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“She should cut her nails” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The men of the Justice League tease Batman about the scratches on his back, and the love bites on his chest…Bruce is not amused.

Just a silly fic cause why not. Wrote it in literally fifteen minutes because I was bored, and didn’t proofread (as usual really) so it’s quite meh, hope you’ll still like it though :

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I wrote some sort of part two to this, it’s here if you’re interested : “Bruce…sucks !”


Bruce could feel their gaze on his back. He knew they were smiling like idiots behind him, and he heard them giggle a few times, like goddamned teenagers.

He finally turned around to face his fellow Justice League members, that had been staring at him for the past hour. They were in the men shower room of the headquarter, and the fact that they were all half-dressed made them look even more ridiculous, with their idiotic smile on their faces.

Hell, even J’onn was snickering with them ! Bruce would expect from Clark, Oliver, Barry and maybe Arthur to laugh like nitwits, but J’onn ? He thought he was better than this.

And yet, here he was, grinning at the Batman like a moron.

-What ?

Bruce asked a bit coldly, even though he already knew what was going on.

Clark answered, a sly smile on his stupid handsome face :

-We were just wondering…When did you got those scratches on your back ? Like, which villain inflicted you such terrible wounds ?

Bruce rolled his eyes. By now, Barry and Oliver couldn’t hold their laughter, though the look the Bat gave them stopped them cold in their track. Damn that man could be intimidating, even for them…Bruce, glaring at them, went on :

-Are you guys fifteen ?

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Not Alone

Request: Oh what about a Jhope scenario when he meets a girl who is cheerful but then she got a secret: she was a victim of bullying and things got too much for her and stress and pressure at school. When he was reading her diary, he knows that he will be the hero. Inspired by A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone (maybe)? Thanks! BTW, You Don’t Know Me made me cry a million pieces! ~Queennie

Originally posted by jhopingforhoseok

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 2.299

Warnings: mentions of death and self-harm

A/N: this has been in my inbox forever but somehow i needed to write this tonight bc it’s been ages since i wrote about hobi!!! 

I didn’t proof read yet your gurl is too tired for that


“Catch me if you can”, you giggled, turning around and sprinting away from your boyfriend, almost tripping over your own feet as the hill gently curved downwards. Your bare feet ran over the soft grass, head turning every few seconds, laughing at his figure behind you, trying to catch up with your own. Breath hitching in your throat, lungs and heart thumbing in your chest, your laughs echoed through the park before you felt his warm hands wrap around your waist, pulling you down with his falling body. A small scream escaped your lips, followed by laughs as you landed on the ground, his hands catching your fall

“Gotcha”, Hoseok whispered before placing his soft lips on yours, smiling into the kiss. You gently hit his chest, making him grin at you and raise his eyebrows.

“You cheated! You said you’d wait 5 seconds before coming after me!”, you pouted and poked his chest, making him laugh.

“Babe, that’s what I did. You’re just too slow”, he wiggled his eyebrows at you before kissing the tip of your nose and stroking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Pfh yeah that’s what they all say…”, you whispered more to yourself but Hoseok seemed to have heard what you said, rolling off you and bursting into laughter, bringing you close to his chest. You felt his chest vibrate against your again, forming a content smile on your face before stroking his back softly with your hands. 

“I love you (Y/N)”, Hoseok laughed, sitting up and pulling you up with him, as you started picking the grass out of your hair. 

Throwing the bit you had in your hands at him, you grinned. “I know you idiot. I love you, too.”

His smile made butterflies erupt in your stomach and he pouted his lips at you in an attempt to appear cute, only making you laugh. “C’mon let’s go grab some ice cream, it’s too hot to be lying in the sun”, he suggested and stood up, shaking the grass off his pants before offering you his hand.

“Only if you let me pay this time”, you raised your eyebrows at him suggestively and he just grinned at you.

“We’ll see about that”, Hoseok answered as he kissed your temple, engulfing you in a tight hug before walking back to the spot you had left your shoes. He was ready to spent a nice evening with the girl that made his heart burst out of his chest, making him feel like the luckiest boy on Earth.

