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Talking of GF, we know that at least two symbols of the Zodiac are metaphorical (ice bag (someone who is cool in the face of danger) and glasses (someone who is a scholar)), but according to you, even the other eight symbols (pine tree, shooting star, question mark, fez symbol, five-pointed star, llama, heart, six-finger hand) have a metaphorical meaning about their characters?

I thought about the metaphorical meaning of a few other symbols, actually.

Stan’s fez symbol looks like a fish, which is grabbing something too. I thought it means he’s fast and slick like a fish and you know, grabby :D

Question mark could mean that Soos is rather mysterious, as in we don’t know what he knows and if he knows anything. Or that he’s oblivious XD

Shooting Star is hope. We always make positive wishes when we see a shooting star, and that’s how it is with Mabel - she’s full of positive energy, and she saved her grunkles twice (Portal and scrapbook).

Pine tree might represent the main Pines. Dipper feels like a main character to me, since he narrated the beginning and the ending of the series.

Five-pointed star has something to do with an occult and intuition.

Six-fingered hand symbolizes the fact that Ford is strange and is basically an anomaly.

Larry King’s head said that llamas were strong, fighting creatures (something like that), maybe that’s what Pacifica is.

Stitched heart could mean a sad lonely  teenager person.

Aubrey had managed to spend most of her time on her own since she got here, managing to avoid the awkward first conversations she’d have to have in order to actually make friends with people. She sat hidden under one of the trees, her scrapbook lying in her lap. She enjoyed scrapbooking; it kept her mind busy and was able to settle her nerves. She quickly glanced up as she heard someone coming, the distraction leading her to let go of the loose items in her book. Aubrey let out a squeak as she watched them blow across the ground, setting her book down so she could scramble after her things. “Oh no no no…”She mumbled, gathering her things in her arms as the footsteps got close. “Hello…” She spoke in an uncertain tone, clutching her things tighter to her chest.