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Has Anyone Seen My Harley?!

Request:Could I get a Jerome fic? Him and Harley were already an established relationship and she was there with him the night he died, after he kills Dwight he goes to find her!! I need total worship of his face please :)) You can have whatever you want to happen just as long as they reunite.
Word count: 1,406

Harley POV:
“You said I was gonna be…” Jerome’s voice dies down and his heart slows down completely. “No! No. Come on Mr. J. Pull through. Come on Jerome. Come on! Stay with me you crazy thing!” I cry into his body.

I turn to see Galavan acting innocent and scared. “You son of a bitch!” I grab a knife and charge to him screaming. I’m unable to get to him when Babs grabs me and makes me follow her into the secret exit.

I cry as I run and as we come to a stop Babs holds me. “I know honey. I know it’s okay. Look. We can go shopping and get our nails done when we’re not wanted anymore! That’d be fun!” He says trying to cheer me up. It didn’t work.

Nothing worked.

A year later and I’m still moping around. Sure I’ve gotten back on my feet and gotten myself out there with the business, but it’s not the same. Not the same without J.

I look at myself in my mirror. I examine my red/black hair sectioned into two ponytails. My black and red corset hugging my body snuggle. my black and red shorts making my ass look incredibly sexy. The red and black knee socks on each leg topped off with one red converse and a black one. “Oh you’d love this look J. You always said red was my color.” I can almost hear his laughter.

I skipp up the street and giggle when everyone crosses the other way. I see a banner hanging in an alleyway. It has the eyes and HAHAHA! For the mouth. I’ve heard about this! It’s a tribute to Jerome!

Should I go? Yes! They would love to see me! Oh what am I thinking? No! It would hurt to much! Ugh so many choices!

Deciding against my fears and sadness I follow the sign and a few weird dressed people. I pull back the sheet and see a bunch of people chanting his name. Oh my Jerome has a true fan base! Oh he’d be such a proud daddy!

I look up to the front and see a man stepping down wearing a mask. Oh come on! This is Gotham! What kind of person wears a mask!

I look closer and see the details of the mask. The pale sink. The cute little curve of the lips… the red eyebrows… he’s not wearing a mask. HE’S WEARING JEROME’S FACE!

“Hey! What are you doing with Mr. J’s face?! That doesn’t belong to you!” I scream and make my way to the front. Gasps and laughs are faintly heard as I make my way to the man.

“You-you’re Harley Quinn. He- his beloved lover.” I smile and giggle. “Ah yes. But besides that! WHY DO YOU HAVE HIS FACE?!”

“Well I-” “GCPD! Nobody move!” Jim Gordon yells as he enters, and of course what does everyone do? Run.

I flip off the stage and walk to the gentleman. “Harley. What a pleasure.” Jim says sarcastically. “Always. Hello Harv.” “Evening darling. Care to tell us what this was?” I shrug my shoulders. “I’m clueless as you… HEY! How bout I help you out? I’m really good at finding clues! Oh come on please please please? I’m bored.” I say hugging to Jim.

He huffs and peels me off. “Fine. No funny business or we’re bringing you in.” Harvey says. “Oh yippie! Yay yay yay!” I giggle and tumble across the room. “Come along chaps!”

We look through the entire building until we come to the basement. “Ah… Harvey?” “Yeah partner?” I ignore them and keep playing with a rubix cube I found in this dump. “Why would he cut off his face?”

At this I drop my toy and run over to them seeing a body. A cold and handsome dead body. “Aw Jerome look at you. Faceless and still sexy. Can’t you just pull anything off?” I giggle and sit next to his body on the table.

“Harley do you know anything? You seem… normal.” At this Harvey laughs. “Doing fine. Just came to terms that he’s gone. I can always carry out his legacy. Obviously not as well, but I could!” “Right. Well how about you go home and wash your face, and we take this guy to the GCPD.” “Whoa! You mean I can’t come with you?” They look at me and shake their heads. “Aw man!” I huff and kick the dirt. “Guess I’ll just go shoplifting then. Been needing some new rags anyway. See ya fellas!” I wave and cartwheel out.