Hoseok felt his phone vibrate multiple times in his back pocket as he was trying to teach the boys the new choreography he had come up with for the upcoming comeback. He knew that it must be you needing something from him, otherwise you wouldn’t message him during practice, so he signaled the boys a two minute break and got his phone out of his pocket unlocking it in one swift move.

From: (Y/N)♕ ♥




babyyyyyyy  [delivered: 11:21am]



jung hoseeeeeooookk [delivered: 11:22am]

He grinned at his phone, making the others look at him smugly.

“Hyung, is it (Y/N) you’re texting?”, Jungkook came up from behind, grinning at him, wiggling his eyebrows at his phone.

“Who else would it be smartass?”, Yoongi jawned from the back of the room, shooting Hoseok a knowing look.

“Why don’t you ever bring her over hyung?”, Taehyung whined, ploppling down next to Hoseok.

“Yeah we’d love to meet the girl that makes our cruel dance teacher stop just to answer her messages”, Jimin laughed and went through his hair with one hand before sipping on his water bottle and throwing it over to Taehyung, who caught it smoothly.

“Guys, stop. We just started going out, I can’t bring her over already. You’ll scare her away”, he rolled his eyes at his band mates but smiling softly at the thought of all of you together. They’d love you, he knew it. You were so cheerful and full of happiness, they couldn’t just not like you. 

“We won’t scare her away, what are you talking about! We’re lovable”, Taehyung exclaimed, pushing Jungkook away who was trying to grab the water bottle from his hyung. 

Hoseok huffed and turned to his phone. He heard the others rambling around but his thoughts were with you as he typed his response.

To: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

what’s up baby? :)

Read: 11:28am

Seconds later his phone signaled him your incoming reply.

From: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

i know you’re busy rn but when you have time can you please go to my apartment and check if you see my sketchbook there? it should be somewhere in my bedroom but i forgot it there this morning

i have work until 1 today but class starts at 1:15 so i dont have time to look for it myself…..

you dont have to if you dont have time though!!

His face lit up at your last message. Of course, he’d do that for you. He’d do anything for you, even though he wouldn’t admit that to himself. He’d never admit that he had fallen for you since the day he met you, serving him in the restaurant you worked at. Only two months had passed since then but he felt like he could never let you go again. His heart had wrapped itself around you and wouldn’t be able to let go that easily.

To: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

i’ll be there in 10

As he texted his reply, he got up, stretching one last time before throwing his phone into his bag and started moving towards the door. 

“We’l continue practice later guys. I gotta go”, he waved one quick goodbye before opening the door and stepping into the hall.

“Hoseok got a booty call!”, Jungkook chanted from the inside, everybody else joining in with laughter as Hoseok rolled his eyes at his friends and kept moving. 

He didn’t need a booty call to be by your side. 

Stepping into your bedroom, he let his bag fall onto the ground and started looking around. You had described your sketchbook as a little black booklet but nothing specific on it. So that was what he started looking for. First, he went straight to your desk as one would assume that a sketchbook would be placed there; in the working area of the room. With no results. So he turned around and let his gaze glide over the room, eyes falling onto your bedside table.

Maybe you were one of those who could draw and write the best before going to sleep.

Not thinking much of it, he stepped closer to the drawer, pulling the upper drawer open and - there it was! A black booklet lying on top of blank paper. 

Jackpot. That should be it.  

Hoseok grabbed the little notebook and sat down on your bed, closing the drawer again. Looking at the thing in his hands, he scratched his head.

Should I take a look? Hoseok thought, biting down on his lips.

She’s never shown me any of her drawings… 

“She probably wouldn’t mind, her class sees it too so one more person surely won’t bother her”, with that he opened the booklet, not faced with drawings but text. 

Texts with dates.

Smeared texts with dates.

Hoseok’s eyes went wide but stayed glued to the pages. Endless pages with a small handwriting, smeared at some spots and hastily written in other parts. 

“I wasn’t good enough…. they laughed at me again…. I can’t handle this any longer”

“What the…”, he whispered, opening a random page carefully. His fingers gently stroke over the paper before he started reading.

