parents. You fish through your purse, finding pen and pad to scratch something down. 

“I’m sorry about … well, both of them. We’ll pay for any of the child’s medical bills, and we plan on making a donation to the school,” you stand, handing the woman a piece of paper, “But I won’t tolerate Katsumi being bullied.”

You walk to the door, stopping at the door frame.

“Katsumi shouldn’t have to defend herself at her elementary school. Please handle the situation and think before you call my husband and me from work. Next time I might not be so rational.”

You close the door and walk down the hallway to meet your husband and daughter. Bakugou is standing at the school entrance, talking to your daughter as she sits in his arms. Katsumi looks over at you when she sees you walking up to them. Your husband shifts Katsumi over to one arms and uses his free hand to take yours.

“C’mon,” he says, “Let’s get that fucking ice cream.”

Breaking All The Rules For You - Professor O’Brien AU (Part Two) [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(s): Dylan O’Brien/Reader, Tyler Posey/Reader

Word Count: 3179

Notes: Public Fingering, Oral (female receiving), Dry Humping, Illicit Student/Teacher Relationship. Thanks to @dumbass-stilinski​ for proofreading for me! Love ya’ Steff! As much as Britt quite frankly gets on every single one of my nerves while simultaneously pushing all my buttons, this gif was needed.

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Eggs Benedict is a good boy.

[Warning: This post talks about Hash Brown’s accident, so if you don’t want to hear about a kitty getting hurt don’t proceed. Just know she is okay now!]

I just wanted to take a moment to praise our Eggs Benedict, because he’s partly responsible for saving Hash Brown’s life.

In essence, Hash Brown nearly impaled herself on a support rod in the closet. It was a freak accident and she made no noise when it happened, so none of us knew. She immediately went under the bed (where she often sleeps), so from our perspective we had no clue anything unusual had happened at all.

Eggs saw her and became very distressed, which he expressed by trying to get our attention. He dragged poop out of his litter box and sat next to me biting my arm over and over. This is not remotely normal for him. We thought maybe he was just being freakishly pushy about dinner, so my husband went to feed him. That’s when we found Hash Brown.

I don’t mean to inappropriately anthropomorphize him; I can’t say that he was “trying to get help.” However, he was stressed and he responded by letting us know. If he hadn’t she may well have lost too much blood.

He spent the rest of the night looking for her and going to town on his scratch pads, which he does when he’s freaked out. Little does he know he made all the difference. She’s coming home tomorrow and she’s going to be totally fine.

Good boy, Bennie.

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Can you make another part to the omega!Todoroki? Like he meets his alpha (female). She noticed him sitting on the grass looking kinda anxious and just went up to him to talk. She could be really gentle and kind.

I love how I always have at least one or two continuation requests. (Part 1)

“Hey … hey, are you okay down there?”

Todoroki lists his head, hearing a soft voice calling out to him. It’s gentle and caring and is a tinkling song over the slight rushing of the water. He looks the grassy embankment to see a girl cautiously walking towards him. The first thing he notices is your uniform. Ketsubutsu Academy. The second thing he notices is your scent. You’re an alpha.

The third thing that he notices is your face. You are absolutely stunning.

You continue to walk toward him, recognizing the scent of a distressed omega. Your alpha senses just kicked in. You feel like you were made to help him. Todoroki shifts when he notices that you are already standing by his side, cautiously eyeing the burnt grass. He looks back to the water.

“Are you okay?”

You notice a large purple bruise peaking out of the sleeve of his shirt. You furrow your brows, immediately feeling protective of him.

“Is … Is someone hurting you?”

“It’s from training,” he says as he rubs his arm, “In order to make me stronger.”

“Wait, I recognize you. You got to U.A., right? You’re Endeavor’s kid.”

Todoroki flinches when he hears his father’s name. Great. Just another person to hate him when he already detests himself enough. He lowers his head. You notice the slight change in his scent. You drop your bag on the burned patch of grass. He looks up at you with wide eyes. You crouch down and sit with the bag in between you. You pull your knees up to your chest and look back at him. 

“You know you never answered me. Are you okay?”

“I … Sometimes I honestly don’t know.”

Your inner alpha kicks into overdrive when you see him tightly grip his arm, like he is trying to cover his shame. You open up your bag, and Todoroki blinks as he watches you rummage around. You pull out a pen and a pad and scratch something down. Tearing off the page, you hand it to him.


“Call me if you ever need anything.”

You stand up and sling your bag back over your shoulder. Todoroki stares at the piece of paper in his hands then at the girl who gave it to him. 

