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Wait... how does saying he doesn’t shape his brows equate to having an issue w/ a man being “primed”? You didn’t say anything negative about it, you just said from what you know & can tell, he doesn’t! If you thought he did, you’d say he did! This isn’t even about that?! Like when have you ever implied you needed some super macho ‘I don’t wear makeup or pluck my brows bc I’m a fucking MAN’ man? YOU HAVEN’T! This isn’t wishful thinking or denial... like he just doesn’t do his brows! I-

i honestly do not know at all lol i really dont. i feel like anons take one word of what i say and literally run amuck with it and make their own assumptions. lol i even said his groomer may pluck or tidy up the scragelies here and there but, to me, it doesnt look like he shapes or really even trims his brows. he still has the unibrow and all the other sparse hairs and they literally look exactly the same as they always have so…yeah, thats where im getting that from.