scout's 2nd birthday

Cake's ordered!!!

I got the cupcakes for Scout’s birthday!!  We’re doing mini cupcakes because this bakery is one of those with huge gourmet style ones.  So for ease of eating and help with small child portion control we went mini.  Plus we get to try twice as many flavors! 

We have a “smash cake” although she uses forks now, it’ll still be fun.  Chocolate cake with vanilla icing that’s blue with a goldfish & bubbles on it. Then 12 mini vanilla with blue vanilla icing.  Then 6 each of the following:

Hopscotch (vanilla on vanilla dippped in butterscotch ganache)

Cherry Cheesecake (cherry cake & cheesecake flavored buttercream)

Cotton Candy (vanilla on cotton candy buttercream)

Chocolate loves Chocolate

I tried to stay pretty neutral on flavors but still have fun.  The cotton candy because it’s a favorite with the kids.  I was afraid to go too crazy because when I plan a party I want to please everyone.  But I really wanted to order Pucker Up (raspberry cake with lemon buttercream) & Maple Bacon (bacon cake filled with maple syrup & topped with maple buttercream).  I guess we’ll just have to try those some time on our own.