scrapbooks and stones

Games 1-5 as Aesthetic Word Posts
  • SCK: Empty hallways, new books, soda machines, jeans and t-shirts, forgetting your locker combination, quiet corners of the library, 10pm trips to the diner, daydreaming
  • STFD: TV studio, dressing rooms, makeup scattered on the counter, the smell of hairspray, fan-mail, NYC streets, taxi cabs, sneaking out at night
  • MHM: Decorative chandeliers, lockets, creaky stairs, astrology, old notebooks, a bouquet of flowers, post it notes, silver platters
  • TRT: Royalty, blizzards, orchestral music, gems and jewels, scrapbooks, hot chocolate, stone tunnels, picking locks
  • FIN: Rich red curtains, stale popcorn, movie projectors, shooting stars, an empty theater, faded playbills, high ceilings, balcony seating