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Mix Between Halloween and Mafia!AU Reaction: MULTI-FANDOM


“Love, I think we should stay in tonight… Those cat ears suit you very much so.”


“Let’s hope that this year, no other scum will try to flirt with you so that no `accidents with a gun` happen…”


“Yeah, hey, hello. She’s my girlfriend and I know that her kitty costume is sexy but if you don’t scram away from here, your brain’s going to splatter the floor.”


“No… No way you’re going like that. That party is only a cover for an important meeting for the decisions of turf ownership and you’re going to be distracting, dressed like that.”


“Here, Kitty, Kitty, your owner’s going to solve some serious business and I expect that when I’m done there will be no man beside you or you will get punished.” 


“It’s nice to know that during this Halloween party we’re matching even without costumes. You’re a Princess and I’m your Prince.”


My dress is like… staring at me and begging to be worn… opiwvnagkevrjf

I’m more excited about getting my hair and make-up done, though xD

Chase [Day 8 MC!Reader×Seven one-shot]


Because apparently one fluffy fanfic isn’t enough. Have this pseudo-fluffy one! I am crying! This is fine! Day 8 is swell! So full of love! Haha! I’m sorry for this! I can’t let myself suffer alone!


You giggle – the first time since Seven arrived at the appartment, ironically – and then you immediately scram to the bedroom’s exit upon Seven’s quite intense, quite fiersome snarl, but unlike the ones that accompanied your previous attempts to get closer to him, Seven’s expression was purely for show as his gaze follows your escape.

“Hey, wait!” he exclaims, his voice through the phone and the one in the real world adding up to your adrenaline. Without much difficulty, Seven has risen out of his “corner” and you immediately make a dash down the hallway, towards the entirety of Rika’s admittedly lavish appartment, with the playful taunts of the cute hacker resounding behind you.

“Catch me, why don’t you?” you respond to one of his ‘I WILL bite!’, which he delivered with no shortness of breath. A memory of a sweating and panting Luciel barging into the appartment just yesterday popped in your head. He had run then, from a far enough department store, so that he can reach you in time. To save you.

The memory plays out unbidden, how Saeran… that brother of Seven’s – Luciel’s – whoever he is assaulted you… the pain in both of their voices, the coldness which Luciel treated you with from that point onwards…

You get too lost in your thoughts; Seven does not hesitate because of your distracted state and successfully catches up to you, grabbing hold of both your arms. Involuntarily you let out a shriek, one of surprise and joy, and you only realise how breathless you are after Seven pushes you against a wall, preventing your escape.

You grin as you catch your breath, looking up to Seven’s wonky glasses, messed up from running. If you could move your arms you would have fixed them. You would also run your hand through his red curls, but he doesn’t need to know that.

“Well then,” you say. “Caught me at last.”

“Caught you,” he repeats, giving a quick grin that vanishes just as soon as it appeared. You could have missed it if you aren’t standing inches from his face like now.

This, you think, is how things should be. Lighthearted. Fun. No walls between you. Close. Close. Closer.

You feel his ragged breathing, faint against your cheek, and hear it as you close your eyes. The words “are you going to kiss me” are on the tip of your tongue, ready to be followed up with a “or you can bite me, whichever you prefer”.

Before you even open your mouth, Luciel releases his grip on you and clears his throat. Shocked, you open your eyes. Without warning, he takes one humongous step back. “I. I’m gonna go back to work now. Please don’t bother me again.”

His eyes now trained on the bedroom door, the man before you leaves wordlessly.

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