“Two weeks until school is done. I should be happy. Everybody’s excited for prom, going shopping and preparing for one of the most important days of their lives. Except for me. You know why? You probably already know…. everybody knows. Nobody asked me to be their date. Again. Not even one of the nerds. They’re all ashamed to be seen with me. I’m too gross for them. Too fat. Too ugly. Too dumb. Too shy. Too weird. Too-everything. They know I hurt myself, too. One of the kids at school grabbed me and pushed me against the lockers, accidentally making my sleeves roll up and then they saw. One would think that they’d realize it’s their fault and be shocked or feel guilty or something like that. But you know what they did? They laughed even more. Calling me pathetic. Attention whore. Liar. Stupid. Weak. Encouraging me to cut deeper. One of them said, and I quote “Here, have my razor maybe that one works better. Try it out in the bathtub, that way your parents won’t have to clean up that much of a mess when you finally bleed to death” and everybody laughed. Maybe that’s what I should do. Instead of just hurting myself, just completely disappear. Everyone hates me anyway. I can’t make anyone happy. My teacher scold me every day for not paying attention, my parents are sick of me spending their money, sick of me being their child, I don’t have any friends anymore and basically the whole school wants to see me dead. So why not do it? Why not just cut right through my veins and let all the blood run out?”  

Hoseok felt hot droplets of tears wetting his shirt and pants as sobs erupted through his body. Was this the same (Y/N) he knew today? This couldn’t be the same girl. His girl was cheerful, gloomy and always laughing, making everybody around her happy. How was it possible that she ever felt like this? Thought these horrible things about herself? That she had to go through hell when she was a literal angel?

His breath got caught in his throat as his sobs started to break out more hysterically and coughs shook his whole body.

He had to do something. You needed to know how he felt for you, how he needed you in his life and how you should never have those thoughts again. Never ever. Not as long as he was by your side.

“Hobi?”, you called out into your lighted apartment, softly taking off your shoes in the entrance and looking around. Stepping into your small space, you saw that the light in your bedroom was on, so you slowly walked towards the door.

Pushing it open and peeking inside, you saw Hoseok standing in front of your bed, facing the other way with his hands in his pockets and a small box placed on your bed.

“Hobi, what are you doing here?”, you smiled and entered, making him turn around, smiling at you sadly.

“(Y/N)”, he breathed out and immediately wrapped his arms around your small frame, hugging you tighter than you had ever felt him do before.

“What’s wrong baby?”, you mumbled into his chest, as he was still holding onto you, not seeming to let you go any time soon. Saying you were confused, would be an understatement.

“I prepared something for you”, Hoseok smiled and finally let go, moving you to your bed and signaling to the box.

“What is this for?”, you turned around, raising an eyebrow at your boyfriend. Something was fishy about that situation and you wanted to know what was going on. 

Hoseok scratched his neck in embarrassment and dropped his gaze. Stepping closer, you caressed his arm and smiled softly. 

“C’mon, you can tell me”, you tried to encourage him.

He closed his eyes for a second and then his strong gaze met your irritated one. “I read your diary.”

You still didn’t understand and waited for him to continue. When he didn’t say anything else, you asked: “And?”

He took a deep breath and exhaled again. “The entries from your high school times.”

“Oh”, was all you could say before a sad smile spread across your face, eyes blinking fast, trying to avoid the tears to fall out at the memories those words brought back.

“I-I prepared this for you (Y/N), so you know that you don’t ever have to feel like that again. I know that I can’t heal you from those thoughts completely but maybe it helps a little bit?”, he started rushing around the room, handing you the box quickly and opening it for you. Inside you saw multiple notes stacked on top of each other.

“What is this Hoseok?”, you whispered and took one in between you fingers.

“These are reasons why I fell for you. Things I love about you. Things you do that make me smile. Things that make you who you are and more lovable each day we spent together. Basically all ju-”, you cut him off by placing the box on the bed and grabbing his face in between your hands, pressing your lips onto his. Taking Hoseok off guard, it took him a few seconds to realize what was going on before his hands moved to your hips, bringing you closer to him.

