One thing I have learned about life is that you can change it’s entire course in one instant. Though that can be terrifying as hell, it can also be equally as rewarding. You don’t like the people you hang around? Get rid of them, toxic people are nothing but damaging to you. Want to start getting along with your parents? Know that taking a neutral stance can really go a long way. Want to change your hair color, clothing style, career path? Seriously, just go for it. There are spaces in which you are confined, you are only confined by the walls you build around yourself - knock them down. You are your number one priority, you always should have been.
—  I’m On My Way To Freedom

Your Words.

This poem is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has felt alone, lost, or confused. For those who feel like some days, only one person helps you get through. You hold on to the hope in what they say; in how much they believe that things will get better, how much they believe in you. This poem is also dedicated to those of you who reach out to us, the lost ones. You really don’t understand how much impact a kind word can make.