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For this round of ygoshipolympics, Team Kizuna decided to do a band!au fic for one of our entries. It’s written by magileine and adreus, with illustrations and covers by me and social media icons done by aatsuyactic

Here’s a trashy gossip mag + full views of the art used…but read the fic here to find out what’s really going on ;) wink wonk 

All chapters and more art will be posted over the next few days!

Haikyuu!! Smell headcanons

I talked about this with a couple people before but this has always appealed to me so I’m g o i n g to w r i t e a b o u t i t 

(This is a weird topic but:)

Karasuno Regulars:

Hinata: Morning dew, grass, and pork buns

Kageyama: High-key like milk, berries, and a hint of sports deodorant

Daichi: Light cologne, the one in the scratch magazine booklets, and aftershave

Suga: Flowers, probably roses, rice , very very clean laundry and fresh bread

Nishinoya: You can smell his axe in his near vicinity. He might smell like oranges.

Tanaka: You can smell his axe from across the gym.

Asahi: Not too much axe, but enough that its detectable. Banana nut bread

Tsukishima: Citrusy and like the ocean (he is as salty as the ocean)

Yamaguchi: Lots of fruits, probably most like pineapple? Smells maybe like cinnamon

Seijoh Regulars:

Oikawa: Lots of abercrombie cologne (THE TEEN BRAND) and hair products that smell nice?

Iwaizumi: smells faintly of abercrombie because oikawa sprayed it on him and scrambled eggs

Yahaba: Lavender and softsoap

Kentarou: The hot cinnamon candy I hate but like to smell and lots of axe

Kindaichi: I thought of barbeque sauce and a busy kitchen, a bit of cologne

Kunimi: The new book smell and very faint traces of cologne (and sleep deprivation)

Hanamaki: Peaches and CrEaM

Matsukawa: Stronger cologne and apples

Watari: Moderate amount of cologne and bananas

Feel free to talk to me about these or suggest~! I kinda want to do more aha ;)

Inspiration from: @aftertaste-of-memes 

Watercolour flowers nail art tutorial in this months @ScratchMagazine using @essie @chinaglaze @opi_products @nicolebyopi @sechenails @cndworld

Nails by Sophie Harris-Greenslade at The Illustrated Nail, Scratch Magazine, March 2014

You Will Need:

CND Stickey Base Coat, Colour Club ‘Peace Out Purple’, China Glaze 'Shocking Pink’, Essie 'Bottle Service’, Colour Club ’ Disco Dress’, Essie 'Lacquered Up’, Essie 'Saturday Disco Fever’, Colour Club 'Feelin’ Groovy’, Nicole by OPI 'Hit the Lights’, Barry M 'Mango’ Gelly Nail Paint, Essie 'DJ Play That Song’, OPI 'Alpine Snow’, OPI 'Lady in Black’, Seche Vite Top Coat, small nail art pain brush, acetone or nail polish remover.

“Hole in the Earth”

Please take a bow
This is the end
There’s a hole in the earth
(Deftones, Hole in the Earth)

From the “Traces of Time” series
December 2015