As you two parted, he leaned his forehead against yours. “You’re the reason for m smile (Y/N), every day. You can always count on me, no matter what is going on, okay? If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. You make my heart feel warm and my whole body heat up just by glancing at me. You’re not alone, no matter how stony and long this road might be, I’ll be by your side. Always.”

Tears were rolling down your cheeks at his sweet gesture and he started kissing your cheeks, trying to kiss your tears away. Giggling, you slightly pushed him away to look into his eyes and caress his cheek.

“I love you Jung Hoseok”

“I love you more (Y/L/N) (Y/N)”


No Escape

Genre: Apocalypse Au / Future Fluff / Future Angst / Future Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,140

Warnings: Mentions of dead bodies and blood, gory 

“Find some food Y/n. Find shelter and water. If you see anyone that’s not dead, don’t approach them. Don’t trust anyone.”

Masterlist ♥︎


Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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Who is a sadist or masochist from seijou.


Oikawa - definitely a bit of both. Mostly a Sadist, but he actually enjoys it when his partner will attempt to take over control and tie him up. He loves denying his partners of their orgasms, and making them beg.

Iwaizumi - not necessarily either. He’s not really into pain, but if his partner wants it, he will give it to them. One sadistic act he likes is biting his partners; he loves their reactions.

Hanamaki - Sadist and masochist. It honestly depends. He prefers to take on the role of the Sadist in his relationships, but doesn’t mind when that control is taken away from him. He’ll gladly sit back and take what is given to him. He definitely has a thing for biting and being bitten, and probably has an asphyxiation kink.

Matsukawa - again, he can be a bit of both. He isn’t always up for dishing out pain, but he’s always willing to take it. He loves spanking and being spanked, and probably has a thing for collars. If his partner wants, he can be an a++ submissive.

Yahaba - definitely a Sadist. It’s not something he has shame about admitting. He loves ordering his partners around, and using lots and lots of pet names. He is a hair puller, and also scratches a lot.

Kyoutani - would never admit it aloud, and would kill somebody if they even mentioned it, but he’s a total Masochist. He loves being roughed up and used during sex. He feels as its the only time he doesn’t have to try to be in control. As I said in an earlier post, he marks his partners like crazy. He isn’t a fan of spanking, but he’s all for asphyxiation and edging.

Watari - I personally headcannon him as Asexual, so I don’t think of him as either. He just wants to cuddle and watch movies and probably bake cakes (another HC ignore it)

Kunimi - BOTH. god, this boy sure knows how to dish it out. He isn’t very expressive during sex, but he is great at dirty talk. Lots of shaming in sex with Kunimi. He’s the type of person to just tie up his partner and tease them for hours. He isn’t particularly rough, but he scratches so much.

Kindaichi - Masochist, for sure. He could never picture himself hurting anybody. He blushes at even the mention of sex, but reacts awesomely when called by a pet name or some form of derogatory term. He loves being used until he can’t walk for days.

- - - -

The last one is going to be Fukurodani. I only really know four of them well enough to write about, so it should probably take less time than the others.

My ask box is always open for requests and headcanons. I’m also doing the thirty day NSFW challenge, which you can find in my earlier posts.

~ Aiden

ok story time. so today I had my biology final and the teacher, a stereotypical, bumbling, has none of his shits together, old man, wasn’t even gonna be there so he found another teacher to sit there while we took the test, except that being the general fuckup that he is he somehow forgot what time class started and told the guy to show up AN HOUR LATE. so my class is just sitting on our asses, some people freaking out about losing test time, some people deadass asleep, until the guy finally shows up. Of course everyone is clamoring to know if we get extra time and the teachers are like ok you can go into your gym time to finish the test. this is the fucking best news I have ever heard. I fucking HATE gym and I resolve then and there to stay in that test room as long as I possibly can. so we take the test and I finish really quickly because, as I mentioned, the biology teacher has none of his shits together and freaked us out into over studying, then wrote the simplest test ever. so I’m like ok. I need to stay in here, I gotta look like I’m still taking the test. I think to myself what long winded thing do I have memorized that will take me ages to write down. it eventually occurs to me of course! the drunk history of fall out boy! so I literally wrote out the entire video, surprised and a little dismayed at myself with how well I knew it, and by the time I was done there was only one other person left in the room so I was like ok I should probably go now. so I bring my test to the front and I hand it to the guy, and I go to leave and he says “wait, I think you forgot a page.” and I’m like SHIT boi I did Not but I just say very calmly, “I don’t think so.” he gives me a very confused look and sort of points to the extra page in my hand, clearly with a lot of writing on it, and I just fucken blurt out “oh that’s scratch paper,” stuff it unceremoniously into my pocket and beat a hasty retreat to enjoy my shortened gym period, leaving the poor substitute to ponder why on earth anyone would need scratch paper for a biology test. so anyway yeah that’s the story of how I almost had to turn in the entire hand written transcript of the drunk history of fall out boy with my biology final jesus christ can you imagine

