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☠ S B R (Scary Black Rifle) ☠
@CrossMachineTool UHP15-PDW lower and UPUR-1 billet upper, @CMCTriggers Flat Trigger, @BattleArms ambi safety, @XTechTactical ATG grip, @Geissele SMR MK4 rail, @RajnierArms 10.5" 5.56 barrel, @ArisakaDefense 300-IR Series Scout Light and Inline Scout Mount, @Griffin_Armament Taper Mount Suppressor Mount and SN-ACH ambi charging handle, @BootlegBuilderInc Suppresor BCG and an @AimpointUSA T2 on a @FortisMfg Optic Mount.

Lothal Imperials - Dusk Patrol

Drew this a while back and never posted it, I am so excited that Star Wars Rebels is getting canonical loth-wolves in the next season (even though the look a bit different from my design now LOL)!

This was going to be the first picture of a little scene of the Ghost rebels being hunted by a loth-wolf mounted scout patrol, led by Lieutenant Lyste.

So I was rewatching RWBY Vol. 2 Ch. 9, “Search and Destroy”...

 …and I got to the part where Oobleck loses his freaking mind over Zwei. Specifically, he says:

“Canines are historically known for their perceptive nose and heightened sense of sound, making them excellent companions for hunts such as ours!”

Case in point:

So what Oobleck seems to be implying is that certain animal species were domesticated for the purpose of fighting Grimm alongside Huntsmen, like the ninken used by the Inuzuka. Which makes a lot of sense, because unlike Humans and Faunus, animals aren’t attacked on sight by the Grimm (as explained in the eponymous World of Remnant episode):

While occasional skirmishes between wildlife and Grimm have occurred, these instances appear to be based on territorial provocations, rather than a need for sustenance.

So my question is, why haven’t we seen any evidence of this in the show? Where are the scouting birds with mounted cameras on their backs, that can scope out Grimm packs while sending a live feed to a Huntsman’s Scroll? Where are the armored dogs charging on to the field of battle? What about mounts like oxen, that could help guard settlements in addition to protecting caravans or merchants ferrying supplies between villages? I say this because prior to now, we’ve had little evidence suggesting that such an underutilized resource is being used anywhere in Remnant.

Why aren’t the Academies offering courses to students that involve training with animals? Imagine learning how to do reconnaissance, combat, or patrolling with a creature that would largely be ignored by the Grimm in favor of its human prey. It feels like such a waste of potential. Don’t get me wrong  — clearly, an animal couldn’t supplant a Huntsman’s need for a weapon they can directly use. But an animal could certainly function as an accessory to a Huntsman’s mission and expand their tactical options out in the field. We’ve seen Zwei (a pet dog) not only track White Fang operatives, but destroy an Atlesian Paladin-290 with Oobleck, and later best a Beowolf. This isn’t even addressing the fact that Zwei is smart enough to understand and obey complex commands, and if Yang’s to be believed, can use a fucking can opener.

If there’s a point I’m trying to make, it’s this: where’s my domesticated honey badger that can chew through Grimm?


So Luchs 2 cm was between October 1942 and may 1943. Vehicle from the 2nd company of the 4th reconnaissance battalion, 4th armored division. This can easily be identified by the screen on the frontal plate of the hull
Tank from part of the 1st squadron of the 9th reconnaissance battalion of 9th Panzer division. Likewise looked tanks are scouts later release
Well seen mount Jerry cans on the side of the tower, a characteristic feature of the tanks of the 1st squadron of the 9th reconnaissance battalion of the 9th armored division
This tank top
Tank from part of the 2nd company of the 4th reconnaissance battalion, 4th Panzer division on the Eastern front, beginning of 1944
Experimental tank on the basis of the VK 13.01 V 29
The sample model of the Aufklärungspanzer 38(t)
The second version of the machine, in the series he went
Serial sample Aufklärungspanzer 38(t)
The same car from above


A non matching numbers, Gun Smith special I took down to white and cold blued. It was a Schmidt Rubin 96/11 that I knocked down to about 22" and ’re crowned . The last 4 inches of the barrel and sight were badly damaged as the rifle had apparently sat in a fairly moist environment. I’m happy with my crown job as it’s just as accurate as my K11. I still would like to rework the front end of the handguard and stock and clean that up a bit. The red dot is a Millet with an S&K scout mount. Very solid. The stock was stripped and finished in 21 coats of pure BLO over the course of a winter. A lot of Swiss gun freaks will hate on it but it was a non functioning firearm when I started and now it’s actually an excellent shooter.

The last US Army cavalry charge took place against Japanese forces in the Bataan village of Morong on January16, 1942 by the 26th Cavalry Regiment of the Philippine Scouts. This mounted action, which barely counted as a charge, was a spoiling attack and did succeed in temporarily confusing the Japanese, giving other units time to withdraw.

However, most likely this photo was taken in 1943 at Ft. Bliss. 

Dog Child, a North West Mounted Police scout, and his wife, The Only Handsome Woman, members of the Blackfoot Nation, Gleichen, Alberta, ca. 1890

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So, we managed to annoy an extremely corrupt and potentially demon-run city guard in an E6 game we’re playing.  We fled town and were ambushed on a side road after being spotted by a hippogriff-mounted scout.  This discussion came up after one of the players killed one of the ambushers.

DM: He’s a murderer.

Player: People are ambushing us from atop a cliff.

Player: I’m the murderer.

Player: Well okay.

DM: That’s right, criminal scum.

Player: So the people we’re fighting are a metaphor for the US police system?


My Elcan set up. Sorry for the blurry pics but I’m a trigger puller, not a photographer. From top to bottom :
• Surefire 3 prong flash hider
• Geissele SMR MK2
• Surefire Scout in a Geissele mount
• BCM 16" BFH midlength upper
• Magpul PRO BUIS
• Elcan Specter DR
• PSA lower receiver
• Geissele G2S trigger, Leitner-Wise ambi switch
• B5 Bravo stock

She shoots unbelievably smooth and the Elcan feels like cheating.

Dragons on friendly terms with nearby beastclans, or with well-bonded beastclan familiars, can be persuaded to act as mounts for scouting expeditions or skirmishes with rival clans. To ask to ride a dragon one isn’t familiar with is considered a dire insult and usually comes with retaliation from the dragon in question. The only exceptions to this are elemental sprites, which frequently cling to dragons dedicated to their respective deity.