If you don’t think Polyamorous!Dmmd is the best thing ever consider this:

  • Noiz buying them all a huge mansion
  • Mink making them a bed that’ll fit everyone
  • lots of morning kisses
  • Koujaku cutting everyone’s hair
  • Aoba does scrap on everyone
  • everyone is happy
  • clear sings everyone to sleep
  • noiz and koujak still fuck with each other
  •   everyone is happy
  • everyone is happy
If I was in DMMD
  • Me: Are you sure your parents weren't mean to you because you were too noizy?
  • Me: *puts on gas mask* Have I made myself Clear?
  • Me: Minkle minkle little scratch, grab Aoba and slap his ass.
  • Me: Really cool that Ren never Ren away.
  • Me: Why have a trip for two, when you could have him all to yourself?
  • Me: *Clear falls from a roof* Looks like the weather's Clear today.
  • Me: If you think you're gonna be sick, try to stay away from Virus.
  • Me: Aoba, Sei something.
  • Me: Make it quick, I dont have much Tae-m.
  • Me: You're so fabulous, do you live in Glitter?
  • Me: Ouch, scrap! Was that a "snap"? ..Wait, did I just Rhyme?
  • Me: I think I scrapped my knee falling for you.
  • Me: Hey guys, don't fight. You're AllMates, right?
  • Me: Mizuki, are you drunk? So you had to Mipuki?
  • Me: Koujaku, I know you don't like Ryūde-hōs very much.
  • Me: *hears Noiz shouting in the background* Let's not talk Aoba that here, there's a loud Noiz.
  • Aoba, using Scrap: Stop.
This is why i couldnt sleep last night

People are always talking about how Desire would always come out to protect Aoba when things would get rough right? like when he was going to get  raped by Mink’s gang, and actually, Desire really showed up mostly during Mink’s routes. like when Mink was beating him, and in Mink’s Bad ending, Desire was there too. He would always show up during Mink’s Route, and i cant think of any other reason for him to show up so much other than to protect Aoba. 


Where was Desire when Koujaku was pressuring himself on Aoba?

(desire fully took over in Koujaku’s bad end, so im not even gonna bother there.)

Where was Desire when Aoba was captured by Ryuuhou and gonna get tattooed with that scary tattoo shit?

I dont really want to say that Desire showed up in Noiz’s route, but i suppose you can say he kinda did, but i think that was more just Scrap(when Aoba stopped that group from beating Noiz to a pulp). But in Noiz’s Bad ending, even though they were in Noiz’s mind, Dont you think Desire could have come out to Protect Aoba from the pain? But where was he? why didnt he show up?

In Clear’s Route, as far as i remember, Desire never showed himself at all in this route. at all.. Sure there probably was no reason to, but its like he didnt exsist, other than the moments that Scrap was pressuring him. but i dont even think something like that happend in Clear’s Route. Now in Clear’s bad ending, with something as torturous as having your eyeballs cut out, dont you think Desire would have tried to protect Aoba? Or if Aoba would have given up all hope, wouldnt Desire overpower Reason in the long run? where was Desire? I know that Aoba loved Clear, and im sure he gave up his free will eventually because well.. there was nothing more for him to do. i think this route confused me the most in the sence of why Desire never acted. or maybe it was because of Clear’s singing? but even then, by that time, Clear wasnt the same anymore. i dont know it just floods my mind.

In Ren’s Route, Desire shows himself i think once. where he breaks those two men in Oval Tower. and thats because it really wasnt a dire a situation as it could have been. in Ren’s bad route, Its also kind of similar to Noiz’s route in a way. Aoba is caught in the depths of Rens/his own mind. But where is Desire? if anything i think Desire would have liked that kind of treatment more than Aoba would have tbh. ANYWAY But Desire was no where to be found. and its really odd considering it really is Aobas mind, so where was Desire throughout all the pain? i just dont understand why he wouldnt appear (as opposed to Ren’s good route, eh?)

I think the most clear route that Desire SHOULD have shown up in was in Virus and Trip’s route. honestly they were beating the shit out of him, and even after resisting, and getting beaten some more, What reason more could Desire have to show himself? he would have stopped all of Aobas pain, and im sure hed get in good kahoots with virus and trip honestly. But why didnt Desire show up?



maybe its just a big plot hole in the game, or maybe im missing something entirely, but it just kept me up so late last night i just had to put it down somewhere..

