Hockey Pucks | Jungkook (m)

Prompt: Um, Jungkook is a hockey player, but basically what happened was that it had very little to do with hockey and very much to do with sex. You’re both college students and apparently opposites really do attract just like they do in the movies.

Warnings: (18+) use of marijuana, smut (lmao what’s new), and an accidental mommy kink

Word Count: 8.4k

A/N: Yo, this spiraled very quickly and turned into a monster long fic. ANYWAy thanks 4 readin. No excuses or regerts…

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Hello, so my dad has been veg for a while now (while everyone else in the house is vegan), and he's been holding onto eggs as his morning staple forever (doesn't consume dairy anymore). He claims that he eats them because they're cheap and a good source of protein, but I feel like there has to be something out there like that, but vegan. Are there any high-protein, cheap vegan breakfast items you or your followers could suggest to replace eggs in the morning?

Tofu scramble! more protein, cheap and easy to make. Some recipes I run into are kinda complicated? just crumble some on a skillet with whatever spices (can add in some beans or lentils for added goodness) and throw in a tortilla or whatever. I can make tofu scramb burritos in like less then ten mins. There’s also oatmeal, and while quinoa isn’t always cheap it’s actually not as pricey as some people think if you buy it right, can make quinoa oatmeal for a crazy protein packed meal. Quinoas pretty great also because it’s a complete protein. Does he like smoothies? Could get a protein mix like vega to add in, or you could just get some hempseed, or just fruit with pumpkin or sunflower seeds, which are packed with protein. Hope this helped a little. Or if he’s in a super rush just some peanut butter toast with some seeds on top would make for a pretty protein packed breakfast. No need for eggs, at all. ever. haha. Maybe my followers can chime in too. c:

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"You know, Fox, I never really thought I'd live to see this day", said Maggie


MSR || S8 || Fluff/Humour

“You know, Fox, I never really thought I’d live to see this day”, said Maggie, though she doesn’t sound angry as he’d expected her to. Six inches too far away on the overstuffed couch Scully is inspecting her knuckles with apparent interest, avoiding both her mother’s eye and Mulder’s plea for help. If she’d just look at him, just for a second… but Maggie is speaking again and stretching a respectful smile over the urge to grit his teeth Mulder meets her accusation.

‘You’re sitting on my sofa in sweatpants, telling me that you talked my only living daughter, who is eight months pregnant with a child she still wont tell me the gender of, into eloping with you. To Poughkeepsie?’

The Scully stare on her face burns the air Mulder tries to draw to answer in the affirmative, and he grasps for something that could possibly make her understand, even though he himself now can’t make sense of why they did it. Why Poughkeepsie? And then there’s a small hand in his and calm flows behind it, Scully’s ring just slightly cooler than her fingers as she anchors him to her side. This was why they’d done it. The long road back from some nothing case he’d taken to keep them safe and close to home, Scully’s hand in his, both rested on the breathing bump of their child at a rest stop outside of Poughkeepsie. The biggest question Mulder would ever ask had slipped out as easily as an exhale, and she’d smiled her answer as if nothing else made sense. The universe had lined up that one perfect moment, and it had carried them to the courthouse and then home to a lifetime of wedding nights. Mulder still can’t believe he’s allowed to touch her at all, let alone sleep at her side.

But the honeymoon ended on a 4am realisation.

‘My mom is going to kill us!’ Scully had said, her sudden outburst waking the baby who has spent the six hours since performing nervous cartwheels on her bladder. And so Mulder had agreed he’d do it, for better or worse, lining up another disappointment for the Scully matriarch and driving them both over as early as is acceptable. No point in prolonging the inevitable. He wishes now he’d at least got dressed, or taken his ring off before Maggie had seen it at the front door and demanded an explanation. Mulder breathes deeply, catching a comforting wisp of Scully’s scent and is preparing a defense when Maggie interrupts.

‘Can I at least plan a blessing?’ Her voice is softer now, and when Mulder looks up he sees her eyes locked on his and Scully’s entwined hands, a small smile echoing the way her daughter has curled into his side. ‘I gave up on a white wedding years ago, I just can’t quite believe you both finally realised what the rest of us worked out in 1997.’ 

