scrabble love

“WHAT. Who was cheating? Why didn’t anyone wake me? I would have caught them!”

continuation to ‘that’s not how you play poker, Shepard’. Looks like it was an interesting game.

i. she runs her fingers across the back of my hand and it feels like being struck by lightning. there is a storm overhead that hasn’t started yet, but the grey skies are not nearly as intimidating as her eyes on my lips

ii. we fall asleep under the same stars every night but years stretch further than the distance between our beds. I never fall asleep in her arms. I have never dreamed of something so much.

iii. a night of firsts. first time skinny dipping. first time breaking into a pool. first time seeing her naked. not a first kiss, yet somehow it always feels so new.

iv. she buys a beat up car and I steal my freedom from under my parents’ thumb. the sound of tires on gravel still sounds like running away.

v. the fireflies stop showing up when we meet. the wind chills and we both freeze in place. I thought time had given us a pause but he doesn’t stop for anyone, not even the young trying to fall in love.

vi. letters only mean so much and no one ever means it when they say “we’ll keep in touch.” her kiss doesn’t feel new and I don’t know if she means it when she tells me “I’ll always love you.”

vii. I loved her. I love her. You never forget your first but it isn’t enough. It isn’t enough.

—  In Scrabble, LOVE is only worth 7 points || O.L.


Under The Back Porch

As a kid I lived with neglectful parents at best. At worst dad would turn his screams and fists on me but I learned quickly how to dodge the worst of it. Mom wasn’t much help, she’d just smoke in the kitchen and bitch at him for staying out so late.

At the time we lived basically in the middle of nowhere, our nearest neighbors were a long walk away for a six year old and we had trees between us. No one to run to for help. But I was pretty small for a kid my age. I learned I could fit pretty much anywhere. The closet. Dryer. I think even once I tucked myself under my futon in such a way I could still get some air but no one could see me.

I was a master at hiding. But it wasn’t for a good reason.

One night though, one night I chose to do something different.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please please please write a second part to fresh blood?? I love that story so fricking much!!! Ps I hope you're well :)

I’m doing well thank you! And yes, I shall! I do love Vampire!Harry to bits don’t you agree?

He was aware what was going on, he had been on this earth for 800 years. He had watched the news, he saw how this new election was going to be. To him, this was nothing. He’d seen far worse shit then any human could imagine and so…he would entertain. When that swat team came to his establishment to take him he didn’t argue nor fight. He just went along, because if he did meet the True Death he would be okay with it. He lived on this earth long enough, he was ready to go.

His status may have been stripped, he may have been resorted to just a light blue romper, he may have had to take Tru Blood though he was suspicious about it. But his age was still dominant in Gen Pop 1. He had his respect from the other vampires(though some just wanted to be children). He just sat and observed, never did anything outside the norm…until that particular day.

It was usual, these poor jailbirds would be thrown into the room and basically get destroyed. It was funny though, to them he was the monster…and yet that warden and his little political pets were possibly the biggest monsters he had ever seen. But no…this day was different. He smelled her the second she got thrown in there. He was just sitting there knitting, but her scent…her blood…his eyes shot up to what was happening.

She looked so scared, the others were about to attack. He took one look and he knew, he didn’t question it. A vampire’s claim was important, sacred. Once a vampire laid claim the others dare not question. That was exactly what he did, this sweet creature was his and his alone. Anyone who laid a finger would be beheaded without him blinking a eyelash.

She was a cute, lively little thing. She reminded him of a flower, very beautiful…very delicate. One where you protect and provide at all coasts. She was the one, after years of loneliness she was his cure. And once he got a taste of her blood it only cemented her fate with him. It was going to be interesting…how she would be as one of him but he would teach her the ways. Like his maker before him, he would give her the same gift. No pain, no sickness or death until it was time. But she had to come to him, she already had him from the start but she had to give the permission. Once she did? Oh she was done forever.

“Where have you been?” He asked, sitting on the recliner as you came in. He woke up to find you gone, no hint of you anywhere. He didn’t like that at all.

“Hi babe, nice to see you too! Oh I got you Tru Blood am I not the best girlfriend ever,” you spoke sarcastically as you set the groceries on the counter. “I had to go to the store!”

“You could have waited until I woke to go,” he spoke but you ignored him.

“Look you might as well start getting used to it when I start my job,” you told him only to be met by a gust and him nearly inches from you. And you actually thought he was going to take the news well.

“You did not tell me about a job,” he told you.

“I just got it today, don’t worry I’m going to be cooking at the local bar and grill in town it’s no big deal,” you explain but you could tell by the look on his face he was not getting any happier.

