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//I hate to say it, but I’ve just lost my muse for the ol Spooky…I’m going to be deleting all my old posts and starting fresh from here on out, I’ve found a much better muse in this funky little shrek colored alien. The blog is a wip, so bear with me as I begin revamping it, okay?~

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HI ! master can you make a drabble or headcanon about what happened to the boys animal from episode 23 please ?

Hello dears! I hope I got the pets’ names right, I have terrible memory. They’re a bit short, but I hope you enjoy!

Nathaniel (White)

Having a new kitten proved to be a bit more work that Nathaniel had imagined, but he was very prepared. He had the litter box set up next to the washer/dryer and even pads set up around the area in case the kitten didn’t make it to the litter box. He already had the food and water dish system set up, several toys were bought including a small bed. And yet, Nathaniel thought in amusement as he sat down on the couch, all White wants is the box.

The kitten was running around inside the empty box that had come with his scratching post. The box was rocking back and forth on the ground slightly as White the sides, but continued to run aimlessly. Nathaniel had a small smile on his face as he felt his heart swell. He continued to watch the kitten play with the box with an amused gleam in his eyes; his kitten proved to be much more fun to watch than the DVD he had rented.

"White," Nathaniel whistled slightly before making a few clicking noises, "Come here, kitty-kitty."

The kitten’s head popped up from the box with a startled expression and looked at Nathaniel. With a grin, Nathaniel got off the couch and went to pick up the kitten. Thinking of it as a game, the kitten jumped out of the box, causing it to fall, before running off.

"White," Nathaniel called out after his cat as he desperately tried to run after it, "Here kitty-kitty!"

He grabbed a bag of nearby cat treats and shook it, but the kitten still didn’t come out from hiding. Nathaniel continued to use baby talk and bribery, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t find out where his kitten was hiding. Sitting back down on the couch, he gave a desperate sigh before he took out his cell phone. Pressing the speed dial number, it wasn’t long until he heard a familiar voice answer.


"Candy," Nathaniel greeted, "…I kind of need your help…"

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I will never understand the logic of people who want to have cats while not wanting to have cats.  They want the cat, but they don’t want it to scratch so instead of getting cat towers and scratching posts and plenty of things for the cat to scratch, they’ll instead get it mutilated and call the mutilation ‘declawing’ so it doesn’t sound as bad as it is.  They want the cat but they don’t want to have the litter box where they can see it and instead try to hide it as much as possible while avoiding cleaning that litter box as much as possible.  They want the cat, but they don’t want to play with it or spend any time with it.  They want the cat, but whenever the cat tries to get around them they yell at it.  They want the cat, but they don’t want it on any of the furniture and won’t get furniture for the cat.  They want the cat, but they don’t want to make their home the least bit welcoming or friendly for the cat.

Like, what’s the point in claiming to like cats if your actions say you don’t like them?

This is dedicated to Vivien - my dorky best friend with who I’ve shared a lot of tears and laughs over the last 9 months. It’s been unbelievable, everything we both went though.

Thank you for all the shared jokes, long chatlogs and friendly jabs. Thank you for saying “I understand” when everyone else said “cheer up”. Thank you for allowing me to experience what being an older sister is like and for all the promises we’ve made. You’re one and only person I ever opened up to like this. 

Happy birthday dear! <3

And I present to you — Nebulastuck.

Kanaya, Nepeta, and Sollux all have numbers over their heads because they’re the three characters I used completely separate nebulae on, and I wanted to make a note of it. (Though it looks like I used separate ones on most of the others too, they’re just colorswapped. Feferi was an arse to colorswap.)

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Alpha Kids, Beta Kids, Pre-Scratch Trolls


I also forgot to post these pooplords I finished in the stream a while back OTL
I have been so forgetful lately.


Those Homestuck shipping rings got me hooked last night! I’ve found a new favorite thing to procrastinate with. 

This round- post scratch trolls!

this is illegal amounts of fun…

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