Lee Pov:
I walk back into the room and see a cop on the ground and blood dripping from his head. “What the-” suddenly I’m grabbed from behind with a hand over my mouth and a gun to my head. “Boo!”

Harley POV:
I toss another piece of popcorn into my mouth and chew flipping through the channels. I flip past the news channel and see that man from before. The one with J’s face!

Lee POV:
Jerome claps his hands after I tell him of his death and what has happened. “Well that is quite a story. Now tell me more about this cult. They think I’m pretty great?” I scoff. “They’re a bunch of crazy lunatics.” “Ah my kind of people! I know you. Don’t I?” “Yep.” He steps slightly closer. “Did you and I ever…” he says with the gun at his crotch and thrust. “Ugh god no!” “Why? Gingers not your type?” “Why don’t you talk to Harley? I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate you asking that.”

He steps back a confused look painting his face. “Harley?” “Yes. Your girlfriend I assume. It’s never actually been said. You kind of always went along.” “Girlfriend… show me show me!” I point to a picture on the paper. “Got to say she a real trip. Always bouncing around.” “Ah. Harley Quinn. My Harley. Got to say red is her color.” He stuffs the paper in his pocket of the stolen cop uniform. “Now. One more thing. Where is my face?”

Harley POV:
I balance on my beam while watching tv when suddenly the channel changes. I don’t pay attention and keep focusing on my handstand from 4 feet off the ground.

“Am I live? Am I on air? Can you hear me? Ah, screw it. Let’s do it. Hi.” I fall off the beam to the floor and scrambled to the tv. Jerome! Oh baby! He’s got his face back! Oh I love it!

“Some of you may know, I died.Uh-oh. But take it from me, death is dull but coming back that is something. Leave it to dying to give you a whole new perspective on life. And I would like to share that with you. Uh, Officer, you look terrible.” Jerome walks over to the man who took his face. “Hey, you got oh.” He pulls out a stick of dynamite from his ear making me laugh.

“Tonight, Gotham, in the darkness, there are no rules. So, tonight, Gotham do what you want.
Kill who you want. Hmm? And when morning comes you, too, shall be reborn. Oh and has anyone seen my Harley? Cause baby I’m coming for you.” I throw my arms up and spin around the room. I then sit patiently for him to walk in the door.

Jerome POV:
“Oh and has anyone seen my Harley. Cause baby I’m coming for you.” I laughs and skip out leaving Dwight to die. I skip to her apartment and compose myself. I look down and pick a flower. I twist the knob. “Honey. I’m home.” I say laughing. I feel two arms wrap around my neck and I hear her cute giggle in my ear. “Ah there’s daddy’s girl.”

She brings up a torch and flips it on. “Oh J your face! Did it hurt?” I lift her chin and smirk at her. “Not in the slightest. Whatcha think? How does it look?” She bites her lip and circles me taking in my appearance. “I think it looks a okay.” She pulls my tie to meet her lips. She plays with the ends of my hair and I grip her hips. “What do you say we go on a spree? Like the old days?” She places the police hat on her head and spins to the door. “Right this way Mr. J.” Oh it’s good to be back.

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Roman x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: sex, smut, oral

“She’s late.” Roman grunted as he glanced around.

Peter shrugged and shuffled  little as he balanced on Roman’s car. “She’s probably hoping we’ll leave after the conversation I had with her last night.” Peter muttered, not really thinking much about what he said until he glnaced at Roman and saw him frowning his way.

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based off of this prompt 

summary - patton just wants to watch a movie and then everything goes horribly wrong and there’s also some tickling involved 

pairing - royality 

word count - 1,469

warnings - angst

tags - hurt/comfort

a/n - im determined to make everyone ship royality as much as i do

tagging - @ace-anxiety-sanders @pointless-blog-name @lampisimportant @pippa-frost @jinxed-unicorn @starrykid@pattykrabbies @alright-cupid

Leslie Knope sits professionally in front of the camera—hands folded neatly on her desk, red pen twirling between her fingers—when the camera starts rolling. “I ate a brownie once at a party in college,” she informs the camera man, grinning brightly, “it was kind of an indescribable feeling, really—it felt like I was floating.” She pauses, leaning back in her chair with a thoughtful sigh. “It turns out there wasn’t any marijuana it it—it was just a really good brownie.”