“The one where they walk around in short shorts and tight white tops?” He asked with a deep scowl. “I’m not going to allow that.”

“I’ll be wearing my regular clothes and a apron for God’s sake,” you tried to reason with him. Yes he came from a different time and yes he was pretty set in his ways but you didn’t care.

“Why do you feel the need to have a job? I provide financially,” he stated.

“Exactly, I know you do but I need a job. I need to get back on my feet after what happened. I have got to be my own independent person, I don’t want you to think I expect you to take care of me.”

“I want to take care of you, that’s the point of me being your lover,” he argued and you were not about to get weak in the knees at the way he said lover with that English accent.

“Harry, babe. I know you do. But…okay how can I explain this…while I appreciate you wanting to do that and have been doing so. I don’t want to be a sugar baby for the rest of my life.”

“Sugar babies only care about the person’s money, you are not my sugar baby. You are my companion and lover and I will not allow you to slave away only to be paid very little compared to the male staff. Unless you do not want to be with me,” Harry’s logic, if you want to do something he doesn’t want you to do you don’t want him.

“Oh my God that is not it! I’ll be working during the day! Sometimes at night if they really need me. I had it figured out, I’ll work when you sleep and when I get home you’ll be awake and we will do what we always do!”

That seemed to ease him a tad, but only a tad.

“And what if something were to happen to you while I am unable to reach you? What then?” He asked, always thinking the pure worst.

“I’m a big girl Harry, now will you please just chill for me?” You almost beg, wrapping your arms around his waist as you look up to his tall frame. “Trust me.”

He looks at you, his face still a bit on the scowl side. But eventually he did relax, nodding a bit to indicate he finally understood. Smiling in victory(because that was rare for you to actually win), you give him a kiss on the lips. This only melted the cold away more, a purr like noise escaping him as he pulls you closer to his frame. That always did seem to do the trick, as long as you gave him love and affection he would forget what he was mad about.

Course, with Harry being Harry it quickly went from sweet kissing to him speeding to the basement where he had you screaming out his name. What was shocking was he knocked it down to one hour this time, laying his head on your chest as you both basked in the afterglow. He liked hearing your heartbeat, he did this thing if he closed his eyes and just focused on that he imagined his own heart was alive for that little moment. It was sweet…but it reminded you about the little time you two did have.

You fell in love with him, some would argue it was Stockholm Syndrome, maybe it was. But Harry was the only person in your life that ever really gave a damn. Your parents were out of the picture, your asshole ex only used you, everyone pretty much turned their back on you after you got arrested but Harry was the one that brought you back. He was the reason you got up and decided to get a job, because you knew…even though he would not be too wild about it, that he would in the end support you.

Was he a little on the weird side? Sure. But you felt his devotion and love, so you grew more in love with him as the days went on. It’s been 9 months since you two met, but you knew as the months roll so would be years. You would grow old, while he stayed the same. You couldn’t do that to him, he already lost so much in his past…maybe if you suggested turning? No…he may not even want you for that long.

“You’re lost in your head,” he spoke, looking up at you with those green eyes. “What’s got you so far away from me?”

“Oh…nothing,” you shook your head trying not to think about it. “Hey you wanna watch some rom coms on Netflix?”

He didn’t argue, he just indulged you as you turning on the TV to find something. Something was wrong, he saw the flash of sadness on your face. But he was going to let it go for now, being in this union calmed him a bit. You pick Runaway Bride, something he admitted to like as you cuddle close with your head on his chest while you play with the moth on his stomach. He kisses your head, nuzzling in affection. He wanted this forever, you were the perfect companion. You were strong, warm. All the people you trusted abandoned you, but he didn’t…not even when he felt you could abandon him at any moment.

True to your word you would be right at home making something to eat while you had his Tru Blood ready when he woke. You spend the nights watching TV or playing Scrabble. The love making was pretty consistent too, something that was not an issue in your book. But one afternoon you groaned, your boss told you you had to pull a double. You sent Harry a text, just so he wouldn’t be flying to your workplace and cause a scene.

Hey babe, boss wants me to work more tonight. Tru Blood is in the fridge I’ll be home at a decent hour hopefully. I love you.

You sent it, but as soon as you sent it your eyes bugged out at what you had done. Despite being together for so long, the later months in a romantic setting, not once has he or you mention the L word. Oh God, what if you messed things up? He claimed you, he got upset that you thought you two weren’t a couple…he obviously liked you for some odd reason…it would be fine right? Right?

“Hey, earth to lil’ mama you okay?” One of the cooks Ivory asked while you guys were slaving away.

