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Hi Love you guys and your reactions. Especially the teen tag. But my request is for a child Inquisitor (5-11) having such a natural way with animals that even the dragons like them, and having the inner circle and Krem(because I love him) react. Please & Thank you.

Cassandra: She’s about to jump to their defense when a bear walks up to the party, but all the bear does is sniff the child and lick their face, to which they laugh and gently pat its head. She still pulls them away and warns them against interacting with wild animals, but is nevertheless in awe over how they charm creatures, be it horses, nugs, ravens, dogs, whatever. “I knew a girl that was a little like you.” she remarks. “It is a good trait to have, being gifted with animals. They sense goodness within you.”

Blackwall: He watches with a mix of amusement and awe as all the horses in the stables hurry to greet them every time they walk by, and he’s astounded as animals almost never attack the party. “Maker’s breath. Are you an animal whisperer? That’s amazing.” he remarks.

Iron Bull: He knew they were good with animals, and always admired it, but he stops and stares, slack-jawed, as they hug the side of the head of a dragon, who’s practically purring. They had wandered off from camp, and he ran out to find them. They see him, and he gestures for them to come back. He warns them to be careful of wild animals, of course, and not to wander from camp, but– “Wow, Imekari. That was– I knew you were good with animals, but… an ataashi whisperer. Wow.

Sera: She tries to get them to help her with pranks– she knows they like animals, so she figures they won’t mind helping gathering lizards to put in Solas’ bedroll. She stops as the lizards, big and small, seem not intimidated by the kid, and she watches as they crawl along their hands and arms, and as the child giggles in delight. She also sees how happy the horses are to see the Herald, among other animals in the Inquisition. “Wow,” she comments and giggles, “critters like you, eh? Means you’re good. Good for you!”

Cole: “They feel safe around you,” he says happily, “calm and sweet, sometimes bearing food, not wanting violence, a friend. You are a good person and a good friend.”

Varric: Their nickname becomes Charmer for their ability to charm any creatures. He gives them all sorts of books and stories about animals and encourages their interest and ability with animals. “They’re your first rapt audience, Charmer.” he says with a grin.

Dorian: He’s never really spent that much time around non-human or elven or dwarven or qunari animals before (Mod Sarah headcanon: they’re all under the species Homo sapiens, only perhaps separated by subspecies, assuming we’re using a Linnean system for Thedosian creatures) so it strikes him odd the first time he really stops to watch animals fawn over the Herald. He watches for a long time, awed by how readily these animals seem to relax around them, and comments to them later how impressed he is and how much he admires their skill.

Solas: He has met people like them before, readily capable of soothing animals– he’s pretty good at it, too, but not quite as good as them. He likes spending time with the kid as they spend time with animals, and he gets to talking with them. It’s nice to get to know each other and bond over the animals.

Vivienne: She doesn’t have much of an interest in animals, and comments little on it, but she admires how they keep animals from attacking the party. She introduces them to the horses she and Bastien keep, and smiles as they enjoy interacting with the horses and petting them gently. If they behave themselves well, she talks to the advisers about getting them a pet of some sort– even a nug, to her distaste, if they care for it properly. “It will be a good way to introduce them to responsibility. I have no doubts they’ll make us proud.”

Josephine: She thinks it’s adorable and oh so charming. She gives them all sorts of trinkets and books about animals to keep them occupied, and likes to see who and what they’ve befriended. It still makes her nervous to hear from the others about dangerous animals being friendly with the Herald, and she always warns them away from them– no matter how friendly they are, they’re still wild animals, not pets and not to be toyed with, but it amazes her all the while.

Leliana: She likes them. She likes them because the nugs, even the wild ones outside the gates, know no fear of the Herald, and her ravens (even the particularly ornery one, Baron Plucky, that her agents fear) flock to greet them when they come upstairs. She never comments on it– she just admires how much the ravens croon as they gently stroke their beaks and feathers.

Cullen: Fereldens are inclined to like people who are good with animals, especially dogs, and most of all mabaris. They believe the dogs can pick out good people, and Cullen agrees. So when he sees the dogs brought in by scouts and some recruits, they all seem to love the Herald, licking their face and wagging their tags rapidly. Like Leliana, he seldom comments on it, but he loves it.

500 Days Pt.01

It has been 500 days since ASTRO’s debut.  I want to take a moment to talk about where ASTRO really started.  Before they were ASTRO, these boys had to endure a lot.  I’m not sure if AROHA realize just how important we are to ASTRO, not just as a fan base, but as the literal start of their career and the meaning behind everything that they have done.

When ASTRO wasn’t ASTRO, they were just regular trainees.  Moonbin had come from being a child model with an entertainment company for only children.  He was only 12 years old when he began training with Fantagio, and he could have moved into a Fantagio dorm at that point, as well.  It’s unknown what month he joined Fantagio, but it was in the early part of 2010.  Later that same year, Rocky joined Fantagio.  However, he didn’t join necessarily with the idea to debut.  Instead, it turns out that his father told him he would buy Rocky a Wii if he didn’t do musicals and instead joined an entertainment company.  

Moonbin and Rocky were the only 2 members of ASTRO as trainees at Fantagio from 2010 through 2011, and into early 2012.  That is when Sanha joined, having played his guitar while singing as his audition in front of the company judges in an open audition.  It wasn’t until a year later that Eunwoo and Jinjin joined the company.

Eunwoo was scouted by a Fantagio recruiter, and Eunwoo actually denied requests for him to join Fantagio.  He was on the straight and narrow, class president and in the top 3 students in his class.  It’s understandable that he didn’t want to join an acting agency when his goal was to become a lawyer.  It took a bit of convincing, but he eventually did become a trainee with Fantagio.  Jinjin’s arrival at Fantagio is a little less clear.  Before, he was attending NY Dance Academy in Ilsan.  This company has an agreement signed with Fantagio, and some time during 2013 this deal worked and brought Jinjin to Fantagio, as well.

We don’t know when MJ joined Fantagio.  Prior to being at Fantagio, MJ auditioned for JYP Entertainment in 2010.  He did not make it into the company.  On several accounts, MJ has expressed his wishes for any photos and videos of this time to be taken away, never to be seen again.  MJ was chasing this dream to be a singer since Moonbin joined Fantagio, yet he didn’t make it right away.  In 2012, he tried again, and again he didn’t make it.  Eventually, thankfully, Fantagio accepted him.

The end of 2014 brought about the Rising Star stages at Lotte World.  By this point, Fantagio had quite a few male trainees.  There were rumors of a plan to debut a large boy group, their concept including having units.  Names were being talked of, the line up was going to be determined by these stages, and the boys were all preparing.

