j surprised me with zara boots last night😭 i really assumed he would be the type that’s not the best at gift-giving (which i wouldnt mind) so i was shocked ! they’re sooo cute and definitely my style. when i tried them on…i really didnt want to take them off…not even to sleep lol

guess-im-a-cerealkiller  asked:

So? Are you joining my band? The only other member aside from myself is DiMA? Like what am I going to call my band then? Kellogg and the Cornflake? Yeah, no. Add a sense of mystery to our sound. I hear you making these noises wherever you go


k look hun

1. do i look like a fucking backup vocalist 2 u?

2. noises? NOISES? i have never been so insulted in my life you soggy scrap of backwashed breakfast cereal u belong in a breakfast as much as i belong in your band. zero culture zero class. this is why u suck. and u wear this piece of trash on ur shoulder what is it anyway like someones backside? sometimes i mistake it 4 ur face.

3. y the fuck would i want 2 be a cornflake? didnt i make it clear 2 u kellogg? didnt i make it clear?? remember our little conversation? k? bye.