“Huh? Yeah I’m okay, I think I just told my boyfriend I loved him without actually discussing that word,” you explained. You clicked with Ivory right away, you knew you could trust him in having these conversations. More so when he informed you he had a vampire boyfriend of his own.

“Now, refresh my memory. He’s that fine English Muffin that always dresses up in those loud shirts right?” He asked and you nodded. “Oh honey, I doubt you have anything to worry about you got that man wrapped around your finger.”

“I mean…when did you tell your boyfriend you loved him?” You asked.

“Baby, I was high on some skunk when I admitted it to him. But you know what he did? He said when I sober up the next night I can tell him that again so he can lay it down on me.” He winked at you as you made a laugh, vampires and their sex drive.

“Bottom line, I’ve seen the way that boy looks at you. He’s got all those bitches out there panting like they in heat but he only got eyes for you. He saved you from being a vampire buffet did he not? He could have left you alone, hell he could have left your ass when y’all got free but he didn’t. He moved into your house, he pretty much left his old life behind when he met you did he not?”

Now that he mentioned it like that…it would seem for you not to worry. Harry didn’t have to live in your house, walk around and adapting to your life. He could have easily held you in the mansion and basically be Belle in Beauty and the Beast. But he went with you…that had to mean something right?

“Hey YN?” One of the waitress’ came to the serving window. “Your boyfriend’s here he’s asking for you.”

You look at her then at Ivory when he held up his hand.

“I got you girl, go get your man,” he smiled and you hung your apron up to find Harry. He was actually sitting at one of the booths, Tru Blood in hand while wearing one of his usual floral shirts. This was it, moment of truth. You walk to him and just stood at first.

“You okay?” You ask but he looks at you, you really couldn’t read his face.

“Are you on break?” He asked.

“Well…no,” you began. “Why is something wrong?”

“When was your last break?” He asked you.

“Uh…I had a lunch break around 3…” you guessed.

“If you are working more then 7 hours you are aloud two breaks,” he stated. “Request a break.”

“I don’t know if my boss would like-”

“Would you rather me talk to him?” He asked with a raised brow, knowing full well neither one of you wanted that. So you went to your boss, told him it was an emergency and you needed a small break. He allowed it, and soon you and Harry were standing outside in the summer night.

“Harry I-”

“Did you mean it?”

His question through you off a bit.

“What you said in your message. Did you mean it?” He asked again looking at you. You stood frozen, your eyes wide…was he going to be mad? You never know with him to be honest. But you figure, if he runs off now is as good as any.

“Yes,” you finally replied. “I meant it. I can’t pinpoint how long but…I know it’s been a while.” God you never felt more nervous, he didn’t move, he didn’t even say anything. He just stood there and looked at you without any indication as to what he was feeling. He picks now to be silent? Seriously?!

Slowly, a smirk forms across his face which turned to a wide mouth smile. That took you for a loop meaning he never fully smiled before. Smirked yes, smile definitely not. He quickly rushed to you, pulling him into his arms as he crushes your lips with his.

“Do you have any idea how long I waited for you to tell me those words?” He asked resting his forehead with yours. He wasn’t mad…he so wasn’t mad!

“Really?” Was all you could really say, you were just so stunned.

“Yes really, why do you think I would be angry? Petal why would I be angry at something like this? I longed for you to profess your love to me for so long.”

You were relieved, wrapping your arms around his neck as you held each other close.

“Although,” he started. “I would actually like to hear you say it instead of me reading it.”

You had to laugh, you were just so relieved. Being with him now, seeing him like this…it was everything you could ever want.

“I love you Harold,” you even called him by his real name, making him smile even more as he pulled you into a deep kiss.

 “And I love you,” he told you and you never felt more relieved.

He even stayed all night at your work until you got off. His reason was to make sure you were safe, he certainly made quick friends with the boss man, allowing you to have the day off tomorrow. When you two did finally make it back to the house he was already speeding you into the basement where what was one hour of love making turned into an all nighter. Harry was amazing in bed, borderline sex god like, but with years of practice it seemed fitting. It was just the fact he kept going while your body was on sensory overload.

When he did finally took pity on you to take a breather your hair was all disheveled while he just laid beside you with that same smile on his face. Smug bastard.

“I think my vagina’s broken,” you made the comment only to hear him laugh.

You did end up passing out on him, he just cradled you in his arms as he watched you sleep. Even when the sun came up he kept watching you. You both were safe in the basement, the sun rays could not get him. He just liked watching you sleep. When you did wake up you honestly had no idea what time it was, you were only greeted with a smiling Harry…and something else.

