scrapbooking embellishment

21 Crazy Easy DIY Gifts to make in time for the holidays.  Roundup by truebluemeandyou. 

These are all “stick and glue” DIYs - the easiest crafts I have posted on truebluemeandyou.  

DIY Saskia Diez Knockoff Rope Bracelet and Necklace from Facing North with Gracia here.

DIY Marble Ring from Marte Ravn Tovik here.

DIY Wrapped Crystal Cuff from Thanks, I Made It here.

DIY Gold Leaf Headband from Witchery here.

DIY Easy Miniature Dollhouse Jewelry from Morena’s Corner here.

DIY Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Keyhole Bag from Dare to DIY here. The keyholes are scrapbook embellishments which makes this a cheap and easy “stick and glue” DIY.

DIY Lucky Number 7 Ring from I Always Pick the Thimble here. Package with a deck of cards.

DIY Attached Double Ring from Hapy Friends Shoppe here.

DIY Easy Wire Wrapped Jewel Ring from Jewelry from Home here.

DIY Easy Stacked Chain Necklace from Fall for DIY here. The layers of chain are glued together - see the GIF I made.

DIY Ribbon Bow Earrings from Lana Red here.

DIY Loren Hope Knockoff Jeweled and Studded Cuffs from Life In Mod here.

DIY Cotton Ribbon Rhinestone Bracelet from A Pair & A Spare.

DIY Rhinestone Ring from Behind My Desk.

DIY Torque Bracelet from Thanks, I Made It here.

DIY Scrapbooking Brad Ring Tutorial from Life in Mod here. These are super cheap rings as they use scrapbooking brads, making them perfect to give as kids’ jewelry. Even better, make a kit of brads and ring bases.

DIY Knockoff Iosselliani Fused Stone Skull Studs from Thanks, I Made It here.

DIY Tea Time Dollhouse Miniatures Tin from The Cottage Market here.

DIY Book Necklaces (Easiest Book Cover Pendants Ever) from Two Butterflies here.

DIY Miniature Teacup Ring by a pair & a spare here.

DIY Knockoff By Boe “Leather Reminder Earrings” from Small Good Things here.

“oh god this thing STILL isn’t full???”

Have you ever had to deal with trying to finish a journal that just. wouldn’t. end?

I have.

This was my daily journal from four years ago, lovingly nicknamed the “Sagrada Familia” notebook. Its dimensions I’d guesstimate at around the B5 range. Its pages were Frankenstein’d together from the remains of three partially used spiral notebooks I had left over from school.

Trust me when I say this: it is MUCH thicker than it looks. that’s what she said

I near gave myself a nervous breakdown trying to use up all the pages in this thing. For one, it was so damn large that once it was full of all my usual journaling/scrapbooking embellishments it was heavy enough to murder a hamster. (That did NOT actually happen, thank God.)

This should give you an idea of why this notebook was a nightmare to finish: large pages, thin ruled lines and my walls of text in eensy-weensy Palmer-Method-that-lost-its-social-graces-and-took-a-drunk-nap-in-the-park cursive.

I broke the cardinal rule of journaling on the go by toting around a notebook so large I couldn’t travel anywhere without a sturdy bag. Normally the recommended course of action is to carry a small, pocket-sized notebook for when you’re bored waiting in line or get struck with inspiration while sitting in the bus or whatever.

Then again, there are no journaling rules. And what rules do exist (as with all other things) are meant to be broken.

Miraculously, I managed to complete this notebook in less than a year. I was in an unusually productive mood writing-wise, plus a one-month family trip to Davao made for some very interesting travel journal entries.

You’re probably asking yourself: “If I hated working in this notebook so much, why didn’t I just drop it for another one?” And that’s a good point. Life is too short for you to put up with shitty stationery.

Except I didn’t actually hate this thing. I like that I collaged and stitched up the covers myself. I like that the pages still bear the battle scars of two subjects I enjoyed just fine in high school (and one I was absolute garbage at). I like that I am the sole owner of this oversized paper monstrosity, and that after several months of constant use it had taken on a unique character that made it completely one of a kind.

It just took for-freaking-ever to finish, though.