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Can you draw mullette cuddling.

So I was trying to find something cute for reference and I saw a list that said “cuddle positions ranked from best to worst” to which my response was “alright why not” and I found THIS

And that’s how instead of getting some cute fluff you got this

And that’s about the best explanation I can give you. And I’m sorry.




Their S/O Leaving Scratches on Their Back - Admin Sonsee




Nervous -Admin Bek

Those Pesky Cabinets -Admin Bek


Strange (Werewolf AU) -Admin Bek


Moonbin Werewolf! AU Headcanon - Admin Jiyuul




Adventures with Yongguk -Admin Sonsee

The One -Admin Sonsee


[D-5] First Rainfall -Admin Kiwi




Ride - Admin Juju


Morning Shenanigans  -Admin Sonsee


Asking you out/confessing to you -Admin Sonsee

Block B



Press Play - Admin Kiwi




SCENE ONE - James Dean and Audrey Hepburn  -Admin Pastel

Love, again. -Admin Pastel

Suga (Yoongi):

Neighbors Pt. 1,2  -Admin Pastel

Felony and Fettuccine

A Spider  -Admin Pastel

Satisfaction  -Admin Pastel

Bite Me  -Admin Pastel

The Fake Couple  -Admin Pastel

Tongue Technology -Admin Sonsee

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

SCENE TWO - Roger Rabbit -Admin Pastel

That’s Mine -Admin Pastel

[D-9] -Admin rayray

J-Hope (Hoseok):

That Special Moment -Admin Pastel

Of Course -Admin Pastel

Princess -Admin Pastel

[D-2] A Very Unexpected Present -Admin Jikwon


Lazy Day Date

I’ll Be Your New Pillow -Admin Aya

Trust No One  -Admin Sonsee

[D-3] Secret Gifts -Admin Aya (with Admin Kiwi)


Operation Bad Puppy  -Admin Bek

Children. -Admin Pastel

Scarred (One Shot) -Admin Pastel

Oh Puddin  -Admin Juju


Twisted Confession 

I Choose You -Admin Pastel

A Cabin In The Woods -Admin Sonsee

[D-11] Christmas Kookie -Admin Juju


Coming Home to You Dancing

You Getting Into Fights - Admin Kiwi

You Dancing ‘How’s This’ - Admin Kiwi

You Struggling with PCS - Admin Kiwi

You Imitating Their Choreo - Admin Kiwi

Waking Up With a Drawn-on Face - Admin Kiwi

You Having Nightmares - Admin Kiwi

You Sleeping Late - Admin Kiwi


You want them to come over and cuddle -Admin Pastel


Namjoon is in Japan and missing you

J-Hope being cheesy -Admin rayray



Precious Little Friend - Ch. 1,2,3 -Admin Bek


[D-1] Christmas Surprise -Admin Mochi


Monkey Suit

(Don’t) Touch Me -Admin Sonsee

Horror Movie -Admin Kiwi

D.O (Kyungsoo):

Sneaking Around

[D-4] For This Christmas and All the Ones After It -Admin Sonsee

Kai (Jongin):

Take A Punch For You -Admin Sonsee


Thirty Days

Plaid Shirt -Admin KenKen

Skinny Jeans -Admin Mochi

A Visit to Mr. Oh’s Office -Admin Sonsee  


To their girlfriend cursing them out in her native language -Admin Sonsee

Their S/O Passed Out on the Floor - Admin Kenken


Minseok (Xiumin) calls you Noona -Admin Sonsee



Theme Park Fun -Admin Bek



Bruises and Frozen Peas  -Admin Lara

The Best Way to Meet Someone  -Admin Lara

Never Let Go -Admin Kiwi

JB (Jaebum):

Symptoms   -Admin Lara

It’s Perfect -Admin Sonsee

Stupid Challenge -Admin Juju

[D-8] Christmas Present? -Admin KenKen


Rumor Has it 

Sweat -Admin Pastel

Just a Little Longer  -Admin Lara

Questions  -Admin Lara

They Expect Us to Show Up -Admin Juju

Rookie Player -Admin Juju


Stupid Jealousy -Admin Sonsee

You Before Me -Admin Sonsee


Three Months: Pt.1,2 -Admin Pastel


To You Being Kinky -Admin Sonsee

To You Sleeping On The Couch -Admin Sonsee


You accidentally send a nude to the wrong GOT7 member -Admin Pastel

Movie Date with JB -Admin rayray

When you laugh at everything Jaebum does -Admin Bek




Goats -Admin Bek


Jiwon the Nurse -Admin Sonsee

Jealousy -Admin rayray

Tea - Admin Juju


His Little Nerd -Admin Sonsee

Test Dummy -Admin Sonsee


Needy -Admin Sonsee


Secrest Crush -Admin Sonsee


Back Home - Admin Juju




Jekyll and Hyde -Admin Kiwi


Relieving Stress -Admin Sonsee

What Future -Admin Sonsee

Make Me -Admin Mia

Always -Admin KenKen


My Hero -Admin Aya

Assumption -Admin Pastel


I.M (Changkyun):