Okay… Okay… I really need to get this off my chest.

I’ve just finished Mink’s Re Connect Bad Ending all the way through and I have to admit I’ve gain a new appreciation for his character. 

Now, the reason I disliked Mink greatly in the first place is because of the the countless rape, almost rape, and violence that goes along with this route (touchy subjects for me personally). And I felt that his character would not have been that harsh and raw when I first came into this game. This is the reason why I’ve just been putting off and off finishing his Bad Ending because I really just didn’t want to see it- not another rape, not another domination in some from.

But getting back onto the topic if why I’ve changed my mind about Mink is you come in to this with Mink saying along the lines “I want Aboa’s head to protect his soul.” And in his religion this is how you protect one’s soul- we all know Mink is really freaking religious to whatever his worship/god is.

Mink, the man who has being trapped in darkest of his memories, still wants to protect the man who did this to him. He could not give two damns for his own well being, trying to pry to protect his own soul, or felling pity on himself because he knows all the things he has done in the past and to Aoba that his soul can no longer be protected from the devil, he even says so himself that he is a “devil”. In Mink’s eyes Aoba is still able to be saved and wants to do so because he cares greatly for Aoba. 

But shit kinda goes down when the “Scrap” side of Aoba comes out. ‘Aboa’ is now pleading, begging, to be broken and beheaded. He no longer cares what happens to the body, the mind both he and the true Aoba share. All he wants now is his sick desire for pleasure hidden in the pain.

At first it seems like yet another tragic thing going on, Mink beating the shit out of 'Aboa’ and forcing himself on him. But this not. Poor Mink is just following both Aboas wishes. He doesn’t know what the Aoba he knows and loves wants so he best he could do is protect his soul for eternity (Or how ever long that nightmare of Scrap lasts) by taking of his head and saving him from having to live in Mink’s dark past long side him. Now the 'Aoba’ there now just wants to be pleasured in pain and Mink does this even if he doesn’t want to. Either way Mink wanted to have Aoba’s head so the little extra work of giving this side of 'Aoba’ what he wants isn’t that bad. Even in the ending line where 'Aoba’ asks was it to protect him or the other Aoba, Mink stayed silent because he wanted to protect the whole Aoba he loves.

Now, now, this is really just my view on all of this and I can be completely wrong about all of this and what-nots so don’t get too angry with me. (The picture not really dealing to much with this I just laughed at that part because it was ironic.) **Also forgive all the spelling mistakes I was typing really fast and didn’t reread…**

How come we don't talk about why Aoba's scrap fails?

Because I really don’t think I’ve ever seen this mentioned outside the game. People go with Aoba’s desperate attempt to make sense of his situation instead of Trip’s explanation and I think that’s silly. This takes place after Virus is saying blue is not Trip’s natural eye color and before he says Sei’s scrap won’t work on them. Since this is a flashback while Virus is talking, I wonder if Aoba forgot about this and what Virus said made him remember (he was drugged shortly after this scene). 

If Mizuki never recovered from Aoba scrap, Sei would go inside to try to fix his mind.
Once in there, Sei is in front of the Black Needle building that now is nothing but ruins . He opens the door. He sees the bar completely empty and destroyed. In the corner Mizuki is curled up, his legs against his chest and his face hidden in his arms. He approaches, hearing Mizuki ragged breathing. When he touches his shoulder, Mizuki looks up and gasps in fear.
“No…NO! Go away”
He pushes Sei from him and goes back to a fetal position on the floor.
Sei, opens his mouth but doesn’t say a word, he just kneels next to Mizuki shaking body.
“I will stay here as long as it takes to fix you. I promise.”
In Mizuki mind months pass.
During that time Sei is able to rebuilt Mizuki mind to what it used to be.
Mizuki is mentally stable again.
“Are you ready to wake up?”

i can't get this one dmmd confession i saw out of my head

it was one of the CGs of aoba and koujaku, and the text over it read something like

“i think koujaku loves aoba the most of all the guys, but that aoba loves him the least compared to everybody”

I’ve just been mulling over this, prob mostly cuz they’re my fave, but i struggled for a bit to come up with some kind of counter argument b/c I can totally see how someone might get that feeling.

