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BTS React to Showing You Their New Haircuts

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Kim Seokjin-

He wouldn’t be like most of the members, instead he would walk right up to you and ask you if he looked handsome. Correction; even more handsome than he already does.

“Do you think this black hair makes me look better than I did this morning?”

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Min Yoongi-

I doubt he’d even be too excited to really show you his new hair cut, he would just walk into your apartment like it was just a regular day. However, you’d be the one freak out and fan girl over the new color.

“Wow I love your new hair color. Blue really suits you.” You cooed as you ran your fingers through his dark locks. 

Yoongi would roll his eyes and scoff every now and then but would secretly love the attention he’s getting from you.

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Jung Hoseok-

This guy would walk (scratch that) PARADE into you apartment with his head held high and his shoulders back. You would quickly notice that something was up, if it wasn’t for his new hair cut, then for his new found confidence.

“So…” he began to strut up and down the space in your living room before stopping in front of you and smugly questioning. “What do you think?” 

You would just *gif* (A/n- OMG I can’t breathe rn. LOL)

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Kim Namjoon-

Namjoon had called you earlier that day asking if you he could come over and spend the night, you were fine with it.

Later on when he showed up he would be wearing a black hat that concealed his hair well. You wouldn’t pay much mind to it but once the two of you started to get ready for bed, he would take off his clothing and change. The hat would be the last thing to come off.

“Your hair…” You gasped.

“Are you surprised?” He’d ask you. His new hair color and cut was amazing an made him look great you just couldn’t help yourself.

You reached forward to firmly grasp onto the neck of his shirt, “Very.” You said before pulling him down on top of you and connecting your lips.

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Park Jimin-

This kid man would be doing the most to try and get your attention, and possibly your praise for his new hair. Ever since he walked into your house his hands would be in his hair, if not running his hands through it the way that you loved so much, then by fixing a few strands of hair that were out of place. 

However once you finally give into his subtle hints his cute smile wouldn’t be able to stray from his features and he would begin to be extremely humble and shy about the situation. “It’s not that good.”

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Kim Taehyung-

The minute the door to your apartment opened you would turn your attention away from the Tv and to your boyfriend. 

“Ohmahgawd.” You’d scram at the top of your lungs. “Your hair is GREY!”

“I know.” He would calmly say as he came in and sat next to you, taking the bowl of popcorn from your lap and stated watching Tv. You wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off of him as he sat there eating your popcorn and pretending that it wasn’t a big deal. 

“I love it.” You’d say after a while and cuddle close into him.

“I know.” He’d say smirking and trying to keep a calm and cool facade.

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Jeon Jungkook-

Jungkook seems then type to not overreact to the little things, and a new hair cut is one of those little things. But he would appreciate that you always support him whether it’s in him writing his own music or small things like a new hair style.

I’m still laughing thank you J-hope gif for making my day. I hope it did the same to you.

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Unsteady | Angst | Taekook

Word Count: 5.8k 

Summary: What happens if someone you love doesn’t love you back?You throw up flowers. And then die. Kinda dramatic if you ask Taehyung.

I | II 

When Taehyung woke up, he was greeted with the white ceiling and sterile smell of the campus infirmary, a soft hand he automatically knew as Jimin’s holding his own. His memory is hazy and he wasn’t sure how long he was unconscious, but when he catches sight of a small bucket filled halfway with flower petals near his head, the harsh reality sunk in.

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Mix Between Halloween and Mafia!AU Reaction: MULTI-FANDOM


“Love, I think we should stay in tonight… Those cat ears suit you very much so.”


“Let’s hope that this year, no other scum will try to flirt with you so that no `accidents with a gun` happen…”


“Yeah, hey, hello. She’s my girlfriend and I know that her kitty costume is sexy but if you don’t scram away from here, your brain’s going to splatter the floor.”


“No… No way you’re going like that. That party is only a cover for an important meeting for the decisions of turf ownership and you’re going to be distracting, dressed like that.”


“Here, Kitty, Kitty, your owner’s going to solve some serious business and I expect that when I’m done there will be no man beside you or you will get punished.” 


“It’s nice to know that during this Halloween party we’re matching even without costumes. You’re a Princess and I’m your Prince.”