Moon Bin. Park Minhyuk. Yoon Sanha. Lee Dongmin. Park Jinwoo. Kim Myungjun.

Lee Jaesung.

Son Junyong.

These are the names of 8 of the boys you can see performing in any group focus fan cam from the Lotte World stages.  They did tough concepts, wearing black and silver and gold, covering hip hop and rapping and showing off their dance and singing skills in a series of stages that lasted from December 2014 until early February 2015.  In May 2015, the line up was solidified.  The idea of having a large boy group with sub units was gone, with only 6 boys remaining at Fantagio.  The other trainees that hadn’t been as popular with fans at these Rising Star stages were not included.  They left Fantagio.

However, Fantagio was going to stick with their original concept.  They wanted a darker concept, a harder concept, like Big Bang and BTS.  This reflected in the stages that ASTRO showed when giving a mini fan meet tour around the Seoul area in late 2015.  But, despite showing these hard stages, fans who showed up could feel ASTRO’s refreshing energy.  And Fantagio.. Well, they took notice.

Fans were on SNS, saying how they loved ASTRO’s boyish charms.  They liked how cute ASTRO could be.  They liked their refreshing personalities, the brightness of them.  Fantagio listened, and, according to the fans, ASTRO’s debut concept changed.

You’ll see early interviews with ASTRO saying that the boys really had no idea what was going on when Fantagio showed them Hide & Seek for the first time.  This kind of bubbly, cute concept was not what they had been working towards.  But Fantagio listened to the fans, and they worked with ASTRO, and it happened.  ASTRO debuted with a bright concept so different from what they had done before.  ASTRO’s entire concept changed because of the fans.

At the Rising Star stages, Fantagio listened to fans’ favorites.  They saw that 6 boys had grown to be more popular than the others.  Rather than debut 8 boys, they debuted 6, because of the fans.

After showcasing ASTRO’s talents across many stages for several months, Fantagio saw that the fans liked ASTRO’s bubbly personalities.  Again, they listened to the fans.  The debut concept changed, because of the fans.

ASTRO’s entire concept revolves around their fan base.  We, AROHA, are the start of ASTRO’s career.  Before we had a name, we were their support.  Early fans played a large part in ASTRO’s concept, and we continue to do so.  At debut, they gave us a name.  AROHA was born.  How many groups debut and immediately give their fans a name?  There aren’t very many, if any, that gave their fans a name at their debut.  With overwhelming support of ASTRO’s debut, their concept of a bright song with cute choreography extended to their second album, their third, each with concepts that could be representative of ASTRO’s relationship with AROHA.  We got a fan song released on an album the day before their 1 year anniversary.  Their recent comeback with Baby and their 4th mini album Dream Part.01 is literally for the fans.

When the 500th day comes, thank ASTRO, send them love, but thank yourself, as well.  Keep supporting ASTRO, give them love, and make sure you do the same for yourself.  ASTRO without AROHA’s support wouldn’t be ASTRO at all.


Sockathan Week- Day 5: Post-Apocalyptic AU

GUESS WHO GOT CARRIED AWAY WITH AN AU AGAIN some of these drawings suck because I was rushing but it’s fine

AU where the apocalypse started when an epidemic spread through all of the plants and animals. It isn’t deadly to everything, but it’s definitely deadly to humans. The world was stable for a while, living off of stored or already processed food, but the food started to run out. There was fighting and panic and eventually one group of people started gathering up other humans to lose as livestock, people just call them “The Demons.” As food grew more scarce, The Demons’ numbers grew, and they started sending out scouts to recruit promising survivors or bring them back as dinner. 

Jonathan managed to avoid The Demons for a while but his luck couldn’t hold out forever. One such scout found Jonathan half starved and easily overpowered him, but for whatever weird reason, didn’t kill him. He just kind of tagged along and Jonathan got used to his presence. Every time Jonathan manages to scavenge up food it’s a roulette of whether this can of soggy vegetables will be the one to kill him. Sock never eats with him and Jonathan doesn’t like to think about what that means.

He hears rumors sometimes from other survivors, that there’s a place out there where they’ve learned to kill the disease, or at least hold it at bay, and there’s enough food there to keep everyone full and happy. They call it Paradise. Jonathan doesn’t think it really exists though, besides, Demons aren’t allowed in.

Camp Camp Apocalyptic AU: A Prologue

A/N: In which our favorite trio of little bastards come together in a world where kids can be in charge and peanut butter is worth the life of another. 

Fan-Fiction; concept and ideas belong to me, the characters do not. 

(I apologize it’s not well written but I wrote it and I’m gonna post it)


Apparently The World Ended (Prologue)

He was ten years old when the world ended, alone in his large, empty, robotic-filled house as bombs crashed down and sirens rang out.

Once the disaster ended, and he and parts of the world were very much still alive, he collected what he could from the rubble and ran without any desire to return.

He still had the scars from his father, his dreams were still filled with cold, harsh stares of disapproval and disappointment, but he was free and independent and damn, did it feel good.

But he was ten, and despite his sharp wit and natural brilliance, he wasn’t quite as untouchable as he often felt he was.

“Oh Maxwell,” Pikeman spat, gesturing for Snake to deal another blow to Max’s ribs, “you really are way in over your head, aren’t you?”

“Suck a dick Pikeman,” Max growled, using the wall of the abandoned convenience store to hold him up, “I was just passing through your territory so I didn’t-”

“Excuses, excuses,” Pikeman kicked forward, sending Max tumbling down to the dirt, “now, what were you really doing here?”

“I told you, you fucking idiot,” Max pushed himself up onto his arms, looking his enemy straight in the eyes, “I’m just passing through.”

“Through our surplus room?” Snake gestured to the old store.

Max said nothing, dropping his gaze as he tried to pull his strength together. Pikeman merely smirked.

“I knew it; you just can’t keep your hands to yourself, can you Maxwell?” He gave an ugly, snot-driven laugh, reaching his sweaty hand out  to his defeated opponent. “Hand it over now, Maxwell.”

“Dude come on,” Max coughed, standing himself back up, “it was just a fucking jar of peanut butter. You have over two hundred in there, man. Can’t I trade it for something else? Candles? A broken watch?”

Pikeman froze, his forehead crumpled in thought for a few moments before a yellow, toothy smile began to grow.

“Actually, I have a proposition for you,” he swiped Max’s bag, tripping him once again with a swift kick to the knees, “there’s this weird girl who came through yesterday, stole some of our canned goods and bread. She ran across the tiny desert into the mountains, but she was injured, so she couldn’t have gone far.”

