BurntPasta Live Stream - Part 2

Paps: Nyeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh!! *powering up*
Undyne and Mettaton: …. :O
Undyne: MTT!! … What does the scouter say about his power level??
MTT: …. *takes off scouter* ….. BZZZZZZZTTTTTT!!! *BOOOOOM*
Undyne: …. OxO;;
Sans: … *Is Frieza* … :D *shrug*

I have no idea how the stream ended up here, but this was a blast! xD We all couldnt stop laughing while making this silly work of art.
Thanks to @super-aids1​ and @inuthekitsune  for hanging out and giving ideas! 

Suga Daddy: Part Two

Suga Daddy: Part 2

Word count: 6.9k

Genre: smut

Okay, I’m glad that some people liked this because I want to turn this into a series. This is pretty dirty so be warned. Anyway, on to the next part :)

part one

You were over at Taehyung’s, on the couch with him and Jimin watching a movie. Sadly, you weren’t paying too much attention to it because tomorrow you were trying out for a seniors dance showcase. It was a big deal for seniors, it was what they worked for all four years. This would be what they would perform for tons of people and entertainment scouters. Your school was known for helping dancers get jobs after this showcase at the end of the year.

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Hi this is your moderator, sorry for being absent for a bit, vacation plus best friend visiting equals limited time for tumblr. You cool cats submitted lots of good things and mentioned me in lots of hilarious posts while I was gone and I love you for it! Getting all that as well as my latest finds queued up for your enjoyment, expect daily posts to resume as usual. Thanks for your patience!

IM SO SORRY ANON that was talkin about vegeta coming back to life and seeing ku as a super saiyan for the first time! I’m new with tumblr and how to work everything right and I couldn’t figure out how to attach an image to your ask1!! I’m on mobile right now next time I’ll find my laptop!!! And will figure it out I’m sure! BUT ANYWAY I sketch this silly shit for you!!! Whoever u are! I don’t HC them “together” in anyway during the saiyan saga or frieza saga however I know geets had the hots for that bigass monkey the second his scouter said over 9000!💦💦💦

Hey, it’s the another semi-canon semi-crossover semi-piece of crap I made!

I thought about the idea of Flug making some sort of evil scanner that evaluates the concentration of evil (something like DBZ’s power level) or picks up any critical weaknesses of a target. The latter used to be more preferrable in terms of plot: the scouter could be DRAMATICALLY and VICIOUSLY right before the crew would decide to check it on Black Hat. But because I’m lazy ass, here’s more traditional use of Villainous tech.

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