My dress is like… staring at me and begging to be worn… opiwvnagkevrjf

I’m more excited about getting my hair and make-up done, though xD

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Hi Matt~ Could I request a scenario where Subaru and Kou are fighting over the reader? With a lot of jealous and this kind of stuff, pretty pleeeease *^* They are my favorite rivals xP Thanks, I love your writing so much! ♡

Their glares could have burnt holes into each other as they stared, teeth gritted and hands tightening on one of the scared girls hands. She panicked a little, looking to Subaru, then to Kou, then to look for someone to help her.

“Let go.”

“You first~” Kou smiled, but his look said drop dead. 

“She belongs to me. Now scram,” Subaru snarled, yanking the girl towards him and catching her by the waist before she could topple over her feet. Kou’s eyes narrowed as he pulled at the girl too, dragging her away from him, yet his grip was still tight.

“L-Let go please.. It h-hurts..” She whispered quietly, but it fell upon deaf ears as the boys continued fighting over her. Suddenly, a hand shot out from no where, grabbing her waist and efficiently yanking her from the two boys, who were startled by the action, dropping her hands in the process.

It was Ayato, “Oi, let’s go, they are about to announce prom king! Don’t you want to see Ore-sama win?” 

As he dragged her away, Subaru and Kou rushed through the crowd after him, even more livid than before.

“Get back here you little-”

Too good to be true Part II | A Liam Dunbar Imagine

>> PART I  <<

Y/n P.O.V 

“Y/n, you alright?”

Blinking out of your thoughts, you turned to Mason who gave you a concerned look. You smiled weakly, nodding before staring down at your lunch and as appetising as it looks, you didn’t feel like eating.

Mason shifted in his seat slightly and let out an awkward cough. “You know he’s staring at you right?”

“I know.” You replied, muttering.

Liam was Masons best mate for as long as you remember and you didn’t want yourself to get in the way in their friendship but Liam changed. For the worse. Not only was he ditching Mason for his team mates but he was ditching you for someone else.

You looked up and watched the same brunette from last week peck Liam on the cheek whilst being crowded by tall and buff boys, or should I say men. Of course you felt like your heart was being stabbed a dozen times and shredding into a million pieces by what happened last week but you felt even more terrible by that recent scene.

He didn’t care.

Liam’s blue orbs suddenly met yours and his wide smirk fell from his face as he began to frown a little. Capturing your bottom lip with your front teeth, you turned away and gave a glance to Mason, who pulled you into a tight hug.

“Everything will get better, I promise.

Grasping your books to your chest, you began to make your way to the exit before a hand wrapped around your forearm and hauled you into the locker room. You let out a screech before you heard the door close. Once you turned around, you frowned as you stood face to face with Liam.

Your eyes trailed from his broad shoulders, to his toned chest then slowly to his-

Shutting your eyes quickly and shielding your hands over them, you let out a gasp. “Bloody hell Liam! Put some pants on! What are you trying to do give me a bloody heart attack?” You yelled, as he chuckled lightly.

You waited silently as you heard shuffling in front of you. “I’m all done, you can open your eyes Y/n.”

Peeking an eye open, you sighed in relief as he was fully dressed with his wet hair dripping to his forehead. You then crossed your arms over your chest and asked, “So what do you want?”

Liam took a step towards you but you quickly shook your head and stepped backwards. “I-I want to explain-”

You scoffed, “Explain what Liam? I don’t expect or need an explanation from you, so I’m leaving. Um- see you around.” With that, you grasped the door handle but Liam quickly blocked the only exit of this room, as he stood right in front of you.

“Liam plea-”

He quickly shook his head, “No listen to me Y/n, please.”

With that, you sighed and nodded, waiting for him to speak.

“Y/n, I’m sorry.” He paused, running his fingers through his damp hair. “I-I just don’t know anymore. I’m so stupid for letting you slip through my fingers and hurt you. I love you, Y/n.”

You felt a pang in your chest and held your hand up, “Stop. Please just stop. Don’t say stuff you don’t mean Liam. You don’t love me Liam, you never have. All i was to you a summer fling and you can’t deny that, even though my feelings for you are still the same from the beginning. But people change.”

“What do you mean?”

“You changed Liam, I don’t even know who you are any more. Ditching Mason and me, for the popular squad? You’re not only hurting me but your best mate. Don’t push the people who care about you away.”

