ram emoji review

a beautifully rendered ram! he thicc 10/10

WOW!!! i appreciate this ram’s roundness! best quality? his wiggles!!!

a very boxy, minimalist boy 5/10

that’s not how a sheep’s nose works??? why is it flesh-toned? unnerving. probably has scrapie 4/10

this aged veteran has seen better days 2/10

i can’t decide whether this looks like a hieroglyph or a chicken nugget 3/10

okay i’m like 75% sure this is a goat with ram horns but i digress. would definitely summon for satanic shenans. point retracted for anatomically incorrect nose (seriously does it kill people to look up a proper nose?) 9/10

that beckoning, knowing gaze & those proud horns elude you… when were you ever attracted to sheep? regardless, you’re his ewe now 8/10


feel better, rammie! 5/10

 what the fuck 0/10

what a soft-looking ram!!! delightful wool ruffles. a kindred spirit 10/10 

No take-backs

Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader
Requested: nope
Words: 1358
Warning: Swearing
A/N: let’s pretend the wall we are talking about is one of these really scrapy ones that hurt a lot when you brush against them do you know what I mean?

Sum.: The one where Josh always teases you because he doesn’t know how to act around you

“I think we should change the colour of the confetti for the last show of this tour”, Josh said while looking into the round of crew members that all sat around a table. “That sounds great. Maybe like rainbow or something?”, your answer was directed to the rest of your crew. The conversation continued for a while until you all came to a conclusion. Slowly but surely people left and you were one of the last few people left. As you stood up and walked towards the door a hand grabbed your arm. It pulled you back and made you turn. “What?”, you exclaimed kind of surprised. “Y/N!” Josh. Great. Exactly who you wanted to talk to. He waited until the last person left before he pressed you against the wall next to the door. “Ouch”, you mumbled as your head hit the wall unexpectedly. “Did-did you just agree with me on something?”, he asked and chuckled. “I have no idea what you are talking about”, you said with an oblivious tone even though you knew exactly what he meant. “Oh I don’t know! The moment you agreed with me on changing the confetti”, he grinned as if he had just won a race. “That”, you avoided eye-contact with him as you dragged out the a. “I wish I could take”, he interrupted your in the middle of your sentence. “Nope! You said it. No take-backs.”, he laughed and patted your shoulder. “I know you would finally give in and agree that I am just great.”
It had been a few months now that you were on tour with the band. You were part of the crew that set up the instruments and stuff like that. You and Josh were never really friends but you also didn’t dislike each other. The relationship between you two consisted of constant teasing and irritating the other person. You never seemed to agree on anything and while it bothered you at times he didn’t seem to mind. You scoffed at him and tried to get out of his hold. His hands were firmly pressed on your shoulders and he held you in place that way. “Damn it Josh, let me go”, you were ready to give up just so that you could go on with your duties. “Nope”, he laughed and pressed on your shoulders a little harder. You didn’t think he would be as strong as he was, you had no chance of getting out of his grip. “Josh, seriously let me go. You are hurting me”. Instantly you felt the pressure being removed from your shoulders as he stepped aside. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you”. You rubbed your shoulders as you finally made your way to the door. “Yeah, yeah I know. You always say that when you go to far.”, you didn’t await his answer as you just left the room.
You had finally finished setting everything up and the boys started with their sound check later than they should have. You felt kind of bad knowing it was partly your fault because you started helping late and you were distracted a lot of the time. You couldn’t stop thinking about the way Josh sounded when he realised he had hurt you. Maybe he did like you more than you thought and maybe he even cared about you a little bit. Thankfully soundcheck went smoothly and after a few small readjustments the show started as usual. You sat on the side of the stage. You had a perfect view onto the stage but no fan could see you. Jenna sat next to you throwing her arm around your shoulder. You flinched a little as she rubbed the part of your shoulder with her hand that Josh pressed and scraped against the wall. “Did I hurt you?”, she asked while looking genuinely concerned. “No…not you”, you paused in between words and looked up towards Josh. She followed your eyes and gasped slightly. “Wait, Josh?”, you only nodded in response. “What did he do?”
“He I don’t know it’s stupid. You know the meeting we had earlier? Yeah he like shoved me against the wall after everyone was gone and scraped my shoulders while mocking me for agreeing with him.”, she shook her head. “He acts so childish sometimes”, Jenny said as she looked at you with sympathy. “I know it might sound harsh but you should be the bigger person here and just confront him about it. Either he takes it well and you finally end up being friends”, her smile changed into a smirk and she leaned in closer to you “ Or more if you know what I am saying. Well and if he takes it like a child again, then I will have to have a word with him.” You laugh at her words even though you secretly hoped the first one would happen. You didn’t like the weird “friendship” you and Josh had.

