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Hi Hajimama! If you don't mind me asking, what Fandoms would the Scouting Corps/ 104 Training Corps Gang be in?

Mikasa: Sailor Moon
Reiner: Supernatural
Bertholdt: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi pitch
Annie: Yuri!!! on ice
Eren: Naruto 
Jean: Attack On Titan
Marco: Adventure Time
Sasha: Marvel
Connie: Undertale
Historia: Everything that has Lesbians in it
Armin: Astro Boy
Ymir: Game of Thrones
Levi: DC
Hanji: Star Wars
Erwin: Star Trek
Nanaba: Jane Austen
Mike: Pokemon

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Tumblr-mom, I was running some training for scout leaders this weekend, and accidentally started the Great Bacon Discourse of 2017 - whether you should cook bacon on Sunday at camp (means the grease goes to waste), whether you can dispose of the extra fat in the campfire, whether you should precook it so the kids aren't handling raw meat, that kind of thing. Just thought you might enjoy the image of twelve fifty-year-old scouters sitting around a campfire discoursing like they're on tumblr.

You’re right, that fills me with immense glee, and I’m glad to know this kind of thing goes on outside of tumblr and my select group of friends where “fuck you that is not how you eat a scone” is a common greeting.

Also clearly y’all need to use the grease to cook potato breakfast foods in, what’s wrong with y’all.

Another personal head canon I have (putting it here to let y’all know this blog ain’t dead):

Spy and Scout’s Ma trained together in some type of Spy Academy. Both were the best in their chosen fields of work. Only a small number of people where chosen from all over the world to gain further training. 

At first both hated each other, Scout’s Ma thought that Spy was an ass-hole, Spy hated her Boston accent. However working and training over time allowed both to better understand each other, pushing aside ego and the act that comes with becoming a Spy. 

Spy was the better actor of the two, he was able to become any person and fit into a scene without even trying, while Scout’s Ma was the weapons expert. 

They both worked together once they graduated and  where the most dangerous people on the face of the earth.

It was about three years before both agreed on trying to have a relationship. All was going well before Scout’s Ma disappeared. 

Spy travelled the world to find her, catching up with old enemy’s with grudges, old employers and everyone else in-between. He came to his conclusion that she wanted to disappear. But why?? That was the question that keep him up at night for 1 ½ years.

When he discovered her location Spy was surprised where she was. A small apartment on the outer city of Boston. It wasn’t a surprise to him, but he was taken back by how much she had changed her identity. New name, documents and appearance. 

Walking down the hall way towards her room Spy played out how he would act. Should he play it like a smart ass?? Be cold and distant?? Perhaps understanding??

Before he finishes his thoughts he knocks on the door. Spy is meet by the woman he loves (something he would never say out loud). Her usual short brown hair is replaced with wavy long blonde locks. Eyes that would usual be filled with mischief and a lust for life are glazed. Spy notices dark bags underneath her blue eyes. He can’t help but notice that she has gained a kilo or two.

The yelling of the young woman could be heard three cites over. An augment breaks out between the two. Words they don’t really mean are thrown in each other’s faces. Spy demands an explanation, a reason, for leaving him heart broken. For having him spend countless night unable to sleep worrying about her safety. 

All his answers are answered when he hears a baby cry.

He calms down, lets her attend to the screaming child. Spy gather’s his thoughts. Maybe she ran because the child wasn’t his?? That’s got to be the answer. They both took precautions didn’t they?? 

The woman walks over while holding the child and guides Spy to a cheap couch. There she explains everything, the fear she felt. How her employers might force her to dispose of the child, she is an investment after all. Enemy’s coming after her to hurt her and her child.

The last part she looks at Spy, tells him that she was afraid of him. She starts to cry holding her child closer to her chest. She knows that Spy was always dedicated to his work, that when he dies it would be on the field. That in his life that there is no time for a child, a family. She didn’t want to burden him with her mistake. She goes on to explain that she always wanted a large family and this was the best opportunity she had to leave her work behind. 

Spy slowly moves closer to the the weeping woman and holds her. Giving her all the time in the world for her to regain composure. When she is calm he asks to hold his child. Carrying the baby in his arms he can’t help but smile, he softly asks what gender it is. A baby boy he whispers to himself. He’s the father of a baby boy. 

