my favorite scp ever is scp 1171 and i just discovered them yesterday.

they live in a different dimension and can only communicate through writing on the constantly foggy windows of the house they inhabit. their name is beauremont. and they just. fucking hate humans. it’s so funny. and the best part is that they befriend someone in our dimension who works for the scp, not realizing that they’re human, and so that human is just sorta their roommate now because they’re the only one who doesn’t piss beauremont off. it’s so fucking funny.


Working on an SCP game starring Josie as a side project!

I liked the idea of SCP-529 and the fact that she is free to wander around the facility always stood out to me. At first, I just wanted to make a character model of her, but then I thought it would be a good time to try my hands at rigging and animation.

The game idea I had was an isometric exploration game where you wonder a facility as Josie and get into all sorts of trouble. you can sneak into various containment cells and interact with faculty and SCPs within the facility.

I thought it would be a pretty fun and light-hearted game to make in the SCP universe.

Stay tuned for more info!