“So why the hell should I care?”

“Because if you want this bag back with the jar, you need to bring her to us by tomorrow mid-day. If you don’t, you either leave without it, or you have to stay as an honorary Wood Scout recruit. Do I make myself clear?”

“Do I have a fucking choice?”

“Twenty four hours, Maxwell,” Pikeman threw down a coil of rope and a hunting knife, “she’s tiny and fast and has a bushel of green curly hair. We’ll be waiting.” Max stood himself up, taking a few breaths before exiting the alleyway to the small desert that lay before him.

It wasn’t exactly a desert; it was just an old field that had been burned and ruined by the Great Disaster and its following conflict. But everyone who lived and roamed in the Mountain Valley area called it a desert, so desert it was named. Max quietly limped across the cracked, dry ground, feeling the eyes of Pikeman watching him from their base tower.

He fucking hated everything that had to do with the Wood Scouts. They were nothing but an imposing, whiny group of abandoned military-school children who bullied any survivor who refused to comply with them.

Max had been stealing shit from them for months now; but in four weeks they somehow came up with a ridiculous new line of defense.

A ridiculously tall, muscular, line of defense.

Max shifted his feet, trudging forward towards the large block of trees as he tried to scan the ground for any trace of her.

He didn’t expect to find a trail of orange paint, but that would work as well.

Max continued to walk slowly, his mind quiet and meditated on the decent weather and the speckles of orange paint that dotted the tall grass and trees that sprouted amongst the dry clay. The grey sky faded into a light orange blending into purple, and as soon as the sun had swollen on the edge of the valley, Max had found what he was looking for.

Er, at least, he thought he did.

“Will you hold the fuck still, Nikki?”

“It’s seriously no big deal Neil; it’s just my wrist!”

“An hour ago you were screaming how you’d rather be eaten by wolves than deal with the pain.”

“See? It’s just getting better!”

Max stared from behind the shrub, hidden from sight among the tall shadows and twigs. Both of them were kids, not much older than himself, if they were even older at all. As Pikeman had explained, the girl possessed a wild mane of green curls and a numerous amount of scars and bruises along her arms and face. The boy, while clearly worn and exhausted, was a lot less banged-up than his companion. He was scrappy and boney and, Max figured, would probably die and be eaten by wolves or some shit if he wasn’t friends with crazy-eyes.

Max glanced down at his rope and knife, and looked back up at his supposed targets. Rolling his eyes, he stepped out of the brush, loosely holding the weapons at his side.

“Hey,” Max threw his arm out to Nikki “were you the crazy dumb-ass that stole from the Wood Scouts?”

The two companions froze, before Nikki jumped up to her feet, Neil’s hands still firmly locked on the set splint. “Who the fuck wants to know?”

“Name’s Max,” he threw up his arms and dropped his weapons, rolling his eyes, “Wood Scouts sent me to kidnap you and bring you back to the camp so they could imprison you or some dumb shit and I could get my fucking bag back.”

“…But, who are you?” Neil asked, giving the splint one final tug before letting go of Nikki’s wrist. “Are you a Wood Scout?”

“Hell no,” Max grunted, “they’re just holding all my weapons and ammunition hostage until I bring you back.”

Nikki blinked. “And you just expect us to walk back with you and get kidnapped.”

“…I mean,” Max shifted, a tad hesitant in his voice, “I wasn’t going to fucking cut you and tie you up like an animal.”

“Then what were you going to do?”

Max scrunched his forehead, remaining quiet for a few moments before a small idea came to his head.

“You escaped the Wood Scouts before, right?”

“I have,” Nikki proudly held her head high, “but Neil here’s a big chicken!”

“I am not!” He protested, “I’m just not built to be super durable, that’s all.”

“Look, who gives a fuck,” Max rolled his eyes, “we’re all out here trying to survive, right? Why don’t we all work together and steal some more shit from them and get the hell out of dodge?”

“And how are we supposed to fight?” Neil protested.

“Like I said Neil,” Nikki scoffed, running over to Max’s side and picking up the pocket knife, “it’s no biggie! I can still fight!”

“And what about me?”

“You got a gun Neil?” Max asked. The young boy faltered, his face turning red.

“How did you-”

“It’s the fucking Apocalypse, okay?” Max shrugged, “everybody’s carrying around fucked up shit. So you got a gun?”

“Yeah, but all I have are blanks.”

“They won’t fucking know the difference,” Max smiled, dropping to the ground and sketching out a plan in the mud, “now, Neil, Nikki, here’s what we’re going to do…”


Pikeman made it far too easy, agreeing to meet behind the convenience store to retrieve Nikki. The rope was tied to her ankle, and she sat cross legged, obviously bored and irritated by the time the Wood Scouts had bothered to show up.

“Alright Max,” Pikeman spat, tossing him his bag back, “all your items back, including the jar of peanut butter.”

“You know I’m not giving her to you until I check this, right?” Max asked, his black eye shooting daggers back at the Wood Scout Leader.

“Fine.” Pikeman pouted, agonizingly watching as Max checked the contents of his bag. Despite his slimy persona, Pikeman had kept his promise, not a single blade or box had been tampered with.

“Okay, here you go,” Max shrugged, dropping Nikki’s rope. Without missing a beat, she charged ahead, ramming herself into Snake and biting his nose like some wild, vicious animal.

“Max!” Pikeman screamed, charging towards Max with his wobbly chicken legs. Max merely turned, stretching his leg just far enough to send Pikeman tumbling into the ground.

“Where the fuck is Neil?” Max yelled to Nikki, who had begun to brutally beat the tall, muscular kid she had pinned to the ground. Suddenly, the squeaking of rubber filled the air, as Niel sped over in one of the Wood Scout’s golf carts, holding the gun backwards in his hand like a crazy idiot.

“Let’s get the fuck out of here!” he shouted, as Nikki and Max bolted to the cart. The Wood Scouts that could began to chase after them, but it was too late; they had already reached the untouched prairie fields three miles ahead of them.

“Suck a dick losers!” Nikki howled with laughter, standing up in the back seat. “What a bunch of pussies!”

“Calm down Nick,” Max called from shotgun, “our nerd here’s one second from throwing you from the back seat if you don’t sit your ass down.”

“Hey!” Neil shouted, sharply turning to plunge down into one of the lower mountain valleys, “if you have a problem with my driving, why don’t you drive the fucking vehicle?”

“Man come on, they beat the shit out of me yesterday!”

“Hey guys?” Nikki called, crawling to stick her own head between the two boys, “where are we going anyways?”

