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If Cas ever lost his sweet ass trenchcoat privlegies (spelt wrong I'm sure), do you think he'd settle on a whole new wardrobe choice? Or would he kick and scream asking Dean and Sam to buy him a new one?


imagine having to take cas seriously when he’s wearing dean’s old dekalb shirt

it is literally just corn with wings

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scooouuuuttt! i was wondering, what size brush do you use for your comics?

for comics that are only intended to get tossed up here, i use photoshop’s default brush at 4px, or like for the drawing above and other comic stuff, i’ll use a custom size 6px. but for high res art it really just depends! i jump around brush sizes at that point

#LVL Up Fashion

I love fashion. Especially geeky fashion. My most pinned board is the one titled, “Fashion”. 

I was intrigued when I heard #LootCrate had a monthly mystery subscription based on apparel and accessories. I glanced at the website, wondering if I’d actually use the items contained in the box.

So I got one.

“What the heck am I going to do with this?” I wondered, looking at the Doctor Who cinch belt. I stared, I thought, I browsed Pinterest. I began to put outfits together from November’s ‘Time’ and ‘Combat’ crates:

“Nuka Cola Convertible Tote” (zips up into a super small tote bag) with @heruniverseofficial Tony Stark Jacket, Guess heels and 7forAllMankind jeans.

“Doctor Who Tardis Cinch Belt” & “Seal of Rassilon Necklace”

Paired with an Express sweater and @castlecorsetry dress!

“Hunger Games Mockingjay” Necklace
(with screen accurate Steve Madden boots)

Attack on Titan “Scout Regiment” Tee!

I can see myself wearing these everyday, which, I DID! Even to work (ok-sans heels, but you get the point). 

If you want to check out #LevelUp, they’ve given me a discount code for you!

“AbbysLoot” and you can get it at

OH! And they even have a sock one! Makes a great gift!


If Drum Corps International only did Disney Movie related shows one year.

Blue Devils- Tron
Bloo- Treasure Planet
Cadets- National Treasure
SCV- Frozen
Crown- The Lion King
Cavies- Tarzan
BK- The Chronicles of Narnia
Phantom- Sleeping Beauty
Blue Stars- Maleficent
BAC- Robin Hood
Scouts- Mulan (tee hee)
Crossmen- Bridge to Terabithia
Colts- The Wizard of Oz (oh wait)
Troop- Home on the Range
BDB- 101 Dalmations
Academy- Holes
Spirit- THE INCREDIBLES! (yaaass)
SCVC- The Three Musketeers
OC- Brave
PC- Lilo & Stitch
Mandarins- Peter Pan
Surf- Pirates of the Caribbean
Genesis- Snow White
Pioneer- Luck of the Irish