You’re an artist. Beauty trails your brushstrokes.
 You plunge my life into color with an impeccable palette.
 You paint me anything I could ever want; happiness, love.
 You can compress the beauty of everything into just a few precise smears.

I’m like a painting;
 The product of hours of work and unbroken concentration… and when you’re finished with me?

Discarded, sold. Smudged over and scrapped.
Why do artists sell their art?
 Well… wouldn’t you get sick of staring at an infinity of flaws?

I guess that what once seemed like a beautifully unique shadow has become a smudge in your eyes.

—  cosmic-jackassThe remains of a book I’ll never write

No Context Encounter

Well, it’s certainly surprising to see over 200 notifications appear over the course of two days! Thanks to all who liked and reblogged my stuff, and followed!

To those following me for my comic, I’ve some good and bad news:

The current comic is going to be scrapped because I don’t like how it was going, and I was literally winging it, which caused so many problems as I went on.

However, it’ll be rebooted with actual planning going in. I’ve a lot noted down, and pages thumbnailed, with the first chapter in the works.

Here’s a no-context encounter between John/Tailor and a minor character, a page from the rebooted comic.

On the one hand I am happy that we have characters like Kamala and Miles that are getting the TV spotlight for good teen characters that are both extremely well liked and good representation 

But on the other hand, the extremely popular Young Avengers and the power couple Wiccan and Hulkling being absent from any other Marvel media is so telling of how unwilling Marvel is to give queer kids even a scrap of actual positive representation 

anonymous asked:

👏👏👏(sixsmolsouls) wINKS AZ AND GIL OR WREN AND AURA?

I present you… the ultimate leader of the ‘I need weed killer asap’ squad I mE AN: Azil!
♥ This child has…. ungodly strength (probably can lift a log by themselves?? stop them)
♥ Full of bad puns™
♥ Don’t try to remove the vines/flowers from their hair, they’ll probably die–
♥ They glitch quite often (just small glitches, nothing too notorious)
♥ Their magic can be a bit…. unstable at times
♥ Do not let them near ovens, just DON’T (unless you want everything to go down in flames then oKAY)
♥ LV doesn’t change, but they do become stronger and they can perform very strong attacks with that pan (they chose not to, though)
♥ hAS THE WORST MEMORY EVER (they’ll probably paste sticky notes and forget about them in a second)


a-love-poet-at-heart  asked:

Was there ever a skirt for the lost dress in the Vegas production? In old posts you've said that they just lost it, but I have a video from August of 2006 and there is no skirt.

One of the Vegas cast members said they definitely had a skirt for the dummy in the beginning, but that it was possibly stolen and never replaced. Or else someone must have decided it interfered with either technique or visuals, and scrapped it. Going by a promo photo from just before the opening, the dummy appears to have a skirt matching the fabric and lace of the bodice:

(had to brighten the photo a lot to get a glimpse of the dress hidden in the shadows. Sorry, Brianne Kelly Morgan…)

Whatever the case, it was not present in the majority of the 6 year run of the show, they just featured a metallic dummy stand and a bodice.

10 late afternoon miles. This was supposed to be 14 but I ran out of time. I fell down a set of stairs on Thursday morning and scrapped up my knees, ankles, and shin. Thankfully I had already done my run that day. I took a rest day yesterday and after an exhaustive week at work, decided to sleep in today. Errands all day and a work dinner meant 10 miles rather than 14. It all worked out for the best since this was a SLOG. As Coach Sonja says, “Sometimes you are the hammer, sometimes the nail”. Today I was the nail! Tomorrow I’m headed to La Jolla to ocean kayak and swim with leopard sharks. Off to a work dinner now!!!


Gunpla junk parts boxes. Hey guys, Ive accumulated a lot, and I mean A LOT of scrap parts over the years. And I just don’t really feel like keeping them around still. Im not as much of a customizer as a lot of the community so I feel like these would go to someone who could use them much better than I ever could. Boxes are $30 plus shipping each, and what you see in them is what you get. I will do group deals for mukitple boxes purchased. PM me for deals and to work out some sales before I throw em up on eBay. Thanks!

@sdascension ok this doesnt fix your room’s temperature but what you want to do is get a whole lot of dry rice, beans, or rice + beans. Find a small empty pillowcase like for an accent pillow– or a tube sock can do. Or if you have a sewing machine make a small pillow or whatever out of old dish towels or scrap fabric. idk.

fill this with the beans or rice or rice + beans. it will get heavy. this is good, but not why you are doing this (unless you like heavy pillows, then ok)

stick this in the freezer for a few hours. when you take it out, it will be like an ice pack that doesn’t ‘sweat’/attract condensation. you can put this on your head, under your neck, whatver. I find it especially useful for sleeping in hot humid weather. You can’t really take ice or an ice pack with you into bed and they often aren’t flexible to conform to your body. but good old rice pillow solves the problem

you can also (if you used microwave safe materials) microwave the pillow to make it warm, if your room gets freezing in the winter. This is why I suggest making a more permanent one even if a tube sock full of beans tied at the top will do in a pinch.

rice pillow \o/