scp containment breach cosplay


Last night I finished my SCP cosplay!
This is Abram. A Russian man in his late 50’s. Though apperence may be menacing, he’s rather shy and nervous as he is stuck in an American government facility and doesn’t understand English well. He is kinda my take on the character you play as more of less XD and yes, he is a Class-D. Reblogs would be AWESOME! ;-; I’d love some feedback


Finally, some full-body shots of my SCP-049 costume/cosplay/whatever!  And a couple of silly ones because why not  I made the cloak myself, so I’m glad to finally be able to show it off in its entirety!

Other than accidentally poking/smacking people with my mask if I turned too quickly, I had lots of fun with this costume and creeped a lot of people out. >:D  Not to mention that dancing/texting/drinking tea through a straw was pretty hilarious.