it’s time to play SUPER SMASH BROS 4 on Press Buttons n Talk, it’s a pretty obscure hidden gem of a game that flew under the radar, I just hope we can introduce new fans to this series because I don’t think anyone really played it


i jus got out of the shower and i need a haircut


日本ファンミーティング全ての公演が終了しました! 一緒に幸せな時間を過ごして下さったSTARLIGHTの皆さま、本当にありがとうございました。 雨も降っていますが、気をつけてお帰りくださいね。 またすぐお会いしましょう! #VIXX #STARLIGHT_FanMeeting

The Japan fan meetings have all ended! Thank you so much to the Starlights who spent the happy time with us. It’s raining, so be careful going home. Let’s meet again soon!  #VIXX #STARLIGHT_FanMeeting


so bright the sun is ashamed to rise & be in love with all of these vampires - a moodboard

gotta love some love mcr tbh, w o w so emo; also I am the vampire, love me