scp 049 cosplay


Finally, some full-body shots of my SCP-049 costume/cosplay/whatever!  And a couple of silly ones because why not  I made the cloak myself, so I’m glad to finally be able to show it off in its entirety!

Other than accidentally poking/smacking people with my mask if I turned too quickly, I had lots of fun with this costume and creeped a lot of people out. >:D  Not to mention that dancing/texting/drinking tea through a straw was pretty hilarious.

Reach WITH IN To your LOCAL park and you may find A Friend And Boy…

(I did a cosplay test this evening, and I’m feeling pretty good about the results! I’ll be lurking around the con this weekend as this guy and as SCP-049.) 

Repost of some of my old SCP-049 cosplay pics

This one was during the shooting of my first movie, I was standing on top of a 40m cliff. What a nice view (also my beret was already a thing)

Picture taken during this summer’s japan expo, I melted under that mask but it was fun. Also this is a reenactment of the next picture, im sorry I don’t know who made it.