And then Scully’s scrambing for her feet, Mulder’s hands clumsy on her ass as she fights the bump’s gravity and then there’s hugging and crying, and all those ridiculous wedding emotions that he’d never thought he’d get to see on Scully’s face are making his eyes water and this, this, is what it feels like to have a family.

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Inventing Family: Chapter 1

Based on a prompt.  This was intended to be a one shot, but it’s definitely going to end up being a multi-chapter.

Clarke straightened her back, flexing her shoulder’s towards each other and craning her neck to one side until she heard a slight pop.  She sighed in relief as the tension of a long day began to drain from her muscles.  She’d finished painting the bedrooms a week ago, and now that the walls were dry, they’d finally been able to assemble all the furniture that had been stacked in boxes for weeks.  Clarke knelt down, giving the last screw on the bookshelf she’d just put together a final turn for good measure.  She stepped back, smiling as she admired her handiwork.  One conversion crib, one toddler bed, shaped like a Jeep, one bunk bed over a futon, three bookshelves, three chests of drawers, two desks, two toy chests, one changing table.  Clarke inventoried everything they’d put together in her head, making sure that there was nothing they’d forgotten.

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I’m so sorry this is so delayed guys! I was so busy with finals and trying to prepare everything to graduate.

 I was going to post two chapters for y'all but I was afraid it would be confusing because tumblr would show the second chapter first. So, I just made it one LONG chapter. I hope thats ok.

 I’m already starting the next chapter so I should be able to post again soon. Also, I’ve started brainstorming for Ravi’s hybrid fic. Thanks for reading this! Really!! It makes me so happy that people like this silly little story I started writing. You guys are awesome!


 "No, put your leg over me like this.“


“C'mon, honey, you have to move or it wont work.”

“I’m trying here. Its not my fault you’re a giant.”

“Well, you’ll have to get use to it sooner or later. If you don’t follow my lead, its going to hurt.”

“Well, I’ve never done this before. I’ve only seen videos, I’ve never actually done it.”

“I know. But you just have to trust me and I promise it’ll work." 

"Okay, I’ll try.”

In a split second, Taekwoon flipped your body until you were underneath him. It had been a month since you all had returned from the vacation house. Taekwoon was currently giving you self-defense lessons but you were trying very hard not to blush with every move he made on you. The fact that he was hovering over you now with his hands pinning your wrists down did not help. You were having a difficult time concentrating.

“Now, fight.”

This had to be the tenth time already that you tried to get out of his holds. You were determined at first but the last couple of run-thoughs your mind was wandering from its original intention. He was so focused on teaching that apparently the intimacy of the situation hadn’t hit him yet. You had yet to defeat him so you decided to change your tactic. Raising your head up you got as close to his face as possible.

“But I don’t want to fight. I like right where I’m at, honestly.”

Taekwoon blinked a couple of times and his lips parted in initial confusion. You settled your head back down on the floor and watched as the realization hit him and his expression changed. He smiled, faint glow taking over his eyes as he leaned down to close the gap. As soon as his lips ghosted over yours you brought your knees up and bucked your whole body upwards. The motion effectively caught him off-guard and you were able to flip him over. You quickly sprang to your feet so he couldn’t grab you again. The feeling of finally beating him made you jump in excitement.

“Finally! I should have done that a long time ago. Apparently I underestimated the power of seduction!” Laughter filled your apartment as you jumped around. You were so caught up in your victory that you didn’t notice Taekwoon rising from the floor and make his way towards you. You were quickly pressed against the wall and your giggles ceased. Slowly, his hands slid down your arms to capture your wrists again. He leaned closer and placed a kiss under your ear. A shudder ran throughout your body and you felt him smile against your neck.

“You should have told me earlier that you wanted to play this game. I would have stopped the lessons a long time ago.” His barely-there voice sent a tingle up your spine. His thumbs were drawing circles on your arm and left goosebumps in their wake. 

You had to take a deep breath before words could come out of your mouth. “I wasn’t really intending to but it seemed like a good idea at the time." 