The concert passed quickly and soon enough you found yourself on stage again now packing everything away and dismantle pieces of the stage. you were on your way back to the bus when you saw Josh coming out of the room in front of you. “Josh”, you said hoping he would hear you. He turned around and looked surprised as he saw you. “Josh, do you have time? We really need to talk”, you didn’t grin or smile at all, you were serious this time. “Yeah sure”, he sounded unsure as he lead you back into the room he came out of. You sat on the sofa that was at the back of the room. “Josh! I have one question.”, without waiting for his response you continued, “Do you enjoy teasing me? Does it excite you? Or why do you do it?” He opened his mouth but closed it again as if he was thinking. “I know that were like three questions but still. Just because, I really hate the teasing. I don’t like it anymore. It was fun for a while but now it bothers me a lot. If you don’t like me don’t talk to me. Easy, but please stop irritating me!”, you took a deep breath and leaned back into the couch. To your surprise he kept quiet for a moment before finally sitting down next to you so he could look at you. “ It doesn’t excite me! Teasing you. It sounds stupid but when I’m around you I just kind of forget how to act. I don’t know what to do. So I just revert back to being mean. I”, this time you cut him off. “Just try being nice then. You don’t have to love me. Just be nice to me and we won’t have a problem anymore.” His head sank as he tried to find the right words. “That’s the problem. I do. You not just make me forget how to act, you make me feel all tingly inside and my brain just goes into like defense mode. I am sorry but I am just going to say it. I really really like you and I don’t know what to do with that.” You gulped hard as the realisation set in of what he had just said. “Josh. I am sorry but I can’t say it back and I can’t really believe you. You did so many things that say the opposite but and now listen to me. I am ready to give you another chance and ”, him taking your hands into his made you suddenly forget all your words. “Y/N, will you help me get better? Will you help me appreciate and like you?”, his words threw you of for a moment. It took you a few minutes until you understood what he meant. “Yes Josh, I will help you change if that is what you are asking me”. Josh nodded and with that the rest of the tour would change dramatically for you.

Pathophysiology of the Blight and Red Lyrium

All right!  This will be my last science meta post about Thedas for a while, unless something else strikes me.  As always, thanks to everyone who’s shown an interest in these sorts of posts.  I hope they’re entertaining and interesting, I know I’ve had a ton of fun thinking about them.

Part 1: Lyrium Addiction and Withdrawal

Part 2: Biology and Life History of Lyrium, and Dwarven Physiology

The Blight is two different entities: one is the coordinated attack on the surface world by darkspawn led by a tainted Old God, the other is the disease that results in infection and the creation of wastelands.  We’ll be talking about the latter.

The Blight pathogen has to be something pretty elastic; it is able to infect animals, plants, and fungus.  Our options for infectious agents include bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and prions.  

Parasites are typically fairly host-specific, sticking to well-established life cycles, so they’re out; there’s no parasite in nature that would infect both plants and animals, and when they do infect animals of different classes, typically it’s just a handful (i.e. mosquitoes and dogs both are affected by heartworm, not mosquitoes, houseflies, beetles, ants, dogs, bears, birds, lizards, etc.).  

Viruses are more diversified than parasites; consider rabies virus, which is capable of infecting all mammals.  However, plants and fungi, as well as birds and reptiles, would be safe from rabies.  There are certainly viruses that jump entire classes of creatures - West Nile infects birds and mammals – but I really can’t name one that jumps kingdoms, affecting Animalia AND Plantae, for example; making it more doubtful that the Blight is a virus, in my mind.  