“Harry you got The Bleeds,” you told him. The Bleeds only occur when a vampire is staying awake past sun time, some blood was running down his nose but it didn’t seem to phase him any.

“I wanted to stay awake a little longer with you,” he reasoned.

“No…baby go to sleep please?” You gently beg him as you stroke his cheek. “I’m right here I’m not going out today.”

“You promise to be here when I wake? I miss your body next to mine when I wake,” he softly admitted to you, he was getting more and more gentle with intimate moments like this.

“I promise,” you told him kissing him on the lips. “Sleep.”

“Say it again…before I do,” he gently requested making you smile at him.

“I love you,” you tell him again and he gives a look of contented bliss as he closes his eyes.

“I love you, I love you so much,” he mumbles before he finally is rested for the day. You wipe the blood from his nose and just cuddle facing him. He had the ability to kill without a blink of a eyelash…but he had to be the most gentle creature you have ever encountered in your life. And when he woke to find you still there with him he smiled more, leaning to kiss you on the lips.

The Talk was going to happen soon.

He just needed to fix something first, he still was not over what had happened months ago because it seemed to not want to go away. Your ex, Nick, that lower then shit scum was still trying to slink his way in. He would have let it go, but when you first started and you came in all frazzled because of Nick coming to your work only to try and flirt and persuade you to take him places(since the dumb ass lost his licence to drive).

It infuriated him, while the fear of you leaving was far gone from his mind. The idea of some pathetic lover trying to get your affections only to use you once again was his setting off point. But he kept quiet, he didn’t want to alarm you…but he was going to fix the problem.

The boy was hanging around a parking lot with his other buddies. He was stumbling to the bushes to take a piss when he was jerked and slammed into the ground.

“Hello ‘bro’ remember me?” A smirking Harry hovered over him. He took the boy to his old home, that was where the tools he needed were. Sitting and chained on this medieval chair from his head to his wrists and feet. His mouth was gagged by a piece of cloth while Harry was looking at all his tools to see what he was going to use first. Whistling a tune as he did so.

The Spanish Tickler? No, too messy.

The Pear of Anguish? Poetic but no.

The Tongue Tearer! Oh this one should be fun. Maybe add The Lead Sprinkler if he was really feeling it.

“YN told me what you have done to land her in jail,” he spoke as he admired his tools…God he missed doing this. “How you convinced her it was easy cash, you stupid boy don’t you know high end stores are heavily secured? Then again you do look like some mutated fish. What she saw in you I’ll never understand…but it doesn’t matter.”

He walked closer holding the device he had picked in his hand.

“You know I used to be a part of the Salem Witch Trials? Those stupid Puritans had no clue what I was but I would come in the night shift and just…have so much fun. You’re actually lucky, if I had it my way I’d chop your dick off and shove it down your throat but that would be too simple. You need to learn boy.”

He was wearing a suit this time, he wanted to dress nice for this particular event.

“You know what I find funny about this generation of men? You are so basic, stupid even. With your Tinder and just having any girl with a press of a button on your cellular devices you don’t care about women at all. You just care about getting your dick wet. At least I came from a time where the life span was so short you cherish, every single moment. But you know what I find the most funny? Is your generation is the generation of no boundaries. You see YN is clearly taken, and yet you still try to slime your way back in like some parasite. Do you have any idea who I am?”

He makes sure Nick was looking dead at him, he wanted this boy to finally get it through his thick skull.

“I was born in the age of The Black Plague. I survived every war, every outbreak. I have watched empires rise and fall including this empire. You, are a flea in my timeline. And if you seriously thought you could cross a vampire’s affections then boy…you are sadly mistaken. I will thank you, if it weren’t for you I would have never met my true beloved. But you keep clouding my happiness and I will not stand for it.”

He noticed this boy was trying to talk, yanking the cloth off his to speak. But Nick had other plans, spitting in Harry’s face with that God awful dip he just happened to have in his mouth. Harry was calm, taking a tissue to wipe his face.

“Well, you just made my choice so much simpler,” he commented before grabbing him to keep his jaw wide as he worked the device on his tongue. The yells and cries from this boy was music to Harry’s ears. He did miss the good old days.

You noticed you haven’t heard from Nick for a while, course it didn’t bother you in fact you were relieved. But when you did ask Harry where he was that night when he got home he just smiled and kissed you.

“Last minute vampire business before retirement,” was all he could say.

One night he told you you both needed to talk, this made you nervous. But when you got home Harry was already up with his Tru Blood. You also noticed he cooked…Harry never cooked before. It was even your favorite meal, you were pleasantly surprised but what was the occasion.

