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I Would Never Regret Meeting You

||| Anon asked: hi can you possibly make a mark from nct mafia au, like a scenario(: |||

Mark Lee x Reader

Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff

Word count: 1,091

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“Aren’t you too young to be working as a barista?”

“Aren’t you too old to pretend that your studying in a coffee shop just to look cool.” he retorted.

“Excuse me.” you tried making an offended face. “I’m only one year older than you.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that you’re not really studying.” he laughed.

But he was right, lately you have been coming here only to see him. He was new here and way younger compared to other employees. You found this boy incredibly cute and he kept distracting you, so now you don’t even try to study when it’s his shift. You two kept teasing each other but he actually never gave you a valid answer as to why he’s here and where he came from. When all the customers were served he leaned down next to your ear.

“You really want to know why I work here.” he asked, this time with a serious face. You just gulped. You have never seen him this focused before.

“Yes.” you finally spoke.

“This is all just a cover up for my mission, I’m actually in the mafia.” he said.

You looked at him for few seconds and then started laughing.

“And here I thought you were going to be serious for once.” you said punching him in the shoulder.

It seems he was content with your response.

“No need to attack me like that.” he chuckled, massaging the place you just hit.

“Yeah, yeah. Can you now let me focus for once?”

“Fine. Have your way princess.” he bowed down and went to the counter. “Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.” he mumbled.

“What’s that?”

“I said I think you have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.”

You just blushed and quickly turned around.

“What’s up with him today? He’s not acting like himself.” you thought to yourself.


After that day you haven’t seen much of him. You were coming to the shop every single day but he was nowhere to be found and your mood would go down every time he wasn’t there but you tried to convince yourself it’s not because of him. One morning you were going to the coffee shop again when you saw him exiting the building.

“Mark!” you shouted running up to him. “Where were you these past two weeks? I was beginning to worry.” you started when you noticed he wasn’t wearing his work clothes and he had bruises on his face and hands, like he was in a fight or something.

“Oh my God! What happened?” you asked taking his hand.

“None of your business.” he said, roughly pulling it out of your grasp.

“Are you serious?” you couldn’t believe how he was acting. “Why are you being a jerk? I was thinking and worrying about you all this time and that’s all you can say to me?”

“I never asked you to.”

That was it. You couldn’t look at him right now.

“Fine, if that’s how you want it to be.” you shoved him aside and went into the shop. You turned around and your eyes met. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking. You stared at each other seemingly for ages but it was only a few seconds when he finally averted his gaze and walked away.

“What’s up with him today?” you asked the other employees.

“Didn’t you hear? I thought you two were pretty close. He quit.”

“What?!” you shouted standing up from the chair and running outside. You don’t know anything else about him nor his last name, nor his number. It can’t end like this. But he was nowhere to be seen.

“Shit.” you went back inside and ordered a coffee. You sat at a table in one of the corners and tried to focus on the things you had to do but kept spacing out most of the time, thinking about what happened.

“We’re closing.” one employee said.

“Ah sorry.”

“Are you okay? You were sitting here all day doing nothing and just staring ahead of you.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” you quickly gathered your things and stepped outside. It was already dark and pretty cold. You never stayed here for this long. You were heading in the direction of your home when someone put his hand on your mouth and dragged you into a nearby alley. The person then slammed you into the wall.

“If you make any kind of noise, I will kill you just now and here, understand?” and you just nodded.

“What a nice catch but I could never understand why you would get yourself involved with the likes of Mark.” at the mention of his name your eyes widened.

“Ooh so you really do know him. Now be a good girl and tell me everything. We have seen you two together for a while now, so you must have some valuable information.” he said pulling his knife out.

“Please, I don’t know anything!”

“Everyone says that. You better reconsider your position and start speaking.” he said slicing the skin down your collarbone.

The feeling of the cold metal was terrifying and painful but you bit down on your lip and tried to endure. The man kept asking you the same questions over and over and he cut you when you didn’t provide the correct answer when all of a sudden you heard a gunshot and the man slumped in front of you, whining in pain. You looked up and saw Mark with his gun pointed at him.

“Scram you piece of shit. I’m only letting you live so you could tell your boss that NCT will not tolerate this. I will be coming after his and your head personally.”

“You again! I will remember this.” he told him and disappeared into the night.

You still couldn’t believe what just happened, it was all too much so the tears finally started falling.

“Are you okay?” he came up to you and checked your wounds. “That bastard.”

“Thank you.” you whispered. You were trembling so he quickly pulled you into his arms.

“I didn’t want you to see me like this.” he nuzzled his head in your neck.

“I’m sorry, I should have come sooner, I shouldn’t have been so rude this morning, I shouldn’t have talked to you in the first place… I’m sorry for everything.” he said tightening the hug.

“It’s okay.” you uttered. 

“This may sound selfish of me but even when it led to this, I would never regret meeting you.” he told you.

A/N: Ahhh it’s been a while since I have written a full mafia scenario even though I love them. Not that I don’t enjoy doing them but I should catch up with all of the requests sooner so I could focus on the 2nd part of rumors… 😂

EXO reacts to someone bullying their sibling

Baby sisters are something else. And when someone bullies the baby sisters… EXOvengers, assemble.

Kris: *rolls his eyes* God, my hands are gonna get bloody again.

