Guardian hugs loosely. They don’t want to trap someone in a hug, so the most they’ll do is put their arms around your middle and put their fingers together, loose enough that if the hug ends you can step back and Guardian’s hands won’t resist the movement. In place of truly hugging, they lean against you. If you’re taller, then Guardian will rest their cheek against a shoulder. If you’re shorter, Guardian will lay their chin on top of your head, or their cheek against a temple.

(The only exception to the rule is if they’re laying down with someone, usually a close friend (because they don’t just lay down with anyone). Then they’ll have the tightest hold on the person, resting their cheek against the neck, and stay awake in order to keep watch. It’s the easiest way to keep a partner safe.)

Ira hugs like he’s planning on protecting you. An arm around the shoulders, hand coming up to hold the neck, and an arm around the waist. His nose winds up being pressed against your jaw, just underneath it, and it’s always cold. It’s a hold that makes it easy for him to move you, no matter your size. But he doesn’t hug often, and it’s even rarer for him to instigate one, so you cherish it anyway.

Sadik will pick you up when he hugs you. He’ll crush you against his chest, let you listen to the beat of his heart or rest your head against his shoulder. Given his size, it’s not difficult to believe that his hugs are a full on physical thing. He’s a Titan through and through, and he’ll be your support no matter what. It’s just that his support usually comes in bone breaking hugs or claps on the shoulder that’ll send you careening off a ledge.

Ronin is terrible at giving hugs. She’ll give you a one armed hug that lasts for a second, and that’s it; unless she thinks you need something a little more substantial. A one armed hug will still happen, but it’ll go around your neck, drawing you into her side, and allows you to take the comfort you need. Her free arm either hangs at her side, or is holding onto a sidearm for safety (according to her when these hugs happen out in the field).

Apollo-99 simply doesn’t do hugs. He doesn’t like touching people, and his hands can shake to a point where they’re more of a problem when there’s nothing to occupy them. Apollo is a gruff old man, more likely to pay your shoulder and say, “Good job,” than he is to entertain the idea of hugging you. He’ll even push you away if you get too close. Old Exo likes his space, dammit.

Jai gets excited about hugs. Practically bounces on his toes as he swoops in for a hug that’ll leave you smiling. He wraps you in warmth, a spark of Arc energy coming from his hands because he’s so damn excited to be hugging you. It’s a very traditional hug, arms looping around your chest and holding you close no matter your height. He squeezes you the best he can before stepping back (he always breaks contact first), and offers to make you a drink. Or several.

Hemlock-2 pretty much taught Ronin how to hug, but he’s slightly better than she is. Oh, he’ll give you a one armed hug, too, but at least he’ll let you enjoy the warmth that comes with being a Gunslinger. He doesn’t mind if you linger as long as he has both arms free to do what he needs to, lets you take the comfort you need without a second thought.

Roksana hugs like she never means to let you go. She’s careful when she hugs you, making sure she’s not hurting you as her arms go around your shoulders and pull you close. If you wait a few moments, a hand will start rubbing your back, and there’ll be humming in your ear, some old song that Roksana doesn’t know the lyrics to anymore, but the tune has stayed with her for centuries. Hugging her is like getting a hug from someone so long ago, and it makes your heart hurt.

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I thought this would be amazing for you to read but as Mercy I got blown off a cliff by Junkrat (trying to get away) and a Hanzo killed him and stepped to the edge to help me fly back up.




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