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HSJ as cats pleaseee. ヽ(;▽;)


  • as a kitten, he was very playful and excitable, although through the years his aura becomes a bit more regal and refined
  • however, you’ll always catch him playing with a stray ball or piece of string – rubber balls are his favorite toy
  • has no boundaries, anything that’s yours is his as well
  • place of choice to sleep is in your bed, right next to you if he won’t be pushed away
  • even so, he’ll just try and try again
  • will scratch the furniture if there’s no scratching post
  • what do you mean he can’t? isn’t this his playground and you his human servant???
  • is the epitome of a cat that think he’s the center of the world and you’re his caretaker
  • if his nickname isn’t ‘Prince Ryosuke’, you’re raising him wrong
  • doesn’t care to hang around other cats, is only compatible with Chinen Cat™ and Keito Cat™
  • occasionally Daiki Cat™, but their relationship is love/hate (lol)
  • doesn’t care for other humans hanging around you either, especially a s/o, he’ll think they’re stealing your attention away
  • the world is just fine with you and him, isn’t it?
  • if you’re not paying attention to him enough, he’ll either hide and wait for you to find him or jump in front of whatever you’re doing and meow constantly

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  • a very playful and friendly cat, even after growing up into adulthood
  • is the kind of cat to hunt mice and bring them to you, waiting to be praised and pat on the head
  • follows you everywhere when he’s in the right mood, if not then you can hardly get his attention
  • sensitive to loud noise, doesn’t like being scolded, the sound of thunder, or even loud parties
  • will run away in fright if scolded too harshly and will usually stop whatever he’s doing with a simple ‘no’ or ‘bad cat!’
  • will also hide if too many people are in the house
  • wants to sleep in your bed, but if you buy him a nice pet bed then he’ll settle for sleeping there if trained to
  • otherwise, he most certainly won’t sleep on the floor and opt for the couch if the bedroom door is closed
  • can usually keep himself entertained with the simplest things; even a balled up piece of tissue
  • loves looking out of the window
  • curious about other cats and will play with a select few, but wouldn’t want too many other cats in the house
  • is the type of cat to get along with a friendly dog

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  • a clingy cat, who loves to get patted and receiving all of your attention
  • in a group of cats, he’d be the most laid back one and just observe everything
  • although, he’d also be the one to want to get the human’s attention in order to get adopted
  • he’d never, ever, scratch or bite you unless he felt threatened or extremely playful
  • even then, that’s rare
  • just wants to cuddle on your chest and fall asleep
  • if you’re spending too much time on the computer, he’ll jump on your desk and sit on the keyboard
  • likes and needs lots of attention and affection
  • wants to be held all the time
  • and not just in any way, hold him like you would a baby!
  • also likes being spoiled with toys as a kitten, yet grows out of them and is just fine sitting by your side once he gets older
  • likes watching you do things
  • if too many people are in the house or he feels as if he’s losing your attention, he’ll climb on your lap and meow
  • you don’t need a child when you have him tbh

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  • an extremely playful, yet clumsy, cat
  • imprinted on you from the moment you took him home, meaning that he adjusted to you and began to love you rather quickly
  • loves you soooo much tbh
  • needs to play with Ryosuke Cat™ and/or Chinen Cat™ occasionally or he’ll get lonely
  • is never too old to be held like a baby, it’s the best way to make him go to sleep actually
  • if you hear any loud around the house, it’s probably him
  • he bumped into something or fell off from somewhere
  • he tries so hard to be adventurous but really ends up hurting himself or distracted by you passing by
  • because then he has to follow you and see where you’re going
  • maybe you’re going to give him food?!
  • but, no, you’re just getting ready to leave out
  • will come back to the front door occasionally to see if he can hear you coming back
  • if he does, he’ll sit and wait for you to open the door
  • has a ‘welcome home’ meow for when you get in, following you around a bit until he finds something else to do
  • like Yuto Cat, he’s also a cat who’ll bring any mice he sees back to you
  • that mouse was hard to catch, so please praise him!

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So, I drew you in your role of Wheatley today on some scratch paper. I'd post the picture, but I don't have the drawing. It was scratch paper for a standardized test, so they had to take it from me ;-;

Awww, shame. My scratch paper only ever had equations and junk on it, which I was all too happy not to have to look at after the test was done.


OK so I know I’m like the only person on Tumblr still playing Neko Atsume, but today’s update freaks me out a little bit.  There’s one new rare cat, and he’s called Whiteshadow.  His “type” is not the usual like, grey, or calico, or whatever… no, it’s NINJA COSTUME!!!

Also, I saw him as soon as I opened the app a few minutes ago, standing on a fence in the yard, not anywhere I’ve ever seen one of the cats before, just standing there staring, not on any of the spots where the toys and stuff go. 

I thought it was odd and a little spooky; I took a couple pictures of him, looked at them on his page, and went back to the yard.  He was gone just like that, in like three seconds, and instead of fish he left three cans of cat food???  Which since I don’t use that kind of cat food and already had 99 cans of it meant I got nothing, really??

Then I looked closer at his profile page…  Under “goodies”, he doesn’t use any “goodies” like the other cats… no, he just goes on “scouting missions”.  Who is he scouting for?  Is someone about to take over the yard??  Am I becoming paranoid over a simple silly game about cute cats???  (…yes)

This game is just trying to see how far it can go at this point and still keep crazy addicted users like me… 

I need to tell myself at this point: you idiot there are starving children in the world… stop wasting your time playing and worrying about this ridiculous game… but then I think… I can’t neglect the cats!!!  oh my g this is pathetic I need a life and a real hobby…


RebelCaptain AU || Doctor Who

Jyn is a Time Lord who makes a new companion in a former solider, Cassian Andor. 

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what's... what's the difference between owning and acquiring a ferret

owning: keith contacts a weird dude on the internet and a few months later comes home w a lil bed and scratching post and a ferret wearing a collar

acquiring: one day keith came home only to hear weird scuffling noises in his kitchen. he immediately pulled out his knife and checked out the situation, only to find a ferret digging through his cereal cabinet. keith warily eyed the ferret and debated moving it, but the ferret ignored him to continue eating shiro’s shitty old man cereal, so keith just let it be. he figured it would eventually leave through the open kitchen window (presumably how it got in in the first place), and it did. this continues to happen. keith has no idea who’s ferret this is, but he honestly can’t really bring himself to care. over time, he and the ferret eventually acclimate to each other. they learn to coexist and share the kitchen. they don’t cuddle but they do acknowledge each other, and keith likes to take selfies with it. one day shiro comes home to find keith chilling on the couch watching judge judy w the ferret and he drops the groceries.