“Eh, wherever,” Max shrugged, “as long as we stay away from god damn weirdos for a while.”

Uncharted - Chapter 1

Relationship : James “Bucky” Barnes x Reader

Warnings: nothing yet, but if there is anything I’ll mention it (smut, violence etc.)

Word Count: 2059

Part 2

A/N: Hi! This is my very first fanfic post here on Tumblr. This is not my my first fanfic, but I’m still very new:) I’m planning on this to be a very long fic. I think I’m going to post every Thurday but I’m not sure yet… At the moment I already have seven chapters written and I’m not planning on finishing soon. I’m working on this but you can still send in requests for imagines… Hope you enjoy !

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Unknown Location. Hydra Base

A venomous voice leaks through the thin walls of the dingy underground base.

“How did you let him slip through your grasp?” The dangerous women asks. She sits  on a chair that stood a foot higher than everyone else. Her demeanour seemed calm, her face as cold as stone, yet her voice was dripping with anger and her eyes held so much contempt.

A yellow light bulb hung right over head, casting a shadow over her face. Only her hands and feet were visible. She was gripping the armrest of her throne with vice and her long legs were crossed and laid diagonally to the floor. Long emerald green boots with sharp teeth adorning the sides glinted in the dim light, threat seeping through every pore.

A man kneeled before her. He was of average height, grey hair slowly taking over his brown locks. His frame was built, but obviously older than most agents. He wore scrappy clothing, his pants were repaired more than once and there were streaks of mud on his boots.

“I-I I don’t know, ma’am. He-e somehow took out all th-the trackers. We c-can’t find them.” he stutters, he’s on his knees hands clutching his sleeves to prevent them from shaking.

“So, you are telling me, that you lost track of the Asset?” she hisses. “You had ONE job.” Her voice finally giving away some of the anger she felt.

“I’m sorry, Madame Viper, please spare me, we will find him again.” He pleads with her.

“Your pathetic attempt at an apology is useless. You are useless. I had high hopes for you Zemo. But, you just let me down.” Madame Hydra tuts. A moment of tense silence goes by,  she finally lifts an elegant hand up. Her fingers wrapping delicately around the velvet leather of her whip, she swings her arm back and strikes him right in the throat, leaving him bleeding to death on the floor. She sighs as she signals some other soldier to take the body away and clean up the mess.

The rest of the audience of the room perks up, standing straighter as her unforgiving gaze passes through them.

“Find him.” She commands, and that’s all the persuasion they need before scurrying off to accomplish their task, hoping that the Lord will spare them of the wrath that is Madame Hydra.

Stark Tower, Avengers Base

Avengers, please go to Conference room B, an urgent meeting has been called on by Nick Fury, F.R.I.D.A.Y says through the coms. A collective groan echoes through the common room as the  members of the team of heroes begrudgingly get up and hurry to the conference room.

Steve is already there leaning on the far wall and Director Fury stands tall, arms linked behind his back.

“God, it’s barely noon, why are we here?” Tony whines, he rubs tiredly at his eyes,  

“Maybe if you weren’t hungover all the god damn time, you’d be awake enough to get herr without bitching.” the director shot back.


As the group settles down, Fury speaks up.

“We have found a potential new recruit,” he pauses as Maria hands out manila files to the Avengers, “We’ve been monitoring her for the last couple of months and she seems to be a perfect match.”

“That’s what you always say.” Tony yawns.

“It’s true.” Sam snickers.

“Alright, settle down, folks. From what we’ve seen she’s mastered more martial arts styles then I can count, she has the mutant ability to create portals and she has an intelligence that can match that of Tony’s and maybe even Banner.” The room goes silent and more than a few eyebrows raise.

“We’ll need two of you to extract the newbie tonight at around nine o’clock, understood?”

Fury says. “I want Cap on this one, whoever goes with him is your decision.” He points at all of them. With one last hard stare towards Tony, Nick exits the room, Maria trailing not far behind.

The moment the door closes, the room fills with uproar.

“Why doesn’t Wanda go? She’s a girl, she’ll do better with another chick.” Tony shouts.

“Don’t speak to my sister like that.” Pietro retorts.

“Why don’t you go with Stevie, he likes you best.” Nat asks Sam, he rolls his eyes in response. “I’ve already checked on newbies, last time didn’t go well, I’m not going this time.”

“You know what, Vision should go.” Clint suggests. “I”m pretty sure we shouldn’t send in the red, powerful, synthetic being to go get the newbie. For all we know he’ll just pass through the wall of this girl’s apartment.” Tony snaps back. They all nod in agreement.

“You know what,” Steve speaks up, taking the powerful ‘Cap voice’,” Tony you’re coming with me.”

“What?” The man cries out in shock.

“Yep, Tony, you’re coming with me whether you like it or not. Everyone in this room has been sent to scout a new recruit at least once, except for you.” Tony gives him a ‘I’m done with your Star spangled ass’ look.

He groans, “Fine. But, you’re buying me shawarma.” Steve rolls his eyes.

“We’re leaving at 8:30 pm”.

Everyone exits the room to do whatever heroes do on their day off.


Your POV

“Ok, avocados, roman lettuce, cucumbers, olive oil, coconut oil, tomatoes, milk, oranges, strawberries…” you were walking through the isles of your local grocery store, going through you mental checklist making sure you didn’t forget anything.

You placed the items in your cart and once you were confident you didn’t forget anything, you went to pay.

“Would you like a bag?”  The 16 year-old snot nosed cashier asked you.

“Yes, please.” You answer. He nonchalantly passes you two plastic bags, not bothering to actually help you on this ‘very’ busy Wednesday evening. You carry your groceries to your second hand car, get in, and drive back to your tiny 3 ½ apartment. How strangely domestic, you thought to yourself.

Yet, you liked it. As a kid you were always one for adrenaline. After your parents died, you were passed through so many foster homes, it was an ironic game of hot potato. You ended up leaving the system and fending for yourself. The powers definitely helped out a lot. You found out you had them when you were maybe twelve, almost thirteen. You were running away from some bullies and ended up cornered in an alley, instead of panicking, you just ran straight through the wall. Throughout the years, you trained yourself to be a strong and independent woman, studying hard in school and training hard on your own.

You hummed to the generic song on the radio when you turn the corner of the street that lead to your apartment. You lived in a quiet part of Manhattan that was a little sketchy but you didn’t mind. The old building was made out of classic red bricks with stairs leading up to each apartment complex.

You juggle your groceries and try to open your door without dropping your keys. You don’t want to be the victim in a cheesy horror movie.