"Oh, its a perfect idea.” He gazed down at you through half-lidded eyes. Lust was coming off him in waves. Lately it was getting more and more difficult to resist the temptation. Sometimes you didn’t want to. Other times you were scared beyond reasoning.

One of his hands left your wrist to wrap around your waist and pull you even closer. At the same time his lips found yours, slowly driving you to insanity. His tongue wasted no time in delving past your lips as his hand came up to sink itself into your hair. He angled your head back to gain better access to your mouth as his hand found itself under your shirt. He splayed his hand over your lower back. He moved slow–too slow. He knew exactly what he was doing. He knew what drove you crazy. With every breath your chest brushed against his and sent tingles to your toes. 

You were both forced to break apart in favor of bringing oxygen back into your lungs. He placed his forehead against yours and sighed.

“We have to stop or we’ll never make it to the company today.” He smiled ruefully. Plans had to be made for the next promotion and practicing was always on the agenda. “But plan on continuing this when we get back tonight.”

A blush crept into your cheeks at the thought of what would come later. You wriggled out of his grasp to gather your things. The boys wanted to add more english into their songs and wanted help with the pronunciation. They were already pretty good but they all had the drive to want to improve. You were packing your bag when Taekwoon stepped up behind you and hauled your back up against his chest. Quickly leaning down, a low, quick growl escaped his throat and his tongue darted out to slide across the scar on your shoulder. Desire shot through you like a bullet and your knees almost buckled.

“Jung Taekwoon, stop that!” You swatted his hand off your stomach and stepped away from him. Once he had figured out what that particular action did to you, he started doing it constantly. Usually when you least expected it.

“But I love the reaction I get from you. If you think that one is powerful, wait until we-” He stopped short and it was his turn to blush. It didn’t take long to figure out where he was going with that statement. 

“Until we what?” You feigned ignorance and put on your best ‘curious’ face.

“Nevermind. I should go and see if the others are ready to go.” He tried to escape to the door but you stepped in front of him.

“But now I’m curious!” You looked up at him, pouting slightly. “What were you talking about?" 

"I’ll explain it to you when you’re older.” He laughed while he placed his hands under your arms, lifted you, and placed you behind him. He was out the door before you could stop him. You knew exactly what he was talking about but you wanted to hear him say it. What you didn’t know was what was more powerful than the reaction you got from the scar on your shoulder. What exactly did hybrids do during sex that he wasn’t telling you? You reminded yourself to threaten him to tell you later.


An hour later you were sitting on the floor of the practice room going over some of the lyrics included in the new album while the boys went over dance routines. Every once in a while you caught yourself staring at Taekwoon. You smiled to yourself as you thought of the many internet posts you had seen that claimed VIXX was 99% legs. You decided they weren’t wrong. Watching Taekwoon was hypnotic. The fluid motions of the dance grabbed your attention. Since their backs were to you, you watched them more than you probably should. You had decided long ago that Taekwoon’s shoulders were one of your favorite things to look at, second only to his eyes.

The music stopped and you quickly looked back down at your papers before anyone would notice what you had been doing. A shadow blocked out the loght above you and you looked up. Expecting one of the boys, you were surprised to see MinJeong staring down at you. You stood up quickly in response to his greeting.

“(Y/N), could you do me a favor? I ordered some pizza for the guys but they don’t have anyone to deliver it. Do you think you could go get it for them? Its just two streets down.”

“Of course! They’re probably starving.” You grabbed your bag, leaving the papers on the floor. You wanted to let Taekwoon know that you were leaving but he was practicing in his studio so you decided not to bother him. You slipped out the back door of the company and headed to the pizza place. Luckily, you were familar with it so you didn’t need to get directions. It had gotten dark long ago so you pulled out your cell phone to use the flashlight. Unfortunately, not every alleyway had a street light. You almost stopped when you heard a noise behind you. You remembered what Taekwoon had told you. 'If you hear something around you, don’t stop. Just keep going until you reach a safe place.’

You had no way of knowing if it was a person or just a stray animal but there was no need to stay and find out. 