“I have to get home for dinner, but call me if you ever need anything. Seriously. My name is (Last Name) (Name).”

You start to walk away, and Todoroki scrambles to his feet. (Last Name) (Name). It suits you. Pretty, just like you. He watches your hair bounce as you move before he realizes he never gave his name.

“I’m Todoroki Shouto!”

Turning around, you walk backwards with one fist in the air. Your face is pulled into a grin.

“It’s nice to meet you, Todoroki Shouto!” you shout back.

You walk back in the other direction and a blush dusts over his cheeks. He’s never loved hearing his name so much. Todoroki looks at the piece of paper in his hands. He is going to have to call you again to hear your voice say his name once more. 

SIRIUS x READER / Where you settle...

In which I regale you with a quick description of your home and domestic life with a one, Sirius Black… 

It’s a couple months after you graduate Hogwarts when you and Sirius are both a little groggy from sleep and fumbling around in a muggle hotel kitchenette that the idea springs to life.

“Let’s jus’ find our own place fo’ fucks sake.” He had muttered after bumping into you for the second time attempting to retrieve butter. You had looked at him, “Our place?”

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Ankle Biter | final - 07

pairing: taehyung x reader - single dad! au

warnings/genre: major fluff, major angst, smut eventually I’m sure because of my thirsty ass

summary: You swear that your job sucks, except for the guy who keeps coming in every morning to order himself a black coffee, and his kid a strawberry milk and chocolate muffin. When you and Taehyung have an awkward run-in at the cafe thanks to his kid, feelings start to emerge and so do the secrets.

words: 3k

playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | epilogue

WOW HAHA literally 6 weeks later here is the LAST CHAPTER! An epilogue will be posted within the week. I have never been to court so sorry if there are inaccuracies. Enjoy! :)

The next morning, you awoke to the rolling of thunder through ominous, miserable clouds that opened up and poured an ocean from the sky, leaving everything in it’s wake drenched and useless.

That’s how you felt when you noticed Taehyung was not in the spot next to you, the sheets wrinkled and cold. He was standing with his shoulder pressed against the glass window overlooking the grey city, his coffee-colored eyes glazed over with stale tears that refused to escape their confines. Drenched and useless. 

Drenched in the heaviness the day will bring, drenched in uselessness because now, there isn’t anything anyone can do about the outcome. There was nothing more you could do to console him, and as you stood there watching his eyes sweep over the city when you were wondering if he was really looking at the city at all, or just consumed in his thoughts.

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Complicated ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Dylan O’Brien


Word count: 4180

Synopsis: You’re a makeup artist on Teen Wolf and Dylan has a thing for you

A/N: this is lots of trashy smut…enjoy!

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“Just a little more…hold still…one second,” I tell Holland as I dab a little more fake blood on her forehead.

“I’m so ready to go home and sleep,” Holland whines. The poor thing had been shooting all day and I couldn’t blame her for just wanting to crash.

I, myself, have been on my feet for going on eight hours now. I was ready for a damn drink…or five.

Being a makeup artist takes its toll sometimes. Long hours, making sure the special effects are perfect and dealing with people who don’t want to stay still, it can really wear on your nerves. But it’s all I ever wanted to do. Working on a hit tv show, with the most awesome people, makes it all worth it. Plus the pay isn’t too shabby either.

“Okay, you’re good to go,” I give Holland a small smile and wave her off so she can go finish her scene.

I start packing my stuff up for the night, making sure everything is cleaned up for the next day. I hear a dramatic sigh from behind me. I don’t even need to turn around, I know who’s sitting in the chair.

“I’m done for the day, so whatever it is that you need, I’m sure it can wait until tomorrow Dyl,” I zip up my bag and make sure my counter is organized.

“Whatcha got planned for tonight?” Dylan asks as I turn around and lean against my counter, crossing my arms in front of me.

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I want one thing made clear: I’m a diva.

I’m Audra from East Lake Pet Orphanage (ELPO) in Dallas, Texas, and many might think that just because I"m a fluffy, cloud-soft, 2-year-old tuxie.
I’m friendly, curious, and love to play with strings. I am very happy to be with humans and always treat them graciously.

Where my diva nature comes out is among my own kind. I’m an only cat, and let me assure you if I were YOUR cat, one would be all you could ever need! 

I spent the holidays with a shelter volunteer, and this is what she said about me:
“Audra was by far the most polite houseguest I have ever had! I had to coax her to come up on the couch or bed at first, but once she realized she was allowed up, she would get comfy.

