Suga Daddy: Part Two

Suga Daddy: Part 2

Word count: 6.9k

Genre: smut

Okay, I’m glad that some people liked this because I want to turn this into a series. This is pretty dirty so be warned. Anyway, on to the next part :)

part one

You were over at Taehyung’s, on the couch with him and Jimin watching a movie. Sadly, you weren’t paying too much attention to it because tomorrow you were trying out for a seniors dance showcase. It was a big deal for seniors, it was what they worked for all four years. This would be what they would perform for tons of people and entertainment scouters. Your school was known for helping dancers get jobs after this showcase at the end of the year.

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BurntPasta Live Stream - Part 2

Paps: Nyeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh!! *powering up*
Undyne and Mettaton: …. :O
Undyne: MTT!! … What does the scouter say about his power level??
MTT: …. *takes off scouter* ….. BZZZZZZZTTTTTT!!! *BOOOOOM*
Undyne: …. OxO;;
Sans: … *Is Frieza* … :D *shrug*

I have no idea how the stream ended up here, but this was a blast! xD We all couldnt stop laughing while making this silly work of art.
Thanks to @super-aids1​ and @inuthekitsune  for hanging out and giving ideas! 

Space orc Application process

So, I’ve been reading a lot of these humans are space orcs posts and while they are entertaining it got me thinking.  What if the first person to come into contact with aliens was an uber-space-orc.  Someone who’s been climbing trees since they were four, hikes mountains for fun, sings random pieces of dialogue and just loooves to wrestle with all the cute wittle death beasts he finds on hostile planets.  At first the Aliens are like, look at this species, they haven’t even invented gravitronics yet.  Then they leave him for dead on a mission and he comes back to base with his arm in a sling covered in three different types of blood and are like “daaang, humans are tough.”  Slowly these aliens start to pick up on all the human’s weird habits and hear about all the weird places he’s been to on his planet like the dreaded Texas where the heat can make you pass out or the horrid planes of Albany where the snow piles up to your waist like fluffy cold quicksand for months on end.  Throughout their time this one human just keeps getting weirder and weirder, socializing with members of other species, climbing ceiling beams, attaching spatulas to various cleaning devices etc.

Then the aliens finally decide that humans are just too useful to waste and they move to bring them into the inter-galactic alliance or whatnot citing the crazy human who survived being mauled by a Kagrazan and then hiked ten miles back to the landing site as evidence.

Meanwhile on earth, all the deskjob people are talking about how their most recent space shuttle to mars went missing and how “its a shame and all, but at least we don’t have to deal with that weird guy who wrestled a bear once.”

Then the aliens come to earth with the astronaut and explain that they want more humans to bolster their crews and every government on earth simultaneously realizes that the only reason they are being given a seat at the table is because aliens think EVERY human is as terrifyingly weird as that astronaut.  Suddenly they’re all scrambling to find movies  and culture to throw at the aliens to keep up the illusion for as long as possible.  Scouters start going around the country trying to recruit crazy “I think I’ll climb that mountain today” people to send into space.  

Interview processes start forming, sifting through thousands of candidates all now displaying proudly the oddities that they previously hid behind academic certifications and letters of recommendation.  

Cultural shifts change to encourage activities previously seen as reckless or dangerous such as climbing or sprinting down hallways.  Parkour gyms soar in popularity.  Impulsiveness changes from being discouraged to being the norm.  “But what makes you odd?”  becomes a standard interview question.

Eventually a new social class forms consisting of oddballs and outcasts who talk too loud, run too fast and get thrown into space.

Forgive me if this post isn’t perfect I’m not that good of a writer