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Writing Research - World War Two

World War II (WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war. It is generally considered to have lasted from 1939 to 1945, although some conflicts in Asia that are commonly viewed as becoming part of the world war had begun earlier than 1939. It involved the vast majority of the world’s nations —including all of the great powers —eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis.

It was the most widespread war in history, with more than 100 million people, from more than 30 different countries. In a state of “total war”, the major participants threw their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities behind the war effort, erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources. Marked by mass deaths of civilians, including the Holocaust and the first use of nuclear weapons in combat, it resulted in an estimated 50 million to 85 million fatalities. These made World War II the deadliest conflict in human history. [1]


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Society & Life

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  • There’s a lot of close-to-combat photographs from WWII, but I don’t often hear much about the photographers. Were WWII war photographers armed? Were they subject to neutrality/immunity/respect? Were they deployed with soldiers as part of the army?
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Entertainment & Food

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Hygiene, Health & Medicine

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Law Enforcement & Crimes

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Office supply magic

Everything is magical when you want it to be.

  • Paperclips for binding and banishing (link the paperclips, then unlink them and throw one half far, far away.)
  • White out for glamours, covering up secrets, deception, and change.
  • Multi-color pens for your color correspondence petition needs.
  • Who needs a magic ink stamp? I fucking need a magic ink stamp. Stamp the shit out some mundane.
  • sticky note sigils
  • Business card sigils. Business cards with career intent. Business cards
  • God directories/Rolodex
  • Spell flash drives
  • Magical scrap booking

*runs to nearest supply store with new found excuses to buy office supplies*

I legitimately just got sent a death threat because I said (a couple of days ago I might add) that voluntary scrap metal drives during wartime arent bad.

Like of all the things to be sent a death threat about…

But lad please do come kill me yeah ;)

Jedi Squad (TM) road trip
  • They take Anakin’s car, because he’s the only one who owns a car (Qui-Gon’s a hippy and Obi-Wan never willingly drives anyway)
  • Unfortunately, Anakin’s car is a semi-legal half-completed engineering project based on something he bought as scrap metal five years ago
  • He’s the only one who knows how to drive it, so he’s driving
  • Obi-Wan alternates between navigating and yelling at Anakin because do you even know what the speed limit is mind the corner what if you get CAUGHT driving this scrap heap
  • As a result, they tend to get lost a lot
  • Meanwhile, Qui-Gon and Ahsoka sit in the back and play weird made up car games that they refuse to explain to anyone else and eat food
  • Obi-Wan and Anakin spend pretty much the whole time arguing about whose fault it is that they’re in the middle of no where. Occasionally Qui offers them snacks

It’s a Wonderful Life: George Bailey [ENFP]

Ne: George doesn’t just have one idea for his life – he has dozens, all of them gathered from and related to the external world around him. He wants to go places, do things, build all sorts of things – skyscrapers, docks, houses. As a child, he fantasizes about having harems in the middle east and going to Africa on a safari. George has a big imagination and hates his mundane life in Bedford Falls.

Fi: He’s an individual who puts aside his personal desires to help others out, not because he is adapting to them but because he feels personally responsible for their well-being. George holds very strong opinions that whenever he’s upset, come out in unpleasant ways (“why do we have to have so many kids?”). He is driven by his own passions, often hampered through his responsibilities. George is a very kind and tender-hearted man, and a little shy when it comes to intruding on the emotions of others.

Te: His organizational skills allow him to keep the Building & Loan up and running after his father dies. He organizes paper drives and scrap drives during the war. He often talks about his ideas out loud, tying them in with his fantastical imagination (“Let’s go for a walk in the moonlight… up to a pool where it’s all green, and we’ll swim in it in the moonlight!”). When driven to the edge, George makes an emotionally-charged rational decision to kill himself for his insurance money.

Si: Since this is his weakest function, George struggles to be sentimental about the house and Bedford Falls, until he realizes what life would be like without him and it in his life. Then, he comes to treasure his memories of helping keep Bedford Falls out of Potter’s hands, and learns to love his old house.

Bob’s Air Mail Service Station, Los Angeles, June 1938.

In 1934, Bob Spencer took advantage of an abandoned Fokker F-32 and turned it into a full service gas station. Located on the intersection of Wilshire and Cochran, the plane was decorated in Mobilgas colors and named The Happy Landing- Cars were fully serviced under its massive wings. Presumably it was lost to the WWII scrap drives.

