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It begins with a falling piano, a shouted gay slur and a windblown scratch-off lottery ticket. The five take their dispute over ownership of the ticket to professional arbiters, and the resulting debate about what does and does not constitute a slur would curl George Carlin’s toes. The episode also gives the props department a chance to make indescribably vulgar alterations to an exercise bicycle, and by its end one of the core five, Mac (Rob McElhenney), may have had a personal breakthrough 12 seasons in the making.

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Summary: After years of bum luck on lottery scratch offs in almost every state in the nation, Dean strikes it rich on a ticket and comes into the possession of fifteen thousand dollars—after taxes. After finishing a near-fruitless hunt with Castiel at his side, and with decades’ worth of exhaustion in his bones, together they come up with a plan—throw a dart at a map pinned to their motel wall, and fly to the first place it lands.

Only, Dean never anticipated that traveling to Japan would involve staying so close to Castiel at all hours on unsure footing, and thousands of miles from Sam and his home, everything from simple touches to sideways glances, it all comes to a head in the middle of the night—How is he supposed to enjoy his vacation when he’s sleeping next to the love of his life?

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Mini-Cactpot Guide

If RNG is on your side, you can win, every time!

Seriously, RNG and confidence.

I know, I know, you wanted some sort of “magic scratch off calculator” which… I guess do exist, but they can’t guarantee you a win. They also take a lot of time to input everything. Mini-Cactpot is NOT hard, at all.

Really, there is a pattern to getting Cactpot EVERY time it occurs on your card. Now, it has to appear though… So, have faith with me here. It is a LOT of luck on part of just getting the right card. This is no different than real scratch-off tickets.

Lets get started, I got lucky today in getting the perfect example for a starter card!

Now, there’s only a 1/9 chance of getting that center square, and a 1/9 on getting a 1… so that square being a 1 in the center was a 1/81 chance. It doesn’t statistically matter but… sweet.

Now, from here, we want to try and find a 2 or a 3, since we are after that sweet spot of a row of 6. Only way to get that is obviously 1-2-3 in any order.

Catch is, it’s better if we find out where the 10k can’t be!

So, I made my choices. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, okay not always, scratch off a Y shape. Doesn’t matter what direction, but trust me here. that is to make sure you always scratch the middle square off, one side the center square, and the opposite side both corners. It lets you see a portion of every possible option.

This card, to me, is a dud, but not a 100% loss. We don’t know where that 7 or 8 may be, and that can get us a 3600, or a 6-8-9 for a 1,800. Confidence!

Either way, we see that 2-1-# just can’t be a 6 since that 3 is off diagonally.

I’m choosing this row. Let’s hope for a 23 or 24, my luck tends to give me a 22… but whatever.

And.. darn… we literally got the worst possible outcome…

Granted, on this card the best was an 8… 720, enough to pay for the day but we have two more cards to scratch on this account!

Time for more examples! Going to try and do a “Read More” though, since honestly, that is ENOUGH information to win every card that has a cactpot.

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anonymous asked:

imagine if you will: tim telling literally anyone to buy him a scratch off lottery ticket as a stupid tax and they actually win a lit of money. like, 100000 dollars. now imagine instead of mh happening they just fuck around with the money until it's gone

Idk how much beef jerky and peanuts you can buy with that much money but I’m sure it’s enough
Alternatively slightly nicer hotels


And the Top Hashtag of 2015 is…

To see more photos that show the #love, check out the #interactivegrams hashtag on Instagram.

Love reigns supreme. For the third year in a row, #love is the top Instagram hashtag — and David Schwen’s (@dschwen) #interactivegrams are all about the 💗. He stages images with a heart, front and center, so that double-tapping on them creates a double heart. “Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved life’s guilty little pleasures: popping Bubble Wrap, scratching the ink off lottery tickets, drawing a picture on a frosted window. This is how I came up with the idea … It was so simple, and that’s why I loved it,” the Minneapolis-based illustrator and art director says.

Years after its conception, community members from all over the globe spread the #love with their own #interactivegrams. “The act of double-tapping or loving each other’s images and videos has become an important interaction between people,” David says. “There are people across the world that I have never met in person, yet I’m able to send an affirmation of love by double-tapping their photo.”

This post is part of an ongoing series, featuring 2015’s top content on Instagram. If you’re in the US, check out Explore (the magnifying glass) in your app to find out where the top geotagged locations were — and follow @instagram for more.

Dear White People

I know this election is rough on you. Interacting on social media might feel like scratching off a bunch of lottery tickets except that instead of finding out cash prizes you find out your aunt is a Neo-Nazi.

But can you please please PLEASE not unload your emotional turmoil onto PoC and forcibly employ us as unpaid racial therapists. We’re already under enough stress.

This is perfectly acceptable:

“I had to unfriend [insert name] for being racist and I’m upset.”

This is getting iffy:

”I had to unfriend [insert name] because they said [insert incredibly graphic details of racist hate speech].”

And this is the worst:

”[insert name] said [insert incredibly graphic details of racist hate speech] but I’m too chickenshit to say anything about it to their face so I’m just going to complain about it behind their back and make you listen.”

Inconvenient (CS AU)

Bodega!Killian - 2000 words 

The door binged indicating a new customer had entered the store. He didn’t bother to look up. He never did. He didn’t watch as they perused the shelves looking for whatever late night items couldn’t wait until the light of day. 

Condoms, cold medicine, unfortunate food choices. He didn’t care. What was he going to do anyway? No one expected much from the one-handed guy willing to work the night shift. He kept his nose buried in his book. They could rob him blind as long as they let him read. 

 He never looked up until until they plunked their items on the counter and he couldn’t avoid his job of ringing them up. Tonight as his eyes traveled up from the pint of rocky road on the counter to the knock out blonde, he wished he’d looked up sooner. Dressed to kill and bloody gorgeous. Something didn’t compute. How was it that a woman dressed like that, looking like her, possibly going home alone?

“Bad date?” 

“They always are,” she answered enigmatically with a smile. 

 As he watched her walk out the door, he realized that for the first time in months he wanted to know more. To connect with someone. His therapist would be so pleased.

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anonymous asked:

Good Lord! Does anyone else feel like they drank a bottle of champagne, got off the tilt-a-whirl and were handed a winning scratch off lottery ticket all in the past hour? Sam and Cait will be the end of my sanity. Will all of you come visit me in my room...or at least send me notes and updates or something? Damn, I'm gonna go and have another drink! Happy New Year Shippers!!! And you too Sam and little turd balls.

I’m at the bar halfway into a rum runner and a losing game of shuffleboard with a giant dick and balls drawn in the sand. HAPPY FUCKIN NEW YEAR TO THOSE TWO GORGEOUS ASSHOLES WHO SHOULD BE HAVING LOTS OF SEX AND BABIES!!!

I’ll visit when I’m sober!!