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because @mad-madam-m posted domestic prompts and #14 just spoke to me.

The footage is shaky, veering wildly between a pile of unopened moving boxes and Derek’s unamused face.

“Don’t you dare,” Derek warns. The camera zooms out from his glare to show that he’s shirtless and framed by the doorway of a bare kitchen. His arms are crossed and there’s a barely visible scrap of orange and blue cloth peeking out from under his arm. The rest of it is clenched in his fist.

“I won’t laugh, I swear.” Stiles’ voice, coming from somewhere off camera. He doesn’t sound convincing. When Derek just glares: “I’m serious. Scout’s honor.”

“You were never a boy scout,” Derek mutters, but it’s mild, and he’s already pulling on the shirt.

And the shirt. Well.

On camera, Derek glares, lifts both hands up in a gesture that says, See?

Stiles lasts for only two seconds before cracking up. “Oh my god. Der. It’s so much worse than I remember.”

The shirt would have been small on Derek a few years ago. Now, it’s just ridiculous. It rides up on the bottom, exposing a good inch of stomach. The buttons at the neckline gap. More than one looks ready to pop off under the slightest stress. By the way Derek tries and fails three times in a row to cross his arms in front of his chest, it’s obviously a strain just to move in it.

The fact that the shirt’s ugly as hell doesn’t help.

The footage shakes again, then focuses on a rule floor as Stiles howls off screen. “You look like the hulk! Even your muscles have muscles.”

Derek grumbles something unintelligible. Then, to the tune of more laughter, there’s a loud rip.

“Oh for the love of– I can’t– Stiles. Help me get this thing off.”

“Oh I’ll help you get it off, buddy. Don’t you– hey!”

There’s a loud squawk and clatter as the camera falls to the floor. The last thing to be seen is an upside-down image of Derek stalking down the hall, Stiles draped inelegantly over his shoulder. Their laughter follows them, fading out until there’s nothing left but the hum of a new fridge.


carter: can i-

scout: sure, friend

scout: you’ll hafta work for it though. i live on a farm and my parents wont let you laze around like some freeloader

carter: that’s fine by me, as long as theres a roof over my head and food on my plate

scout: well, there’s plenty of food i can tell you that

Tomorrow is...

Scout’s day and I’ll have to stand in the sun for hours and it’s hot af and also boring.
My birthday…..that I won’t be getting anything except age…
The day my only close friend planned to skip school….
the day I MIGHT get terminated…
Yep that’s probably going to be a bad day

anonymous asked:

Hello! I am really new to this game and i really need help on how to earn discs fast as it is takibg a loooooong time for me (I can't seem to S rank in normal songs as i do not have much cards) :'( i currently have 15 discs and i really want to scout for the upcoming kuro gacha ;-; what should i do?

Hello! I hope you are enjoying your first steps in ichu! As for the post previously made, it announced an event not a gacha. 

But if you are referring to the next Kuro scout (anniversary scout as all characters will be getting a LE during this period), I would recommend reaching full combo on all hard/expert songs since even without the score you could get an S rank in combo (gives 1 disc per song). Also we will be getting 50 discs on 07/01 so you could use those to scout for whenever Kuro’s card comes around. There’s also daily missions that will give you one disc but for that I would recommend checking the wikia as they have a full list of all missions, their respective dates and rewards. (don’t forget to thank the wikia members for their hard work!) 

Max bonding cards is also a pretty easy way of getting discs as it gives at least one disc per card max bonded (including max bonding of ikids). 

Okay, but I’m generally annoyed by the whole “Etain can’t be genuine friends with Omega after she and Dar start dating” thing, and Etain is demonstrably very physically affectionate (she kisses Soronna on the cheek, rushes to hug Fi, grab’s Scorch’s hand, etc.) so…

Etain arranging a movie cuddle pile.

Imagine if you will, Dar coming back from whatever it is he does when he needs a private moment alone to relax at Kyrimorut. The baby’s already asleep for the night, so he and Etain both had a moment to breath, and he comes in fully expecting her to be working on her Mando’a or meditating or exercising-

but instead he finds her laughing, genuinely happy, crammed onto a couch not long enough for as many people are trying to squeeze onto it, watching an old, classic action holo and throwing popcorn at Mereel as he makes a bad joke. 

