scouting legion


If I am to have an SNK ship it will be JeArmin, and my only reason for this is that they are always together in almost everything they do. My turning point, you could say, would be when they were kidnapped while disguised as Eren and Historia, and you know what happened there. And what got me hooked was when they were being chased by Kenny’s men, and they held guns, and you also know what happened there.

In short, I love their brotherhood most.

I mean…

Plot Twist Conversation
  • Well, it happened when me and my lil' bro were having a freetime together and we talked about SnK after the final episode when he suddenly said
  • Bro : What if Erwin isn't really dead in the manga?
  • Me : ... Are you trying to tell me one of your plot twist theory again?
  • Bro : ...Nooo... *puts on mischievous smile*
  • Me : ...
  • Bro : But seriously, imagine after the battle in Shiganshina, Zeke and the others picked up Erwin's body and took him to the Marley in secrecy. Then they used him for titans experiment and somehow managed to ressurect Erwin. At last, when they reached the final battle, Levi and the others had to encounter their ex-commander who's under manipulation by the Beast Titan
  • Me : ... *cold glare*
  • Bro : What?
  • Me : You really enjoy making me suffer and imagining things aren't you?
  • Bro : I thought this would cheer you up since you already suffer everyday after ch.84
  • Me : *cries internally*
Attack on Titan Zodiac

Military Police - “For his majesty the King”: Virgo, Gemini, Taurus, Aries

Scouting Legion - “For the glory of humanity”: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces

Stationary Guard - “For order and peace”: Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio