October 3rd
Hi, I’m Cecil and these are my cute little feet!

Typically I have to clip the boy’s nails once every few weeks because their little claws are just too sharp and I constantly look like we’ve been scrappin’ when they wanna hang out on me.

However, it has come to our attention that Cecil – out of his dislike for the clippers, I assume– has started to trim his own toe nails. So when I picked him up to rub his little belly, he took the chance to be able to reach his feet so much easier and started nibbling them down carefully.

He’s my groomiest baby ever!

Hamilton Trash Rap

I didn’t guess how wondrous Hamilton would be
“He’s just some white dude back in history.”
I put my headphones on, pushed the button play
chilled on the lawn, let it blow me away.
This bastard orphan immigrant Revolution hero
A rappin’ and a scrappin’ like it cost him zero.
Such a weird show, isn’t that right?
Listen up bro, this shit is tight!
Now I’m taking out my wallet, forking over cash
for music
I’m Hamilton trash.


Best Kyle interview yet?


Beautiful day in olde city Had 2 smack the cancer out of his hand U see his open toe sandals. Toe knuckles scrappin #tyrone #Longdickstyle

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SEXIDANCE this one’s for you… Hoodrats up close & personal.