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion and he waked towards you. “Then why do you want me to push you away?”

“Because you don’t care Liam. As much as you tried-”

Suddenly, his warm lips hover over mine. It was almost urgent. You suck in a breath as your heart jerks in your chest, surprised. His hands gripped your waist pulling you closer until your chests were touching. Sighing, you finally gave in and pressed your palms against his chest.

As he pulled away, he pressed his forehead against yours as his warm breath tickled your cheeks. “Why did you do that?” You questioned.

“Because i wanted to prove to you that my feelings for you are real too. Always have been.” He replied, caressing your cheeks with his hands.

Out of nowhere, Liam yelled in agony as he fell on his knees and grasped his head almost clawing his hair out. You gasped and fell next to him, shaking him slightly.

“Liam? What’s wrong? Tell me!” You began, as he continued to wail about until he finally stopped and raised his head. “Liam, what happened?”

His vibrant yellow eyes then met yours as he growled, whipping his claws out. You began to crawl backwards as Liam stalked menacingly towards you with a grim smirk.

Trembling, you felt the brim of your eyes beginning to water and your heart pounding wildly in your chest.

He was going to kill you.

Once your back encountered the wall, you began to panic but you couldn’t escape, he was close, too close. You shielded your arm over your face as Liam raising his sharp claws.

“Liam, please don’t.” You pleaded, letting out a sob.

You then waited for him to sink his claws into your skin but it never came. Moving your arm, you glanced up at Liam who stared back at you with wide eyes. You stood up and gulped, not noticing your silent tears.

“Y/n- I don’t know what happened-”

“Stay away from me Liam. I mean it.” You interrupted before scramming out of the room and not for the first time ever, running from someone who you loved. But the difference was that now, you were absolutely terrified.

A/n P.O.V


So if you do want a part three then of course let me know! Thank you ever so much to everyone who read and enjoyed part one, i’ve gotten so many requests for part two, so here it is. I hope you like it!

-Liam Dunbar

-not my gif

-requests are open! 

Yves x 

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I don't wanna type out my url

Then you don’t get the meme, get out of here. Scram. Jk, ilu bb.

Send me your URL and I’ll tell you || Accepting.

My Opinion on;

Character in general: He’s a charmer, but instead of being a snake charmer, he’s the snake itself. Ruthless with an interesting back story. And he has decent taste in women.
How they play them: I adore the way he portrays Jack. He puts so much heart into him, and the jokes he can put in his roleplays is downright amazing.

The Mun: Ohh boy, this could get sappy. Frankly, I love the guy. He’s my best friend and I know I can always turn to him. I can’t even recall a day where we didn’t talk. 

Do I:

RP with them: Yeeeep.
Want to RP with them:  Been roleplaying together for a little over five years. Hell if I ever want to start. Besides, he owes me billions of replies.

What is my;

Overall Opinion: You’d never regret following him, because his heart is gold, and his Jack is great. Plus, he sucks dick for follows, so go follow him.

Chase [Day 8 MC!Reader×Seven one-shot]


Because apparently one fluffy fanfic isn’t enough. Have this pseudo-fluffy one! I am crying! This is fine! Day 8 is swell! So full of love! Haha! I’m sorry for this! I can’t let myself suffer alone!


You giggle – the first time since Seven arrived at the appartment, ironically – and then you immediately scram to the bedroom’s exit upon Seven’s quite intense, quite fiersome snarl, but unlike the ones that accompanied your previous attempts to get closer to him, Seven’s expression was purely for show as his gaze follows your escape.

“Hey, wait!” he exclaims, his voice through the phone and the one in the real world adding up to your adrenaline. Without much difficulty, Seven has risen out of his “corner” and you immediately make a dash down the hallway, towards the entirety of Rika’s admittedly lavish appartment, with the playful taunts of the cute hacker resounding behind you.

“Catch me, why don’t you?” you respond to one of his ‘I WILL bite!’, which he delivered with no shortness of breath. A memory of a sweating and panting Luciel barging into the appartment just yesterday popped in your head. He had run then, from a far enough department store, so that he can reach you in time. To save you.