"She used her scratching pads like a pro and her litterbox manners were 100%. She also warmed up to her surroundings quickly and only hid under the bed a few times when there were some loud noises.

"She was very content to look out the window or sit next to me while I was working. We had a nice little schedule going where we would play while I had my coffee in the morning and then several times throughout the day and before bed.

She LOVES chasing string toys. At bedtime, she would curl up at my feet and stay there all night.”

Like I told you… I’m perfect!

So reblog me, and help me find my equally perfect person. And if you live near Dallas, please come meet me! Just email to get in with me!



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Asylumswap What happened the frist time the brothers meet their humans?

He wasn’t sure what to think.
Sending in someone who was carrying an overflowing book bag instead of a syringe was strange, to say the least. They were giving him a therapist? The doctors had never tried that before.

The red headed girl sat down in the chair they’d supplied her, and, after a few beats of silent staring, pulled out a book and began to read.
As strange as all this was, the girl had a nice voice. She put passion behind the dialogue, color into the landscapes.

Papyrus supposed he wouldn’t mind listening to her for a while.

When Sans heard the new shrink come through the door, he spared a glance over his shoulder. He’d been staring at the scratches in the padding again. At the marks he made.
Sans wasn’t expecting who he saw.
No, what he was expecting was another aged, jaded, grey-around-the-edges geezer in a yellowed lab coat.

What he got was something so completely opposite of that it left him paralyzed.
The woman standing in the doorway was staring at him with bright hazel eyes that held life and intelligence. Her hair was pulled back into a messy bun, her bangs falling from the tie to frame her face.
And a smile-a real, kind, forgiving smile- stretched across her face and her mouth formed the words-

“Hello, Sans. My name is Dr. Dreemurr, and I’ll be working with you from now on.”

And Sans fell.

A sampling of the things I have been working on. I have so much in progress, and so much to keep track of - it’s a situation for the notebook and the scratch pad and highlighters and trying not to go crazy.

OMOTON Nintendo Switch Aluminum Stand | $11.99 Buy-Now!

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07.22.17 // 7:30 am
Ahh my sleep schedule is super messed up but I’m gonna try and fix it this weekend. Step 1 for that is staying up and being productive until an appropriate time to sleep 😅

Anyways here’s some messy scratch pad notes on The Puritan Dilemma for SUPA (Ik I spelt dilemma wrong in my header….)

Jonsa S7 Summer Challenge Day 6: Music

Summary: A stranger startles Sansa on her morning run, and she thwacks him in the face and breaks his nose. Turns out he was only returning the wallet she’d dropped. She drives him to the ER, and they discover they have something in common. Written for Day 6 of @jonsa-creatives S7 Summer Challenge. 

A/N: Dedicated to @geekprincess26 and her wonderful first sentence prompt! Lyrics from Katy Perry’s song Roar.


Personally, Sansa blamed Katy Perry, for had she not been listening to “Roar” for the umpteenth time on her iPod, she might have thanked the dark-haired stranger for returning the wallet she had just dropped, rather than whipping around so furiously when he’d touched her arm to get her attention that she broke his nose and sent him straight to the emergency room.

And now here she was, nervously running her finger along the arm of the flimsy aluminum chair in the waiting room with its buzzing fluorescent lights, desperately wanting to know just how badly she’d hurt him.

Pretty badly, don’t you think, Sansa, since you broke his nose and the pain brought him to his knees? She’d driven him here, and wow, had there been a lot of blood.

She shuddered. She was thankful she’d had a towel from her Saturday morning yoga workout in the backseat that she could give him.  He held it to to his face until they pulled up to the hospital.

She was pretty sure she’d babbled “I’m so sorry” and “and “I promise, we’ll be there soon oh god you poor thing” and the worst, “are you okay?” like he could answer with a broken nose, as if they were passing the time of day.

He’d looked so sweet and concerned too, with beautiful brown eyes, as he held out the wallet. But that didn’t stop her self-defense class training from kicking in. She’d acted on instinct and turned smoothly, connecting her elbow squarely with his nose.

And this was the second time she’d sent a guy to the ER with a serious injury. 

Read more below or continue on AO3

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Woops I haven’t drawn anything in awhile so I hope this makes up for it (I’m severely procrastinating on making my commission sheet :x) Have some Archie and Maxie

So, I saw these cute little $1 gel pens and I was like ‘wow I can fuck with these’ and I bought them alone with a little scratch pad. I find out later that they’re scented (which is amazing lmao I haven’t had stuff like this since elementary)

yeah I smelled them after drawing them