We All Try, Part 2.

A/N: This is a follow-up to a previously posted imagine titled ‘We All Try’ which can be found here.

Thiago’s POV

“So let me get this straight you had your ex and your current girlfriend sleeping under the same roof with you?”

I let out another sigh, feeling as if I had went over this many of times now since I had hopped on the Skype call with my brother and Jonathan. “Yes.”

“What a legend,” Jonathan commented while he saw Rafinha seem to nod in approval.

“You two act like something happened. I told you I just picked her up, brought her here and she went to sleep.” No matter how many times I went over the story, it seemed the pair were adamant on making up their own version which included me spending the night with Y/N instead.

“That’s hard to believe I mean God, you and Y/N are like sex magnets. How many times have I walked in on you two in my house practically smothering each other on my couch? There was one time I’m pretty sure I caught you two mid-act though I still try to pretend I didn’t.”

Jonathan chuckled as he saw my brother shudder at the memory. “I really hope you got a new couch.”

“I did and I broke it in myself. I wasn’t letting Thi have that one too. So have you talked to her?”


“Your ex. Who else? What did Daniela say when she found out?”

I gulped, being reminded of my girlfriend and her obliviousness to all that had transpired over the past 24 hours. “She doesn’t know.”

“What?!” Rafa questioned in shock.

Jona added in his commentary as well. “Yup. It’s official. He’s a legend.”

“How did you get away with that?”

I shrugged, realizing it wasn’t in my plan to not have Daniela find out. Was I glad Daniela and I didn’t have to have a conversation about my ex calling me and me picking her up in the middle of the night to allow her to stay over my place? Of course. But that didn’t stop me from feeling as if I had lied to her. “When I woke up and checked the guest bedroom, she was gone and Daniela didn’t mention ever seeing another woman in the house so I figure she just didn’t find out.”

“Have you talked to her since she left?” Jona questioned in reference to my ex. I shook my head no.

“You could at least text her and make sure she’s okay. You know what nevermind. I’ll do it.” Rafa reached down and soon enough, he was on the screen maneuvering through his phone.

“She’s fine.”

“We should invite her to the dinner. You two can catch up there.” Rafinha’s suggestion was useless as I shook my head. The last thing I wanted was to bring her to a dinner with my family who adored her. They were sure to not only embarrass me but bring up pieces of our relationship that they found memorable to send us all on a trip down memory lane.

“Hell no.”

“Why not!? Daniela will be out of town right? It’ll be perfect.”

“I’m not inviting her.”

“Come on, Thi. You know you want to.”

“I don’t,” I spoke sternly.

“Well I want to see her,” Rafa commented.

“Then see her on your own time when you land.”

“Well since this is an Alcântara dinner and I’m a major part of this family too, I’m inviting her whether you like it or not. I don’t care that it’s at your place.”

“I wish I could come to see this. Can I come?” Jonathan asked. It seemed me and my brother answered in unison.


“Yes,” Rafa spoke over me.

“50/50 vote. Looks like I’m coming,” Jona smiled while Rafa smiled and nodded in approval.

“You know how Mamãe and Pa are. They’re going to end up asking ridiculous questions, trying somehow to find a way to reunite me and Y/N. I don’t want to deal with that. I do have a girlfriend whether you two and anyone else realize or care.”

“Oh please. No one’s going to jeopardize your relationship. It’ll be fun. Like old times.”


Valéria gave a gentle smile, the fork clasped tightly in her hand as she elected to speak instead of sending another forkful into her mouth. “So Y/N, is there a new man in your life?”

Thiago nearly choked on the piece of grilled chicken in his mouth, his parents looking at him with concern as he held up his hand to assure he was fine. I could see Rafa and Jona laugh behind their hands as they were sitting with us at the dining room table.

Meanwhile, I was debating in my head how exactly to answer the question asked of me. In reality, I had no one but I didn’t want my answer to come off as lonely as answering in that manner would have me look. I didn’t want Thiago to think that since his departure from my life, I had been facing a drought but I also didn’t want to lie and get him thinking I did have a man in my life. I was torn.

“No. I’m not dating right now.” I gave his mother a gentle smile before I picked up my glass of water and took a sip, washing down the last bit of food I chewed.

“Ah well, that’s too bad for the men out there. You always had a good head on your shoulders and still do,” she added. “I’m sure you’ll find the time for a relationship when you find it suitable.”

