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Let Me Show You Why

Thank you @joeynihil for letting me use the Cody gif :D

Summery: Brett goes out of his way to make you blush or shy but he goes too far.

Warnings: sex, 18+ gif under cut

“Brett’s coming?” You asked when your friend finished listing off the people she’d invited.

“It’s a party to celebrate the team winning all their games so far… why wouldn’t I invite Brett?” She asked, glancing at you in the mirror as she put her makeup on, frowning when she looked over the jeans and t-shirt you were wearing.

“Well… because he’s kind of a jerk.” You mumbled, playing with your fingers as you scuffed your feet on the foot of her bed.

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Warm Embrace (Chato Santana x Reader)

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“Harley, no!!” Floyd shouted as she hit the floor, unconscious. You looked around. Your squad was scattered across the pier, either knocked out or stunned. You mind was filled with fear of losing them and you stormed off towards the monster you were fighting, yelling.The next moments were a blur. You attacked to the monster unleashing your full power while yelling. Floyd was stunned and amazed, Tatsu had a confident weak smile, while Chato mouthed several ‘wow’s.

The monster was taken aback too and in a blink of an eye it was shattered to pieces and you were in the freezing water, sighing in relief. “Woohoo!” you shouted shortly after.

Soon your team-mates regained consciousness and their powers and you were pulled out of the water by KC. You had forgotten how cold the night was; your teeth started chattering just second after you were out of the sea.

“G-Gu-Guys.” You managed to say, your lips had already gotten a shade of blue. The team turned around to you, congratulating you and then resumed to whatever they were doing. Floyd was attending Harley’s scrapped knee and her cut on her right arm, KC and Digger were drinking from Digger’s flask, in order to shake the dizziness off. Rick was helping Tatsu up, while she winced as she touched her ribs.

You took a few sharp breaths, trying to get warm while rubbing your hands on your arms and hopping around. “Take five.” Rick said as he saw the state of the group.

You scanned the pier to see if you could find to cover up with and just then your eyes landed on Chato. A devilish grin formed on your freezing blue lips as a brilliant idea crossed your mind.

Your shaking legs managed to guide you towards him and you gave him a small nudge on his arm. “Hey, Cha-Chato, would you mind gi-giving me a hand?” you stuttered. He turned his face towards you and his eyes widened. “My God, (Y/N), you look horrible!” he replied.

You giggled and moved closer to him. “Thanks for the compliment. Now, will you warm me up, pretty please?” you batted your eyelashes, for extra charm.

He quickly wrapped his arms around you and you blinked in disbelief since he wasn’t much of a hugger. Your cold and wet head was pressed on his warm chest and you instantly felt way better.

“Thanks for saving our asses, Chiquita.” He said while he hugged you tighter, drying you off. You smiled as your lips returned to their normal colour. “No biggie.” You replied.

“Looks like the princess found a radiator to warm herself.” Digger ruined the moment.

“Well, she deserves a hot guy, don’t you think?” Harley snapped as she winked at you. You felt the heat rising to your cheeks as Chato looked at you, after rolling his eyes on Digger.

“Did I warm you up more than I should have, Chiquita?” he started letting you go. “No, no. Your temperature is just right.” You quickly buried your head in his arms as you faked a quaver. His grip tightened as you shivered and you raised your head a bit and winked at Harley, sending her giggling.

You Deserve More Than Me- Part 1

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary- You are King Stevens beloved little sister, who is hopelessly in love with his best friend High Duke James. The only problem is James refuses to see you when he gets home from battle.

Message- I promise tomorrow will be a chapter from one of my stories. Probably Chapter 3 of Fire and Ice. I just kinda got inspired to write this today, but I did work on a bunch of other chapters for my other fics to! Also, should I do a part 2 to this?

Word Count- 1580

“I am to be married.” Your brother Steve says as he sits down next to you.

“To who? I have not heard any news of you courting anyone. I thought you said you would never marry, not after what happened to Peggy?” You ask as you lean against your brother.

“Her name is Princess Natasha, its necessary, this union will end the war.” He whispers. “I-I don’t think Peg would mind. Do you?”

“No, no. She wouldn’t. She’s been gone for five years now. She would want you to move on, to be happy.” You say as you pull your older brother into a hug.

“She was the love of my life. I don’t know if I’ll ever move on from that.” He murmurs into your shoulder.

“Even if you do not love your wife, you can still be a kind and caring husband.” You say as you run your fingers through his hair.

“You are right, as always.” Your brother mumbles. “Now that the war is ending, Bucky will be returning home.” That makes you perk up a bit. It was no secret to your brother, that you held affections for his closest friend. “Perhaps the both of us will be married before the year is out.” Steve joked.

“Ha ha, you are hilarious, brother. We both know Bucky always saw me as a child.” You say.

“You have grown up in the years he has been gone, I am sure he will notice.” Steve says.

“Perhaps.” You murmur. “Read to me, I am too tired to do it myself and it will distract you from your impending wedding date.”

“What book?” Your brother asks as you snuggle into his side even more.

“I don’t care.” You murmur and your brother laughs as he grabs a book off the table. Then he starts to read the book and eventually you drift off to sleep.


To say that you hated your new sister-in-law was an understatement. She was cold, calculating and never gave a straight forward answer. She wouldn’t even speak to anyone- accept the guard she brought with her named Clint- unless she absolutely had to, and that included her new husband, your brother. She even demanded her own courters, which while done in many other countries was not something done her.

“Do you think I did something to insult her?” Your brother asks as he walks into the private family room.

“I don’t think so, I think that’s just what she is like.” You say.

“Do you, do you think that she and that guard of hers are involved?” Steve whispers so low you can barely hear.

“She would be stupid to do that, it is treason after all and it is grounds for divorce.” You say as you pull your brother into a hug.

“Bucky should be here in the next week. I got a letter from him, he was gravely injured in the last battle. That is what has taken him so long to come home.” Steve says to you.

“But he is okay now. Right?” You ask.

“They had to cut off his arm, because of an infection.” Steve murmurs and your legs buckle and your brother helps you sit down.

“Oh, but other than that he is okay, right? The infection is gone? The amputation worked?” you question.

“I believe so yes.” Steve says. “I need to go, are you okay to be alone for the moment?”

“Yes, I am fine.” You murmur and Steve leaves the room after giving you one more glance. You take a couple moments to collect yourself and then you leave the room, having a destination in mind. You find Clint sitting with Natasha. It is Natasha who notices you first.

“Princess Y/N, is there something you need from me?” Natasha asks.

“I need to speak with your guard, alone.” You say coolly. Clint and Natasha exchange confused looks before Clint rises from his chair.

“Of course, your highness.” Clint says as he follows you out of the room. “What is it that you need of me?” he asks after you lead him into the library.

