scp shenanigans


Ok guys. Pls hear me out on this: an Undertale Au. These doodles are barely scratching the surface like,

i think Peak SCP Headcanon time was that time shortly after Cabin In The Woods came out and we all briefly and unanimously agreed that every site apparently has a “release all SCPs” button just so we could use that gif. you know the one

imagine the kind of discourse that would go down on the Foundation intranet though. even better, imagine regular discourse finding its way in. imagine several O5s throwing down in the Overseer group chat about Pennywise the fucking clown

macapan  asked:

I dont really know what scp is but it looks i interesting... Can you explain it briefly or give me an idea of where to start?

I can try, but even after being SCP trash for ten years I have not worked out how to adequately explain it.

the SCP Foundation is a collaborative writing project based around the idea of a secret organisation existing behind the scenes, focusing on protecting the world from all kinds of strange objects and entities. these things, known as SCPs, are presented as in-universe reports written by researchers and include things like object class (how difficult to contain it is), descriptions, and instructions on how to keep it contained. 

the wider universe has branched out into a community creating stories based in the universe (tales), collaborative projects exploring different aspects of the universe and potential histories and events (canons), other hidden or not so hidden organisations existing in the same universe (Groups of Interest), and a whole load more. there is a lot of content, like an unbelievable amount, and the writing quality has remained incredibly high thanks to a self-policing voting system.

it’s not just horror, either! there’s plenty of scary stuff, but there’s something for everyone. creepy, scifi, weird, humorous, existential, heartbreaking, just plain odd… there is quite literally something there no matter what you’re looking for. there’s no strict canon even though there are reoccurring themes and characters, so you’re free to create your own narrative. and best of all, there’s no “real” place to start. you can just jump in, start reading, and see where the rabbit hole takes you.

but! if you’d prefer a jump-off point, here’s the beginning of my Big SCP Roundup, aka all my favourites from each series group. hope this explained it at least a little bit =P

I’m writing this incident report for one of my Foundation universes and it’s so weird how quickly I can just slip back into the Voice even after a break and it reminded me of one time at work where someone complimented me on how succinct my reports were and assumed it was because of writing university papers and I didn’t have the heart to tell her it’s because I’ve spent ten years writing fake reports for a fictional organisation researching otherworldly terrors

while we’re on the subject of the SCP Foundation, I can finally say this: this year marks my tenth year (10 years!) of involvement. I literally cannot believe it’s been 10 years since I saw SCP-173 on /x/ and got sucked into the rabbit hole. happy tenth anniversary to me I have seen some shit.

voidy-skelecat  asked:

I love how all the art of Iceberg is cute and make him looks like a sweetheart, but I hop over onto your Kondraki blog and apparently he's an absolute ass. The fandom has turned Iceberg into the "looks like a cinnamon roll but will actually kick your ass" character and I love it.

honestly it’s hilarious, especially as I reblog some of the cute Iceberg art myself. I’m not sure if this is me being a rickety old man, but back in my day [shakes cane] Iceberg was a narcissistic, power-hungry asshole who was always after a promotion and would stop at nothing to get it, up to and including endangering the lives of everyone around him. pretty sure he used to also put bets on who would die next, too. what bantz.

I’m not sure if he’s changed in subsequent site lore (I’m still catching up with everything I missed since my last break) or if it’s just a fandom thing, but who knows. that’s the beauty of no canon, I suppose. I love seeing all the different interpretations, and I’m totally down for the kick-ass fanart, but Iceberg will always be a lil asshole to me <3