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Netflix Reboots ‘Carmen Sandiego’ With Gina Rodriguez

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? She’s headed to Netflix.

The streaming giant is rebooting the popular children’s computer game franchise from the '80s with an animated series surrounding the titular character, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Netflix has ordered twenty 22-minute episodes of Carmen Sandiego, which is set to premiere in 2019.



dennikez  asked:

this is sorta dumb but why is griffin called ditto?

It’s not dumb! all the boys’ childhood nicknames have kinda weird origins.

Griffin is called Ditto bc his family thought he looked like Ditto from the comic strip Hi & Lois:

(this is one of the first google image results)

In case anyone else is wondering, Travis is Scraps because he’s “tough like scrap iron,” and Justin is Juice because he drooled a lot. 

iirc they’ve talked about this on a podcast at some point, I can’t remember when/where but here’s a reddit AMA where Travis gives the meanings