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anonymous asked:

I'm writing a character that doesn't sleep until she literally can't stay awake and passes out from exhaustion, because she's afraid of sleeping. Are there any conditions that cause this and if someone is aware of the problem, how can they help her?

Oh, boy, Anon.  You have finally given me an excuse to talk about one of my favorite diseases.

So there’s this thing called “Fatal Familial Insomnia.” (FFI)  In short, you stop being able to sleep.  You go crazy.  Then you die.  

There are four stages to this disease:

  • 4 months - First, the character gets chronic insomnia.  They start getting paranoid, develop phobias, and begin having panic attacks.  They start experiencing severe physical symptoms (excessive sweating, constipation, etc.)
  • 5 months - The character begins having hallucinations and their panic attacks get much worse.
  • 3 months - The character rapidly loses weight and is completely unable to sleep.
  • Over the course of the next 6 months, the character develops dementia, becoming completely unresponsive and mute.  
  • Then they die.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  

There’s no cure.  Taking sleeping pills doesn’t work.  In fact, being sedated makes the disease worse, and shortens the time until death.  The only thing that’s even slightly helped someone with this disease is spending nights in complete sensory deprivation chambers.  Even then, they still died within a few years.

FFI is an incredibly rare disease, and it’s only found in about 40 families in the world - hence the “familial” part of the name.  Only about 100 people in the world today have tested positive for this disease.

So what causes such a horrifying thing?


What the fuck is a prion, you ask?

Well, it’s something that can spread an infectious disease, just like bacteria or viruses.  But prions are different in that they’re made from something that’s usually normal inside the body - a protein - that has just been made wrong.  And it begins to spread its wrongness to other proteins.  These proteins basically begin to eat holes in your character’s brain.


Some prion diseases are fairly well known, such as Mad Cow disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, kuru, and scrapie. But FFI will always be my favorite.

This is probably not what you wanted, but I will take any excuse I can to talk about this disease. >_> Prions are terrifying and awesome.  But mostly terrifying.

Even still, looking at the symptoms experienced by people with FFI, who have severe, long-term insomnia, might help you writing your character.  If that still isn’t what you’re looking for, I should have the Demystifying the DSM for Sleep Disorders (including insomnia) early-ish next year :).

Get some sleep, y’all.  WHILE YOU CAN.

For more info:

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Rotation 13 : Large animal medicine 2.0 (2 weeks)

I’m confused about this one. We switched sectors with the other group and got to the quieter one this time. Which should have been good. Except we were required to help the other group (which is fine except for the fact that they didn’t help us ONCE when we were in the shitty busy sector) and the seniors kept saying that our group did nothing. THE THING IS, we were in the busy sector SO MUCH to help that they didn’t even notice that we were doing all the work while the “official” group was blowing hot air. 

Also during the first week, our seniors were kinda okay but the teacher was meeeh, and during the second week the teacher was awesome but the team was meeeh. 

What I learned :
- stuff about scrapie
- you have to give goats twice the sheep dose for eprinomectin and benzimidazoles (not sure about all the other molecules)
- how to monitor a cow after abomasum volvulus surgery
- always think about dictyocaulus when you notice respiratory problems in a cow after it has been out, particularly after a warm winter
- the 4Ms causes of a laying cow : metabolic, metritis, mastitis, musculoskeletal


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Here’s to the most vivid and early memory about you—I saw you with a pair of blue clothes. Blue top, and blue pants with swirling blue laces of gold medals at the court. It’s been so fancy to watch an idiot playing around with his bunch of medals. What an arrogant blue kid, perhaps, I hated you that day. But I think destiny has started working for us two.

Freshman year, and we became classmates. Let’s see if you could still bag medals out if I’m going to chew you up alive in this academe. But hell no, you became my crush, you dirty–still idiot looking. I wrote about you on my diaries; that old puppy love that’ll soon come to an end. But I still love jotting the letters of your name. I merely forgotten how scrapy my penmanship was, and it cringes to my throat that I’m having a crush with this blue kid.

