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text: good news i got laid, bad news by your boyfriend, with Harry please!

A/N: This was supposed to be a tiny little drabble and somehow ended up over 1k words, oh my god.

This doesn’t take place in my main Harry Verse, and instead consider it a follow up to Razor Sharp

Italics are text messages!

Send me text prompts from this list, and a reader insert pairing, and I’ll write a drabble/fic for them!

“So. I took your advice.” You bite your lip as you send the text to Peter, locking your phone and pressing it against your lips.

It’s no more than 30 seconds later when it lights up silently in your hand, his reply flashing up on the screen.

“Well that sounded almost ominous. But regardless ?????”

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Scrooge McDuck is known as “the richest duck in the world,” which … doesn’t sound that impressive, actually, since most ducks’ personal wealth is limited to some bread and cholera. Still, it’s pretty clear that Donald’s most miserable uncle is rich even by human standards, considering he’s got enough gold coins to fill a giant vault and swim in it. 

 Have you ever wondered exactly how rich Scrooge is, though? If so, don’t worry: Science is officially on the case. After Billfold writer Matt Powers wrote a parody article calculating Scrooge’s wealth and arrived at the impressive number of more than $210 billion (that’s about five Charles Kochs), science news website LiveScience decided to check the math. What they found is that Powers had vastly, vastly undershot it. Using story details from the Scrooge McDuck comics and the official blueprints for Scrooge’s money bin, LiveScience determined that the vault must contain approximately 171,450 cubic feet of gold, which translates to 3,302,088,419 ounces. Since gold is selling at $1,127.34 per ounce as of this writing, according to our calculations (read: Google’s) that means Scrooge has $3.7 trillion dollars. Or: enough to buy some fucking pants. Come on, man.

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