You flick the lights open and walk into your tiny home. It’s small, but cozy. Right behind the front door is a small hallway where you put down your jacket, your shoes and your keys. You walk down a couple of steps and there’s your kitchen, dining table, couch and TV. And, when you go back to the hallway on the left, there’s your bedroom.

You drop all your groceries in the kitchen go take a quick shower.

After, you start cooking your dinner. As a kid you had a lot of free time, so all you did was absorb information, as much as you could take in.  You didn’t make friends to easily, partially because you were shy, but mostly because you didn’t trust easily. You were always suspicious,  your father taught you to be. When you started living on your own, you were so focused on your studies and your training that not having much of a social life never really bothered you. Friends came and went, but you somehow always ended up on your own.

You connect your phone to your wireless speaker and start playing some music. You press shuffle and the loud guitar riffs of Iron Man by Black Sabbath fills your ears. You start cutting up the ingredients and adding some oil to the pan, adding the onions in and letting the caramelise slowly. Another song comes to an end. You’re left with the gentle sizzle of th—.

“I like her already, she has good taste in music.” You hear a somehow familiar voice come from right outside your apartment door. You could tell that there were two men standing outside your home. You silently close the stove and turn off your phone. You walk carefully to your room, avoiding the creaky wooden panels. You pull out your 9mm and put your back to the wall waiting for their next move. They sounded pretty nice, but you were always cautious.

“Hi, (Y/n). Could you let us in? We would like to talk to you about a sensitive topic that would be better discussed in private.” The second voice said. How the hell does he know my name?

You don’t respond.


Steve’s POV

“Tony you can’t just break down the door!” He tells him. Jesus, what was he thinking?

“No, of course not. I can’t break down the door… but you can.” The smaller man says happily, as if he just cracked the Da Vinci Code. The Captain puts a hand to his head and sighs disapprovingly.

“(Y/n), we promise we aren’t going to hurt you. Just open the door please.” He prods gently.

“Are you serious? ‘We aren’t going to hurt you’,” he repeats mockingly,” you heard Fury, she’s smart, that won’t work.” Steve rolls his eyes for what seems like the millionth time today, that’s the effect Tony has on people.

“Ok, we’re coming in.” “Finally.”

He lays his hand on the handle and easily twists it off the door, it swings back with a small creak. The smell of a dinner being cooked immediately fills their noses.

“Jeez, she can cook too?” Tony whispers.

The apartment was tiny, he could barely fit in the first hallway that leads to the kitchen, thank  god he didn’t bring his shield, he would’ve been stuck. The stove was obviously left in a hurry, the spatula left messily to the side, the pan was still emitting a bit of steam; she’s still here. He hears Tony click on his gadget thing over his wrist and holds it up instinctively.

He motions his hand toward the door that’s about six feet away from them. She’s in there.

A small gush of wind blows their face and they stare at each other confusedly. A small swoosh accompanied with Tony yelping and swearing forces him to turn around in the tight space. He sees Tony, now kneeling on the floor, his mini propellor useless on the side with his hands in handcuffs behind his back.

“What the FUCK lady?” Tony yells. He turns around again and sees a small woman with (h/c) hair holding a gun up. She was wearing a loose AC/DC shirt with a pair of comfortably looking grey shorts.

“Who are you and why did you break into my apartment?” she asks, her voice calm and collected.

“Look, we just wanted to talk, we promise we aren’t here to harm you in any way.” he says reassuringly. She scoffs. “Are you serious?”

“I told you it wouldn’t work.” Tony remarks from behind him. She tilts her head to the side and stares intently at him.

“Why is Tony Stark in my hallway? And why is Captain America also in my hallway after,” you look to your broken down door,” after assaulting my door?Aren’t you supposed to stand for justice or something like that.” She puts her gun down and sneaks a glance at Cap who looks down sheepishly. She walks around him and Tony, kneeling on the floor, to flick the light switch, finally illuminating the two intruders faces.

Needless to say, that was not the reaction he was expecting.

Imagine Aro turning up to Renesmee and Jacob’s wedding

Like that’s totally a thing I picture him doing. He loves weddings and it’d give him a chance to “catch up” with everyone and try to repair his relationship with Carlisle & co and potentially scout for new recruits (seeing as the Cullens seem to be a magnet for gifted people)

Though I also imagine he would need a fair amount of fake tan and coloured contacts to fit in with the other guests