“I need you to stop having relations with Princess Natasha. I understand that things are different where you come from, but here in this kingdom, fidelity is important. We are faithful to our spouses and I know that you are aware that sleeping with the wife of the King is treason. You are going to be killed if you continue to do this.” You sneer.

“Princess Natasha and I are not sleeping together. I would never allow her to do something that stupid and careless. You should stop spreading these harmful rumors.” Clint growls at you.  

“I am here because my brother has expressed concern of her infidelity. If she is faithful why did she demand her own chambers?” you question.

“Can you truly blame her for not wanting to share a bed with a stranger? I beg that you clear things up with the King. Princess Natasha is a lot of things, but she will remain faithful to your brother.” Clint says.

“I will let my brother know. Have a good day.” You say as you leave the room.


“Bucky, please let me in!” You cry into the door. “You have been home a week and I have not seen you yet. I have missed you these last several years.”

“Go away, Y/N. I do not wish to see you today.” Bucky says from behind the door.

“I know what you are doing. You are trying to push me away. But I will not let you. I am sure you remember from our youth how good I am at pestering you.” You say back.

“I would have thought that you had gotten over your childhood crush on me by now.” Bucky sneers.

“You are in pain, so I will choose to ignore that rude comment. I am going to bother you until you let me in.” You say as you sit down by the door.

“Go find yourself a proper husband!” Bucky barks though the door.

“If you are not worthy of me, who is? You are the kindest man I know, you care about my opinion, you have the highest rank outside of the royal family and you are the wealthiest citizen in our country.” You yell.

“I am not a man anymore, I am crippled. I only have one arm, how will I hold you, how will I dance with you? If you were ever to fall pregnant how would I hold the babe?” Bucky cries through the door.

“If I’m not mistaken the arm is not the appendage that makes you a man. As for those other things, we will figure those things out. I was never one to enjoy dancing anyway.” You say and you can hear Bucky laugh in between his sobs. “I have always loved you, you know. My earliest memory is of me toddling after you and Steve in the garden and then I fell and scrapped my knee and you kissed it better.”

“I could never stand to see you cry, I would move mountains to make you happy.” Bucky whispers.

“You do not need to move mountains, just open the door.” You murmur. Then you hear shuffling and the door starts to crack open. That’s when you see him, his hair is longer than it used to be, it is a little past his chin, his face is unshaven, but not enough for him to have a proper beard. “Bucky.” You whisper as you move to hug him. Then he pulls you into his chambers and the two of you sit on the sofa. You talk for hours. Catching up on what each of you missed in the other’s lives, both of you laugh and both of you cry. Bucky tells you about the horrors of war and you tell him about your new sister-in-law.

“Perhaps she is still on guard. We were her enemies not even two months ago. I know first impressions mean a lot to you but you need to give her time to adjust.” Bucky says as he holds your hand. The two of you fall into silence for a bit, but then Bucky murmurs.  “I would think about you a lot, while I was away. You were my happy place, I fell in love with the memories I had of you. I had every intention of coming back and demanding Steve allow me to have your hand in marriage. But then this happened” Bucky motions to where his arm used to be. “And I knew that you would never agree to marry me.”

“You truly think so little of me?” You ask.

“No, but you are a princess. You have a duty to your people, you need a strong man to be your husband.” Bucky says.

“You are the strongest man I’ve ever met.” You say as you grip is face. “I would be honored to be your wife. If you ever felt inclined to ask me.” Then Bucky takes a deep breath and turns his whole body to face you.

“If Steve gives us permission.” He starts.

“Steve will give us his permission.” You say as you roll your eyes.

“Don’t interrupt my proposal.” Bucky says as he laughs. “If Steve gives us his permission, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

“Yes.” You whisper before sharing a chaste kiss with Bucky.

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To fall in love with her.  S.B (smutty)

[A/N: Hello loves! So, this is something a little bit different. It was requested by the lovely @ra-veela-claw . The main character, Aileen Mairead Brady, belongs to her as well as the main idea. I don’t own the gifs/credits to their original owners. And to J.K.Rowling, as always.  
Requests are always open, and I am working on the final part of my fanfiction “Brisé, pourtant vivant” ( you can find the latest part here )
Warnings: This contains smut. Also, my English, but that’s old news.]

I really really really hope you’ll like this!

She was always Hogwarts’s sweetheart.

Lily and Marlene couldn’t help but actually stare as Aileen stepped into the Great Hall, each movement almost like a fairy dance. In people’s eyes, she wasn’t even walking; she was elegantly floating. It was a known fact that almost every girl wished to be half as beautiful as the blue-eyed vision of a girl, half as clever as the witty Ravenclaw. Most girls were consumed by jealousy. She could have any boy she wanted given the fact that every boy had tried to ask her out. Okay, let’s be honest. She could have even some of the girls. But they all failed to gain her attention. She never hurt someone’s feelings, yet somehow, she rejected every single one of them. What was weird, is that they were smiling, even after being rejected. So, naturally, nobody could hate her. She was always so kind, so friendly and accepting that you couldn’t hate her, even if you tried.
“Hello, girls!” Aileen greeted the group with a warm smile. Her very presence lit up the room. The sunlight was caught up in her perfect silky white gold hair· it was kept in a ponytail more often than not because if she ever let it down, it would reach her bum.  The way her big bright eyes warmed even the coldest of hearts- it was remarkable.
“Aileen! We were just talking about the Hogsmeade trip. You’re coming, right?” Lily grinned excitedly.
“No, Lily, sorry. I have to-”
“Study. We know. Merlin, you’re worse than Remus” Marlene finished off. The truth is that the girls secretly liked that Aileen wasn’t joining them. Don’t get them wrong, they loved their friend. But being constantly compared to her and trying to live up to that… well, it wasn’t easy.  The beautiful Ravenclaw let out an airy laugh.
“Well, thank you! However, I tend to be a little more laid back than Remus. I don’t sleep in the library” she answered with a smile as bright as the sun. Lily waved her off, ready to fire back that she was indeed sleeping in the library, but Remus walked on them.
“What am I accused of this time?” he joked, mocking a hurt expression.
“You are a bad influence, sir” Aileen told him with a loopy smile. He grinned. What the girl didn’t know was that the boy was hooked. Like any other person, really. However, he didn’t act upon it-seeing how she rejected everyone he thought that maybe she wasn’t even into something like that. And he wouldn’t risk her friendship.
“Anyways, I wanted to inform you that you have been invited to the most amazing party of the year. Tonight, at ten o’clock. Our common room” he said mimicking a medieval style, causing the girls to laugh.
“Please tell me it wasn’t James who made you do this” Lily asked him, but she already knew the answer. He just shrugged and landed his eyes on the very attractive girl standing next to him. She was ethereal. She was small but her shape- all those curves in all the right places. Thin but perfectly-Stop it, Remus scowled himself. His favorite curve though was her smile. Always, so genuine and kind.
“So, it’s a yes?” he asked, his eyes full of hope.
“Sure” she answered, flashing him a grin and pecking his cheek before turning around and leaving in order to go to the library. She didn’t look back. If she had, she would have witnessed not only Remus flushing bright red but also someone else, frowning his eyebrows and fighting off the urge to follow her. Someone who’s gray eyes were following her all day-every day. Someone who wasn’t her friend and didn’t want to be.  He wanted more. But so did he with every other girl; and Aileen Mairead Brady knew it all too well. 

