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Would you be willing to make fanart of you, Sofia, and Maria in the middle of Nonstop, more specifically the part about the Federalist Papers? I'd imagine you'd be the Hamilton of fanart, since "Hamilton wrote the other FIFTY-ONE!!!!" It's totally up to you, and sorry about sending in so many requests, I just get excited about your art.


Don’t apologize!! I’m glad you like my stuff! Thank you so much! (plus any excuse to draw sofia and maia is a good one)


Isak and Even + Kosegruppa

Scratch - Part 9 - (Steve x Reader)

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Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been best friends since New York, so when when they are both going through a dry spell they agree to a friends with benefits relationship.

A/N: I finished writing the epilogue last night and I can’t believe this story is over, for me at least, y’all still have like four more parts to read. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Apparently Nat wasn’t just good at being an Avenger. She was also a great matchmaker.

In the past month I had gone on five dates with Oliver. He was one of Shield’s lead weapons experts, and the first guy in a long time who looked past the fact that I was an Avenger and actually wanted to get to know me.

“How was the date,” Nat asked when I walked into the compound grinning.

“Great,” I smile plopping down on the sofa where she sat. “Laser tag in the middle of the day is honestly the best. And its nice to have an opponent who knows what they are doing and won’t let me win to spare my feelings.”

“So you lost,” Nat raised an eyebrow.

“Oh no. It wasn’t even close.”

“Oliver is a trained sniper.”

“So is Bucky and I’m sure you could beat him at that game blindfolded.”

“Yeah I probably could,” Nat laughs. “So you really like him huh?”

“I do,” I smile. “He is a great guy.”

“So great that you’ve moved on from Steve?”

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#PitchRewind Tonight with Pitch Writer Katie Mathewson

Don’t forget to hop on Twitter tonight at 9PM EST as we rewatch episode 9, Scratched. One half of the writing duo that gave us the almost Bawson kiss, Katie Mathewson will be joining us to tweet the episode. She’ll be dropping behind the scenes tidbits and lots of other things. This is one Pitch Street Team event you won’t want to miss. Don’t forget to hashtag your tweets #PitchRewind. See you there!

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1. Favorite video game?

I don’t play many games but so far Super Smash Bros

2.Characters that everyone loves that you don’t?

Levi from Attack on Titan and Prussia from Hetalia (Pls don’t hurt me)

3.What was your first fandom?

Hetalia. Look where that got me.

4. Milk chocolate or dark?


5. Do you have any phobias?

Acrophobia (fear of heights. Planes are alright with me though)

6. Have you ever tried exotic food?

All food is exotic

7.Ideal Holiday?

Getting to talk with my lovely @incorrectsexmens <3 and more of my irl and online friends while also being with my little brother and parents.

8. What’s the most useless thing you ever bought?

A back scratcher. I can scratch myself. 

9.Favorite AMV?

I loved the Honey and Trois one by @fangirlofyt with the song VERY NICE by Seventeen

10.Manga or comics?


My questions:

1. Favorite person?

2. Celebrity crush?

3. Favorite tv show?

4. Least favorite food?

5. Something you want to do later on in your life?

6. A pairing you just don’t get? Why?

7. Your most underrated book/series?

8. Something that always makes you smile?

9. Drawing or writing?

10. What would you do if the zombie apocalypse came tomorrow?

I tag: @incorrectsexmens (ily) @nanbahcs (get tagged again lol) @riopug @sugar–trash and anyone else who reads this because I can’t think of anyone else 

Crossover (an alternative 3b): Stiles finds a sceptre and is possessed by a different kind of trickster…

Part B: Derek Fury and his team arrive in Beacon Hills to handle “the Loki situation”.

(Part A is here)


Chihiro in the current Dangan Ronpa x Divine Gate collaboration~ <3 The top one is his base form and the bottom one is his evolved form.

I’d saved up a number of medals so I did a 9 scratch and got: 2 Naegi, 1 Maizono, 3 Celestia and 3 Chihiro… XD;; Chihiro is the one I wanted the most so I’m happy~ Also got Junko as a boss drop!

In other mobile gaming news, they seem to have region-blocked Dangan Ronpa: Unlimited Battle. Haven’t been able to log into it for almost 2 weeks now… It keeps saying my connection is too weak when it clearly isn’t as I have no problem connecting to other games… Looked at the QooApp forum and other people have been experiencing the same thing and someone mentioned that a friend of theirs could play it only when thru a VPN…


[ Kyu // process ]

1 | Thumbnail stage. Roughing out poses, ideas, etc.

2 | Rough sketch. Taking a thumbnail to a more finalized stage. At this point, I’m exploring the lines and shapes, keeping negative space in mind.

3 | Final sketch. Using tracing paper and graphite, I copy the rough sketch onto the final paper, then go back in with a stronger pencil lead to define the lines.

