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Aizawa Shouta works as a professor in the city academy, mostly teaching children who at least can afford expensive education. Strict, attentive, reliable and punctual, he expects the same from his students. And he definately never plays favorites. Despite his students’ social status, he won’t do them any favors until he would see they deserve it. His teaching is… Hard, even competetive sometimes, because he really tries to make his students learn. Lecturing, writing, testing in different ways, learning texts by heart – he will get the result no matter what, and the result is – an educated student that knows his material just perfectly. But this is only a half of his… So-called practice. Acting mostly at night, he’s scouting the city, spying, looking for those who might need help. If he’ll find overseers, torturing and bullying somebody on the street, he won’t care for their status or for the “faith and religion” too, he will just attack them, swift and silent, leaving them completely unarmed and blacked out and saving the poor person’s life. He hates it how the Abbey allows such violence against defenceless citizens, he also can’t stand city guards’ permissiveness and bribability. So basically no one can hide from him. He understands that he won’t bring justice to the world and he won’t even save everyone too, but part of him just belives that he should, no, he must act when he sees such horrible things happening to those who can’t protect themselves in the city that he lives in, the city he loves in a way. Nothing romantical, just sadness and his own sense of duty.
Also, he has no mark of the Outsider, but he uses some amulets, given him by Midnight, his lovely witch-friend. He can’t craft them himself – he tried several times, just so he could be a strong intependent assassin, but it didn’t work. Carving part works okay with him, but the actual magic part… Nope, not a chance. It’s like double-corrupted amulets. How can you use it?
He dresses in simple clothes and he hates ties, he never wears ties until it’s something really, really important or connected to more nobility business (which he hates even more). So most of time he’s style looks like Anton Sokolov’s, or like a style of a typical middle-class worker. He likes long cloaks and scarves though. And when he comes out at night, he prefers jackets, boots as quiet as possible and leather gloves. He also lets his hair down and puts on big /steampunk!/ glasses that cover his face enough so one could recognize him even if they notice him. He prefers not to kill anybody unless it couldn’t be avoided, he only uses his own fists and dense fabric if there’s a need to strangle someone. He never uses guns – it’s too loud, but he carries a knife with him in case of emergencies.
He doesn’t worship the Outsider, but he sympathizes the witches and witchers (those who don’t use their powers for evil and unnecessary violence but just try to make a living). He does not approve the Overseers’ order’s actions. He never saw the Void or met the Outsider himself, just using amulets goes fine with him. He has no habit of sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong (of course unless it won’t cost somebody’s life or something). He’s a simple man. Simple and careful.
His apartments are nearly empty, it’s always dark and a little messy just because he doesn’t have time for cleaning up. When he finally comes back home in the middle of night or even in the morning, he just falls on the bed and falls asleep. He’s too tired. Always.
And just imagine him using a typing machine.

Toshinori Yagi is a witcher and a hermit. He’s used to living in empty houses and abandoned or just poor districts, he tries not to walk through the city center too often because it’s just dangerous: the more people, especially wealthy people around you – the more guards and overseers are here to protect them from evil, evil magics and homeless bandits. Some can notice that a flock of rats always follows Toshi’s passage – this is how you can say that he’s moving from one house to another. Somehow rats feel it when he leaves his old place for good, and they leave it along with him. Not just one or two of them, there are always at least ten to twelve ones. In fact, rats are his eyes and ears – he can’t talk to them, but he understands their “language”, what they are telling to each other, and this skill literally can save his life, because… Can you imagine a better scout than a rat? A tiny creature, almost invisible with its grey fur on the pavement. Nobody pays attention to them in Dunwall, when there is only one rat that is careful enough not to be eaten or smashed, but the little thing hears and sees everything around it. And Toshi uses it to his advantage. Witches and witchers just have to be smarter than others, if they want to survive, and Toshinori surely wants to stay alive.
At first it may confuse, where does he get the money for food and everything? There’s a rumor, saying that he eats rats. And in fact, that’s not true – you’re not eating your friends, right? So, firstly, he trades things that he or his rats may have found in abandoned houses, and some of these things he may keep to himself, such as clothes. Secondly, he trades amulets. Amulets that he made himself, because unlike Aizawa he’s quite good at it. It’s like his long, knobby fingers are made perfectly for carving the whale bones. When it comes to magic, he is extremely careful and precise, because he knows that the Void won’t forgive your foolishness, laziness and any other reasons why exatly you made this mistake. He already made his own mistake once, and he still pays for it with his own health – this is the reason why does he look like a living weeper.
He doesn’t keep too many things because of these… Relocations, only some clothes and shoes, canned goods in case he (and his little friends) won’t have dinner anytime soon, whale bones, money for the rainy day and the clasp-knife (which is his only weapon except for magic powers, puppy eyes and a flock of fierce rats on their own mind). He doesn’t like guns. Guns are too noisy and too lethal. Also if you’ll give him a gun, you’d realise that he just can’t shoot without missing.
He’ve met Midnight once or twice, but he can’t work with her for too long because he feels really, really uncomfortable with her… Dressing style and behavior. She finds it amusing, but he’s not her type.
He… Had a teacher, a mentor – a lady who opened the world of magic before him, but the Overseers took her when he was young. Since then he was watched over by a seaman, who didn’t have much powers or knowledge about the ancient magic, the Void and the Outsider, but he taught Toshi how to live this life in general without dying on the next day, and how to use his powers wisely. Toshori’s still grateful to the ol’ man.

