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@violetserenmod wanted me to draw a Galaxy Express smartpone. Since the Galaxy Express is a low-end phone, I thought it would be amusing to draw her as a filly. Her design is loosely based off my Galaxy S3/S4 pony, since the Galaxy Express phone has a very similar design to the S3 phone.

It seems as though poor Express pony is getting teased by Galaxy S7 pony. :c


I was getting tired of drawing ponies in my own style, so I decided to do a 3rd style challenge where I try to imitate other artist’s styles. All the images you see were drawn 100% from scratch by me. Here’s the links to the first and second challenges.

I needed new styles this time around and a new character to draw. I ended up going with my robot girl/filly Harmony.

Artist styles in order:













I had a lot of fun doing these. It’s also given me some good ideas on how I can improve my own style. 

A while ago a few people were asking me to draw the Nexus 5X/6P as a smartpone. This design is heavily based off of my Nexus 5 design, but with the addition of more google-specific colours, slightly different hairstyle and accessories. Since the Nexus 5X/6P comes with a fingerprint scanner, I thought some detective gear (the magnifying glass and flashlight) would work well.

Decided to make a new character, since I am sorely lacking in OCs and need something new to draw. She’s a chubby African Wild Dog because I love African Wild Dogs and I want to learn how to draw non-standard body types. Rather than set her backstory in the modern-day era (like Rafale), I decided to go for the 1940′s, back when gambling and casinos were at its most popular. 

Special thanks to @xenithion and @violetserenmod for letting me use their characters as dealers in the top picture. 

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My OC Rafale Chevalier in the style of Show By Rock. She makes for a cute collie girl. c:

I’ve never really drawn in an anime style before, but I wanted to make this pic as show-accurate as possible. Rafale is also wearing a more elaborate and flashy version of her regular outfit. It was a lot of fun drawing this and I’m tempted to do similar drawings in the future.