“Thank you.”

I didn’t know what to think of being invited to this dinner at Thiago’s place that would be attended by his family. I had been quick to deny the invitation when Rafinha text me but he wasn’t the type that liked to take no for an answer. A few hours of exchange led to me accepting the offer and now here I was.

It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be considering just two days ago, Thiago had rescued me from the bar and taken care of me. I wanted to thank him for that but I never did, deciding to leave his home early before he or his girlfriend could wake up and discover me. I had written many of drafts of messages to send him but I ended up deleting them every time. I still had not officially thanked him, even as he sat diagonally across from me.

We hadn’t spoken many words to each other. He had opened the door when I arrived but Rafinha and Jonathan were quick to run to the door and tackle me into their arms when they saw me, not even giving Thiago a chance to properly greet me. He seemed okay with it as he instead chose to just walk away.

Even over dinner we didn’t speak and it seemed the conversation carrying on between everyone ignored the big elephant in the room that was the exes sitting across from each other as if everything was smooth. They weren’t.

But I was glad I had come, able to reunite with the familiar faces of those I once considered family and in a strange way still did.

“I’m going to start the dishes,” Thiago spoke lowly as he slid back from the table and stood up, grabbing for his empty plate and heading off into the kitchen.

“I’ll help,” his father said as he stood up from the table as well. It seemed everyone followed suit after that including Bruno and Thaisa. I got up from the table as well, heading off into the direction of the living room and sitting on the couch. A bright flash of lightning could be made out behind the sheer curtains covering the window. I found it to be relaxing. Bruno on the other hand?

“Did you hear that?!” He questioned as he found his way next me, leaning into me for comfort. I giggled and wrapped my arms around the small boy, pulling him closer to me and kissing his forehead. “It’s just lightning. It won’t hurt you.”

Thiago’s POV

I stood in the doorway, peering unnoticed at my ex and my little brother’s interaction as he clung to her side. I couldn’t stop the grin that spread my face as I watched, able to sense the comfort my brother felt with her just as I had once felt in a different manner.

“You know you’re staring at her, right?”

The sudden sound of a voice from behind caused me to jump some, turning to see my brother Rafinha smirking at me as he made way to my side and watched the two himself. “I won’t tell her.”

“Oh great. How could I ever repay you for your gratitude?” I spewed sarcastically, causing him to lightly chuckle. “Loosen up, Thi. You’ve been uptight all night.”

You try sharing the same space as your ex when you were trying to rid your thoughts of her romantically from your mind. It wasn’t helped when she was wearing that blouse that seemed to accent her cleavage and that pencil skirt that made her ass poke out so perfectly that…

Shit. I was doing it again.

Jonathan joined in beside us, looking out the window at the weather outside. “Yeah I’m definitely not going out in that. I call the other guest bedroom.” It was in the original plans that only my parents, Bruno and Thaisa were staying in my place during their visit while Rafinha and Jona had snagged a hotel nearby for their visit to Munich. It seemed the original plan was quickly being scrapped.

No one is driving in that weather,” my mother chimed as she neared us. “I can take the kids in my room, Jona can have one room and Rafa can have the other.”

That only left one person…

“Y/N can stay in your room,” she said as she smiled and turned to me.

“Ma—“ I began to speak but her stern look in my direction let me know she wasn’t up for any rebuttals and I shut my mouth. It was as if she was reveling in the opportunity to coup me and my ex up in a room alone. It wasn’t that she hated Daniela but I could tell she found herself comparing her to my past relationship and absolutely no one could live up to her beloved Y/N.

She patted my shoulder with a smile. “I’ll go tell her she’ll be in your room.”


I lay still in the bed, almost as still and straight as a statue as I stared up at the ceiling, trying to make sure I remained on my side of the bed with no touching of Thiago or his side. It was yet another night I found myself in his clothing only this time we were tasked with sharing the same bed. That was surely a harder task.

Even now lying in the same bed, we hadn’t exchanged many words. He had asked me whether I wanted a long-sleeved or a short-sleeved t-shirt to sleep in and that was about it for my exchange with Thiago Alcântara. I wasn’t sure if he was ever going to speak or if he was just going to find a way to fall asleep without speaking a word but I figured it would just have to be me who would break the silence.

“Do you still like to fall asleep with music on?”