Prince switches off the television with a soft chuckle, throwing an arm over the back of the couch as he turns to face Morality — who’s staring at the now blank screen with a confused expression troubling his features. “What’s bothering you, dearest?” Prince asks in a tone of mild concern, squeezing the shoulder closest to him inquisitively.

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Mini scenarios of oikawa, Kuroo, and Sugawara how they handle their gf's mischevous nephew who pulls pranks on the boys.

These were fun! And made me super excited because as it turns out I’m gonna be an Auntie soon myself!

“What is this?!”

Her head popped up from the book she was reading to turn to the living room where Oikawa had been with her nephew for the last half hour. The sound of her boyfriend screeching was definitely not a good sign, for sure, but knowing the little devil her nephew could be, she wasn’t very surprised by the noise. “Tooru,” she called, reaching for her bookmark, “everything okay?”

Giggles came her way, the small body of the mini torment came rushing at her with arms wide. She instantly leaned to scoop him up, smiling in return at his grinning face. “What’s you do to Uncle Tooru, huh?” The only answer she received was another fit of laughter, small arms raising to his chest and his shoulders rising; he was claiming nothing, just as he always did when he was the cause of something.

“My hair!”

“Oh, no,” she grinned back at her nephew as she turned into the bathroom where Oikawa was bent over the sink to shove his into the mirror, hands raised over his head. He was unsure of where to dig his fingers into the wildly tangled mess in any attempt to fix it.


There was no stopping the laughter that came from her then which was joined by the small boy’s in her arms, “I don’t know, Tooru, I think it might look better now.”


“Both palms of the table,” the eleven-year-old demanded, placing two glasses filled with water on the surface of the table. He waited patiently for Kuroo to do as he was told and didn’t say another word until he saw both hands displayed flat on the surface of the table. “Okay, so you have to balance both glasses without spilling them or else you lose the bet.”

“I know the rules, kid,” Kuroo replied cockily. He almost felt bad making the deal with the kid, but he couldn’t pass it up after the tenth time he had asked. Sending an amused smile to the boy’s aunt, he gave her a wink, smile tugging wider when she rolled her eyes at him. Turning back to her nephew, he watched as the boy carefully set both glasses on top of the back of his hands, waiting until they were perfectly balanced before taking his hands away.

There was a beat of silence as all of their eyes remained on the cups, breath stopping as they anticipated them to fall, but… they remained still; unmoving.

“Ha!” the laugh of triumph left Kuroo’s lips, his head whipping towards the small boy who appeared completely unfazed, “sorry, kid, maybe next time.”

The boy shrugged, an ‘oh, well’ leaving his lips as he rounded the table, hand taking his aunt’s and pulling her from the kitchen with the suggestion of watching a movie for the evening. And they were gone, leaving Kuroo stranded with two hands trapped under two glasses of water. He paused, staring at his hands, brows furrowing. Slowly, the genius of this small boy hit him hard; looks like he was the loser today.

“Hey,” he finally called, “I’m stuck.”

The laughter that erupted from the living room came as no surprise to him in the slightest.

“Time for bed, Bud,” she informed the ten-year-old who was sprawled out on the living room floor, eyes on the screen of the television, which didn’t move despite the words of his aunt. She stepped over him, hands on her hips as she leaned over him, “Come on, your mom will kill me if I let you stay up past eight again.”

“Five more minutes,” he delivered the counter offer without removing his gaze from the television.


“Three more minutes,” he continued to haggle.

“Fine,” moving to cross the room to the kitchen, she smiled as Sugawara pulled the bag of popcorn from the microwave, turning to look at her as she entered. “We’ll have the TV soon,” she informed.

He grinned, leaning to press his mouth to hers, “Ya know, we don’t really need the TV.” The suggestion was very appealing, especially since they hadn’t been able to be alone since her nephew had been dropped off the day before.