Aileen was watching the floating flakes from the window- a safe distance from the icy air. 

“Are you okay?”. A voice threw her out of her mind.
“Yeah. Just tired. You look tired yourself. Is everything alright?”. Her gentle, calming voice caused his heart to squeeze in a very strange way. With her bewitching blue eyes staring right into his, he found himself wanting to share his secret, to share a piece of himself with the mesmerizing girl in front of him.
“I-I…It’s not that I don’t want to tell you. I… I am scared that you’ll leave if I do” he croaked, debating whether he should or shouldn’t tell her.
“I am very well aware of the situation, Remus” she said emphasizing her pun. It took several seconds for Remus to get it. His eyes widened.
“Yo-you are?” he whispered. She smiled.
“Now you’re just underestimating my intelligence. I am a Ravenclaw, after all” she stated and laughed at his expression. It was true. She had figured it out after two or three months. Oh, and nicknames don’t really help.  She had heard many times Black calling Remus, Moony to not figure it out by putting two and two together. However, she said nothing. Remus was her friend. She had to wait for him to trust her enough to tell her himself.
The sand-haired boy was about to finally tell her what he wanted more than anything when Marlene decided to interrupt them by grabbing Aileen’s arm and dragging her all the way to Gryffindor Tower because it was “makeup time”. She tried to fight in protest, but it was useless.  What Aileen didn’t know was that Marlene couldn’t continue watching her flirting with him.  It was driving her crazy. 

She had to give it to Marls. That girl knew exactly what to do with all those supplies. Aileen was never the one to wear makeup on a daily basis. Maybe a little bit of powder once or twice, but really, nothing much. Now, she was looking to the mirror in front of her, not being able to realize that it was her reflection. Her skin was smoother than ever, her eyebrows perfectly shaped, her lips, dark red, bold and full and her eyes… she couldn’t even believe it. They actually popped out. So intense and captivating. She never really thought that a black liner would change her appearance so drastically.  
Tonight, she had finally let her hair down… it wasn’t exactly easy to say no to Marlene.  Beautifully done, falling into waves, reaching her waist.  
She had borrowed a black, mini skirt from Lily and a white, lacy crop top from Marlene. All the girls were on heels-and that was a no. A big, fat NO. She was comfortable in her black sneakers, thank you very much.  
“How can you look so sexy, yet so shy and demure?” Alice asked the girl with a hint of jealousy in her voice. But it was Alice, one of the kindest people Aileen knew.
“I am not sexy Alice” she answered while a blush crept into her cheeks.
“Yeah, okay, whatever you say. You know, I am actually worried about Black. He hasn’t made a move on you. Yet. Maybe tonight you will finally get some action!” Marlene said indiscriminately, leaving Aileen to choke on her breath.  
“Can we please get going? It’s already eleven” she practically begged. She was blushing like a mad person. The girls agreed while Marlene was smiling triumphally.

 She could feel all those eyes piercing her body. Maybe she shouldn’t have dressed the way she did. It was actually annoying. Everyone liked her for how she looked. No one cared for who she was. And that was eating her alive. She made a beeline towards the drinks, courtesy of James as it was mentioned in a little flag hanging above them. She grabbed a butterbeer and leaned on the wall behind her. She was never the one to join a party and be the soul of it. But she did enjoy it. 

Lily was too caught up with James and his stupid jokes, which made the girl smile, even though she wouldn’t admit it. Not even to herself. But she was falling for him and Aileen knew it.
Alice was already kissing Frank. Aileen smiled to herself. They were perfect for each other. Honestly, she was jealous. She craved something like that. She craved it so badly-but knew that she could never have it.
And her good mood was over. She had Black to thank for that.
“If it isn’t for the beauty queen” he said way too flirty for her liking. She wasn’t going to admit it anytime soon, but she was hooked. And he was the most unavailable guy in the entire castle, the one she should never fall. He was a player, for Merlin’s sake. He slept with a different girl each night, leaving them to deal with the morning after, alone. He was danger. He was wrong. He was… breathtaking in his black shirt and ripped jeans.
“Hello Black” she greeted him kindly but warningly. She knew she would end up heartbroken.
“Do you have a Band-Aid?” he asked as he made his way closer to her. Way too close.
“Hm? What?”. She was confused. What exactly was he asking her? Maybe it was the butterbeer. Maybe it wasn’t.
“Because I scrapped my knee falling for you” he finished, wiggling his eyebrows. She couldn’t help but snort a bit, her lips fighting off a smile, while she was rolling her eyes.
“Sorry, but you owe me a drink” he stated and her eyes widened… He was close enough for her to notice how beautiful his eyes were. Danger was written all over him.
“Excuse me? Why?” she asked baffled by his ways.
“Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine”. OH GOD, she thought.
“Well, I am pretty sure, those girls are very much interested giving you a… drink” she answered making a slightly suggestive comment and pointing at a group of giggly girls. He looked shocked. He was Sirius Fucking Black. How could she shrug him off? No one ditched him. He ditched them. She left him hanging.
She grabbed a fire whiskey and sat out. She wasn’t exactly laid back tonight.

 A couple of hours and drinks later, she finally had loosened up. She was a bit tipsy, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Or so she thought. 