Every bone is his body is telling him to run, to put this child and woman behind him. To get back to his job and pretend none of this is real. But deep down Spy wants this, to be surrounded by children and a beautiful wife. He knows he can’t he still has work to do. 

A few days spent together and many long conversations later Spy leaves. Making a promise to give her a large family and do all he can to support their growing family. 

You da real MVP for getting through all this. I like the idea of Scout’s Ma being just as capable as Spy, having the two as equals, also I am suggesting that all Spy is the father to all of Scout’s brothers as well. 

As always if ya have something to add please do so. 

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On the 'Scout is muscular' train, in the official TF2 comic Scout said he met Ms. Pauling "6 years ago", which might mean he's been working for 6 years in the team, more or less. Which means 6 years of running, bashing people with a bat, etc etc so he would at least develop SOME muscle instead of being 'lanky' LMFAOO

yes yes yes! 

also…about that… i’ve always wondered how old miss pauling eventually is?
for me she’s like in her 30 ? or 27 ?? i’ve always thought she’s older than scooty! (yep. off topic. sorry) 

One Hell of a Joyride

@pisscff from here:

It wasn’t any secret that Scout didn’t like cars. He hated not being able to get out of the way of things quickly, and he hated being physically restrained; cars somehow supplied him with both of these things, and motion-sickness. He was usually able to get comfortable in cars he knew, get a seat where he could lean out the window if he wanted, or if it came down to it, get himself to sleep through some of the trip. When he didn’t know the cars, though, he started to get a little jumpy. But there was work to be done, so he learned to get closely acquainted with the Oh, Jesus handle and only complain sixty-seven percent of the time.

But then–as if just being in an unfamiliar car wasn’t bad enough–they went and got into a damn high-speed chase with the thing. Suffice it to say, when he wasn’t shooting at the bastards shooting at them, or shouting an obscene amount of swear words at their chasers (and his driver), he was forcing down a panic attack. After what felt like an eternity, Sniper lost the sonsabitches, and Scout was able to relax. For a full seven minutes.

Turning to his teammate as he felt the car begin to slow, Scout asked, mostly in denial over their current predicament, “Hey, why’s the car st– Oh, God.” His eyes went wide in realization. “Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me?” he yelled, knocking his hat off of his head to pull at his hair in frustration. “Like, seriously, this thing is actually just stoppin’? In the middle ‘a nowhere?” Oh. There was the motion-sickness. “Hhuuuuuuuhhhhh, I’m gonna be sick,” he groaned, pulling his knees up to his chest and shoving his head between them.

No!” he blurted, his head shooting up and arms gesturing helplessly. He took a second to uncurl himself, then muttered, with an aggravated shake of his head, “No, Snipes, I do not know where we are or how ta get back home.” Scout grabbed onto the upper edge of the window and pulled himself up, standing on his knees and leaning out of the car. He rested his arm over the roof, stretching to survey the damage done to the car (which–yikes–there was a ton of) and check if anyone was following them. Luckily, they had, in fact, completely lost their pursuers. So they could be relieved about that.

Pulling his head back into the car and flopping into his seat heavily, the Scout scratched at the side of his face thoughtfully and put his hat back on his head, before glancing over at Sniper. “Whaddya think? We start walkin’?” he finally suggested, thumbing over his shoulder, in the direction they came. It seemed the only option, unless the taller man was hiding a car-fixing kit under that hat of his.

Tanaka Keiji x Hino Ryuju: Rivals & Friends

These 21 year-olds are both in their second year on the senior level. Tanaka Keiji and Hino Ryuju have developed a friendship from a young age, one that brings out the best in one another. They have improved through friendly rivalry and relentless hard work. As skaters, the two of them are facing a new era in their sport. With contrasting personalities and lifestyles, the two of them are reaching for their dreams head on together.

Keiji and Ryuju’s joint interview in Quadruple 2016+Plus below the cut.

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A Simple Hello Can Lead To Millions Of Things (Part Two)

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Scout was actually have fun, the boys were keeping her mind occupied. Her sides ached as she was thrown into fit after fit of giggles from their banters amongst them. She was enjoying her time and was starting to feel relieved that Chris had dragged her out of her flat. 

“Damn, girl.” Anthony whistled as he watched her flip her shot glass over. She had easily matched their pace, “You weren’t kidding, were you Chris?” He was impressed with her handle on alcohol; it was evident that she was a little tipsy but it was nothing more than where they were at. 

