shinee world 2017 (hiroshima, day ii) ♡ 170423
translation: mredwardsanders

during one of the talk segments onew imitating a part from “inspiration” (meaning the mv / vcr). the way he moved was like a caterpillar.

jonghyun: that song is a serious song!
onew: it’s an insect.
jonghyun: a song of an insect? [alt: are you saying my song is like an insect?]
onew: i’m the insect!

after this, onew hugged jonghyun, who was sulking from behind. [op: this is just a lover’s quarrel.] op: taemin-san’s brief comment listening to jonghyun / onew’s quarrel like a lover …

taemin: it’s fine if you quarrel. you’re in your growth period.
onew: i’ll grow up~.

(170424) @taeyeon_ss: collaborating with a cool artist is always thrilling and fun. 👏🏻 following “breathe” it’s been a long time since we sang together. #shinee #jonghyun’s luxurious second album, #thecollection, is coming out. we sang the title song #lonely together. 🖤 such a good song, complimenting jonghyun’s sensibility. i’m also drawn to the song that’s album only …, it’s being unveiled tomorrow at 6pm. 🎧 let’s listen to it together at that time. (source: sonexstella)

Experimenting with a new style!
This is very my inspired by sumi-e paintings, and it is extremely hard to do sumi-e digitally cuz its traditional ink but I think I made it work okay XD I was surprised with how it turned out I actually like it a lot 

As always suggestions on how to get better and any art requests! 

This is also Vade (i draw vade a lot i dont fucking know why?)