“Hello, there beautiful”. Oh, no. Oh, no. She looked up and saw a very drunk Gryffindor guy. Erik, was it? She didn’t want to hurt his feelings or his testicles, that is. He was intoxicated…
“Hi” she answered kindly, keeping her distance. Unfortunately, her back hit the wall. Shit.
“Can I help you?” she continued but her tone was a bit colder.
“Actually Brady, you can”. He slithered closer. She tried to move but all she achieved was to make him put his hands on each side of her. She felt threatened.
“Look, you’re drunk. Just-”
“I don’t want you to talk. I want you to use your mouth differently”. She froze. What? What?
“Get off. Please” she fired back trying to avoid his face as he got closer. I don’t want his lips on my face. God, please, she thought.
Suddenly his weight was lifted off of her. She felt a warm pair of arms wrapped around her in a protective way.
“She told you to get off” Sirius growled slowly and very terrifying to the drunk guy.
“She was asking for it, really” he said with a glint in his voice that made both boys crazy. How dare he?
The next thing Aileen knew was that Erik was growling in pain. Sirius had punched his face and Remus had helped. Remus. The calm, kind boy. However, that same boy had caught the way she was looking at Sirius. His heart sunk. Of course. Of course, it would be Sirius. How could it not? And then he noticed the way his friend was looking at her. He never looked another girl like that. If he breaks her heart, I am gonna break his neck, he thought to himself.
“Are you okay?” he asked her, breathless. She was truly magnificent tonight. No wonder everyone’s eyes were on her. She nodded.
“Thank you. Both of you” she said sincerely. Her eyes stayed on Sirius a little too long to go unnoticed. Remus just smiled and left. He would deal with this later.
“I am sorry I wasn’t here earlier” Sirius said, looking down at the floor. Her hands flew toward his arm, clenching it.
“You’re kidding me? If it weren’t for you, he would… Never mind. Thank you” she said giving his bicep a squeeze. He looked at her. She was the one girl that he could never take advantage of. Innocent yet fierce. Quiet yet easy going.
She sat down on the couch behind her. People didn’t seem to notice what was going on in that corner.
He plopped beside her.
“Can I ask you something?”. He was a bit drunk. Well, more than a bit.
“Sure” she gently answered. Why is this so hard? It’s not like you haven’t asked other girls he mentally slapped himself.
“Are you a Veela?” he asked leaving them both in utter surprise. That wasn’t what he wanted to ask her and it wasn’t what she wanted to answer. She stiffened. That’s why I don’t tell people, she thought.
“My grandmother was. I guess, it runs in my blood as well. I can see the way people look at me. Like I’m hypnotizing them simply by breathing and I hate that the only thing they see is the Veela part” she admitted, blushing because she had let on more that she would like. It didn’t come as a surprise to Sirius. But it was hard for him to watch her drifting away into sadness. He decided to be bold. He took her hands into his.
“Listen to me. Yes, people are drawn because you’re absolutely stunning but it only takes a second to realize how beautiful you are on the inside as well” he spoke quietly but his words eased her mind. Did he truly believe that?
She was looking right into his eyes. Jewel-like eyes staring into gray. He was now sure of it. She held his heart and she didn’t even know it. So, naturally, he was taken aback when she leaned in and pecked his lips with hers.
He didn’t respond for a while and she felt her heart dropping to her stomach. Great. Just great.
“I’m sorry. I don’t-” she began to apologize when she felt his arms being wrapped around her middle and his lips muffling her words. He kissed her passionately yet softly. She wasn’t a one-night-stand to him. She was so much more. And she probably deserved someone else but he was selfish.
Her hands reached his hair tugging them ever so lightly. He moaned into her mouth. He was never turned on by just a kiss. She was a different world.
“Maybe we should continue this somewhere else” he suggested never believing that she would agree. But she did. She just nodded her head, unable to verbalize her thoughts.


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anonymous asked:

hello can you do a soulmate au for jisung?? i love your blog aaaa <3

thanks for requesting and thank you for loving my blog!! <3

im a bit rusty after not writing for a while,,so i hope this is okay!!

- in this au, if you get psychically hurt, your soulmate can feel the pain too

- all your life, you were always careful to not injure yourself in fear of hurting your soulmate 

- you first figured out this soulmate thing when you were little and you felt a burning sensation on your knees

- of course, you cried and you told your parents but there was nothing wrong with you 

- but you could only cry because the pain equaled the feeling of skidding the palms of your hands

- your parents soon figured out what was wrong and told you of the concept of soul mates 

- and although it was hard to understand, you eventually figured it out and from then on, you were careful to not injure yourself 

- you remembered one time you fell off your bike and scrapped your knees 

- not only did you cry, but you also cried because somewhere out there, you hurt your soulmate 

- since then, you were always careful on keeping yourself safe and to not cause any pain to your soulmate

- and it seemed like your soulmate also understood because they would try to keep themselves safe from pain 

- but sometimes you would get a familiar burning sensation of a cut or burn 

- and you would only worry that your soulmate was okay and wasn’t too hurt

- but as time went on, you would get random bruises on your knees or cramps in your calves or feet

- you were like ???  but you hoped your soulmate was okay because really, what would cause those bruises or cramps?? if only you knew

- as you grew older, you always tried to look for your soulmate 

- even if there wasn’t a means to contact them (except getting hurt of course,,but you didn’t want to go to those measure,,yet)

- you tried to look out for them and lbr,,,with the only means to contact them was by getting hurt,,,you were a little desperate 

- sometimes, you would get hurt by accidentally scraping your arm against a corner or hitting your feet against a desk 

- (and obviously in school, they wouldn’t be there since no one would be getting hurt smh) 

- eventually, you gave up on the idea of your soulmate living near you and resorted to meeting them by fate 

- one day, your friend had dragged you along to this fan meeting for wanna one 

- she was a huge fan ever since watching the show and managed to score tickets for the two of you 

- and you weren’t going to pass up the offer?? it wasn’t every day you would see idols 

- (plus,,you did listen to their music so you did have some knowledge on them at least) 

- okokok anyways, skipping to that day 

- you guys got there quickly and despite the long line there was, it passed by quickly and you guys got to the signing quickly 

- you had chatted with them quickly as they signed your album (that u bought before the event shh) 

- and you had to admit,,,they were even more good looking up close like,,,was it possible for someone with looks of a god to be this good looking up close??? like wth 

- finally, you reached jisung (your fav ok) and he wasted no time making you comfortable and having small talked as he signed your album 

- talking with his was?? strangely easy?? he was quick to crack jokes or make some exaggerated gestures 

- and even though he was extra, he always made sure the smile on your face was never gone 

- at one point, he made a snark joke to one of the members beside him and they were quick to smack him on the head 

- cue you also feeling the pain and wincing as you touched the side of your head 

- also cue jisung looking at you with wide eyes as he too cradled his head 

- it couldn’t be,,,could it? 

- ‘’are you,,,my soulmate?” 

Little Flirt

Request: “Can you pleaaaassseee do a Stanley x reader imagine where the reader and Stanley just have a lazy day and it’s all fluffy and cute. And everyone thinks Stanley’s all innocent but he’s a little flirt here and there with the reader when they’re alone (not in a sexual way of course) thanks boo”

Pairing: Stan Uris x Reader

A/N: I got out early today from school at 11:48 and tomorrow Friday I don’t have school so if you see me posting more imagines even though they’re weekdays just know that it’s because of that^ Yay!

“Do you have a bandaid? Because I scrapped my knee falling for you.” 

“Stan stop that is so cheesy.” You giggled as you covered your face that was now turning red.

Since it was a chilly day outside you decided to invite your boyfriend Stan over so you both could hang out and cuddle in your warm house. One thing led to another and now he was saying the cheesiest things things that popped up into his head.

“Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes. Are you a camera? Because everytime I look at you, I smile.” You threw some popcorn at Stan as he looked at you with a smirk.

“I love you I really do but that is sooo cheesy now stop it, my cheeks are hurting from smiling too much.” You pouted.