AU where Bitty is in the NHL

this could go one of two ways.
1. bitty went to samwell with Jack, they still got together, Bitty gets scouted and recruited to: not the Falconers.<
-imagine jack and bits playing against each other
-but jack never checks him, not even if theyre fighting, not even if he’s losing (bitty cant check him bc hes smol but whatever)
-they keep hockey and their relationship separate, and also secret, but think about the playful competition
-jack takes hockey super seriously ofc but bitty helps him realize that hockey is meant to be fun too gd jack u robot
-both of them work at not passing the puck to each other bc they arent on the same team
-but, about that secret relationship
-bitty isnt super closeted. he has a vlog, he has twitter, the only ppl that dont know he’s gay are his parents but lmao they def know bitty is terrible at hiding it, but thats another story
-so, the press, uh, addresses bittys sexuality by putting together a montage of the vlog and links to the vlog and if they werent basically outing him the video would be cute as shit bc its bitty
-but, really, bitty never wanted to be closeted, and he never really hid it anyway. he talks to his parents, he talks to jack, and heres the plan.
-bitty comes out, but he’s so southern about it. like the press says something to him and bitty’s just “oh, y'all didnt know that?”
-so, bittys the first gay NHL player
-but lets talk about jack
-lets say, falconers v bittys team (whatever team he’s on is in new england. wherever bits and jack live is between their home stadiums) and maybe theres a falconer thats kinda a dick and a homophobe. jack isnt out, and its never come up before, but this guy (lets call him Dick) is a DICK. and he says something to bitty, maybe after checking him really hard, and jack just loses it.
-maybe jack is close by and he heard what dick said, and hes livid okay. this guy was sort of his friend, his teammate, and then theres bitty who’s crumpled on the ice and jack and bits make eye contact and bitty looks so shaken and broken and jack. just. loses. it.
-jack fights his own teammate on the ice. he gets dick’s helmet off and his own gloves off and doesnt stop until he can barely recognize the other guys face, because of all the blood, this dick who he thought was his friend, and someone is pulling him away, maybe half the falconers are pulling him away
-maybe its tater thats pulling jack away, jack whos still struggling to get back out there not to keep wailing on dick but to see if bitty is okay because he’s honestly over the anger (okay, maybe not 100% but hes more concerned with bits atm)
-but tater drags him to the showers and forces him under cold water like they do in all the sports movies when shit gets real and athletes be crazy
-fun fact: tater is like jacks bff second to shitty. but he doesnt know about jack and bits.
-and jack is so quiet that tater barely hears him when he asks what the hell happened out there. jacks tells tater that Dick just assaulted jacks boyfriend.
-and tater says. “alright. we kill him. but not on ice, too many camera”
-and jack laughs. tater laughs. jack is still shaking and ofc hes cold but hes calm now.
-hes calm when georgia comes around and his managers come around and he says hes doing press. and they are like “no. not happening” until jack singles out george and is like “i have something to say.” (george knows abt jack and bits so she thinks hes going to come out, but hes not) so he and george have a quiet convo about what he wants to say and george approves it and the managers/coaches are like wtf why are u letting this happen.
-jack does press. his knuckles are shredded and hes got paper towels wrapped around them and theres a bit of blood still but hes smiling.
-jack says ‘bittle is my friend. even if he werent i would not tolerate homophobia on my team’ (jack could be cap or not but anyway)
-press wants to know why its such a strong reaction, dicks face is wrecked, yadda yadda.
-‘bittle is my best friend’ jack says. cue chuckles from the press. somewhere in harvard shitty clutches his chest and screams 'ET TU, JACK?’ (he gets looks but when does he not)
-bitty is being checked out by the docs (hes all good) and is asked what he thinks about jacks reaction. bits is like 'it was stupid of him but nonetheless, i will make him a pie’
-jack gets a fine and a suspension (and a pie) dick gets a bigger fine and a longer suspension and has to make an official apology and go to sensitivity training.
-bitty scolds jack for being wreckless, he could have gotten hurt, maybe outed. and jack is like “i dont care what happens to me i care about you” and they make sweet sweet love and maybe, jack is thinking about coming out
-followers of bittys vlog (which he still does!!) make gifs of dick getting beat up, photoshop pies splattering on his head.
-and then, well, suddenly people are more interested in the bittle/zimmerman 'friendship’
-bittys vlog gets hits. not the new videos when hes in the nhl. the old ones. the samwell ones. especially the outtakes bits posted where a certain canadian pops up here and there
-articles about the two year period where jack and bits were on the same line at samwell. next game bitty is in he gets put on press. 'so, jacks your best friend’ 'id say so’ 'and youre gay’ 'yes’ 'is jack?’ and bits is so clever, and this is the chirp that goes down in hockey legend “jack is hockeysexual”
-(somewhere in the world, the smh crew are d y i n g of laughter. jack gets a million chick emojis in texts.)
-ofc the press are kind of dumb. 'hockeysexual?’ 'yeah,’ says bits 'he likes hockey.’ (later on jack is going to make a show of writing hockey on a post it and sticking it to bitty right after they have sex. bitty snaps a photo and saves it to post on insta later on…. much later)
-in the meantime jack and george are talking about uh, things, and she says that now might be a good time with all the positive media attention (theres negative media too about how jack shouldnt kick the shit out of his own team but mostly the press is ecstatic about fighting homophobia and the 'incredible bromance between players on different teams’ 'bromeo and dudeliet’–ransom and holster INSIST on being called bromeo and dudeliet)
-but jack isnt ready. no, hes ready to come out. he just has to do something first.
-before jack plays again, he proposes. (dont ask me how bc im a SAP and if i get started on a proposal story i wont stop.) but anyway bits says yes. and then a little bit later jack says hes going to come out but he wont tell bitty how, he just tells him to be ready for it.
-and uh, bitty has an away game while jack has a home game. and jack does press. and bittys on the team bus on the way to the stadium when suddenly his team starts whispering and glancing at him until finally theyre at the stadium and off the bus and his team dog piles him and congratulates him and bittys like ??? and suddenly theres a phone in front of him with a video
-and its jack doing press.
-the press (as they have been doing) try and get jack to address the rumors that he and bits are more than bffs, to which jack says
-'im not going to tell yall that hes my boyfriend’ (those in the know notice the yall. it becomes half the smh’s text tones for jack)
-the press murmurs dissapointedly but jack smiles and says 'because he’s my fiance’
-and bitty calls jack immediately and scolds him a bit, and tells him he loves him but 'dangit jack im about to play’ and jack is just like 'sorry not sorry’
-and bittys team wins. do a lot of the stadium know hes engaged to jack? yes. is there a little hate speech thrown at him? yes, like usual. one drunk guy gets his attention and says something like 'im not a gay but zimmy has an ass you can bounce a quarter off congrats dude!’ (bitty will always be suspicious that it was actually shitty in disguise)
-and bits. he does press. one guess as to what the press asks him about. 'no we havent set a date. no, our relationship has never affected the game–okay maybe the once but thats dicks fault. we ve been together since i was 20. no, the only time i try to win games for jack is when im playing against jack" cue chuckles.
-shitty and tater fight for best-manship. lardo is uncontested for bittys best man. there are a lot of smh hockey players in the wedding party.
-there is a lot of talk about how ppl think jack or bitty are going to be compromised by each other, that they shouldnt get to play for the sake of the sport. its a cheap way to disguise homophobia, and jack calls them out on it. bitty is just… 'bless their heearts’ and pulls a knife
-jack is suddenly appearing on bittys vlog more.
-also people are kind of irked that they didnt realize jack and bits live in the smae house. because at some point pre-coming out there have been 'welcome to the team’ fluff pieces where rookies show people around their houses and talj about what they like. first jack had one and then bitty. in the same house. these fuckers. YALL ARE NOT SUBTLE. (this is also how bitty vlog gets popular while hes a nhl star. bc he talks about his vlog. a lot.)
-cut to married zimbits. jack and bits drive to a game together, where theyre going to play each other, and the press paps them sharing a goodbye kiss before going to separate locker rooms.
-theres talk of maybe it would be best if jack or bitty get traded so theyre on the same team? which, that doesnt seem too bad to bits and jack. but. they have contracts. and they kind of like playing against each other. and it takes more than one player for a team yadda yadda jack and bits arent winning/losing alone
-years down the road bitty is a free agent (or whatever i dont really know that much about sports okay) and theyre both falconers players. bc bittys other option was to move to frickin canada (or vegas lmao could u imagine. with parson. poor jack) and also bc jack and bitty play so well together.
-lets end this story with the managers of the falconers face palming SO HARD bc bits makes jack a better player, jack makes bits a better player. the falcs had a chance to get bitty and they didnt bc idk, they had jack from samwell or maybe they compared him to jack tok much or maybe they couldnt compete with whatever bittys team offered to pay. and now they see what they could have had for years now and oh my god. side note- bittys got a stanley cup, jacks got a stanely cup, and now that theyre on the same team theyre gonna get another stanley cup.
-fear the stanely cup winning gay hockey power couple

but yeah. bitty in the nhl.

