Spock’s death was shot over three days, during which no visitors were allowed on set.Spock’s death was to be irrevocable, but Nimoy had such a positive experience during filming that he asked if he could add a way for Spock to return in a later film. (x)

Star Trek ll: Wrath of Khan (1982)

Thank you Mr. Nimoy, you inspired us to live among the stars, to live long and to prosper.


Darkside Detective - A cool paranormal pixel art point n click adventure where you play as Detective Francis McQueen, the only member of the criminally underfunded Darkside Division.

It’s a fun game with it’s vibrant colors, simple graphics, funny dialog, cool ominous soundtrack, and intriguing cases that not even Mulder and Scully would touch.

Play the Beta Demo, Free

Ava -

Everything here at Skyhold is progressing well. The mages seem to finally be relaxing around the templars and guards we have posted along the battlements. Leliana has managed to weed out even more operatives for our cause and Lady Montiliyet has proven herself an expert at handling nobles. Though I must confess, whenever she wishes you were here, I find myself agreeing.

The newest batch of recruits are excelling at I doubt that matters.

Is it foolish of me to say that I miss you? You’ve only been gone a few days and yet I feel your loss with every passing moment. No matter how hard I try, I cannot shake you from my mind. Not to say that I want to drive you from my thoughts, simply that they are distracting. You are distracting. In the good kind of way. I mean to say that you are the most welcome kind of distraction I have ever met.

I think I
I want t

Ava, it’s not simply my thoughts that you occupy. I care for you. More than I thought I would ever care for another. I catch myself thinking of our times together, remembering the tingle on my lips when I first kissed you. Perhaps this is too fast, perhaps I should wait to tell you this in person, but I want to be with you.

I realize things may be difficult between us, but please know that any hesitation, any reluctance, is purely on my shoulders. I think you are perfect as you are and I would not change you nor any of the powers you possess.

Do you think you could you care for a templar?
Could you care for me, Ava, unworthy as I am?

Forgive me, Inquisitor. You have much on your shoulders; I hope this letter will be a boon and not a burden.

Return safely, Ava. I would The Inquisition would be lost without you.

Cullen Rutherford.

(The letter referred to in Doubt. Inquisitor belongs to therealmcgee​)

I was trying to do the google-voice-translate thing with VIXX names from korean to english and this are the results I got:

Their nicknames

  • N - N
  • Leo - Rio
  • Ken - Cans
  • Ravi - Krabi
  • Hongbin - Hangbing
  • Hyuk - Hair

Their names

  • Hakyeon - Lower cervical
  • Taekwoon - Paradise
  • Jaehwan - Yahwang
  • Wonshik - Wrong equation
  • Hongbin - Hangul veil
  • Sanghyuk - I love you

Their full names

  • Cha Hakyeon - Sharkey on
  • Jung Taekwoon - Just circle around
  • Lee Jaehwan - Regency likes
  • Kim Wonshik - Give me one chik
  • Lee Hongbin - Lee Humming
  • Han Sanghyuk - Han Sang-hyeokay