Interview at a collage
  • Interviewer: so what would you say is the one main thing your life revolves around?
  • Me: *in my head* probably throne of glass
  • Me: *in my head* or maybe my kittens
  • Interviewer: ...
  • Me: *in my head* nope definitely throne of glass
  • Me: well... Erm
  • Me: *in my head* oh god what the fuck am I going to say? Maybe I should make a joke about the sun
  • Me: *laughs* probably my passions, I-i think my passions are defiantly the thing that drives my life the most *awkward smile*
  • Interviewer: *awkward smile back* and what are your passions?
  • Me: *in my head* throne of glass, scratch that all Sarah j Maas books if I'm being honest
  • Me: art, writing and reading
  • Interviewer: *nods* so what books do you like?
  • Me: *in my head* oh for fuck sake
  • Me: well I'd ermm I'd say Of mice of men, definitely a literary masterpiece *laugh*
  • Me: *in my head* more like an absolute pile of depressing dog shit
  • Me: I also love fantasy
  • Interviewer: OH! So like Lord of the rings?
  • Me: *in my head* no. That's the most overly descriptive, wayyyyyy 2 long and boring fantasy book I've ever read
  • Me: oh yeah *smile* that's the one
  • Interviewer: *nods and scribbles on paper, probably writing down about how he can see straight through my lies*
  • Interviewer: and what is the one thing you'd most like to do in life?
  • Me: *in my head* rowan whitethorn
  • Also me: *in my head* Rhys too
  • Me: *smile* well...
Wouldn’t Want To Jinx It (Michael Clifford)

This picture is so blurry it’s giving me headaches. I’m sorry, but it was the only one small enough to not be obnoxious that still had her in it. 

Anyway, if you didn’t guess. Request that you were T-Swift’s sister.

My Masterlist

You scurried across the room towards the exit, wishing for nothing more than the floor to swallow you whole.

You hated these events. You hated having to put on a smile for the cameras. You hated having to pretend you were proud and supportive. You hated having to pretend that the weight of the expectations wasn’t crushing you into the ground, suffocating your voice, burying you under gossip and tabloids and legacies. You hated acting like you were anything other than annoyed.

She wasn’t what was wrong. You loved your sister more than life itself. You appreciated her encouragement. You were grateful for her defense. You were relieved that she wasn’t part of the problem.

It wasn’t her. It was the pressure that followed her. Being a popstar’s little sister was a hard enough job on its own. Being little sister to one of the biggest popstars in the world took it a step further. But being the little sister of one of the biggest popstars in the world trying to break into the same industry was a social suicide.

Taylor had invited you along to this single release party with the express purpose of introducing you to some of the big whigs in the recording industry. You’d been quite excited at the opportunity. You thought that maybe if you could side step the media and the fans and go straight to the people who had the power to help you you would get a different reaction. You didn’t.

They were instantly disappointed in so many aspects of you. They were disappointed to find out that you weren’t looking to be a singer, just write the music. They were disappointed to see that your image wasn’t as clean-cut as your sister’s would have led them to believe. But most of all they were disappointed to hear your songs. They weren’t the upbeat country Taylor started out with, and they weren’t the meaningful pop she was heading towards. They were way out in left field with a style all their own, some mix between alternative and pop-rock.

You’d seen straight through the false smiles. You’d heard the lies when they told you they’d give you a call. You saw the disbelieving looks they shot each other as you walked away. You’d been around the business long enough to know that you’d never see or hear from any of them ever again.