Suho: *speaks slowly with wide eyes* Move. The. Fuck. Away. Rat. Bastard.

Luhan: You’re dead. 

Sehun: *grabs his sister and eyes the bully down* Did I see that right? Did you just….

Xiumin: *glaring calmly* Did he hurt you, princess?

Kai: *twists his wrist* Let me see you do that again.

Chanyeol: *speaks to friend* Go get my gun.

Tao: *snarls* I’m going to have to teach you some manners..

Baekhyun: *notices his sister being bullied in the cafeteria* I have a knife in my hand. This fork might just go up your eye socket if you don’t run.

Lay: Shoo, fucktard. Be gone. *glares*

D.O: *shoves the bully off of her* You little shit, scram!

Chen: *winces* You did not just do that. You did not just talk to her like that. In front of me.

Enemies Pt. 5

Previous parts: 1 2 3 4 Enemies

Part 5: Thank You Pt. 1

“Who-Who are you?” Y/N stammered out. The eyes, the face, the body, and shape of the person in front of her… None of those looked familiar. Nothing of what was in front of her that she recognized. The person looked up with the smile still plastered on their face, smile that was filled with nothing but bad intentions. 


The person took a stepped closer to Y/N, which she wanted oh so much to step her own step back but… Y/N froze, somehow her body just shut down itself and she was now stuck in her spot with shivers the ran up and down her spine continuously. “S-Stop. W-What are you doing?” She only managed to spit out and the figure as her heart pounded hard against her chest.
Once again it did nothing but stared at her, the look crept down her spine and burnt hole into her existence. What-

Suddenly the person launched towards her and seconds late Y/N found herself helpless in the figure’s strong hands as she tried her best to scream her way out of the grip she seemed to be losing to. The person threw Y/N against their own figure and quickly restricted her weak arms and covered her mouth with their cold hand, muffling every scream she could barely manage out.

Tears pooled in her eyes as she tried with all the energy that was left inside of her to somehow get out. Just please, let me get out. “Fucking stay still!” the person yelled against her ears with a rusty, disgusting voice. That was when she felt a painful jab on her stomach and she lurched forward at the punch, she immediately fell weak and practically lifeless after but her mind’s was still racing, still fully aware that she was… Getting abducted.

Y/N felt herself getting picked off her feet and slowly getting hauled away. The tears in her eyes finally fell and Y/N found herself questioning everything that had just happened. Only about a twenty minute ago she was happily skipping home, couldn’t wait to finally relax after a long tiring week. But in the matter of seconds, she managed to be in the hand of a stranger who, hell, can do absolutely anything to her.

Kick, slap, rape…

Anything to her…

She wouldn’t be surprised if her body was found dead at the end of the night being the state she was currently in. Absolutely helpless, absolutely vulnerable to anything. Y/N’s breathing became slower and choked up, she hung her head low and silently sobbed to herself, she thought it would be no use to struggle at this point… This was the end-

Suddenly, she heard a voice yell out in the midst of her loud pounding and screaming thought, “Get your fucking hands off of her!” And seconds later the force that was horridly wrapping itself around Y/N was no longer there. Y/N took a sharp breath of much-needed air. She stumbled back, shaking and heaving from the shock of everything. Even though everything was numbing, she looked up, her sight was still blurry and that it took a while to actually interpret what was going on in front of her. But as soon as she did, the sight stunned her and her jaw dropped as the two people fought each other furiously. One whom she recognized as-


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getinthefuckingjaeger  asked:

yeah but also: eren running n skidding right into HQ common before Levi gets there n goes IT'S A 8.9 EVERYONE SCRAM n literally everyone do scram because if Jaeger rates the Pissy Scale an 8.9 you bet your ass you better scram cause Levi gon' fuck shit up n when everyone's mysteriously gone Eren just calmly sidle back to Levi's side with tea n neat stacks of documents. BUT OMG HE MAKES EYE CONTACT WITH MOBLIT N THEY NOD N HE KNOWS THAT MOBLIT WILL MAKE SURE HANJI IS 1000X MILES AWAY THAT DAY.

oMFG the pissy scale— someone hold me because i’m literally dying over here AND OMG IMAGINE THE CONVERSATIONS MOBLIT AND EREN WOULD HAVE

“My girlfriend almost got herself killed today.“ 

"My boyfriend almost killed someone.”


This is when I knew I loved her.  Squall is so terrible at dancing, he keeps bumping into her and he tries to walk off, but she drags him back and he KEEPS BUMPING INTO HER and practically getting himself twisted into a knot, which means of course eventually they bump into another couple on the dance floor.

And then amazing, perfect, MARRY ME YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE Rinoa doesn’t say sorry or anything, nope, she MAKES A FACE AT THEM, like, how dare you be in this clumsy sweetheart’s way!  SCRAM, YOU LITTLE SHITS, HER FACE SAYS.

That is when I knew Rinoa Heartilly was going to be my very favoritest in this game.

And I actually really love it because of how Squall reacts to it, how it’s really the perfect way she slides under his defenses, because she doesn’t care when he’s terrible at something, she doesn’t reject him one bit, she just keeps on smiling and dancing and having a good time.  She’s not bothered by stuff like this, it shows how beautifully she just rolls right along with Squall’s social awkwardness and has a great time around and with him, right from the beginning.