“Aww okay but only for you.” Stan placed a kiss on your forehead before grabbing some popcorn and putting it in his mouth.

“Who knew you were such a flirt? When you first met me you couldn’t even say a word, you were so damn shy. Now look at you. I created a monster.” You chuckled.

Stan laughed, “That’s because you brought me out of my shell and I might have picked up a couple of tips from Richie.” 

“Seriously out of all people you decided to get advice from Richie?” You asked.

“Hey in my defense I was desperate and I wanted to impress you.” Stan put his arms up in defense.

“True it’s not your fault but just be yourself baby that’s why I fell in love with you.” You kissed his lips as you snuggled into his chest.

“Okay I will but I’m still going to use pickup lines.” Stan warned.

“Go ahead frankly I love them.” You smiled.

“But you love me more.” Stan pointed out.

“Yes I do.” You replied.


Part 2:

Keith was sure Lana was trying to kill him.
Ever since the ball she had been much more confident and open. Which don’t get him wrong he was super proud of her for.
However the problem was that she no longer covered as much.
It started with her wearing shorts for training.
Then just one of Hunks large shirts for pjs.
Then the point that really pushed Keith over the edge was when she walked into breakfast just wearing one of Keith’s black vests and no pants.
He didn’t have anything against it.
In fact he loved seeing her feeling so relaxed around them.
He just wished he could stop having to pick his jaw up off the floor ever time he saw her.
Keith had foolishly hoped that when Allura had announced a small vacation on a snow filled planet after a few of them mentioned never actually having seen real snow before.
However 10,000 years can change a planet.
A lot.
What was once a ocean of ice, was now a incredibly hot beach with clear blue ocean.
At first Allura had wanted to leave and try again.
But after Hunk and Lana excitedly pointed out how much it looked like home, they knew they couldn’t leave just yet.
So that’s how Keith found himself mentally preparing himself as he sat in the sand wearing a red pair of trunks waiting for whatever Lana would be wearing.
Hunk and Shiro were splashing in the water wearing something similar to Keith just in their respective colours and Pidge was hiding from the sun reading a book under more sunscreen then Keith had ever seen, a pair of shorts, a shirt, pair of sunglasses and a giant hat.
Keith wondered if the reason Shiro kept glancing back at the castle was because he like Keith was waiting for a certain dark skinned beauty in a swim suiet.
Hunk suddenly wolf whistled and Keith turned and he was sure his heart stopped.
He had expected a one piece, maybe even a tankeenie… but not this.
Allura was wearing a a pink one piece with a cut out stomach and a purple wrap around.
Her hair was being held off her face by a large straw hat.
Keith didn’t need to turn around to know Shiro was currently bright red.
However what Keith couldn’t look away from was Lana.
She was wearing a bark blue bikini that formed a x over her chest.
It wasn’t exactly what she was wearing that made Keith stare though.
It was the large beyond happy smile on her face that was honestly the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
“Hey Mullet let’s race ok?” Lana grinned offering him down her hand.
Keith shook his head before taking the offered hand with a smile. “Your on.”
She pulled him towards the water and as she swam on ahead leaving him in the bubbles Keith realised something.
He was completely and hopelessly in love with Lana.
And he knew that because of that he was totally going to ruin their friendship/ rivalry soon as he caught up to her.
Catching up to the blue paladin in water was easier said then done.
Really Keith never actually managed it and it was more pity on Lana’s part that caused her to stop in the caves.
Keith found her sitting on the rocky ledge with a smug look on her face “looks like I win.”
Her hair was a wet mess and she had scrapped her knee getting up on the rock which only added to the collection of clumsy bruises and cuts that covered her legs and arms.
There was a piece of seaweed sticking to the side of her face.
Keith was melting from how gorgeous she looked.
Lana patted the space next to her and Keith pulled himself up.
“Yeah you win. I’ll kick your ass on the way back.”
Lana let out a loud laugh “please the only thing you’ll be doing to my ass is staring at it while I beat you back to shore.”
Keith joined her in laughing, not even noticing she had moved closer until Keith turned and found her face only inches from hers.
He looked down at her full lips.
“Lana… I.”
“Shut up.” Lana said as she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss.
Keith was certain this time his heart did stop.
That he died and went to heaven, because that was the only explanation for why this was happening.
When they finally pulled away they were both out of breath.
“Guess we’re not rivals anymore.” Keith finally said breaking the silence.
Lana laughed as she rested her forehead against Keith’s.
“What you talking about? As far as I see it I’m up two in a row, I beat you hear and I kissed you first.”
Keith laughed “ok you got me there.”
“I’m about to get another two.”
“Another two?” Keith asked rising an eyebrow.
“Fist back, and first to tell the others.” Lana smirked as she stood up and dove into the water while all Keith could do was stare after her.
Oh yeah he really did love that girl.

NCT in a zombie apocalypse.
  • Taeil: Receives the news of the apocalypse calmly. Acts like nothing is wrong. Crunches on his cookie. Sips on his coffee. Tbh probably unwilling to survive.
  • Johnny: Chronically unprepared. Probably tripped somewhere and broke his neck. Zombies didn't even get the chance to bite him.
  • Taeyong: Tries to keep everyone calm and refuses to believe there are zombies. When he encounters one he freaks out and clings to Yuta until he ditches him.
  • Yuta: Only goal is to impress ladies. Always stays in the back so that he doesn't get too tired. Bugs out when he should bug in. Survives along with WinWin.
  • Doyoung: Why is he so good with weapons. Threatens Ten to kill him when he starts clinging to him. Saves the the group numerous times. Dies because of Ten.
  • Ten: Keeps screaming at everything and anything. Clings to Doyoung the entire time. Becomes the regular at the hospital. The first one to die. Drags Doyoung with him.
  • Jaehyun: Loses so much time packing food and 27 pairs of earphones. Good at hiding and in combat and looks like he'll survive. Dies saving WinWin with a bite of tteokbokki in his mouth.
  • WinWin: Doesn't know where to go and needs constant protection. Hurts himself while trying to use a knife. Leads several people to death, but manages to survive.
  • Mark: Cannot bring himself to shoot a zombie because they have feelings. Tries to negotiate but gets bitten instead. Dies with a look of a betrayed man.
  • Renjun: The nurse of the group. Everybody goes to him if they get injured but he can't bring himself to look at the blood. Passes out and gets bitten.
  • Jeno: Thinks aegyo can solve everything. Tries to worm his way out of fighting a zombie. Johnny's bad luck passed onto him. Slips and dies disgracefully.
  • Haechan: Manages to mock and make fun of zombies when he encounters them. Makes fairly poor tactical decisions. Everybody leaves him for he is a bigger threat than the zombies.
  • Jaemin: Tries to distract everyone by telling jokes and performing stunts. Manages to hurt himself and dies because Renjun has been freaking out over the amount of blood from his scrapped knee.
  • Chenle: Attracts zombies all the time because he can't stop whispering (read: shouting). Nobody wants to be around him but he always follows somebody and gets them in danger.
  • Jisung: Probably somewhere less populated. Always gets separated from the group which causes major heart attacks for others. An overly terrible fighter.