I don’t just ship them the most. I believe that Koujaku loves Aoba the most, and that Aoba loves Koujaku the most.

here is why (and my support will also explain how someone might think aoba loves koujaku the least)

of all the routes, the one with the least suspense, and the least angst after the oval tower incident is the koujaku route. let’s compare

  • clear: aoba watches him “die” and desperately tries to fix him, and goes a year doubting more and more that he’ll ever see him again
  • mink: disappeared, aoba didn’t “know” if he was alive, and he went on a journey to find mink
  • noiz: severely injured due to the whole pain thing, and then disappearing without a word, and aoba wondering if he’ll ever see him again
  • ren: without a body of his own, aoba doesn’t know if he’ll ever see him again

Aoba doesn’t have to suffer to be together with Koujaku, like he suffers with everybody else. The stakes were higher in the other routes, and I almost think that if such drastic situations hadn’t occurred in those routes that aoba’s feelings in each of them might not have developed as strongly as they did.

Koujaku is the one he’s known the longest. His “hero,” the entire route is a struggle for how Aoba views Koujaku. And it isn’t like the other relationships where they were complete strangers not too long ago. Because of that history, the confession of feelings is harder, and a bigger deal than with everybody else.

I think because no dramatic event happens after he saves Koujaku w/ scrap is why Aoba loves Koujaku the most. He didn’t need huge stakes to push him closer. They were already close. It was more like a natural progression in learning about each other, hearing honest feelings, and accepting each other.

I can see how because there was no huge hullabaloo where Aoba is angsting for an amount of time, and desperate to some degree, that someone might see that as meaning Aoba loves Koujaku the least.

In the past I might’ve thought the same thing. I think Aoba suffers the least in Koujaku’s route because Koujaku doesn’t abandon him, and he doesn’t “die.” And in my book, in regards to love, those are good things. yes, good, koujaku. You don’t have to suffer the extremes to find love. And I don’t think more suffering for love necessarily means that the love is greater. 

Because Aoba doesn’t get desperate in the route after the oval tower, his feelings aren’t as obvious or magnified, he can just awkwardly realize his feelings for koujaku as koujaku confesses awkwardly, and they can live awkwardly ever after in their slice of life, non-dramatic way. neither of their worlds have to feel like they’re ending or something just to realize their love. they can just be.

and that’s why i think aoba also loves koujaku the most, and why I think they’re perfect.

sometimes i think about what it would be like if aoba used scrap on all the boyfriends and they all were in a poly relationship together

koujaku would be very skeptical about it first, but soon he comes to find something he really likes in them all; he’d regularly trim everyone’s hair and, when summer would come around, pick out yukata for each of them to wear for the festival in town; with noiz and mink he’d spend most of his time arguing with them, but he’d cut their hair anyway because he really does care about his relationships with everyone; he’d make them tea in the evenings and share a smoke with mink afterward

noiz would be reluctant to open up to everyone at first, but after a while he’d quietly do maintenance on the allmates and, later, he’d get all the boys fitted for suits and take them to germany for a few weeks on vacation; he’d still have fun getting a rise out of koujaku when he can, but the others can tell he’s more attached to all of them than he usually lets on; he would buy them all flowers at the beginning of each month, carefully picking each small bouquet according to their meanings

mink would be the slowest to fall into the rhythm of it all and it would take him ages to share his emotions with the others, but, slowly, one by one, the boys grow on him and he’d braid feathers in their hair as a sign of his trust; for noiz, he’d make bracelets and a tie pin instead because his hair is just a bit too short; in the mornings he’d make coffee for everyone, and whenever he’d read he would sit down with one of the boys and let them lean against him in comfortable silence

clear would be so quick to love everyone and share these new experiences with them all; showing his face, however, would take a little bit more time; he’d write songs for each one of them, and if they were struggling to fall asleep he’d sing their songs like lullabies until they nodded off; he’d carry one of the boys onto rooftops when it’s just the two of them, and he’d especially love to play with ren’s hair at any chance he could get; at night he would check up on them all when they’re sleeping to make sure they’re still breathing

ren would be confused with the idea initially, but he would trust aoba’s decision and soon find himself enamored with the boys, too; they would take a long time to fully understand ren’s circumstances, but eventually they all become close to him and it’s as if nothing was ever strange to them at all; much of his time spent with them would be a learning experience, each of the boys broadening his understanding of the world; at the end of the day, when ren grows tired he would curl up against one of them and lay his head in their lap, nodding off to the feeling of fingers brushing through his hair