Laseema and Atin are cuddling on the floor, with their back to everyone else’s legs. Scout is perched half on the arm of the sofa, half on the back, right next to Fi, and she keeps leaning down so he can tell her jokes and laughing so hard she normally falls off. Corr has nearly been booted twice because he keeps delivering a hilarious but withering play-by-play to Atin. Possibly Ordo or some of the other Nulls are there, if they’ve been talked into it. 

Etain is squished in the dead middle of the pileup, clearly enjoying herself, even as she attempts to reach around Mereel to flick Corr’s shoulder. She orchestrated the whole thing, and is a little insufferably pleased. Niner is immediately to her right and she’s accidentally elbowed him a few times, but he seems to have accepted the chaos and is letting it unfold.

Etain, seeing Dar, smiles and raises an eyebrow, the question still silent so he doesn’t feel pressured to accept. He stares for a moment, the laughs, almost a hoarse sound. Etain pushes the quilt aside, to Fi’s protest, and Dar muscles his way in between her and Niner.

In order to make the whole thing work, Niner is pretty permanently squished against his shoulder, and Etain is half in his lap, with her legs across Mereel. Scout actually does fall off in the attempt to rearrange and decides to relocate to the floor where it’s safer, stealing the popcorn for herself in the process. Someone insists on draping the blanket back across all of their laps, even though it’s already pretty warm.

Dar kisses Etain on the cheek, gives in and snuggles against Niner, and they start the movie again. He falls asleep somewhere during the sequel, and despite the cramp in his shoulders and legs, it’s still the best sleep he’s gotten in a while.

170224 Myeongdong Fansign

 Q: Your future lover will be:

1. Older  2. Younger 3. Same age

Yoongi ticked all and said: “I’m ok with all, I don’t mind.”

Q: And what kind of lover do you want to be?

Yoongi: A good person

Q: Can you recommend a song that you frequently listen to these days? Pop song!

Taehyung: Versace On The Floor – Bruno Mars

Q: Baby oppa, congratulations on your graduation! Can you make an acrostic poem with 졸업 (graduation)?

졸: When I’m sleepy
업: I try to stay awake while thinking of ARMYs ♥

Q: Seokjin, it seems that you’re always having fun with maknae these days, what’s the reason?

1.    That’s my mental age
2.    Maknae takes my jokes
3.    I can attack and I’m not scared of maknae’s muscles
4.    I’m playing with him with the mindset of an adult  ✓  
5.    Others 

Q: Oppa, who can be cute, cool and sexy, what do you think about yourself?

1.    Cool/ handsome
2.    Cute
3.    Sexy
4.    On the level that can’t be described through words

Jimin wrote 5. Cheesy…

Q: Hoseok oppa, who have a beautiful smile ♡ What words/ phrase makes you smile, cheers you up?

Hoseok: Oppa, why are you so handsome

Q: Can you say something nice that can give me some strength from my hectic routine ♡? 

Namjoon: Your heart is pink ♡ (lit.: pink light/tone).


TF2 Scout is the New Aku
TF2 Scout is the New Aku

“Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the Shapeshifting Badass of Awesome, unleashed an UNSPEAKABLE Evil! But a foolish samurai warrior wielding some dumbass sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung that asshole into the future where my evil is law. Now that freakin’ idiot seeks to return to the best and UNDO THE FUTURE THAT IS AKU!”

4chan’s Gef voicing TF2′s Scout who’s voicing Aku.

Eat your heart out, Mako Iwamatsu!


STARK WEEK | one member (preasoiaf) - Torrhen Stark 

Torrhen’s scouts had reported seeing the ruins of Harrenhal, and Torrhen had heard accounts of the Field of Fire as well. While some of his lords urged him to attack, he realised that a similar fate would await him, should he force a crossing. Torrhen crossed the Trident, where he knelt and laid his crown at the feet of Aegon I Targaryen, and swore fealty. For his surrender, he was named the Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. Ever since, Torrhen is known as the King Who Knelt.