“Night Auntie. Night Suga,” the small boy peeked his head into the kitchen to say before scurrying off to the spare bedroom he had taken over. Both adults returned the words as he retreated, their eyes landing on each other before they were moving to the couch together. The sudden feeling of being like anxious teenagers again washing over them as they collapsed to the cushions of the couch with their limbs tangling. Lips pressed tightly together, breaths mingled, and the seconds grew more and more heated as the clock ticked.

The command for him to remove his shirt was about to leave her lips when the sudden bombardment of sound and light filled the room. Both members cried out in surprise, panic causing their brains to malfunction for multiple seconds as they searched for the source of the assault on their senses. Her hands scrambled for the television remote and pressed hard on the power button, her breath coming fast as the adrenaline pumped through her.

The TV had turned on by itself at top volume.

“What the–”

Laughter was heard from down the hall, answering the question before it was even asked. The little brat knew how to manipulate technology now. They were surely doomed.

In retrieving that Ahsoka ramble, I got distracted and ended up perusing a whole bunch of old files, and I found an entire scene that I had shoved under a rug. I was concerned with some of the pedantic details (per usual), and only ever discussed a snippet, here in this post. But y’knowww… this blog is self-described as “forever under construction,” and I do like the bulk of this scene. So, with a grain of salt, here is some dad!Rex vs. Pong Krell:

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Narumitsu prompt - Can be silly or serious. It's family movie night at the Wright house. Trucy wants to watch Disney movies because Papa Miles hasn't seen any of them. Lion King gets a little too real for him. Phoenix has to deal with the fallout. (That stampede scene tho...) Alternatively: Narumitsu Tangled AU where Miles is Rapunzel and Pheeny is Eugene. I'm in a Disney mood rn.

ok so I wrote both


[Disney Night]

“You’ve never seen any Disney movies?!”

That was the first thing Phoenix heard as he walked back into the living room. He spotted Trucy and Miles sitting on the couch, which was where the surprised gasp had come from. 

“Daddy! Papa’s never watched Disney movies!” Trucy practically yelled when she noticed Phoenix.

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Macdennis 4 "Will you just hold still?"

“Will you just hold still?”

Mac gets a better grip on Dennis’ thighs, bracing a knee against the rough wall. “Dude, I’m trying, okay? The ground is super uneven.”

“It’s not the uneven ground, for Christ’s sake,” says Dennis. He shifts on Mac’s shoulders, the muscles in his thighs working under Mac’s palms. “Just- stay still.”

“Do you see anything?” says Mac, pride smarting a little as he wobbles under Dennis’ weight. He’s sweating through the back of his shirt in the summer heat.

“The curtains are closed,” says Dennis, “I’m just gonna pop the window open. Hold still.”

There’s a grunt, and then Dennis overbalances. “Dude, be careful!” cautions Mac, grabbing Dennis’ flailing wrist, almost face-planting against the wall in front of him.

“Shut up, shut up,” hisses Dennis. He scrambles on Mac’s shoulders, kicking him in the side as he gets his upper body onto the window sill. “I got the window open.”

“Ugh, dude, ow.” Mac ducks away from Dennis’ flailing limbs, “don’t kick me, asshole!”

Dennis falls through the window with a thump, and then scrambles to his feet. His sweaty face appears in the window, looking down.

“Be quiet,” whispers Dennis, glancing furtively around the tiny back garden, “do you want us to get caught?”

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You wanted asks so, here's the thing: I saw scrambled eggs on tv and now I want to make scrambled eggs but HOW DOES ONE MAKE SCRAMBLED EGGS

alright my dude here’s the deal: u crack open some of ur hq eggs and SMASH em into ur fuckin bowl. THEN u’re gonna p much totally fuck up any remaining chance these lil chicks had of living and stir all tht shit together w a fork of ur choice. and then u put it in ur pan and add ur spices and cheese and i’ve heard tht ppl add milk to make it really fluffy. finally u throw tht shit in the trash bc eggs are nasty and i dont fuck w tht