And here comes the Erasermight part!

Shōta met Yagi long ago, when he was enrolled to the natural philosophy academy (that particulary one in which he works as a teacher now). Toshinori didn’t study with him, his family couldn’t afford such expensive education. They literally met on the street: Shōta was on his way home after classes when suddenly he saw a bunch of thugs harassing a guy who was maybe a liiiittle older than him. Then he realized that the guy was protecting a little girl by hiding her behind himself. He didn’t know what did they want from her, or from her strange defender, at first he even thought about going away as fast as possible – that’s none of his business after all, and what could he do against the group of grown-up men? But what could that guy do against them too? Shōta acted on “auto-pilot”, at first he didn’t even realize what he was doing, and then it was too late to stop and run away. He rushed into the alley, taking off his heavy study bag, and attacked the gang – to surprise both for the gang and those two (well, and for his own surprise too, later he hated himself for this recklessness). Toshinori didn’t have to think twice, he used the fact that the thugs didn’t expect a sudden attack from behind, and he threw himself into the fight too. Let say they succeded at protecting the girl and it all ended well. But without any romantic delusions, they both got pretty beaten.
Now, when they’re both are adult, Aizawa seriously thinks about a plan to grab Toshi and move to Karnaca where they could start a new life together. Pretty happy end!

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Scout: Well, he’s got seven older brothers that are/were as insane as he was as a kid, so Scout and his brothers are about the same level of aggressiveness as him, maybe his Ma as well???

Soldier: Pfft, Soldier was not raised by humans, only by the unyielding forces of Canadian weather, fighting moose, polar bears while covered in the protective shield of maple syrup! At least, that’s as far back he can remember, Amnesia is one hell of a thing.

Pyro: I don’t think Pyro has a family, I think they just finds a random group every few years and just hangs out in their house. They make awesome toast and marshmallows, so everyone just lets them be. Plus, if they kick them out, he’ll burn down their house, sooooooo BE NICE TO THE ROAMING PYRO!


WIP of a camp camp comic I’m working on! Basically, though nikki was kicked out of flower scout CAMP, she’s still technically in the flower scout troop back at home. She has to go to the meetings (in this case meeting/sleepover) but this time she walks out. I’ll update when I get further!

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This is a simple question: "Should girls be allowed into the Boy Scouts and should Boys be allowed into the Girl Scouts?"

I think it’s not necessarily bad to have gendered groups, as long as trans people are included. That said, I think that Girl Scouts is weak and we need a more Boy Scout-ish format to further empower women. I was a Girl Scout for almost 10 years and it did nothing for me. On the other hand, my brother is a Boy Scout and he has learned leadership skills, survival skills, and overall things that will help him in life. 

Also, there are also gender-neutral groups of scouts that serve as good altrnatives to Boy Scouts (which has recently adopted a fairly gender neutral policy, despite the name) or Girl Scouts: 

170224 Myeongdong Fansign

 Q: Your future lover will be:

1. Older  2. Younger 3. Same age

Yoongi ticked all and said: “I’m ok with all, I don’t mind.”

Q: And what kind of lover do you want to be?

Yoongi: A good person

Q: Can you recommend a song that you frequently listen to these days? Pop song!

Taehyung: Versace On The Floor – Bruno Mars

Q: Baby oppa, congratulations on your graduation! Can you make an acrostic poem with 졸업 (graduation)?

졸: When I’m sleepy
업: I try to stay awake while thinking of ARMYs ♥

Q: Seokjin, it seems that you’re always having fun with maknae these days, what’s the reason?

1.    That’s my mental age
2.    Maknae takes my jokes
3.    I can attack and I’m not scared of maknae’s muscles
4.    I’m playing with him with the mindset of an adult  ✓  
5.    Others 

Q: Oppa, who can be cute, cool and sexy, what do you think about yourself?

1.    Cool/ handsome
2.    Cute
3.    Sexy
4.    On the level that can’t be described through words

Jimin wrote 5. Cheesy…

Q: Hoseok oppa, who have a beautiful smile ♡ What words/ phrase makes you smile, cheers you up?

Hoseok: Oppa, why are you so handsome

Q: Can you say something nice that can give me some strength from my hectic routine ♡? 

Namjoon: Your heart is pink ♡ (lit.: pink light/tone).