Chris nodded, placing his hand on the small of her back, beaming at his fellow Bostonian. He was so glad to see her smiling again, Chris always wanted what was best for Scout. “I’ve trained her well. Shoulda’ seen her back in the day, she could hardly handle wine. But, after a few nights of throwing back beer after beer, vodka after vodka; she was ready to hang out with the big dogs.”

Scout rolled her eyes, shaking her head. “You’re such a loser.” 

“So you two never, you know?” Sebastian asked, curious to know more about the friendship between the brunette and the blonde. He was rather good at reading people and he really couldn’t read Scout. 

Scout shook her head, “No, never.”

Never?” Sebastian repeated.

“I know him.” She pointed out, peering off to her side towards her friend. “I’ve seen how he’s like in relationships. Why do you think he’s single?” Scout happily brought the fruity blue drink the waitress had dropped off towards her lips, “He’s a heart breaker.” 

Sebastian nodded, sipping on his beer, watching her carefully. It took a few drinks to get her to warm up to them, she had sat silent for more than half the night before she started joining in on some conversations. “He’s a heart breaker, huh? No, not Chris.” 

Scout locked onto his gaze, a smirk present among her plump lips that Sebastian couldn’t help but notice. “He’s kind of like the Queen of Hearts, he steals them and has no disregard of the aftermath.” 

Anthony raised a brow, “What Alice in Wonderland movies have you been watching, girl?” 

Her eyes never left Sebastian’s as she murmured out, “I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time,” her eyes sparkled before she removed her gaze from his and towards Anthony, “I’ve been hooked since episode one.” 

“Yeah, see. I don’t want shows like that.” 

Swirling the little umbrella in her drink, she motioned towards her right, “You’re missing out. Sebastian plays the Mad Hatter exceptionally well.” Bending her head down, she was determined to finish off the toxic blue drink. 

“No,” Anthony gasped, chuckling, “Vanilla Ice? Sexy Seabass is the Mad Hatter?!”

Scout choked on her drink, causing some of it to be spilled out on the table. “Excuse me?” 

Sebastian chuckled at her expression, reaching over towards the napkin dispenser, he swiped a few and mopped up her mess. “Anthony has nicknames for me. I just so happen to be Vanilla Ice and Sexy Seabass.” He winced at her now un-amused expression. 

“So, that’s legitimate?” She asked, shaking her head as she ran a hand over ponytail, “He calls you Vanilla Ice?”

“Ice, Ice, baby.” Anthony mocked as he downed his beer, “It’s okay, it’s not just one sided, baby. I’m Mackattack and Choclachino.” 

Scout sat with her mouth hung open, unable to assemble the appropriate words. She glanced towards Chris who gave her an open grin with a shrug. Closing her mouth, she shifted in her seat, looking around her for the server. “Yeah, I’m going to need a few shots to absorb the ridiculous information I have just been handed.”

Anthony smirked, “Hey, you stick around long enough, we’ll give you a nickname too.” 

She leaned back in the booth, her arms crossing over her chest, shaking her head. “Does Chris have an interesting nickname I should know about?” 

Chris winced as Anthony and Sebastian started to laugh. Anthony nodded, rubbing his jaw, “I call him Captain Small Ass and then time to time I’ll call him Dorito.” 

Scout couldn’t help but laugh, “Captain Small Ass, damn Chris. They’ve got you figured out.” 

Chris playfully rolled his eyes, “Watch it, Scout. You may be wearing a loose fitting dress but they’ll figure out your secret and the names will definitely come.” 

“Who says I’ll be around them long enough for them to figure it out, big guy?” She retorted. 

“Whoa, now.” Sebastian licked his lips, curious to know what the two were talking about. “What’s your secret?” 

“Nothing.” She replied, bouncing her foot.

“Come on now.” Anthony cooed. 

Chris smirked, bringing his beer to his lips, “Scout’s got a really nice ass. She’s danced her entire life as well as playing soccer and you know those soccer girls get.” 

“Alright twinkle toes, let’s see this-”

“-absolutely not.” She snorted. Scout shook her head, giving Chris a look. “Since when have you ever thought my ass was nice?”

He shrugged, “Just because I don’t tell you it’s nice, I don’t want it to go to your head.” 

“Right, because every girl wants a itty bitty waist and an ass so big she doesn’t know what to do with it.” 