The memory plays out unbidden, how Saeran… that brother of Seven’s – Luciel’s – whoever he is assaulted you… the pain in both of their voices, the coldness which Luciel treated you with from that point onwards…

You get too lost in your thoughts; Seven does not hesitate because of your distracted state and successfully catches up to you, grabbing hold of both your arms. Involuntarily you let out a shriek, one of surprise and joy, and you only realise how breathless you are after Seven pushes you against a wall, preventing your escape.

You grin as you catch your breath, looking up to Seven’s wonky glasses, messed up from running. If you could move your arms you would have fixed them. You would also run your hand through his red curls, but he doesn’t need to know that.

“Well then,” you say. “Caught me at last.”

“Caught you,” he repeats, giving a quick grin that vanishes just as soon as it appeared. You could have missed it if you aren’t standing inches from his face like now.

This, you think, is how things should be. Lighthearted. Fun. No walls between you. Close. Close. Closer.

You feel his ragged breathing, faint against your cheek, and hear it as you close your eyes. The words “are you going to kiss me” are on the tip of your tongue, ready to be followed up with a “or you can bite me, whichever you prefer”.

Before you even open your mouth, Luciel releases his grip on you and clears his throat. Shocked, you open your eyes. Without warning, he takes one humongous step back. “I. I’m gonna go back to work now. Please don’t bother me again.”

His eyes now trained on the bedroom door, the man before you leaves wordlessly.

I had to write something for J2′s drunken date night (x, x). To be honest my inner tinhatter is still waiting for these photos to emerge…

It’s when Jensen starts kissing random fans on the forehead that Jared should probably start to worry, but he’s too drunk to care. They’re weaving their way through the crowds on sixth street, stopping every now and again to chat to the groups of guys and girls who recognise them and want a photo or a quick hello, or the two hundred bucks that Jared impulsively peeled out of his wallet to give to a giggly blonde who was celebrating her birthday (perhaps). Sometimes people just yell “SUPERNATURAL!” or “SAM AND DEAN!”, and Jensen offers them a drunken salute or a whoop. They’re deeply inebriated, both of them, loaded up on a long day’s drinking in the sun, floating on a warm sea of friendly sociability.

So, it’s not surprising that when one peppy little girl pops up and asks for a picture, Jensen follows up the weight of his arm around her shoulders with a kiss to the forehead that dissolves into a laugh. Jared takes in the spectacle, is amused, but is too busy trying to keep his feet to do more than offer a smile. The ground has grown unsteady beneath him, swinging in big circular rotations that switch direction disorientingly just as he moves to counter them.

As they walk away from the girl, Jared clutches at Jensen’s shoulder, seeking stability. Jensen stumbles immediately and the two of them end up crashing into another group of kids, who recognise them pretty quick and greet them with noisy enthusiasm.

“I love you guys!” says one of the girls.

“Yeah, love the show,” echoes a guy in a tank top, and Jensen folds the both of them into an expansive embrace.

“We love you too,” he says. “We love you.” He kisses the girl on the cheek, the guy, and they’re both laughing but some of their more sober friends are looking a little perturbed.

“Okay,” Jared says, tugging at the back of Jensen’s T-shirt. “Okay, stop assaulting people with your face. It’s time to go.”

Jensen swings around, wide-eyed, and beams. “JAY!” he says. He looks back at the girl. “He’s my best friend, you know. I love him.”

The girl’s laughing, nodding. “Can I get a picture of you two?” she says.

“Sure,” says Jensen, “I’ll give you something to look at.” And then suddenly it’s Jared he’s kissing, right on the mouth, and the kids are cheering and Jared is fairly sure that this is something they aren’t supposed to be doing in public, but he’s fuzzy-drunk and so wobbly that really the only thing he can do is cling tight to Jensen’s T-shirt and hope that they don’t fall over.

It’s a long time before Jensen steps away, stumbles, and then regains his balance. His face bobs bright in Jared’s vision. “That was awesome, man,” he says. He’s right.

Then Jensen looks backwards, out and around at the little crowd of girls that has gathered, cameras high. “Okay, you guys,” he says. “You got your picture, and I love you. Now scram. This one’s just for us.” And he wraps his arms around Jared again.

[The morning after E-Gumi’s Reunion]

Nagisa woke up with a hangover from last night’s reunion. He doesn’t remember much, but he knows that he drank a lot of beer last night.