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Ooh I need more of Tiny Tony and the villains!!

Part I

The main reason I stopped where I did was because I wasn’t sure which villain Tony would run into first. But now I’ve come to the conclusion that the first person Tony runs into upon entering the Conundrum is in fact Batters.

You may not know Batters but I assure you, every one moving in less than legal circles knows Batters. He’s short, bald, has scarily perfect teeth and bushy eyebrows. He also owns the Conundrum, a bar known as a neutral ground for all villains to come and go as they please.

There’s a strict policy at the Conundrum to ask no questions and don’t look too closely at anything you may notice as odd. It’s furthermore widely acknowledged that Batters knows, hears and sees everything.

So when a kid no older than eight without decent clothes sneaks into his bar five hours before it opens, you better believe he notices.

Batters quickly approaches the squirt, before his only customer–he hasn’t opened yet, but nobody can keep this guy out, and not for lack of trying–can take an interest in the kid. Nothing good would come from that.

“We’re closed,” Batters states as soon as he has the squirts’ attention. The boy blinks up it him with huge brown eyes warily. “I think you took the wrong door,” Batters adds to soften his former words.

The last thing he needs is a crying kid.

The boy’s lips quiver dangerously but he shakes his head hard. “No wrong door,” the squirt whispers, folds his arms in front of his chest. “May I stay here please? Just a little?”

The way he stresses each word of the question makes it clear that he’s trying to copy someone, a parent probably. Batters wants to scoff and shrug off the request, but he sees a lot when he looks at the squirt. And he likes none of it.

He’s wearing nothing besides a too big shirt. Is barefoot, his feet dirty. There are scraps on his knees like he’s fallen a few times. And. He looks awfully young.

The way the boy has crossed his arms make the dark bruises on his thin arms stand out all the more.

The squirt is lost, it couldn’t be any more clear, and Batters has made it his mission to care for the lost and the abandoned.

“Why don’t you tell me your parents’ phone number and I call them?” Batters suggests instead.

The squirt frowns for a moment “Don’t know it.”

Batters doubts it. Still. “How are you gonna get back then?”

A shrug. “They find me. Always do.”

Batters sighs, knowing what he’s gonna say next yet certain he’s making a mistake. The kid’s eyes are watering now, though. Batters really can’t handle crying kids.

“You stay here until they come you make yourself useful,” he grumbles. Not like there’ll be much to do, but he doesn’t want the kid running around causing havoc. “Understood, squirt?”

The squirt’s face brightens with a smile, a tentative but relieved little thing that warms the air around him. Batters is reluctantly amused by how open the kid is, how easy to read. It’s rare, with the type of people drawn to his place.

“Thank you, sir,” the kid whispers, ducks his head.

Batters scoffs and hands the boy a cloth to start clean the tables. It’s useless busywork, nothing more, but the squirt focuses on it, the tip of his tongue peeking out from between his lips as he scrubs and scrubs.

Returning to the bar, Batters continues his usual preparations for a long night. He makes sure to keep the kid in his view though. Because Batters doesn’t need his darling next to him, to know exactly what he would say. That the child brings trouble, for children like this one are always in trouble.

The thing Batters isn’t sure about yet is whether or not he minds.


I know, I know, you’re all waiting for Tony to meet his first villain. He will, I promise. I just still haven’t decided who the first one should be! Also for the sake of this story Tony had a habit of wandering off, being forgotten or running away as a child. His parents always found him (once they noticed him missing), though mostly because people recognised Tony and called the police. He’s got a habit of walking towards the closest shop or diner that catches his interest and ask if he can stay here.

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Aaaa you can do whatever you want but yknow what wpuld be real fuckin cool?? More of that 👌👌👌 babysitter Hunk content man that's what👌👌👌👌👍👍👍 like baby lance havin a tantrum or w/e and Hunk just giving him a toy or making a cute lil face at him to get him to relax. Putting bandaids over baby shiro's scrapped knees, making fake phone calls to pidge with a fake baby phone feeding them all the Best Homemade Baby Food known to man

I’ve never felt more inspired, my dude 

“Just a bit further love.” Niall’s voice was soft and sweet in your ear. You were leaning against him with your arm over his shoulder and his arm around your waist guiding you in the direction of his car. “Here we are. Jus wait right here love don’t ya move.” You just shooed him off as he let go of your waist and made a move to the drivers side door of his car. You didn’t realize how much you were leaning on him until he was no longer supporting you.

“I’m gonna,” you couldn’t finish your sentence before your knees made contact with the sidewalk. “Fall.” You mumbled as you fell backwards onto your bottom causing your now scrapped knees to be seen, you rolled your eyes when you saw they were bleeding. When Niall rounded the back of his car you could tell by how wide his eyes got that he wasn’t expecting to see you on the ground. “I jus like melted or somethin.” Niall just let out a sigh as he crouched down beside you, you just shrugged when he looked at your knees before making eye contact with you.

“Can’t leave ya for a minute can I love,” he put an arm around your waist and lifted you back to your feet causing you to get a bit dizzy. “Come on let’s get in the car and get ya home so I can look at da damage done to yer knees.” He opened his passenger side door and he had to hide his laugh as you sort of just fell into the seat.

“Safety first!” You exclaimed as he reached over you to fasten your seatbelt before closing the door and jogging around the car to get into the drivers seat. When he put the car in drive you slowly leaned over the center consul and grabbed his hand that he had rested on his thigh. “Ya got big ole man hands!” Your words came out half mumbled and half yelling causing Niall to just laugh and shake his head. You took his hand and placed it in your lap.

“How ya feelin love?” His tone was full of concern and you just smiled a goofy smile at him in return, you gave his hand that was in your lap a little pat.

“I feel good,” you replied and he just nodded his head as if he was agreeing with you. “But I will feel way better when we get home!” This caused Niall to laugh a bit as he turned and looked at you for a moment before putting his attention back on the road.

“Why is that love?” You just moved his hand from your lap and placed it back on his thigh as you leaned over the center trying to get as close to his ear as possible.

“We are gonna have sex!” You wanted it to come out as a whisper but it was more of a shout. You plopped back down into your seat as Niall just shook his head as he pulled into the driveway of the house you two shared. You watched him look at your for a moment before getting out of the car.

“Come on love, lets get you inside shall we?” He held his hands out for you, when you finally managed to unbuckle yourself you ignored his hands and just dove into him. He was quick to catch you as you wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands rested on your hips. “A lil warnin would’ve been nice.” Was all he said before you felt him twist around so your back was now facing the house.