4 | Lines. For this piece, I used Microns to make the black lines, and Daler-Rowney Pearlescent acrylic ink for the blue ones (it shimmers!).

5 | Main body I. Used Copic markers and a Pentel Pocket Brush pen to get the scaly texture.

6 | Main body II. Varying the value of the markers, I finished putting in the color for the main body. Had to be mindful of the blue lines, though, as they were easily covered up by the darker color.

7 | FILIGREE. Holy biscuits, I thought this part was going to be hard, as I haven’t really done filigree before. Instead, it was really fun! Just letting the brain flow with the lines and form was delightful. (Though I may have over-done it??)

8 | Final piece. Oops. I got so over-eager in getting the essence effect in, that I spaced scanning more WIP stages, sorry! Basically, I used another color of that Pearlescent ink for the main form. Then I went back with blue Copics to tighten it up a bit. White gel pen for the accents, and Lyra Polycolor pencil for the under-lighting.

9 | Scratch sheet. I like to keep a piece of paper nearby that’s the same as the final paper, so I can mess around and experiment on it, rather than the final drawing. Decided to include it, because maybe y'all may find it interesting?

Hope this was helpful and fun to view!

Rules For Being A Great Doormat, Footrest, Welcome Mat, Tramplee, etc...

I’ll keep these as concise as possible.  As a fag doormat myself for a while, I know what it takes and what our superior young men expect and demand.  Here are some pointers:

1)  NEVER complain.  If they want us to lick their filthy sneakers after working in a fast foot restaurant so they are clean for the next day, DO IT.  That might be the only dinner you get all day anyway, so be thankful.

2)  NEVER complain.  If they want to stomp on us and trample us to relieve whatever stress over shitty customers they had or trouble at home or trouble with the girlfriend or whatever, DO IT.  

3)  NEVER complain:  If we are out in public with them (an honor by the way) and they are having a hard time seeing over people and tell you/us to lay down so they can stand on you to get some extra height, DO IT.  Who knows?  Maybe one of their friends will be there and you/I can be useful for them, too. Or three, or four.  Always be prepared no matter what, and DO IT.

4)  NEVER complain if your “favorite” shirt gets ruined or buttons pop off because they use us as a welcome mat to wipe their dirty sneakers on.  We can replace a shirt.  So, DO IT.  

5)  Do they want to stand on you after they take a shower so their feet don’t hit the cold floor?  Of course they do.  Do you think their girlfriend will let them stand on them?  Um, no.  That’s what WE are for.  DO IT.

6)  Do they want to practice their dance moves on you?  AND THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT, and I’ll tell you why.  Trampling, walking on, and dancing on a “person” isn’t easy from what I’ve been told.  These young Masters are worried about falling off.  They AREN’T worried about our pain (duh), but falling off of us and hurting themselves.  The ONLY time we should raise our arms and/or hands while being trampled, stomped on, walked on, and danced on is if we detect they may fall and hurt themselves.  THEN AND ONLY THEN are we permitted (in my eyes anyway) to put our hands on them, on their legs, only to stabilize them or to help them step off so THEY do not get hurt.  Us getting hurt should never enter their minds, unless they like it when we do.  And that’s fine, too.

7)  Always make yourself available to them.  Terms like “I’m too tired” or “I don’t feel well” don’t matter.  If they want to play ping pong or pool and want to stand on you, DO IT.  The word “NO” should never be in our vocabulary when it comes to them.  

8)  Or it could be cold outside and their feet are cold.  Let them sit back and relax in a chair or the sofa and put their feet on your face while we’re on the floor to warm them up.  Or their feet might be sore, let them use your face to massage their feet, deeply.  Grinding the balls of their feet into our eye sockets, nose, chin.  Twisting and stretching the skin on our faces while they moan in pleasure.  Do they have an itch on their foot?  Provide your teeth so they can scratch it.

9)  If they bring a friend or two or three or four over, and say “hey, this is my bitch, trample the shit out of him” then immediately lay down and obey.  Your nose might get broken, our ribs might get cracked.  The smiles on their faces, while destroying another “human being” is worth it.

10)  Lastly, be HONORED that you/we are chosen to be used for their pleasure.  I myself NEVER feel more useful and happy than when these young guys use me for their joy.  Yes, I’m sore, I’m bruised, sometimes injured.  But knowing they leave me happier than when they came, with cleaner sneakers and an arrogant air of power is why I exist.

NKyDoormat (Northern Kentucky Doormat)


Today was Vehicle Extrication day.

The first two pictures are of the cutter, the combo cutter/spreader and the two spreaders we used to cut the cars. The middle pictures were taken around when we stopped for lunch. And finally about an hour and a half after that at about 2:30, two cars with hardly a scratch on them at 9:00 this morning had become the stacks of metal in those last 2 pictures.

My day ruled so hard.