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The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recording Season 1 Episode Negative 1

@the-pinkest-dragon as Vinyl Scratch
@wubcake-va as Octavia Philharmonica
IMShadow007 as Princess Celestia
Arkham as Narrator
@jonfawkes-art as Credit narrator and artist
and Nevel V. Yashgi as Licked Envelope

Written, Directed and Audio edited by: @xemileahx
Proof reading/listening by: JoshTheMango, Golden Pickaxe and JonFawkes

Based on “The Vinyl Scratch Tapes” by @coreywwilliams and “The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: The Master Recordings” by @talesofadrunkenjamjar and @midnightmagicproductions-blog


I was doodling today and got into a very Overwatch mood, so I ended up drawing some MLP characters cosplaying Overwatch characters. Vinyl Scratch is actually a gift to a friend though; he wanted to see what she’d look like as Lucio and I came up with what is seen above. The rest I was just playing around with, but I like how they all came out all the same. :3 The only one that isn’t Overwatch related is Spike; I’ve never drawn “Sir Spike” (I think he looks hilarious) so I decided to doodle him as well. All in all, a lot of fun was had. :3 I think I’ll try some more Overwatch/MLP crossovers in the future; I really enjoy drawing it. c:

Anyway, I hope you guys like them! ^.^


Due to… uh… technical difficulties, there’s no update this week. See you on the 4th!