“I’ll explain after you eat my love,” he promised kissing your head. You didn’t argue, he even did an amazing job. Vampires normally didn’t like the smell of other food but you figured with his old age he was used to it by now. After you were done and had now your second glass of wine he gently sat you on the couch as he sat right next to you.

“Now, I made your meal and had this whole thing set up for a reason. Do you know how long we’ve been together?”

“For a good…11 months?” You replied.

“Yes, it’ll be a year before we know it. And in all these months, since I first saw you…you have captured me. It has been years since I felt this way, you are everything I could ever want in a companion…I never want that feeling to go away. But the sad truth is you are limited in this world. You will grow old, and you will eventually die. You are so exposed to death…”

Oh God, he was breaking up with you. He must have sensed your panic because he quickly grabbed your hand.

“No Petal, don’t be frightened…I’m not finished,” he told you. “Because of this knowledge…it kills me. I already lost so many and I’ll be damn if I lose another. Before you answer you must know…that the bond of a vampire and his maker is stronger then anything you could ever imagine. It’s deeper then any relationship. I would become your husband, your father, everything you know now will be ten times more. I will teach you, you will never had to feel alone. You can walk with me in the night…the ultimate gift.”

You felt your heart beat out of your chest. He was asking to turn you, he wanted to spend forever with you…damn he was not kidding 11 months ago.

“You would be giving up on a lot…the sun, the job, the Taco Bell you love so much. But I promise you, you will never be without. You will learn everything you need to know. And when the time does come, we’ll just meet The True Death together.”

He said that part as if he was commenting on the weather. But you still nodded your head, indicating you wanted this. You wanted this with him.

“I need you to say it Petal,” he gently commanded to you.

“I…I want this, I do. I’m ready,” you spoke in confidence which made him smile. Taking your hand to help you up he kisses each knuckle, nuzzling at them.

“I have a friend who will help, basically the process is I drain your blood until you are near death. Then I will feed you my blood to help with the turn. We will need to be buried underground for this to work properly. That’s when he will come in. Then we stay until the next night…and by then you, my love, will be reborn.”

You just nodded, taking his hand as you both walked out into the night and to the backyard where it seemed Harry had this planned out all along. There was a hole in the ground, a good six feet. A man with styled blonde hair was standing there shovel in hand. He kinda looked familiar…wait.

“Weren’t you in the camp too?” You asked and the man just smiled.

“Gen Pop 2,” he spoke in an Irish accent before looking at Harry. “Everything’s ready Sir.”

“Thank you Niall,” he replied, lifting you in his arms before jumping inside the hole. Gently he laid you down, you could feel the dirt molding to your back as he hovered over you.

“Are you alright Petal?” He asked in a soft voice, you nodded taking a deep breath. “No need to be nervous, the pain will be the worst part. I’m so sorry in advance, hurting you is the last thing I want to do.”

“It’s okay…I’m ready,” you told him again with a nod. His hand touched your cheek, moving your head slightly to the side so your neck was exposed.

“Your blood will be one of things I will miss,” he admitted. “But having you forever weighs a petty hungry emotions out.” You could hear the click of his fangs popping out.

Without warning he lunged at your neck. His fangs sink into your skin and you gasped out in pain. He held you there, taking all of your blood as you slowly felt your body getting weak. You could barely keep your eyes open but you could hear him biting on something else when he finally let go of your neck then placed it to your lips.

“Drink my love, drink,” he commanded you and you did…weakly, but you did. You had his blood before, so he could sense and keep track of you while having some sort of bond. You took it, taking as much as you could but your body was giving out. Everything was going dark.

“There, that’s enough…that’ll do,” he gently spoke taking his wrist away. And that was the last thing you remember when your world went black.

Niall began the burying as Harry drew you close to his arms and played in your hair. Having you dead beside him hurt, he could not deny it. But this was temporary, soon his blood will take over your body and you will come back alive again. The dirt kept hitting the two of you as he continued to kiss on the neck he destroyed. It will heal, it would be as if it were never there.

“Congratulations Sir,” Niall spoke while continuing to burying them.While his status as sheriff was gone he was still highly respected. You will be too, he would make sure of that. His love, his progeny, his bride. A smile clear across his face pulling you closer.

To think he was ready to leave this earth, now he has a reason to keep on.

God I’m almost an adult now and I have one year of school left and I just got slapped with the realization that I don’t have a future and I’ll continue to disappoint my parents because I can’t think of a career that I have the motivation to pursue