“What?” I could tell he was taken by surprise by the fact I had chosen to speak and maybe even from such a random question. I repeated it for him.

“Do you still sleep with music?”

“…Sometimes. Daniela can’t fall asleep with music playing so I don’t usually.”

The mention of her name now sent a disapproving chill down my spine. It was the first time he had spoken her name directly to me. Not lingering on it any longer, I reached over to the nightstand by the bed and grabbed for my phone, unlocking it and heading for my music app and browsing the various stations I had saved to my phone. A small, satisfied grin perked my lips as I selected one and the low volume of music filled the once silent room.

I wasn’t 100% sure but I thought I could make out the small hint of a smile from him through the darkness of the bedroom. “Thank you.”

“No problem.” I sunk further into the sheets, my eyes still looking up at the ceiling as I found my body relaxing to the tone of music. I had even begun to hum a little to myself until the song switched off, now replaced with a song that immediately made my eyes widen. My excitement was impossible to contain as that familiar introduction melody caused me to jump from under the blankets and land my feet against the floor. I stood up and rushed to the other side of the bed where Thiago lay, who was now looking up at me with curious eyes though I was sure he knew why I was so beside myself.

“Get up!”

He chuckled still looking to me. “What? No. I’m not dancing.”

“Aw come on. This was your favorite song when we were dating.” I wasn’t willing to take such an easy no as I held out my hand for him to take. He looked between my pleading pout and the outstretched hand a few times before sighing and beginning to get up to my delight, his hand landing on top of mine once he finally pushed the blankets on top of him to the side.

The slow sounds of ‘You’ by Jesse Powell continued to play as my feet began to move side to side to the rhythm and Thiago quickly found pace with me as one of his hands remained connected with mine and the other found comfort on my waist while we slow danced. I could see his eyes close for a brief moment, feeling the music, before he opened them and looked directly to an already staring me. It made him smile. “Stop staring at me, punk,” he joked.

I giggled. “Okay. I’m done looking.”

It seemed he found comfort quite fast because soon enough, he rested his head on my shoulder, the curls of his hair pressing against my neck. Our feet continued to move about the room in a slow dance, my eyes pressing closed as I relished the feeling of the moment. It was a similar feeling to one I remembered from us doing the same thing during our time together as we would find ourselves entangled in each other’s arms and allowing music to express our love for each other.

A silly part of me felt that was happening again right now.

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Maximum Victory: Victoria surprising Max with some big expensive present.

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“I don’t understand.”

Victoria looks at me in that way that she does, eyes narrow and chin turned up. She shakes her head nonchalantly and scoffs as if I wasn’t speaking her language.

“What’s there to understand? You said you wanted a camera with a nicer control aperture.” Her lips purse in a thin line as she waves dismissively at the small box I’ve got cradled in my hands.

“So you…bought me one?”

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Bacon into Bombs,

During World War II the need for raw materials led to several drives and campaigns to either ration or recycle those goods in civilian life.  There were scrap metal drives and rubber drives.  The were rationing policies for necessary goods such as fuel, metals, and food.  One of the more unusual campaigns was for civilians to save their used cooking fat, whatever was left over from fried chicken, French fries, bacon, or whatever fried foods that made up the American diet.  Grease and fats were a precious war time material, needed because they contained high contents of glycerin, used in high explosives for bombs, mines, torpedoes, and artillery shells.  The US Government encouraged housewives everywhere to collect their unwanted grease, distributing leaflets, posters, and commissioning radio advertisements to support the program.  Civilians were encouraged to strain the grease so that no food particles remained, then store it in a can or jar until at least a pound was collected.  The fat could then be sold to one of 250,000 participating butchers and meat retailer, or of 4,000 frozen food distributors.  Those who turned in their grease were paid 4 cents a pound, and were also rewarded with 2 extra ration stamps.

The campaign to collect waste cooking fats during World War II was not as fruitful as expected. In December of 1943 butter, lard, vegetable oil, and other fats were rationed by the government.  As a result many households chose to strain and reuse their cooking fats rather than collect it.   Regardless, millions of pounds of used fats and cooking grease were collected for the war effort.

The most crippling wounds you sustain in life don’t sting like a scrape or ache like a bruise, they sit in you like a black hole, absorbing one thing after another until every scrap of joy and drive in your heart is gone. The deepest cuts don’t cause you pain, they consume you whole.
—  Beau Taplin // The Black Hole