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Jason: *at school* An idiot: *insert offensive gay joke* Jason sent home from school TKF family asking what happened frantically Jason: He made an offensive gay joke so I gave him a black eye Everyone in the tkf is quiet except for Whizzer who is clapping proudly for his karate boy

tbh i feel like they’d all start clapping with whizzer

i always say there r demons in mirrors bc in this one scooby doo movie where shaggy scoob nd i think scrappy (???idc) go to this scare school or whatever nd in this one mirror shaggy looks into he sees his reflection…, except it aint rlly him its his DEMON DOPPELGÄNGER that wears a red shirt instead of a green shirt nd im turning 20 next year but that scene has Eternally Scarred Me goodnight

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what i hate about fates is that while i like niles he is literally the bisexual stereotype and we could have had more options and the ONLY OTHER OPTION THE FUCKIN THARJA SCRAPPY. even in awakening i refuse to marry robin to tharja because its creepy and im not gonna marrry kamui/corrin to rhajat fuck no

ok, corrin is still bisexual because they have the option to s support the same gender at all times. i guess when i think of it like that im like… ok. youre still bi even if youre in an m/f relationship after all. corrin is not straight!!!!!!

“Seriously, my best friends don’t even call me by my first name. Hell, I’m not sure they even know my first name.”

*incoherent screaming* I had the absolute joy of being able to commission @projectnelm for an illustration of my Shepard and I’m so psyched with how she turned out. Look at her! All ready to save the universe and punch bad guys in the face!

I can’t praise @projectnelm enough, she’s amazingly talented and lovely to work with. Thank you so much!

@awkwardfortuneteller of course i’ve seen that tweet