You’d been quick to leave the group, making up all sorts of excuses to leave the party all together.  You were so sick of the countless rejections that you didn’t think you could take it anymore. You had to get out of there before you ran into your sister. You didn’t know if you’d be able to hold back your tears much longer, and you didn’t want to ruin her night by falling into a sobbing mess.

“(Y/n)!” Too late. “(Y/n), where are you going? I need to introduce you to some of my friends.” Taylor’s voice called out to you.

She was too close by and yelled too loud. You couldn’t pretend you didn’t hear her, so you sucked in a breath and bit back the tears, not wanting to make a seen. You turned and walked back in her direction, stuffing your hands anxiously in the pockets of your pants. “I was just headed for some air!” You called as you approached. “What’s up?”

“Well,” Taylor looped an arm through one of yours and pulled you along to one of the tables pushed into the back corner of the crowded room. “I have some friends who are working on a new album, and I think they might be the perfect guys to take on some of your music.”

“Taylor, I really don’t think…”

Before you could express your discomfort with the idea, Taylor had stopped you front and center at the corner table. All eyes instantly went to you, or… well Taylor at least. “Guys, this is sister (Y/n). (Y/n), this is Michael, Ashton, Calum, and Luke from 5 Seconds of Summer and one of their producer/writers John Feldmann.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you guys.” You gave a polite smile, reaching out to shake John’s hand since he was closest to you.

“Nice to meet you too,” Michael acknowledged as you went around the table to greet everyone. “Taylor tells us you’re a singer too.”

You adamantly shook your head at that. “Definitely not, I just write the music. I don’t actually perform it.”

“Hey,” Taylor interrupted. “I think I see Karlie coming through the door. I’ll leave you guys to talk.” She smiled and ran off, abandoning you at the table.

Your eyes narrowed at her retreating back. “Karlie’s in London for the weekend.” You told them, “She’s just trying to pawn me off on you guys so I don’t leave.”

“Not really your scene?” Michael gestured to the chair beside him which was empty.

You accepted and sat down with the group. “Not really. I prefer to stay behind the scenes.”

“That’s why you write music, I take it?” Luke questioned, leaning back in his chair to watch you curiously.

“Pretty much,” you nodded.

Calum spoke up next. “Have you written anything we’d have heard of?”

You shook your head. “I doubt it… unless you avidly follow the garage band music scene in New York or L.A.”

“You’ve never written anything for Taylor?” John looked very confused by this revelation.

You bit back a sigh and scooted your chair out from the table an inch or two, already prepping your excuse to leave. Clearly this was going to be just like the record companies earlier. “Taylor and I have drastically different styles. My music doesn’t quite fall in the same genre as hers.”

“What kind of music do you write, if you don’t mind me asking?” Ashton asked curiously.

“It’s more…” You tried to think of a word to define it. “It’s alternative/pop-rock, depending on the song.”

“Is it any good?” Luke asked, the table letting out a round of chuckles.

You smiled to yourself and shrugged, leaning back in your chair. “Depends who you’re asking, I guess. Me, Taylor, or the record companies.”  

“Let’s pretend we asked all three,” John crossed his arms and raised a questioning eyebrow. He gave off a very fatherly vibe to you, like he was functioning as a shield between you and the boys, being their friend while also keeping them from whatever trouble.

You rolled your eyes. You couldn’t help it. “Taylor is the ever-supportive big sister, thinks anything that comes off my pen must be gold. Record companies don’t give a shit what I write unless I’m writing something for Taylor or I’m ready to become the next Taylor… I, on the other hand, would rather stay exactly where I am right now than become some pop princess just to get famous.”

“What do the fans think of you?” Michael asked, leaning on the arm of his chair out of curiosity.

You shrugged. “Couldn’t tell you. As far as they know I’m just Taylor’s little sister tagging along on tours, and management would be happy to keep it that way.”

You spent the rest of the night swapping stories with the boys. Most about the horrors of touring and tabloids. Some about the song-writing process. And even a few about the pressures of living in musical shadows. They seemed to really get what you were saying. Their tours opening for One Direction had earned them a lot of fans but lost them some of respect from a substantial portion of the music industry.