Sophomore, ahhh I lost you. I bet your skills and focus flunked out that I also forgot my feelings for you. You had your first love with stupid love letters, getting its fame at both sections. And I had this big time crush for the sake of experiencing these high school torments. I have forgotten you, totally, but this hour glass turned its side for the restart in favor of our destiny. You loved calling my name, and I hate you for it. I gave you a token that Christmas, and I still hate you for it. In return, you never glanced away, instead, you had shown me that special smile and I think cupid had strike it within. We flirted. But. Sophomores? Too young and too stupid to render a relationship. I balanced it off and cut ties out. Maybe, highschool love, is a temporary bliss that’ll soon be forgotten.

Junior and senior years passed, and I still never had the chance to talk to you. You kept on avoiding the paths that somehow could lead to me. I think that closure was unnecessary that time. So I played the game, unsure if it was really a game you were playing. We keep out bubbles un-interacted. Avoided. Untied. Never outreached. I think you’ve finally forgotten me, blue kid.

College years, were pretty amusing. We had small talks like nothing happened during our hs years. And that maybe, we matured enough not to talk about it. I love having bus trips with you—bokeh dreaming across the boulevards. You became, sort of a friend to me. A starting over acquaintance? Or maybe, a whole new you without the thought of me. Why do I keep on clinging with our ties of the past? Why do I still think about it? It’s my fault of giving up with the fear of; commitments and relationships. What do I have to offer that now we’re ready for it? But it’s still not the right time.

And it follows for me, becoming a scavenger for love and a warrior of pain. Heck, blue kid, it’s not easy. I lost every thing on track. I keep on hurting other feelings, with them hurting me as well. I almost ran with the begging just to be rest assured; and still, what’s left of me? Just this nonesense grown up kid. I built lots of walls. Issues. And walls. No one could ever penetrate with. I sat there and hide somewhere. Accompanied by the complexity of anxieties about life and love.

And then you came. Silently. A serene situation where you sat with me. You heard another stories about how I came up with this. I told you that the high school girl you met up there, was a total, different version of me. You patted my head and smiled–that same smile I encountered after giving you the token. I’m sorry for putting it up again and I should’ve stayed with you that time.

This was the worst case you’ve seen. But let me remind, the most present memory I have about you—You played with my demons. You gave my beasts a back scratches and tamed them. You planted colorful flowers at my heart and reap unnecessary vines within. You’re not afraid of hurting yourself, cause honestly, you’re still hurting. For six years you never did anything but watch me from the distance. You told me that this is the right time to catch a dream you’ve been always dreaming. You’re not afraid of me. But it scares you more if you’re going to let these chances lose again.

And now I am telling the most vivid memory of you. You stayed and make the most out of it. You broke my walls and stayed with me wandering about these complexities. And I loved you for it. And I’ll love you even more. We still have so much to learn about the romance of being together, but whatever it may be, blue kid, I’ll let my hands do the sewing for what is destined.

—  meth., Blue Kid

anonymous asked:

skateboarding causes autism, no one knows how exactly, but it does

One scientist suggest that it’s because of the stimmy scrapy sound the wheels make against pavement. “The sound is so stimmy that it’s like the siren’s singing to pirates. It’s dangerous and it lures people in and they have the urge to stim more and soon the urge is replaced by a need and then other things happen too, like motor skills lessen, social skills vanish, eye contact becomes impossible. It’s because they were drawn in by the sweet stimmy sounds the skateboards makes,” the scientist explains.

There’s even a stimmy song called Kickflip by Owl City with skateboard sounds in it that is performed by Adam Young who has Aspergers you can listen to the song here

This Is The snake Demon I Found HIm On Scooby Doo Dot Wikia Dot Com> starring i in Scooby Doo And Scrappy Do., First Series

1 Like = 1 Snake Demon Make you a tea, 1 Relbolg = 1 Snake Demon Eat Scrappy Do Which Finallay Ends His Exiestence. Ig nore for “I like scrapy doo” This is a lie