“Excuse me, miss?" 

Nope. Nope. Just keep walking. 

Your heart jumped into your throat when you heard the male voice behind you. You started walking faster when you heard the footsteps behind you increase in speed. You pulled your cell phone out of your pocket and his the button to speed dial Taekwoon, praying he would pick up. Hope soared when the line connected.

"Did you get lost, honey?" 

"I think somebody if following me. He tried to talk to me but I kept walking. He’s walking faster now. I’m almost–”

Your rambling was cut off when someone grabbed your phone. He grabbed your arm, inflicting pain instantly and pulled you back. He shoved you against the wall and your shoulder scraped against something metal. You could feel the warm sensation of blood slowing oozing out.

“I really don’t like it when people ignore me.” His slurred speech told you that he had been drinking, heavily.

“I’m very sorry. I–I was on the phone because I’m meeting my boyfriend. I was telling him how to get here so he’s on his way.” You were hoping if he thought someone was on the way he would leave you alone. You looked at his eyes but they were simply brown. So he wasn’t a hybrid, just a drunk bastard.

“Well, then, we’ll just have to go somewhere else.” He pulled on your arm, surely leaving bruises and hauled you along the street. You tried to wiggle out of his grip but it wasn’t working. He was dragging you behind him so you struck your foot out and slammed it into te back of his knee. It worked and he went down but he pulled you down with him. He recovered too quickly and scrambled over to you. Your back was on the ground now as he dug his knee into your stomach, effectively rendering you immobile. You brought your legs up and tried kicking him with your feet. He started pulling at the buttons on your shirt and your fear reflex went into overdrive. You began to kick and scream at him to stop. You pulled at his hands and landed a couple good hits to his face. One well placed punch to his face and blood gushed out of his nose. He didn’t seem to notice and continued his assault.

Suddenly, the weight was off your stomach and you took several deep breaths. You backed yourself up to the wall beside you. Through watery vision you could see the drunk trying to fight off Taekwoon. 

“Hyung! Stop before you kill him!” Wonshik ran up to pull Taekwoon off the assailant. Taekwoon struggled against Hyuk who had just joined the group.

“Let me go. I’m going to kill him!”

“Taekwoon?” Taekwoon stopped dead still. He whipped his head around towards you. The attacker completely forgotten, he rushed towards you. He searched your body in search of injuries. When his hand touched the open wound in your back, you flinched. He swore loudly and slowly helped you to your feet.

“You fucking bitch! You broke my nose!” The attacker was trying to break free from Wonshik and Hyuk.

“Hey, asshole, thats no way to speak to a lady!” Wonshik smacked him the back of the head.

“Lady?! Bullshit! She’s a freak of nature! Fucking around with hybrids. You think it was a coincidence that I attacked you? You better watch your back, you whore!”

Hyuk took that moment to slam his fist into the attacker’s jaw, effectively knocking him out.

You were numb. The realization that people were following you and purposefully attacking you made your head spin. You took one more look at the unconscious man on the ground before walking towards the company building. You faintly heard Taekwoon calling your name but you had no strength to respond. It was taking everything inside of you to keep yourself upright. 

You continued to walk towards the company building but you could feel Taekwoon’s presence beside you. You stopped when you felt a soft touch at your elbow. 

“The guys said they would get the rest of your stuff. Let’s just go home, okay?”

You absentmindedly nodded and turned to the left, towards the apartment. You didn’t remember the journey there but before you knew it, you were at your door. Taekwoon reached around from behind you and put the code in. Walking in and stepping out of your shoes, you continued until you reached the couch. Taekwoon came into your vision again with your first aid kit. Your vision cleared a bit when Taekwoon’s fingers reached for the buttons on your shirt. You grabbed his wrists and looked up at him. He reached up with one hand to cup your cheek. You could see a mix of pain and sorrow in his eyes beneath the red.

“I need to patch up the cut on your back.” You released his wrists and he went back to the buttons. “How did you get cut?”

The tone in his voice made you suspect that he really didn’t want to know but he needed to know. 