It was weird, finding people who understood you in a place like this. You talked all through the evening, and you actually found yourself glad that Taylor had dropped you off with them. They were funny and a lot nicer than the other people you’d met in this industry, especially Michael.

As the party wound down, your conversation with Michael picked up. He was very clearly flirting with you, and you had to silence the voice in the back of your head that reminded you how many boys came before him doing the exact same to get to your sister. You kept having to remind yourself that you were useless to him in that regard. He was already friends with her, and he seemed like he wanted to at least be your friend as well.

You thought everything was going fine until you saw him shoot a pleading look to Ashton. Your heart fell into your stomach when Ashton gave him a nod and got to his feet. “Well, boys, we have an early morning tomorrow,” he gestured between the three other people at the table. “So, we should probably get going…”

Luke, Calum, and John agreed with him and all began shuffling to their feet. “It was nice to meet you.” John smiled and shook your hand. “If your music style matches your personality than you and me are gonna have to chat sometime about putting your songs on some albums.”

“Really?” You smiled widely and got to your feet, “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet.” He laughed and patted your shoulder, waiting on you to shake hands with the other three boys before they all left, Calum shooting a quick wink to Michael on the way.

You turned back to find Michael getting slowly to his feet behind you, scratching at the back of his neck. “I uh,” he tried to form the right words. “I don’t have any writing sessions tomorrow, so I think I’ll stick around for a bit… if you don’t mind.”

You smiled nervously and anxiously looked around the room for your sister. “I don’t mind at all, but… well, I think I should probably be going soon too. It’s quite a few blocks to my hotel. I just got to town this morning, and I’m a bit jet lagged…”

“I’ll walk you!” Michael butted in a little too enthusiastically.

Your smile softened a bit. Maybe you hadn’t misread his flirting; maybe you’d misread the look he shot Ashton. After all, they’d all left the two of you alone together… “Are you sure you don’t mind? I mean, you really don’t have to…” You gave him one last out.

“No, no, It’d be my pleasure.” Michael spoke with a confidence that you certainly did not possess.

“All right.” You waved across the room to Taylor as Michael led you out the door. She saw your wave before noticing Michael’s arm around yours. You saw her squeal more than you heard it and rolled your eyes when she gave you her biggest smile and two thumbs up.

“So,” Michael chuckled, spotting Taylor on your way out. “Does that mean I have your sister’s approval?”

“That entirely depends on what you’re looking for approval for…” you hedged as his earlier flirting continued.

He smiled down at you and held open the front door of the event space for you. “Oh I think we both know what I mean.”

You stepped outside into the cool night air and shivered, not so much because of the air but the immediate flashes of light that assaulted your eyes. You think you’d be used to paparazzi by now, having dealt with them everywhere around your sister for years, but you weren’t.

“Hey! Over here! Michael! Over here you two!” They yelled at the pair of you, getting a little too close for comfort with their blinding cameras shoved in your face. You were temporarily stunned by the white light flashing in your vision.

Michael ducked his head down and put an arm over your shoulder, pulling you along the street and pushing a path through the crowd for the two of you.

You bit back every fiber of your being that wanted to yell at them as they shouted questions after you two. They were really starting to piss you off. It was late; you were tired. You were just trying to get back to your hotel with a guy who, despite quite a lot of flirting on both your parts, was walking you home with nothing but honest intentions.

“Michael! Are you dating Taylor’s sister?!” One of them yelled at the pair of you.

That one didn’t set well with you, but it seemed to set worse with Michael. “She’s got a name of her own, you know!” He shouted back angrily over his shoulder, pulling you closer into him and speeding up his walk. He didn’t ask you for a hotel name or a direction to head; he just dashed quickly up the street, putting as much space and as many turns between you and the paparazzi as possible.

When you finally broke off from the last one, Michael slowed to a stop on the street corner and let out a sigh. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s all right,” You smiled a little sadly. A quiet few minutes passed between the two of you before a thought came to you, and you barked out a laugh. “You know we’re gonna be front page tomorrow, right?”