A School of Fire and Shadow (Part 3)

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TOG x ACOTAR Crossover - Hogwarts au

House Key

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Aelin honestly didn’t think that flying would be this difficult. Of course, Rowan Whitethorn was a natural in the air, cutting through swarms of flailing first years while he and Cassian laughed. Matron Blackbeak was watching him closely, observing his obvious skill and agility in the sky.  

Meanwhile, Aelin opted to stay closer to the ground, merely hovering with her toes dangling only centimeters from the dirt. A couple others had their feet still planted firmly on the ground, although they didn’t seem to mind much. Aelin watched in wonder as Cassian and Rowan threw a ball of parchment through the air, flawlessly ducking and swerving to catch it.

“You’ve never seen a Quidditch match have you?” Aelin jumped as Manon appeared beside her. The white-haired girl also observed the gathering of sky-high eleven year olds but her expression displayed infinite boredom rather than wonder. Aelin figured since Manon was part of a family of world-famous Quidditch players, a couple kids dangling from their flimsy sticks was nothing to be amazed at.

Aelin huffed, she wanted to cross her arms but immediately thought better of it, fiercely gripping the broom instead in order to keep her balance. “Where did you get that idea?” she asked, even though it was completely true. Aelin’s family was much more involved in Ministry matters than sports.

Manon shrugged. “It’s either that, or you are completely in love with Whitethorn with the way you are staring at him.”

Aelin couldn’t help but sputter at the accusation, turning up her nose. “You’re in love with Rowan,” she shot back childishly. Aelin knew it was a stupid response but at the moment, she didn’t have a much better one.

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Drabble Request - Lance

Author: mermaidinplaid
Warnings: This is kinda dirty lol
For @marvelfanuniverse

#29 “You totally moaned my name in your sleep.”

How the fuck did you end up sharing a hotel room with Lance Tucker? As olympic coaches, the two of you had been traveling, scouting out new recruits, and somewhere between this morning and right now-nearly twelve hours later-the hotel staff screwed up.

You and Lance originally had separate rooms, though right next to each other. Now, however, you had been checked out and someone else had already snatched up your living quarters. Twelve hours. Twelve hours was all it took for the rest of your weekend to get royally fucked up.

As you sat on the couch, as far away from Lance as possible, you shook your head in disbelief. You were stuck with the shithead beside you until another room became available and that just didn’t work for you. Lance was cocky, annoying, obnoxious…and unbelievably sexy.

“Still pissed huh?”

Lance was stretched out beside you, an arm over the back of the couch and his feet resting on the coffee table. He had already changed into sweatpants that hung too low on his hips and a tank top that showed off everything you were trying to ignore.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes “Yes, Lance. I need my own space.”

“I’ll sleep on the couch if ya want. Don’t wanna invade your space.”

He made finger quotes in the air and it took all your strength not to punch him in his perfect face.

“Oh shut your fucking mouth.”

Turning back to the television, you fully intended on pouring all of your attention into the movie on the screen. Then the couch sank in beside you. Looking towards Lance, you noticed he was closer than he had been before but he didn’t seem to notice.

Assuming he was just trying to be increasingly annoying, you ignored him. Which didn’t stop him for moving ever closer, inch by inch, until his arm was behind your head and your thighs were touching.

Your heart was racing, your stomach was spinning out of control, you could feel warmth expanding in your belly. Whatever this asshole was up to, it was working.

“Lance, what are you-”

As you turned to confront him, his lips met yours. Shock set in and your eyes went wide; but just as you were about to shove him away, your hormones snuck up on you.

You leaned into him, deepening the kiss. Without waiting for more of a response for him, you continued your journey, moving to your knees and pushing him slowly onto his back.

Lance moaned quietly and brushed his tongue over your lips, sucking in a breath when your tongue met his. Kissing Lance was like coming up for air after being underwater for far too long. It was refreshing and exhilarating and if you never stopped, that would be perfectly fine with you.

Lance’s hands slowly moved down your body to grab hold of your thighs, pulling you closer to him. He wanted you to feel what you were doing to him, and you did. You felt his rock hard length slide against you and that warmth in your belly turned to fire between your legs.

You took his face in your hands and kissed him harder, gently biting at his bottom lip as he continued to pull you back and forth over his length. Despite layers of clothing between you, you could feel your release creeping up quickly.


His name was nothing more than a breathless moan as you finally broke the kiss. You buried your face in his neck to try and muffle the sounds you were making.

“I can feel it, baby. I know you’re gonna come.”

You moaned loudly upon hearing his voice; it was dark and raspy and he just sounded…dirty.

“Do it. Come for me.”

That was all it took for you to fall apart. You grabbed hold of his hair and bit down on his shoulder to keep yourself quiet. Lance was finally slowing his motions, allowing you to come down from your high.

Keeping your face buried in his neck, you tried to understand what had just happened.

“You can look at me ya know.”

Lance was rubbing circles on your back and you felt him tug your shirt gently but you shook your head.

“Are you embarrassed?!”

You didn’t say anything so Lance lifted you off of his chest. You straddled his lap, his cock throbbing between your legs and finally looked at him. His pupils were blown large and he was looking at you in a way he never had before.

“Don’t be embarrassed. That was fucking hot.”

You giggled and shook your head “What the fuck just happened, Lance?”

Lance was wearing his guilty look now, this look you knew very well.

“Okay so…I kinda checked you out of your room.”

Your eyes went wide “I’m sorry. You did what?”

“I had to! It was the only way to get you to spend actual time with me. Ya know, outside of work.”

You put your head in your hands and just sat there. You didn’t know for how long but when you looked up, Lance looked like he genuinely felt bad.

“Why, Lance? Did you know?”

“Uh, did I know what?”

You smacked his chest lightly “Don’t be stupid.”

Lance groaned and put his hands on your hips “Okay…well…I just heard you last night so I kinda assumed.”

Now you were just confused “You heard what exactly?”

Lance laughed and turned slightly red “Now it’s your turn to not be stupid. I heard you last night, taking care of yourself. You said my name.”

You couldn’t breathe and your voice squeaked when you spoke “Um I didn’t do that last night. I went to sleep.”

Lance didn’t look convinced “You don’t have to deny it.”

You stayed silent and bit your lip.

“Oh my god. You aren’t lying. So you were sleeping!” Lance threw back his head and barked out a laugh “You totally moaned my name in your sleep.”

