Video log #1 First Encounters

Emily clutched her notebook to her chest, her eyes glued to the metal door with the letters SCP-2056 written in fresh red paint.  Below it the warning label stickers had been added. A blue hexagon marked the subject inside as Euclid class. A yellow sticker below warned that the subject was sentient.

The security staff member who had walked her to the door was waiting for her to tap her security pass key. She needed one more moment to clear her head before going in. She glanced down at the report on her clipboard, eyes gliding over the small black print as she gathered her thoughts. So far this seemed like a typical acclimatization problem. It was perfectly normal for sentient SCP to have trouble coming to terms with the necessity of their containment.

This SCP’s age was just an unfortunate happenstance, not a reason to give him any more or less consideration then the rest of her charges.  After all, he was not the only child in the foundations care. SCP-053 was only three years old and absolutely needed to be kept as far away from humans as possible.  SCP-2056 would be the youngest patient she had ever been assigned, but this wouldn’t be a problem. She wouldn’t let it be a problem. 

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Video Logs #2

Danny had to admit he had been caught off guard by the woman who had appeared so suddenly in his prison. After he had woken up in this cell he thought he would be left to rot. That or experimented on by scientists safely tucked away behind bulletproof glass.

Since he had arrived here he had been treated like he would kill as many people as possible if given the chance. Hell, even the woman who had yelled at him like she was his mother took a step away in fright when she first saw him.

Sunken blue eyes looked back at him in the mirror, but all he saw was harmless little Danny Fenton. What did they see in him that he didn’t?

He still remembered the screams of the man in the jumpsuit. Danny hated that he only had that one feature to remember him by. He didn’t have so much as a name. Everyone just referred to him as D-class.

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Video logs #3

“So your name is Danny Fenton right?”

Danny shook his head yes, his eyes focused away from the woman addressing him. A scribbling sound filled the air as she wrote something down on her clipboard. “Why are you doing that?” The pen stopped its movements and she looked up at him. “If it bothers you I can stop.” Emily offered, placing her clipboard down on the armrest of her chair.

Without the board to hide behind Danny could see her properly. She was a blond woman, her hair pulled up in a tight bun. She wore a black suit and stockings with a stark white blouse. An ID tag around her neck showed a photo of her in what looked like the same outfit, but she looked a few years younger and about thirty pounds lighter. Even if her outfit gave nothing away her face spoke clearly of someone under a lot of stress. Maybe he could use that.

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Introduction Part 2

Item #: SCP-2056

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2056 is to be contained within a two room residential containment suite comprising of one bedroom and one bathroom. Entertainment devices are provided dependent on good behavior. The walls of this container have been specially reinforced with an energy shield donated to us by Mr. and Mis. Fenton. All tests on it have proved that it safely and reliably contains SCP-2056. 

With the shield in place normal locks are sufficient to contain him. Should the shield fail however, SCP-2056 can pass directly through any wall or obstacle making him nearly impossible to recapture. The shield is therefore equipped with a back-up generator.

Due to high threat of escape, SCP-2056 is not allowed outside his cell unless the enclosure is being cleaned. Exercise equipment is provided to alleviate the need for physical exertion.

A specially trained Level-3 Psychologist is to be assigned to SCP-2056 to monitor his stress levels and keep him manageable. He/she and any other personnel that need interact with SCP-2056 should head the following guidelines.  

SCP-2056 can turn himself invisible for extended periods of time. If he is not visible upon entering the enclosure attempt to communicate but do not assume there has been a containment breach. 

Specimen should be referred to as “Danny” failure to do so leads to bouts of depression in the subject.

SCP-2056 may try to invoke sympathy in you by begging for freedom. Be firm but sympathetic failure to empathize will also lead to depression and possibly violence. 

Once inside the shield it is completely possible that he will attack. Psychological assessments infer that murder is beyond SCP-2056’s mental capabilities, but if he attacks no amount of protective gear will be able to defend personnel on the other side of the shield.    