and aoba would fall in love with the swell he’d get in his chest as he watched koujaku sit with a sleepy ren in his lap, cradling him in a way so similar to how he did dozens of times before; fall in love with the lightness he’d find in his step as he walked while mink held his left hand and noiz held his right, peeking upward to see subtle but genuine smiles on their faces; fall in love with the bubbling of laughter in his throat he’d get from overhearing clear crying out in embarrassment in the other room, noiz’s straightforwardness being something to still get used to; fall in love with the contentment clouding his head as he’d inhale traces of cinnamon among the nostalgic scent of koujaku, scarlet feathers adorning the braided ponytail resting off his shoulder

he would fall in love with the family he created, listening to the slight disappointment in clear’s voice over ren’s new haircut and its lack of fluffiness, an exasperated koujaku planting a quick kiss on clear’s head before reminding him that it will grow back; observing the quiet entrance of mink bringing a green mug of coffee to noiz, absorbed in work for his family’s business on his coil; feeling the cool evening breeze coming from the window as he approaches the boys, their gazes moving up to meet his own as he asks what they want for dinner

and as he listens to them argue on their meal plans – koujaku’s voice growing louder as noiz’s gets meaner, mink’s bluntness interjecting as clear and ren try to act as the mediators – aoba would let out a contented sigh, thanking tae and sei for giving him the chance to have this overwhelming happiness

I just saw Data_xx Transitory and it would be a lie if I say I’m not disappointed. It wasn’t as I expected, maybe because I think they are more based in the first game, but well… It was something. Each story was extremely short, so I took a few screenshoots. I’m super bad at reviews so if you want to see it you can ask me. I found it on pan.dui but the link is already deleted and I don’t want to upload it to some website because the video isnt mine. So if you want it just tell me and I’ll give you the zip. It is only in japanese but the lines are mostly the same as the game and I know a pure good soul will upload it with subtitles. 

WARNING: Spoilers under the cut.

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[talking about what happened to mizuki because aoba failing scrap] 










-destroys laptop-

lintmaster1989  asked:

Hmm, I am not sure if I asked you stuff before. Anyway, I have come attacking your inbox. Why do you like Ren?

That is a loaded question. lmao, But i shall answer! some people know, some people may not, but when i entered the dmmd fandom, i knew nothing about it. actually i wasnt really into the fandom untill i had pretty much completed the game. so when i played the game, i was in total shock over litterally everyything that happend. First of all im pretty sure you can estimate how tripped up i was at this tiny little dog having this deep ass voice. and his tone of voice was something that really attracted me, and i was pretty smitten with this little dog named Ren. When i first saw his Rhyme sprite, i was like “woah thats really cool” and i was just intruiged with him.. he really stood out to me even though i knew very little about what or who he was. my first route was actually Noiz, and at the time i was lowkey swooning over him, but i was a little dissapointd on how litle he actually had part in the route, he might as well have been Aobas shoes. theyre there all the time, and kinda important, but arent given attention? idk my brains a little scattered rn whoops. 

anywho, after all the routes from what i remember (i actually just started replaying so if my details are a little off, i litterally just started haha) i thought Ren was really important, but wasnt given a big role because well he just wasnt a love intrest, so it was just common sence that Ren wouldnt have much to show. imagine me finnishing up Minks route, and then notice Ren wasnt there next to Aoba. my first thought was “No way! he gets a route??!!” so bOOM there i go. i was really happy to see more of this tiny deep voice dog, and he just warmed my heart and i just had this liking for him. my heart had a dull ache when Ren first refused Aoba’s forehead touch, idk how to explain it, i thought the same thing Aoba did “is Ren rejecting me?” and that just didnt sit well with me, Ren is someone i reallly liked, even if he wasnt really real (at the time) and to see him push away like that kinda hurt. i knew something was up, and something was eating at him, but i just couldnt tell what. 