“He–he pushed me against the wall. There must have been something metal sticking out that I hit." 

"I should have gone with you. I didn’t even know you had left until I went out of the studio and MinJeong Hyung told me.” He gently pushed your shirts off your shoulders. When the air hit your bare skin, you blushed. Taekwoon reached behind you and pulled the throw blanket off the back. He shook it open and covered your chest with it. His gentleman tendencies made you smile slightly. He moved behind you on the couch and began to bandage the cut. It was quiet for a few minutes before you realized you needed to talk or you would go crazy reliving the attacker’s assault.

“They’re never going to stop, are they?“

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Explicit | Word Count: 2.3k | [AO3]

I saw @prettyboydean‘s reblogged gif post with these two and I needed to write this. 

They left without him again. They probably want to have a family moment together. Dean’s words echo in his mind We’re family, Cas. Maybe not family enough. Mary is back and they probably don’t need him anymore, or at the moment. It’s probably nothing personal. He’s got more pressing matters, though, he has to fix his mistake and hunt down Lucifer.

Castiel bangs the door of the pickup truck and sighs. Reaching into his trench coat, he feels the piece of paper with the man with the endearing accent’s number. Okay, it wasn’t that endearing; he’s heard many people with it but something about his sent tingles through his body. Taking the scrap paper out, he reads the name and the number. Maybe he’ll know something about Lucifer, it might be a stretch but it doesn’t hurt to try.

He takes out his cell and types in the number. With a deep breath he presses call, bringing the phone up to his ear. He listens to the first ring, then the second, then the third, maybe he won’t pick up. With the final ring, he hears a weary voice grumble an unwelcoming hello.

“Is this Mick?” Castiel gruffly asks.

“Yes. Whose…Mr. ‘I don’t sweat under any circumstances?” Mick’s voice clears up.

“My name is Castiel.” He exhales in annoyance.

“Right.” Mick chuckles, “How may I be at your service?”

“Meet me at Rudy’s Bar.” Castiel states, remembering he passed it while coming over to this place. “I have some questions.”

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Can you just imagine this morning at around 10 a.m. 

Harry and Ginny were probably scrambing around their house trying to make sure James got everything he needed before they left. Last minute breakfast, scooping up Lily and Albus, loading James’s things. Getting in the car and driving out to King’s Cross Station. 

James Sirius Potter nervous but completely excited as he passed through the barrier and onto Platform 9 ¾ with his family closely behind. Pushing his cart and loading his trunk and maybe even a snowy owl that Harry had specifically took a liking to. 

People staring and whispering excitedly as they saw the Potters pass by and meeting up with the Weasleys. All their close friends and cousins forming a large knot as they chatted, smiling at the rushing memories from the sight of the red steam engine, the Hogwarts Express. 

Reporters snapped several pictures and tried to ask questions, but one look from Grandma Molly sent them scurrying back to give the family room. Then the Hogwarts Express gave a loud whistle, annoucing time to board. 

Ginny trying to correct James’s collar and brushing down his hair but ending up just laughing with teary eyes. Everyone giving a bouncing James’s a hug and goodbyes and tousling his hair. At last, he came to his father who grinned down at him. 

“Stay out of trouble kiddo. Though I doubt you will with a name like yours.” 

With that, Harry waved his son onto the train. Everyone waved again and called out last-minute advice and encourgement. “Don’t do too much snooping around!” a wink from Ron. “Write back!” from Ginny as she picked up a squiriming Lily. “Don’t forget you have tea with Hagrid!” Hermione reminded “And stay on top of your homework!” 

At last, the train whistled again and lurked to a slow pace. Albus ran along his brother’s window and laughed as his blue-haired godbrother made a funny face at him. Several of the Weasleys’ kids and their friends’ had also boarded the train, all filling up one compartment as they yelled out their excited farewells to their family. 

The red steam engine at last pulled out of the station, James sticking out his tongue in a good-bye to his little brother. Everything shrank away behind them, but many laughs and good times were ahead. And Harry Potter’s son couldn’t help but sneak out the Maurader’s Map and begin planning for a fanatsic first-year with his partners-in-crime.