“What?” Michael raised an eyebrow, looking down at you, confused.

“Well, you defended me; you didn’t deny that we were dating…” You pointed out.

He let out a quiet chuckle of his own. “Well I haven’t gotten to ask yet; have I?” Your face turned beat red as you realized what he was implying. He turned his head to smirk down at you. “Wouldn’t want to jinx anything…”

“I don’t think you need to worry about that…” You murmured, more to yourself than him.

He replied anyway, “That’s good to hear… Now,” Michael clapped his hands together and looked cluelessly up at the street signs. “Where are we, and how do we get you back?”

You glanced up at the signs yourself and sighed. “We’re four blocks south of my hotel, actually.”

“That sucks,” Michael looped his arm through yours. “That means I only get four blocks to convince you to let me hear your music.”

You raised an eyebrow at him and nervously fumbled around in your pocket for your phone. “You really want to hear it?”


“All right, but it’s a little rough. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” You searched through your phone and played one of the songs you wrote for one of your garage band’s first E.P.’s. It was a little crude, just you with a guitar. You’d frequently stop the music on the track to talk through some notes you’d written about harmonies and things like that, but when you looked up at Michael he seemed to enjoy it well enough.

He was chuckling along with your notes and smiled when you actually got around to singing. It was very different from the music of your sister, but he’d sort of expected that from you by now. It was one of the things he really liked about you, actually. You didn’t fit the mold… He didn’t either.

The song ran longer than the walk back to your hotel, thanks to all the notes, and you paused it as you approached the front door. “Thanks for walking me back, Michael.”

“Any time,” He smiled following you up the steps and catching the door for you. “Especially if you’re supplying the music. I really like your song.”

You paused, blushing, in the doorway.  You weren’t entirely comfortable inviting him up to your room, seeing as you had only met him that night, and you weren’t entirely sure the etiquette for leaving someone in a hotel lobby. “Thanks, but this,” you waved your phone around, “is just some stuff I threw together for a garage band.”

“If that,” Michael pointed at your phone, “is thrown together than I’m dying to see what you can do when you’re actually trying.” He paused to think for a second, leaning in the doorway. “You know, the boys and I are piecing together our second album right now. We’re not quite done yet, and it’d be awesome if you tagged along to one of our writing sessions.”

“Uh,” you hesitated, “sure, but I’m really not going to be in town that long, just till the end of the week. I only really came for the party…”

“Are you free tomorrow?”

“I thought you said you weren’t going to the writing session tomorrow.” You pointed out.

“I lied,” He shrugged. Your mouth fell open an inch or two at how readily he admitted to that. “What?” He raised a hand defensively. “You were funny, and talented, and awesome. Can’t blame a guy for trying, right?”

“I suppose,” you laughed and leaned against the jam of the door he was still holding open. “But you haven’t exactly tried anything yet,” you pointed out.

Michael raised an eyebrow and leaned in slowly towards you. “That’s true…” His hands left the door, leaving it to fall closed against his back, and moved to either side of you as he leaned over.

You rose up on your toes as he leaned down, meeting somewhere in the middle with a hair’s width between your lips. You could feel his breath puffing out against your lips and yours puffing out against his. Your mouth opened a fraction of an inch to speak, and your bottom lip brushed along his. He leaned his head slowly to one side and went in for the kiss, but before he could you ducked out under his arm, leaving him alone in the door as you backed away with a smirk on your lips.

“Sorry,” you shrugged as you backed away, eyes on his very confused expression. “Wouldn’t want to jinx it.” You waved and turned for the elevators, calling back, “See you tomorrow, Michael!”

Michael barked out a laugh and watched you go. You definitely weren’t your sister, and he couldn’t be happier.

Take my hand, I’ll lead the way [Chapter 1]

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Kagehina
Rating: G
Words: 7,457
Summary: In which Hinata gets an unexpected request from the Royal Family: to teach their son, Prince Kageyama Tobio, how to dance.
AO3: here!
A/N: This was supposed to be a quick drabble for the prompt “dance” how did this escalate so quickly into a full-fledged AU rip in pieces

Dedicated to the lovely Stephy and Nico  (●*’v`*人)

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