Rasa: Lima and I did not assist in constucting Jaryn in any way. We don’t know who made her, to be honest. According to a few of our agents, when they got a good look at her, the branding that tells who made the robot was faded so much that they couldn’t tell what it was.

Much of the Glitterati’s background information has been either erased or witheld from us. All we know about Jaryn is that she was made during Kerith’s childhood. From there, we assumed that as he grew, she was modified so that she matched in appearance of age every so often.


Lima: Children’s toys are rather simple and entertaining to make. I’d say it’s a nice method of stress relief for us.

Rasa: They’re popular at the local toy shop, you can buy them there! We keep a few for ourselves, since some of our agents play with them when there’s nothing else to do. They don’t like to admit it, but they’re entertained by the toys as well. Haha!


Lima: We can’t really just…make robots whenever we want; any projects we do must be authorized by the city government, for one. We had difficulty convincing them to let us work on constructing Glitch, so I doubt they will be any easier on us if we were to construct a robot of Taye’s sister.

Rasa: Consent from direct family members is needed before construction, since they might feel differently about it than the other. Li’s parents were comepletely fine with us constructing a robot of their son. In fact, they were the ones that commissioned us to do it in the first place. Taye, however, has her reasons for refusing such a thing to do for her sister.

Speaking of which, we also need to be commissioned in some way for the robot’s construction. Whenever a business or person is in need of more machines or robots, they have to pay us through the city government the money it takes for us to build it. While Taye does receive a fair amount of money, it’s all to support herself and her needs.

Lima: Glitch was actually the first robot that we made to imitate an actual person, as opposed to just imitating the general factory worker or such, so our new policies about robots might seem slightly unfinished or might not hold much water. We plan on refining those new policies sometime soon.