With a thump you dropped your arms from around his neck so he could take your hands and lead you into the house. You smiled as the scent of your home filled your nose and you instantly became more relaxed and wanted nothing more than to drop to the floor right there and go to sleep.

“Oh no ya don’t love.” Was all you heard before you felt Niall’s arm around your waist. “Not gonna sleep in da hall, we gotta get ya cleaned up a bit.” Before you could register what was happening he had his arm tucked under your knee and the other still around your waist as he lifted you up. You wrapped your arm around his neck as you laid your head on his shoulder.

“Mm not tired.” You mumbled as he carried you down the hall to the bedroom. He plopped you on the bed and you instantly closed your eyes as you felt the softness of your pillow under your head. Niall just laughed and shook his head as he carefully took off your shoes. “There ya go again getin all handsy!” Niall rolled his eyes as he continued to undress you, “you and your silly slow hands.” You started giggling as you felt Niall hook his thumb under your shorts trying to get them off without causing you any discomfort.

“Oh ya know you love dat song.” You just nodded as he tossed your shorts to the side, he leaned closer to you and gave your forehead a sweet kiss causing you to smile.

“Well don’t ya come in here wit ya fast hands.” This made Niall laugh as he made you sit up so he could help get your shirt off. You gave him a half assed wink that made him just shake his head as he turned around and headed into the closet. “Oh I get ta sleep in your shirt!” You clapped your hands in excitement as you saw him return to your side with a t shirt in his hands.

“Come on and try to get some sleep love, I will get ya some Advil for in da mornin.” He had to help you get the shirt on when you found yourself struggling to find the arm holes. You just let out a huff as you laid back down and when you felt something cold on your knees you jerked a little bit. “Relax love, just some ointment so these cuts don’t get infected.” You relaxed more as the words left his mouth.

“Love playin Dr wit you.” You mumbled but you knew he heard you when you heard him laugh a bit before you felt him place a kiss to each knee over the bandaids. You felt yourself drifting off to sleep so you didn’t see him turn the light off or feel him climb into bed next to you, but you knew he was there when you turned into your side and he instantly wrapped his arms around you bringing your back flush against his chest.

“Awe we were s'posed ta have sex” you half mumbled half whispered, you felt Niall’s chest rumble as he had to fight back a laugh. He just gave you a little squeeze before pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

“Goodnight love,” was the last thing you heard before you completely drifted off to sleep. Niall just kissed the back of your neck, he didn’t mind taking care of you he enjoyed being the one who got to see your silly drunk side.

He liked knowing you were well taken care of because he was the one doing it. He didn’t mind holding your hair if you got sick, he didn’t mind listening to you flirt with him using ridiculous one liners. He loved that you got a little grabby when drunk and he especially loved how much you cuddled with him when he could finally wrangle you into the bed.

Health Hazard

Sister Winchester - Health Hazard

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Sister Reader, Dean Winchester x Sister Reader

Y/N = Your Name

Word Count: 2099

Warnings: Vomiting, passing out and a little blood loss

Summary: You get deadly sick after a hunt and have your brothers try and wake you after passing out. Semi-fluff 

A/N: Well this was inspired by my own sickness, which isn’t as violent as this but did help with the description of the state the reader is in, always look at the positives. Please be patient with my rookie writing and grammatical skills. Like last time, i’m just gonna leave this gif here as this was the scene i was thinking of when the brothers are trying to wake the reader. Obvs not from SPN but you get the jist. Love you long time xx 

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You had returned from a hunt absolutely exhausted and freezing. You were hunting a vengeful spirit haunting a lake. It was supposedly going to be easy due to the boys completing a similar job down in Wisconsin years ago. However, you still somehow found yourself diving into a freezing lake to retrieve a flailing victim who didn’t listen to your warnings of staying away from the lake. Sam and Dean watched you swim back to shore whilst supporting the victim. The person you saved was in shock and therefore you had to swim both you and him back to shore which led to you swallowing a lot of the brown lake water. Finally, as you reached the shore your brothers attended to the victim, whilst you flopped on your back and tried to catch your breath as your teeth chattered behind blue lips. There was nowhere to get changed or have a shower so you let the wind dry you. The boys gave you their jackets. Unfortunately, they didn’t help much as your wet clothes clung to your pale goose-bumped body. Your teeth chattered as Sam’s window let cold air circulate the interior of Baby whilst the three of you drove home. That night you went straight to bed skipping dinner and falling straight to sleep when you were caught by your bed’s snuggly embrace.  

It was about four in the morning when you woke. Your body felt heavy on the worn mattress. Your skin was cold but your body was boiling at the same time. You had shivers that racked up and down your body, as a sheen of sweat covered you as well. Your eyes were irritated and resisted to open due to being stuck together. When you did manage to open them, the earth was spinning in an unfocused flight. The dull light from your lamp was unbearable to witness and you brought your hands up to shield the glare. You were groggy in your heavy and throbbing head with sharp pains at your temples and behind your eyes. Your jaw became uncomfortable, heavy and sore. Then your stomach felt like when you’re plummeting on a roller coaster. You pulled away your blanket and leapt out of your bed and ran down the bunker’s hallways holding a hand to your mouth. You finally reached the bathroom after running into the hallway walls and the side of the bathroom door. You fell to your knees after managing to swipe the lights on whilst descending under buckling knees. The cold tiled floor scrapped your knees whilst you flopped your head over the toilet bowel as your last meals violently resurfaced. You pulled back your hair and after a few minutes the first wave of regurgitation was over. Then another hit, and a couple more waves after that which had you lurching over the toilet bowel. You didn’t have much left in your stomach you thought, probably just bile and not a lot of that left either. You finally were able to pull your head from the toilet seat and flush the contents away. Exhausted and clammy you repositioned your shaking body against the wall. The world was spinning dangerously and your head was lolling on your shoulders. It was hard to keep your eyes open. You still had the taste of the acidic bile sizzling at the back of your throat as hot tears swam around your tired eyes. Water, fresh air, painkillers and bed you instructed yourself and as you gently pushed yourself to your feet. You were standing for only a few seconds as a head rush made you crash into a wall as black spots appeared in your vision. The world was spinning rapidly making you lose consciousness. Your body crashed to the ground in a heap making you smack your head against the tiled floor.

