scp 231


So my new project I’ve set myself is illustrating ‘The Things Dr. Bright is not allowed to do at the foundation’ list. Got a random number generator to do them in no order whatsoever.

So this is No.262:

‘Dr. Bright is no longer allowed to commission, produce, advertise, or display animated videos to containment staff anyone with the subject, “What Happens When You Fuck Up Containing SCP (insert SCP here)”

-NO, it is NOT educational, Bright. Not the way you show it.’


Description: SCP-231-7 is a █████ female between █ and ██ years of age, with [DATA EXPUNGED].
-SCP-231-1 through 7 were retrieved from ██████████, ██, following a police raid on a warehouse owned by an organization called the Children of the Scarlet King. 24 hours after the rescue, SCP-231-1 (real name ████████████ ████████████) went into labor, giving birth to SCP-██ (█████████ ██████████), causing a ██████████ event resulting in over ███ confirmed casualties. 

-Foundation Personnel immediately took possession of remaining SCPs 231-2 through 231-7 and, based on notebooks recovered from the cult, instituted Procedure 110-Montauk to prevent future occurrences.

-Six Class D Personnel with backgrounds as convicted sex offenders are to be assigned to SCP-231-7 each month for the purposes of carrying out Procedure 110-Montauk. Violent criminals are not to be used for this purpose due to the possibility of accidental fatality during the 110-Montauk process.

My addition to the collaborative book project I’m running with bighonkk, creepythreadbook.  It’s gaining a lot of traction and I’m really excited about it.