When Ren ran away from Aoba because Aoba was looking at the new allmates, it struck me as a little childish, but deep down i felt that i understood why he acted that way, the fear of being replaced, jelousy, i knew what it was, and at first i thought it was simply because Ren was with Aoba for so long, he had grown attatched to him. Never did i ever think that it was so deep. actuallyy, Rens entire route kept hittiing me with dull aches, and more and more i wanted to draw him close because something was bothering him, and i wanted him to not feel whatever he was feeling. i remember being nervous and anxious as hell when Ren had that bug, and him being so vauge and dodgy with everything he said, it just didnt seem like Ren.  and then ran away from Aoba once again. only to get into more trouble, and getting hurt. i was so fucking worried you dont understand omfg. then after some doodahs, and Aoba was saved from ViTri, and when Aoba searched for Ren, i was i guess you could say startled with the sudden change in Ren, he was agressive, and i think i even flinched when Ren bit Aoba. note, i read and understood everything, but i was confused as hell as to what it all ment, Ren was part of Aoba?? His consciousnesses in the dog?? wait huh?? i remember taking it super slow from that point on because i wanted to know what exactly was going on. I remember feeling the ache when Aoba Scrapped himself to get to Ren, and seeing Ren try to attack Aoba. it hurt. and the thing that i thought of was an animal who had been negleted so long, that id decided to retaliate, and that thought in itself was really painful to me. when i finally got down to it, and i saw Ren’s Real body i had to take a moment to collect myself because HOT DOG.  

I heard him out and i ached even further, realizing that all Ren wanted to do was protect Aoba, and that he realized that by his own presence, not only was he burdening him, but could be the one to cause him of his pain as well because he had developed more than just “protective feelings” for Aoba. and when he thought these things, he thought that dispite his own feelings and desires, he put Aoba on top of it all, and decided that he would be better off just not exsisting because he would just be a burden. “I was stuck between my emotions and my duty, I wasnt able to pick only one So i accepted the route where you would remove me from yourself. If you were to strongly reject me, i would dissapear ” man how fucking sad is that i just. omg. “so there wont be any drawbacks for you” ASDFLKJFSD Ren was so prepared to fucking kill himself for Aoba to live a peaceful life, i just. I dont understand how he could be so selfless, and then i just know hes fucking dying on the inside, i reacted so painfully, Ren didnt need to think that way, hes so precious, i cannot.

I WAS SO GLAD THEY DID THE DIDDLY DO TBH. and i just felt so good for things to actually line up and it was just so great omg “It cannot be helped. its because ive been a dog for so many years” omfg how much cuter can you possibly get, Ren plEASE. 

and then he fuckin DISSAPEARS. GONE. POOF, AU REVIOR, FUCK THAT. i was so broken when i thought Ren had seriously disapeared, it was like 3am and i was so distraught and hollow on the inside, all of that for him to still fucking leave?? i wasnt mad i guess, it was more hurt i suppose. and then at the end when its him in Sei’s body i was like YEESS YESS ITS A LITTLE WEIRD, BUT HES STILL REN FUCK YEAHH. but then thats where the route ended and i was like aUUGHH??

Then reconnect Ren. i just. he is so fucking precious to me, hes kind and polite, considerate, wants to bang Aoba in an alley, has fucking dog habbits omfg, and his little expressions are so cute and priceless i just do not understand how someone could not like this selfless creature, i have never in my life met anyone like him, and i just, he is too precious for this world. i think i kinda took this ask and took off with it. whoops. 

Thank you so much for asking and this was a lot longer than i intended?? i just. theres so much ren to talk about i tried really hard to keep this like a paragraph. i failed. oh well, thanks for stopping by!!

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DRAMAtical Murder Anime Review

DRAMAtical Murder was originally a boys love visual novel that got adapted into an anime this summer. In this episode of Alice likes to review things, you’ll find a really late review of the DRAMAtical Murder anime! :D

I’m dividing this review in five parts:

  • Introduction
  • The DRAMAtical 3rd episode
  • Charactes Arcs
  • Ending
  • Overall impressions

Episode 3 was a divisor of waters for me, so I’m giving it a prominent role in this review haha Alright, let’s do it! 

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anonymous asked:

Ok I'm really confused are Noiz and Aoba boyfriends like for real, or is all the fan art just very convincing because I really don't know anymore

hi anon!! i’m assuming you only watched the anime….?

to answer your question, yes they are very much being gross babies together (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

in the original visual novel (which is r-18 because of multiple reasons btw), it branches off to routes after the part where tae-san tells aoba about scrap, and each route corresponds to a plot with one of the main guys (koujaku, noiz, clear, mink, and ren)

if you wanna play the VN, here are sites that can help you:

the VN is much much better than the anime trust me lol