“Jesus fucking christ.”

You leaned forward and hid your face in his chest.

“Good dream, I take it.”

His chest muffled your voice “Shut the fuck up, Tucker.”

You felt Lance’s fingers dig into your ass and sat up quickly.

“Tell me about it. Maybe I can make it come true.”

It took maybe half a second for what he said to register before you were laughing. Really laughing. Tears rolling down your face laughing.

“I’m sorry, that was awful, even for me.”

“Yes, Lance,” you put your hand to your chest as you calmed yourself “it was.”

Lance pulled you towards him and kissed your lips gently.

“Are you gonna tell me about it anyway?”

You kissed him again and started moving down the couch.

“Why don’t I show you instead?”

“I woke up in the middle of the night without any blankets and your foot digging into my spine”

AUTHOR: anonymous

You rolled over in bed, expecting to find Lance next to you but found an empty space instead. You shot up and looked around the semi-dark room half asleep. Where is he?

You knew he didn’t have to go and coach anyone or scout for new recruits for his team today. You pursed your lips before stretching your arms over your head and throwing your legs over the bed.

You pulled on one of Lance’s shirts that was on the floor from last night’s events and padded to the living room. That’s where you found him knocked out on the sofa. You tiptoed over to him and kneeled beside him, running a hand through his messy hair.

Lance’s eyes fluttered open and you smiled softly at him but he frowned instead. “I don’t like you right now.”

“What?” You scoffed. “What’d I do? I just woke up!”

“For one, sleeping on a couch isn’t as comfortable as some people make it seem to be.”

“Well then why are you sleeping on the couch?”

“I woke up in the middle of the night without any blankets and your foot digging into my spine.”

You snorted and he furrowed his brows at you as a hurt expression took over his face. “It hurts! And I was cold.”

“I’m sorry,” you cooed, “is there anything I can do to make it up?”

A quick smirk appeared on his face and you rolled your eyes. “I’ve got an idea or two.”

BTS Street Racing Au

In the street racing scene, Yoongi and his boys are well known to be the top racers, winning all the betting money. Then a newbie comes along with a tied contract to a loan shark gang, threatening to put the group in danger. At the same time, the group faces their first challenger that has the skills to put even Yoongi’s best drivers to shame. 

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Now scouting!

Attention to all voice actors, writers, artists, programmers, musicians, and developers! We are ST☆RLIGHT Studios, an online talent pool of independent freelance artists looking to provide opportunity and a great experience to semi-professional game and visual novel developers. Recently, we’ve made the decision to open our blog and accept applicants for many different positions commonly needed in the development of indie games, visual novels, audio plays, and more.

Our goal is to ease the burden of hosting auditions, the taxing and endless search for roles, and the hassle of struggling to find talent. That’s why our page was created to be convenient and easy to maneuver, for talents and scouting developers alike.

Those who apply to our network will receive an advertising spot on our page where scouts can find your information easily and contact you about open positions in their staffing. Each member will also be given a featured post in the form of an interview, dedicated to showcasing your talents and specialties.

Developers who wish to use Starlight Scouting for recruitment onto their project can either contact the listed talents separately or receive customized help and recommendations from an administrator. 

Apply Now!

Shadowbrand Acquisitions is recruiting!

We are an alliance guild on Wyrmrest Accord that focuses on both city and world roleplay.

The guild itself is a shop that fronts for a sect of the Uncrowned. While what we do is for the greater good, devious tactics are employed to see that we do our jobs effectively and with as much profit as we can muster from it. And hey, it’s not that bad. Stealing isn’t a crime when you’re stealing from the Burning Legion, right?

We are looking for roleplayers that are mature, friendly, and looking to get their hands into an adventure-type dark roleplay guild.

The guild is broken up into three sects:

  • Blackguard: These are the people who go out into the field and make the magic happen. Adventurers whose jobs vary from beast slaying to assassinations, these are the dashing heroes of the guild.
  • Coven: Previously named Demonology and Artifacts, these are the “eggheads” of the guild, best suited for casters or otherwise scholarly characters, these are the research teams or those who help around the shop front.
  • Blackwatch: The eyes and ears of the guild, those in this sect excel at diplomacy, spying, and all-around knowing what’s happening in Stormwind City or with people/groups of interest. This sect is also in charge of recruitment scouting, finding capable individuals to join the cause.

Currently we are recruiting any class and race, although max level characters (Or at least level 100) are preferred, as many of our adventures bring us out into the world, including on the Broken Isles.

We are willing to train characters and help in character development as well! Is your character not Uncrowned material? Hang around with us, and we’ll teach you tricks of the trade and give you plenty of field experience to back up that pretty coin of yours.

If you are interested, contact Archelaos (In-game Archelaos or Luxmancer) or message them on tumblr ( @high-inquisitor ). The recruitment process is fun, easy, and will give you a good idea of what to expect from the guild.

Signal boosting is appreciated!

Scouts are the new recruits of a Space Marine chapter who have advanced far enough in the early stages of their training and biological transformation to take part in battle with the rest of the Chapter.

More lightly armed and armoured than full Battle brothers, their role is to range ahead of the main Space Marine force, preparing the way for the main advance by infiltrating enemy lines, sabotaging and gathering intelligence - causing as much chaos and disruption as possible.

Vehicle Assault

Moar Surprise Gift! this one go for @katartblog144 feacturing her spartan Catherine-144 in the best “bike” of any halo haha , The Bulldog ( oh and im gonna post something about this vehicle tomorrow e,e ) And for Bonus , just Boss in another bulldog- Ben, Red and Krone in a warthog . Enjoy! 

oh also , i got another pic from this but i want post it Separately.:P

Cat - @katartblog144

Ben - @archangel470

Red - @officer-red



They’d just let the mounts off to rest while they prepared a small camp for the party of scouts and recruits. A light snow had started falling quietly, chilling the air and so now everyone would greatly appreciate a fire. The movement and hustle involved in setting camp helped too, keeping their muscles warm as they lifted the tents.

Aylen had just come back with another load of sticks and dry plants to use as kindling for the fire when she spotted the bard by the tents. With a small smile, she nudged his leg with her own the moment she passed right by him. “Care to help me with the fire? We should have all this settled before we’re off to scout the area.” That was what they were here for: scouting the wilderness, clearing the area and marking safe paths and campsites for the Inquisition forces that would follow in a couple of weeks. Bard had tagged along this time: hopefully to help, and she wouldn’t mind the man’s company there. He was rather friendly, and made her curiosity spark with their conversations.

“Come on, the more people we have helping the sooner we’ll be done with this.”