Dean was only two rooms down from the bathroom and was awoken from his light sleep when he heard the commotion coming from the end of the hall. His hand slid under his pillow and wrapped around his loaded gun. He sat up and pointed around his own room, thinking there was an intruder. He turned the light on to see no one was there before he crept silently from his bed and out his room. He peered out of his room and into the hall to see the bathroom light filtering down the hall. A chill ran up his spine as he recognised your body lying in the doorway. Throwing caution to the wind, he sprinted to down the hall to the bathroom. He opened the door as his eyes found your pale unconscious body with a puddle of blood collecting around where you had hit your head, “Y/N? …Y/N!?” he urged your unconscious body to respond. He grabbed you by the shoulders and shook you but you were boiling like that time Dean had found Sam in the hotel room after he completed the second trial. You were a dead weight and your body just flopped around when he shook you. This told him you weren’t just sleeping but must had passed out.
“SAM!” Dean roared behind his shoulder. The call travelled down the hall and woke up Sam to the concerned voice of his brother making him jump out of his own bed. Dean turned back to you and was trying to once again wake you up but to no success. He started to panic, you had never had an episode of sickness like this before. It was always you looking after them. He checked your vitals which were erratic when Sam burst into the small bathroom to see your unconscious form. “She’s burning up Sam I don’t know what happened I just found her like this.” Dean’s voice was hitching and choking up on his last words he uttered. Sam looked from his brothers panicked eyes, to your unconscious body and then the tub, “C’mon put her in the tub, we can cool her down in there” Sam instructed. Dean scooped you up and went to put you in the bathtub, but you just slid down the sides of the bath. So, Dean jumped in the tub behind you so he could hold you up and thus avoid water entering your lungs. He put his legs on either side of you and he positioned your body to lean back, on his chest. Your head lolled on his shoulder as Sam turned the shower head on, drenching both you and Dean in icy cold water, “C’mon Y/N…C’mon” Dean urged whilst continuing to try and shake you awake. He looked to Sam who was watching your unresponsive face for any change, but nothing was happening. Sam didn’t know if they could help you anymore if this didn’t work and you seemed so sick that you might not make it the doctors in time. Dean started to shiver as the cold water continued to cascade down him and you. However, you were still boiling and Dean’s arms started to get sore from holding you up, “It’s not working” Dean barked at Sam.
Dean felt so useless. His whole life he was always trying to protect you from the monsters in the dark and now something so sudden and unexpected made him feel like you were slipping from his grasp like sand. He should have jumped in and saved that person in the lake today, not you. It was only because you were a little quicker that you had jumped in first that stopped Sam and Dean from following to save that person.
Sam had tears brimming in his eyes as he watched Dean turning uncharacteristically desperate over your continued frail condition. The shower continued to pour down when you suddenly started to cough awake as Sam and Dean jerked up at this sudden development. Then your body jerked forward away from Dean’s as you hit the last short wave of bile, which was carried down the drain. You could hardly breath through it and quickly had two pairs of hands supporting you in place. Dean was shocked by you sudden and violent wake and had quickly grabbed the back of your shirt to stop you from hitting your head on the other end of the tub. Sam had the same idea leaning over and catching your shoulders so you were balanced in place, whilst one hand scooped your hair up. When you had finished, Sam held the sides of your hot face in his hands and looked into your rolling eyes, “Hey, Hey Y/N…Stay awake darling, c’mon keep your eyes open for me” He soothingly insisted, as he supported your head upright. You felt yourself slipping into the cold embrace once again, but you resisted because of Sam’s worried voice. Maybe he was in trouble and needed your help, your numb mind processed. Dean’s arms wrapped around your waist as he shifted himself to try and see you better. You felt so numb and weak you had little control on your body and couldn’t talk either. You were thankful for Dean holding you up so you at least you could manage to simply nod in response to Sam’s request. Your head flopped back onto Dean’s shoulders as he wildly tried to see if you were okay in your partly opened eyes. “Your need a towel Dean-o” you barely whispered through dry cracked lips, “You’re all wet and shivering like a leaf…if you’re not careful you’ll catch a cold” you jested letting out a small laugh as you exhaled. Dean laughed with you as well in relief and smiled putting a kiss to your temple.
Even when you seemed like you were on Death’s door you were still looking out for others and trying to make them laugh. Dean wrapped his arms around you a little more securely as Sam helped Dean stand up, whilst he carried you out of the tub and back to your room. Sam grabbed two towels and followed the trail of water droplets you and Dean had left behind in the hallway. Dean laid you down on your bed and ducked out of your room to get dry himself. Leaving Sam to dry and warm you up. His large hands rolled soothing patterns of warmth on your back as he kissed your head, so thankful that you were a little better. You felt warm and content wrapped up in Sam’s embrace. After a while you insisted on getting changed to be finally out of the wet clothes. Sam reluctantly agreed though he was frightened you would collapse again but he trusted your judgement as he walked out the door, “I’ll be right here hun, please be careful. Call out if you need anything” he told you before closing the door for some privacy. A few minutes later you opened the door to show you were okay however it was Dean who now greeted you. Sam must have gone back to bed. You were so tired you stumbled a bit whilst walking back to your bed, but Dean quickly caught you. Dean noticed your bed was now wet from when he had laid you down. You tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable position as you continued to shiver. Dean sat on the mattress and patted your side as you curled into him for warmth. You felt yourself being lifted once more by Dean as he tucked your head to his chest and carried you from your cold bed to his warm one. He gently placed you down as if you were made of china. You were half asleep when he laid down next you and threw the covers over both of you. Your shivering stopped with your big brother laying next to you. Last time you slept in the same bed as Dean, was when you were a little kid and you were scared of some nightmare. There was nothing weird about it but was more comforting then anything.
Finally calmed you fell into a deep slumber. But Dean stayed awake, watching your chest rise and fall with every breath, too terrified you would go under again and be worst this time. He stayed up for the majority of the night doing this until finally falling asleep due to exhaustion. Sam found the pair of you in the morning asleep peacefully and couldn’t help but smile. He left you two and went to grab some things from the pharmacy and some breakfast for when you both woke up. It took you a couple weeks to get better but with your brother’s help you were back to hunting in no time. Except Dean would always insist he was the life guard for saving someone from a lake, from now on.

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How dare you make that beautiful julian headcanon and then break my heart with him being sad because he can't have kids in his situation?!?! make julian father and husband please ;;

Aaahhhh I’m so sorry anon for breaking your heart ^^“ To make it up to you how about I make some father/husband Julian headcanons~ *pap pap pap*

Julian as Husband/Father Headcanons:

-Julian reading a book to his kids every night while sitting on the small bed and his children cuddled up on his lap.

-Goes above and beyond on their birthdays. He asks for exciting parties with everyone he knows invited!

-Cries whenever his children make him a father’s day card.

-Easily likeable kind of father but he does have rules on how to behave. The kids listen to every word.

-Always tending to his children when they get a scrapped knee or have a fever.

-Not a great chief but he really tries to make yummy meals! The kiddos say it’s amazing but it’s to boost Julian’s ego.

-As a husband, Julian is so loving and cannot stop complimenting his S/O.

-Will pull his partner to him and dance around the living room.

-Goes on early morning walks to the market with his S/O. He has to be constantly holding their hand~

-When sleepy Julian will babble on what names he would like if they had children

-This man takes initiative to get up in the middle of the night just to make sure the kids are alright. He knows how tired his S/O is after a busy day.

-Buys his S/O red tulips every Sunday (red tulips symbolize eternal love <3)