Please -Admin Aya

You’re a What? -Admin Sonsee


To their S/O joining another boy group -Admin Bek

To you making the first move -Admin Sonsee


Shownu’s failed attempt at sexting -Admin Sonsee

Monsta X catch you staring at Hyungwon’s (your crush) butt -Admin Bek


Wonho missing you -Admin rayray

Jooheon and Shownu missing you on tour -Admin rayray




Ice Cream Nights


Bad Boys Love Pt.1 -Admin Mia




I’m Not Jealous  -Admin Lara

Feathers  -Admin Lara


Boardwalks and Boyfriends -Admin Mochi


I’ll Be Gentle -Admin Lara

A Change In Plans -Admin Lara

Checkers -Admin Bek

Remember That One Night -Admin Lara


Nothing But A Mess Up -Admin Lara


[D-7] Coming Home -Admin Pastel


Woozi’s Work Time -Admin Lara

Clingy -Admin Bek


Game On -Admin Mochi


Fuck That Was Amazing  -Admin Lara

You’re Not Going Anywhere  -Admin Lara

[D-10] Mistletoe -Admin Lara


Bad Weather -Admin Lara


Priorities - Admin Sonsee


To You Being Sick (5/13) -Admin Lara

Their S/O Fangirling/Fanboying over SHINee - Admin KenKen




[D-6] Two Turtle Doves -Admin Bek



Bitto Misses You -Admin Sonsee




I Missed You - Admin Jiyuul

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How would Pakkun and the rest of Kakashi's ninken react to and deal with Kakashi suddenly having a s/o?

Ninkin Reacting to Kakashi’s S/O

Originally posted by kulfoncozciebiewyrosnie

• Pakkun would be like a gruff yet proud grandpa. He would say ‘it’s about time’, admonishing Kakashi for taking this long to find a relationship in a good-natured way. He’d also suss out the S/O, following their trails and making sure they’re the loyal partner Kakashi deserves (although I’m sure all the hounds would do this). With Kakashi vouching for them, it would not take Pakkun long to warm up to the S/O. Rest of the pack (Pakkun included) 

• They’d be sniffing Kakashi’s s/o all over, intent on sussing them out completely. If there’s even the tiniest chance this person might ‘join into the pack’ (aka marry Kakashi), they need to make sure they’re a good person. It would be like gathering enemy intelligence, but even more thorough. Wherever the s/o went, the dogs would follow their scent and see if they could sniff up anything potentially troubling.

• We’ve seen that Kakashi’s hounds aren’t exactly the friendliest bunch at first glance. They might making stinging comments on the s/o’s appearance, scent, etc, but that’s only because they’re a giant pack of sass and fur. They’d remain cautious though, because they don’t want to push Kakashi’s patience too far. Kakashi gets that the nin-hounds have attitude, but he wouldn’t stand for his s/o being insulted or hurt, and the nin-hounds know that. It would be a delicate of backhanded uncomfortable-family comments (think Thanksgiving) mixed in with blatant interrogation (“you’re not allergic to dogs, are you?” “You’d never cheat on Kakashi, right?”). 

• Once reassured that Kakashi’s s/o was a good person and a good match for him, the nin-hounds would accept them congenially. They’d be friendlier and open to conversation, maybe tagging along with Kakashi and his s/o for the occasional walk. Some might even let the s/o scratch behind their ears, which is considered a big honour, since nin-dogs are more intelligent than regular dogs and therefore touch is a bigger deal to them. To let themselves be that vulnerable around the s/o is a massive step. 

• If the s/o thanked them for making sure Kakashi was always safe, they would win BIG brownie points with the pack. If the s/o acknowledged their respect for the pack and didn’t treat them like ‘cute lil’ puppies’, the pack would quickly build up respect for the s/o in return. Mutual respect is probably the greatest bond the s/o could build with the pack, and it’s no small feat to achieve. However, the pack would take Kakashi’s regards into account, which would lead them to think more highly of the s/o in a shorter period of time.

2PM’s Reaction to Their S/O Leaving Scratches On Their Back

Request: “can you do reaction with 2pm you scratched his back during intimacy”

A/N: I love 2PM so much, so I’m so hype that someone actually requested them and the fact that the request is kinda racy makes it ten times better *side smirk*

-Admin Sonsee

Minjun (Jun.K): It’s such a turn-on for him. He thinks of it as you marking him as your own, which he finds extremely sexy. Plus, he’s known for marking your neck with purple bruises to let people know just who you “belong to”. 

