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I'd like to know what are your favorite Osomatsu-san interactions to see/read/write about?

you… wanna know my opinions on stuff?!  (◕▽◕)

my forever #1 is definitely karamatsu and osomatsu, whether it’s seeing it in drawings, reading about it, or writing it - ESPECIALLY writing it. I love it so many different ways that I can’t even go into detail because it would just. be essay length. I’ll spare you that

karamatsu and todomatsu is also REALLY GOOD! there’s lots of good dynamics between them, like kara who strives to be a good big brother and todo who enjoys being the spoiled youngest, kara who’s just the epitome of ridiculousness and todo who just can’t bring himself to turn a blind eye, etc. they’re just a lot of fun

osomatsu and ichimatsu is also very good, A+ material: osomatsu who’s a textbook Good Big Brother and ichimatsu who’s often sort of in need of a Good Big Brother. I don’t know if you read can’t help falling but the scene where ichi loses his composure and oso does what he can to help was one of my favorite moments to write

ALSO! osomatsu and todomatsu! the eldest and youngest who are so good at having a good time together. I feel like I don’t really see this one very much which is a shame because Pun Pals, PUN PALS

and! AND! look, I haven’t had the chance to get into this one very much yet myself, but if you know anyone who’s got some platonic karatoko…. please hook me up…… please………


I also forgot to post these pooplords I finished in the stream a while back OTL
I have been so forgetful lately.