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Where Star accidentally cast a youth spell on herself turning her into a little cute girl. Now, Marco has to deal with her hyperness while trying to find a cure to the youth spell in the magic instruction book. Meaning, he has to use the wand. But, Marco did not expect the things that would happen after he got his hands in the most powerful thing in the whole universe…..

(I put a little art there for yah too. :3 I want Star to look like she wanted to be carried around by Marco and occasionaly hugging his legs while saying his name… ‘Mawco! Mawco!’)


hey gollageek, i know you probably meant like, their movie incarnations but i’m still pretty keen on my revamped version of fermat who’s TAG brains’ lil cloned son so this is still sort of TAGverse. but i definitely think it’d be alan that fermat admires most out of the tracy brothers! to be in-keeping with how fermat was created for the 2004 movie as a best friend for alan. anyway! alan likes that he’s finally not the youngest on the island anymore, and he takes his role as ‘cool uncle’ super seriously. he’s even given fermat his highly treasured model of thunderbird three, the one jeff gave him when he was little.