scout master randy ward


The film is about two outcasts who young teenage runaway together to start a new life a new life on part of the island that they live on, the story sucks in many numerous people and their reactions to it.

The two teenage runaways are an orphan who isn’t wanted by his foster parents anymore, and a girl with rage issues. On meeting each other, there is a connection between the two and they start being pen pals, eventually coming up with an idea to runaway together. It seems that they want to do this to get away from their lives, and have an adventure, what plays out is an innocent love story between two kids.

The story is driven by the two of them, and them running away, getting caught then running away together again, but it sucks in the people around them, the local police chief, the parents and the scout master. During the search and rescue, these people come to their own decisions on how to live their lives, and probably wouldn’t have without the kids doing what they did.

It’s a story about the innocence of childhood, and how people lose that as they grow up.