#8) A news reporter who spun sensationalized lies for easy ratings, until an innocent person took their own life. Their Silent Hill has a media and eye motif; newspapers and magazines plastering walls and floors, eyeball imagery everywhere, etc.

Pyramid Head expy: a monstrous figure whose body is kind of shaped like a trenchcoat and whose head is like an old fashioned news camera. You slowly weaken and die as long as it can see you at all.

Nurse expy: formed from mis-matched, cut-up photos of magazine models, like walking collages. As you damage them they’ll lose parts and rearrange into less humanoid forms. Graphics-wise, maybe they’d use a billboarding effect, always facing the camera?”

Silent Hill: Public Eye

Naomi Cho is fresh of her big break expose on the dangers of vaccines when she is assigned to investigate the mysterious rash of disappearances in the small town of silent hill. Naomi once had an idealistic view of journalism, but has since become jaded and bitter with the world of news media, deciding to give in and embellish her stories in exchange for what she considered well-deserved recognition.

The Cameraman- Stalking Naomi since she entered town, she can feel this entity’s peircing gaze in her chest wherever she goes in town, and becomes convinced it can see her through walls, floors, and ceilings, causing her physical pain when it can see her directly. the streetlights flicker ominously when it draws near

Perfect Corpse- like bog said above, they take on more alien forms as they take damage. they sometimes peel of the wall and assemble from widely scattered pictures. sometimes an eye or two will linger after the rest is defeated, harmlessly orbiting around you for a while. Naomi hates this and will scream for them to go away often, sometimes drawing the attention of more dangerous enemies

Sensor- scrabling, naked humanoids that creep out of alleys and gutters. they move like rabid animals and speak in human like voices, albeit drunkenly slurred and unintelligible. whatever’s behind those black bars cuts like broken glass. maybe that’s the bars themselves?

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Ok, but in ten years, Steroline is this kind of couple that have labrador and white fence and house close to the sea and play scrable three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) and kissing on the beach and doing some silly stuff like that and Delena are rolling their eyes on them everytime they want to go out with them and Stefan timidly says that they can’t (which only means he doesn’t want to), because Caroline planned movie night for them. Delena is mocking them everytime and have their own inside jokes about them having scrabble game instead of having sex (and they will NEVER tell anybody that they play scrabble themseves from time to time)

At the same time, DE travel, like a lot. They have house in Tuscany where they spend all winters, and where Damon supposes Elena will want to settle, when she gets bored of big cities and all that stuff. But right now, he enjoys showing her everything he already saw. Steroline visit them sometimes, once they spent entire winter with them. After a month they eventually got used to DE routine. Stefan still mock how passionately they can fight about dirty dishes only to cuddle on the couch the very next minute. Caroline once said, that they probably enjoy it, he still cannot believe it though.

Sometime all four of them smoke weed, sometime they play scrabble