The specimen is sentient and looks human. In his passive state he is indistinguishable from a Caucasian teenager between the ages of 13-15. In this relaxed mode he has black hair and blue eyes and his body is tangible.

When active SCP-2056’s hair will turn white, his eyes will glow green and he is markedly more aggressive. In this state he can turn invisible, fly, shoot energy beams from his hands and eyes, duplicate his form, summon ice from the air and possesses superhuman strength. All of these effects are neutralized by the shield and he can only damage people or objects inside.

This aggravated state is rare under normal containment procedures and seems to happen when intentionally triggered by SCP-2056. White rings mask the transformation and afterwards SCP-2056 will always be wearing a black and white jumpsuit. This does not change no matter what its passive form was wearing at time of transformation.

Primary reports on SCP-2056 prove sentience and his mental capabilities are on par for a human of his visual age. Psychological profiles revealed a strong will to help others and other empathetic tendencies.

SCP-2056 has shown an extreme dislike for the containment facility and the foundation. He brings up his desire for release often. Reasoning with the subject has proved fruitless and he will often say that he needs to be released so he can protect the city we obtained him in.

SCP-2056 has not been told about any events occurring in his hometown of ████ ████

Further profiling of SCP-2056 is to be handled by ████ Forbes Psy.D. As well as doctor ████ and ████████

SCP-2056 Recovery Log



Unauthorized viewing of the following documentation will result in reprimand


SCP-2056 was discovered in the suburban area surrounding ████ ████  USA.  He was originally captured by amateur paranormal investigators Maddie and Jack Fenton, who were planning to conduct a dissection/autopsy on him.

Note: The Fenton’s are on a list of monitored civilians after they were rejected for foundation employment by Director ████ for more details see archived persons of interest files Document #132 

Strike team Leto-136 was able to intervene before any damage was done to the SCP.

As predicted the Fentons were unwilling to hand the SCP over. After negotiations and a reasonable amount  of intimidation they decided that our containment center would be the best place to study the SCP or as they called him “The Ghost Boy”.

SCP-2056 was gagged for much of the proceedings but seemed to be suffering from high levels of stress and anxiety.  Standard SCP tranquilizers proved effective and he was loaded into a reinforced glass box for transport.  

Before departure the Fenton’s surrendered a device to the team, hereby to be known as SCP-2056-1. They insisted that it would be needed to insure that the SCP would be unable to escape. The foundation has used various methods to contain intangible SCP before but this device is extremely effective at containing SCP-2056 specifically.

The foundation engineers created a copy of the original device for further testing (SCP-2056-2) while the original (SCP-2056-1) remains part of SCP-2056’s enclosure.

Further notes and identity:

Identity match on the relaxed state of SCP-2056 shows that he was legally registered as Daniel Fenton, the son of Maddie and Jack Fenton. Whether or not the Fenton’s were aware of their son’s abilities is unknown.  However sergeant ████ Miller has given testimony that he did not detect any existing bond between the three while negotiations were in progress and police interviews in Daniel Fenton’s missing persons report contain nothing that suggests they knew.

Daniel Fenton has officially been reported as a missing person.  Attempts to falsify the child’s death have already begun.  More details will be added once the operation is completed and the threat of a security breach is fully assessed.  Personnel with level  4 clearance or higher should consult the files on operation 34-D.

Further inquiry into the affair by the Family or other related parties will be met with bureaucratic silence. Should they attempt to jeopardize the security of SCP-2056 or the foundation they will be terminated.


Introduction Part 1

Dear Ms. Forbes

Before your transfer to Sector- ██ is complete, you are required to take the oath of fidelity to the foundation and swear that what you experience in the next few months will never leave the facility walls.

Please read the next part out loud before continuing to your SCP assignment.

My name is Emily Forbes and I work for the foundation. We are the last bastion of security in a world where natural laws rapidly break down. We are here to protect humanity from the things that go bump in the night, from people who wield power beyond mortal understanding. We are here to make the world a safer place. We are the holders of wonders, and the crafters of dreams. We are why the world continues.