Originally posted by aylili

Nickhun: He’s gonna be all cheeky about it, saying something like, “You just couldn’t resist huh?” Then he’d proceed to be extra cocky, flexing his toned back muscles for you with a sly smirk on his face.

Originally posted by lovely-kpopcorn

Taecyeon: While you two were intimate there was no doubt that he liked it, loved it even, but afterward when he sees the marks in the mirror, he can’t help but blush at the thought of how they got there.

Originally posted by swagplusderp

Wooyoung: He hadn’t even noticed what you were doing the night before. However, after he sees the marks the next morning, he doesn’t hesitate to give you lots of hickeys in return. 

Originally posted by woosmile

Junho: Initiate daddy mode. He’s gonna say something like, “Someone’s been naughty I see? Should I show you what happens to naughty girls?” Then, he’ll proceed to give you a mind-blowing orgasm. Well um, this escalated quickly. Oops.

Originally posted by gotsveun

Chansung: He freakin’ loves it. He’s not going to actually voice how much he likes it, but you’ll know with subtle hints like the way he looks at you or the little smirk on his face.

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This week on tv

Scorpion:that musical number. That’s all I have to say.

NCIS: Delilah didn’t look pregnant. Bishop isn’t sudtle McGee’s facial hair is really working for him. More PTSD for Gibbs.

Criminal Minds: scratch wants Hotch. Scratch is now dead, the end. Also Spencer’s hair, I repeat Spencer’s hair.

Chicago Fire: well Casey isn’t dead even though we all thought so for a good minute.

Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith just can’t get a break in her love life. Amelia’s got a brain tumor. Teddy is still in love with Owen.

Hawaii 5 0: um their are some people missing

Law and Order SVU: Oliva a child abuser??? What on God’s green earth is happening.

Part 2 of me feeling bad about not posting anything today, feat. me trying out a brush that I haven’t used since I couldn’t sketch

Anyway, what do you think? Do you like this brush better? Should I go back to answering requests with sketches so I can do them faster, or do you like my clean monochromatic lineart? Do you want me to switch between them? Let me know!

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The 2ps cat-sitting for a day?

2P!America: *cat hisses at him* … *he hisses back*

2P!China: *cuddling the cat* i love you forever you are my sunshine *cat struggling to escape his arms*

2P!England: *ties a pretty pink bow onto the cat’s tail* you are so precious  ≧◡≦

2P!France: *cat meowing at him* fuck off

2P!Russia: i am not fond of all this cat hair on my furniture

2P!Italy: *cat scratches him once* y o u  f u c k i n g  s p a w n  o f  s a t a n

2P!Germany: this is so boring, it doesn’t even play fetch what the heck

2P!Japan: *pets it once* that is all the affection you are being graced with from me today *five minutes later* come back i was not finished with you yet

2P!Canada: *absentmindedly pets it while watching tv*

2P!Romano: *holds it up like simba* fabulous flavi’s taking care of you today !! (▰˘◡˘▰)

2P!Austria: ah yes, a black cat, now all i need is a broomstick

2P!Prussia: “hello, police? i accidentally stepped on my cat’s foot and need to be arrested”


DJ School redraw rating screens for Rhythm Heaven Megamix are done! They look pretty well since I’ve been drawing them according to their heads from Forest Remix. Now no one will be disappointed seeing one of this cool rhythm game from Rhythm Heaven. The only difference between both original and redraw ones is that Blue DJ’s headphones are switched positions. Next one I’m going to be redraw in RHM style is either Love Lizards, Showtime, Crop Stomp, Drummer Duel, Rockers or even sequels. Stay tuned!


bylsma benches reinhart for the entire game on a “team policy violation.” alternatively, i call fucking bullshit and samson deserves so much better bye. BUF v. CBJ. 03.28.17

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not a request, but just imagine samurai Hanzo in the era of the shogunate where samurai wield a powerful political influence and military force, and Hanzo falls in love with the young daughter of one of his clients. They can't do anything to stop him as he seizes the girl and pulls her to him, declaring that she will be his wife, even if the girl herself is terrified and trying to pull away, but he is a trained warrior and she cannot escape his strength

If his client owes money to him, Hanzo might be benevolent enough to say that giving him their daughter will wipe out their debt, and they have no money to hire other samurai to stop him and reclaim their daughter - Hanzo will kill them before they touch his precious wife as well. The young maiden is struggling, frightened tears gathering in her eyes - “no, let me go! I don’t want this-” but Hanzo holds her close and tells her that everything will be fine, and she will come to love him.  as much as he loves her. “I - I am betrothed!” she blurts out, saying anything to try and escape, and his grip around her tightens until she cries out in pain. “I’ll just have to get rid if him. Nothing will come between us, dearest,” and he smiles as her face grows pale with fear

oh man something catering to exactly my tastes