Sebastian cocked a brow, “I think for the most part that’s true.” 

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure every girl that’s striving for a body type is wanting exactly what you have.” Anthony answered. 

She rolled her eyes, “Yeah, not me. I’ve dealt with all my life and I don’t need to be reminded so-”


Scout froze, she knew the voice all too well, even if it was muffled by the insanely loud music going on throughout the bar. Her body tensed as Chris’ eyes narrowed and darkened. 

“Scout! I thought that was you.” 

“You’ve got some nerve, buddy.” Chris growled as his hand clenched his glass. The whole point of the night was to get Scout back out on the scene, not so much to date but to get her confidence soaring. If he wasn’t with Anthony and Sebastian, he would have laid Hunter right out on the ground.

“Hey Chris. Haven’t seen you in a while.” Hunter smiled brightly as if he hadn’t shattered the life of an innocent woman. His eyes scanned over the rest of the party that was accompanying Scout and Chris, “Shit, no way. You’re Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan! Holy shit.” 

Sebastian glanced from Scout who refused to look up at the man directly to her left to Chris who looked like he was about to beat the living daylights out the guy. “Uh, hey man. You are?” He was never one to start fights but something about the air felt different when he showed up. 

Anthony nodded, leaning forward on his arms, flickering a look between Chris and Scout. “Yeah, you know who we are, what’s your name?” Anthony couldn’t help but think that this guy was the reason Scout was out tonight. 

Reaching over Scout, he stuck out his hand towards Sebastian, “I’m Hunter, Scout’s fiance-or well-ex fiance.” 

Scout abruptly stood up, her body crashing against Hunter’s arm, causing him to retract his handshake. Her face was stricken with pain as she squeaked out, “I’ll be right back!” She slid out of the booth and sprinted towards the door. Her heart was seizing in its place as she jetted through people, throwing out apologies to those that she ran into. Once her feet stepped outside, she gasped for air, tears threatening to fall.

It was more than difficult to see him still, she wasn’t over him. And she wouldn’t lie about it either. She still wanted him and despite how much Chris would be against it, she would take him back in a heartbeat. He was poison that clung to her bones and Scout felt that she would never be over him. It had been months since he had called off the engagement and abandoned her for models and she knew that it took time to get over someone but the time was dragging on. 

Her feet took her half a block down from the bar, she didn’t want to be anywhere near Hunter if he chose to leave the bar. She didn’t want anymore contact with him. Pulling a cigarette from her pocketbook, she lit it up. A habit she had started when her life came crashing down. Inhaling deeply, she let the smoke travel down her throat and into her lungs. Closing her eyes as she held it in for a moment, letting it bounce against her insides before allowing it seep out her nose. 

Leaning against the brick building, she took another long drag off of her cigarette, cursing to herself under her breath. He had some nerve calling out to her, it was like he knew she would react this way. Scout was more than ready to crawl into bed again. 

“You okay?”

Scout jumped at the sound of Sebastian’s voice, her free hand clutching her chest. Once her heart settled back into its rhythmic beat, she sighed. “Want the truth or the lie?” 

Sebastian walked slowly towards her, shoving his hands in his leather jacket as he made his way in front of her. “I’d like the truth but I figure I know it anyway.” 

She blew her smoke in the opposite direction of Sebastian, flicking the ashes, she groaned out. “Coming out tonight was a joke.” 

“You were having fun until he showed up, right?”


“Then it wasn’t a joke, it was just coincidence that he showed up at the bar you were at.” Sucking in air and letting it out slowly, his voice dropped volume. “How long?” 

“Almost ten years.”  

Sebastian whistled as she took another hit, “I’m guessing it wasn’t your decision.” 

The smoke trailed out of her mouth, “Nope.” 

He watched her, his eyes glistening against the orange street lamps, “He’s an idiot for letting you go.” 

Scout squinted her eyes, turning her body away from him. “You don’t know me.” 

“You’re right, I don’t. But, what I do know about you so far is that you’re beautiful and extremely witty with an amazing personality. I find it hard to believe that he found someone better.”

She turned her head towards him, shocked that he had just called her beautiful. Swallowing hard, she pointed out. “Yeah, well apparently he did. Six of them and they’ve got legs that go for days.” 

“Still an idiot. Come on, I might need your help in keeping Chris from decking him out. I know you don’t want to see him but we’ve got to keep Chris from going to jail.”