Like the foundation I am cold but not cruel. My work here is vital to the survival of the human race and failure is not an option.








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SCP-2056 -  The Ghost Boy

Unknown SCP Identification Events Report.

15:10 Specimen is delivered to arrival bay delta. Transfer is successful.

15:20 Strike team staff sent to medical bay for unknown SCP quarantine.

15:36 Specimen moved to primary testing facilities and given a temporary serial number of #11004582B

15:40 Non-destructive testing begins.

16:47 Specimen shows signs of recovering from anesthetic. Given 10cc of Midazolam.

17:30 Nondestructive testing yields following results.

Weight: 94lb

Height: 4’7

X ray and MRI testing show no differences in internal structure between the SCP and a human. Active state could not be provoked.  Further testing is needed.

18:00 Micro destructive testing stage begun. Blood and saliva samples retrieved. Samples taken while specimen is in its active state still needed.

19:00 Specimen has recovered from anesthetic. Beginning Animal testing.

21:00 Animal and human Testing complete. Results:

Rat: the SCP looked at the test subject in confusion. Attempts were made by the SCP to stay away from the test animal.

Canine: the SCP petted the test subject and attempted to converse with it.   

Primate: SCP offered the test subject a banana, despite the fact he was not in possession of one.


Note: the death of D-38490 was not caused by SCP.  Object seems to be to be non-aggressive.

21:05 Strike team cleared by medical staff. No negative effects recorded from exposure to the SCP.

21:23 Based on newly gathered evidence and the evidence collected from amity park the SCP was reclassified as a Euclid.

Unknown SCP #11004582B will now be classified under the number SCP-2056.

From: emily.forbrs@thefoundation.scp

To: ronald.sun@thefoundation.scp

Subject: SCP-2056-2 Testing Inquiry

Hey Ron,

How are things going with scp-2056-2? I haven’t heard much about it besides the fact that it’s a copy the generator needed to keep SCP-2056 from using its powers.

I know contentment procedures aren’t usually my concern, but I was wondering if you thought it would be possible to pack the power neutralizing capabilities of SCP2056-2 into a smaller portable size? Anything that would allow SCP-2056 to leave his containment chamber without risking escape would be extremely useful.

Sentient SCP are usually given a chance to have daily walks and I’m worried that being confined to one room his whole life will have sever negative effects on his well-being. The last thing anyone needs is another homicidal SCP.

Also between you and me I think I’ve discovered a way to convince SCP-2056 of the necessity of his containment. If they are successful, the strategies I intend to use on him could revolutionize how we handle sentient SCP.

All of that is just conjecture for now though, but I felt I should better explain why it’s so important that we look into improving 2056’s condiment protocols. If I’m to convince him he will need to interact with some of the other SCP. (Under strict testing protocol of course.)

I’m going to run the idea passed the director Bernstein but I would prefer to have more than just an idea before I bring it to him and your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Dr. Emily Forbrs

From: ronald.sun@thefoundation.scp

To: emily.forbrs@thefoundation.scp

Subject: Re: SCP-2056-2 Testing Inquiry

Dear Emily,

I have something that will suit your needs perfectly. I can give it to you but you can’t ask any questions about where it came from. Orders from one of the O5, you know how it is.

Feel free to drop by and pick it up, you should also probably go through proper testing with it, faster than getting the step overruled. I know for a fact it will work though.

I wish you the best of luck with your project,

Ronald Sunderland

maq-pancack  asked:

Does SCP-2056 have contact with any other SCP's such as SCP-079, or SCP-096?

Current containment procedure makes transport of SCP-2056 remarkably difficult. Cross-SCP testing may be possible in the future but current security measures are not robust enough to accommodate this.

Furthermore SCP-096 is too dangerous to be used for testing. Even considering SCP-2056’s ability to become intangible, SCP-096 would likely continue hunting him even when he is untouchable. The end result would likely be 2056 passing out from fatigue and being brutally killed and [DATA EXPUNGED]