He looked around. He slept at the classroom, but he wasn’t alone. Besides him was his redhead bestfriend, Karma, still asleep. The others must already be in the kitchen, probably to sober up. He decided to wake Karma up so they can go there together.

On the way to the kitchen, it was unusually quiet. Of course, most of them is probably gone now so it’s to be expected.

When Nagisa and Karma got in front of the kitchen, Nagisa suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Karma? Don’t you think something is strange?” Nagisa asked

“Hmm? I don’t know, I think we just have to sober up.”


Nagisa grabbed the door handle and twisted it. He opened the door and–


A confetti blew up in front of their faces.
Followed by a series of clapping, crying, and congratulations by their classmates. Turns out they were all still here.

Karma and Nagisa looked at each other, then at their classmates.

“Congratulations? For what?” They both asked

“Oh come on, don’t you guys remember?” Rio stepped up and said to them. She then grabbed her cellphone and started to look for something. She held it out for both of them to see and it was a picture of both of them.

A picture of both of them kissing. A picture of Karma and Nagisa having their lips touched by each other.

Both of them was surprised and flustered.

“Oh that’s not all of it!” Rio said

“There’s MORE???” The two shouted at the blonde.

Rio clears her troath, “Maehara,Isogai, if you please..?”

Maehara and Isogai appeared in front of them.

“Karma, I have something to tell you”
Maehara said, but he was acting drunk…and it’s as if he was acting as Nagisa.

“Heh? What is it, Nagi? Tell me anything!”
Isogai said as if he was Karma

“You know, ever since Middle School, I’ve always looked up to you. You’re amazing, Karma. But well, the thing is, me looking up to you has become so much more.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“I mean, I love you Karma. Yes, I love you so freaking much ever since middle school, and I still do until now”

“Nagisa… I never knew. I- I did too. I loved you too, no, I love you too”

“Then the kiss happened” Rio interrupted

Both of them didn’t say a word.

“Let’s scram.” Karma whispered to Nagisa.

Then they both ran outside.

When they got far enough, they decided to stop and talk about what just happened.

“So…uhm, is it…was it true?” Karma started.

“I - I don’t really remember saying any of those things. For all we know, this could all be just a prank…”

“Oh.” Karma looked rather disappointed.


“But?” Karma’s eyes twinkled

“If it was true, then… then I meant every word of it.”

They smiled at each other in silence for what felt like forever.

“About that kiss…” Karma said, breaking the silence.

“Oh,well, we…we were drunk and- and we didn’t know what we were doing and just…. I’m sorry about that.”

“Sorry?” Karma said with a smirk, “I want to recreate it.”

Hey guys! Just a super super quick update on what’s going on ! I really hope things are going swell for you guys ? Over here the studying is going pretty well! One exam’s now done and went ! Absolutely amazingly yooo !! o(*゚▽゚*)o *celebrates* The worse is yet to come though mmnngh ! Please wish me luck 3v3 ! 

ALSO I AM DYING YOU FOLKS ARE ALL SO ADORABLE AND SWEET, YOU SENT ME SO MANY LOVELY MESSAGES BUT I HAVE NO TIME TO RESPOND TO THEM ALL RIGHT NOW I AM SO SORRY–(cipherking lobstronomousskeleton​ cutieolivia1​ or liannrocks​ for example!! Hopefully y'all don’t mind waiting until I can answer you properly /;v;\ !)  

Just–Sorry for being so dead ! As soon as I’m free, I swear I won’t leave you alone, hehe !! *misses drawing so hARD* 

(( Here it’s! Happy Birthday!

Sorry for took that long, like…10 days I guess?
At first I’m thinking of drawing Scram as a pony, but I saw Fiddle and  Balooga did their amazing job makes me change my mind.

But it’s my first time to draw human, I really want it to be perfect.
So again, Happy Olderday! ))

I love this! For your first time drawing a human you did great.

Thank you so much Applebloom Bot Mod!


For almost two years now, you have been by my side, teaching me, loving me, and being there for me when I need you most.

I was scared to death to confess my feelings to you and my heart exploded when you told me you loved me too and agreed to be my boyfriend.

I’m so happy for the time that we share.

I love you so so much, boyfriend horse <3